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The Sun’s Gone: Burning Answers to the Chilling Question on the Star’s Disappearance

solar panel installers

It is not an understatement when we say solar energy is becoming popular. Just look at how many households in Australia ask for services from installers of solar panels and batteries; or collect information from industry authorities, like the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and Bradford Solar.

solar panel installers

But what will happen if the sun’s gone? Not only in terms of energy, but to all living things on the planet? Here are some hypothetical answers with some scientific validity.

Cold, Cold World

If the sun suddenly disappears, people will have a few moments before the planet basks in absolute darkness. How long? Eight minutes and half—the same time the light from the sun reaches Earth. Technically, the planet will stay warm for a few million years compared to other bodies in space. But that warmth is in the chilling spectrum, when you’re evaluating it using the flimsy human senses. Within a week, temperatures will drop below 0°F.

Going Subterranean

Say people have developed an advanced technology to prepare for this, humans can live in the deepest, most pressurized, and warmest parts of the ocean; the surface of the ocean will freeze, but the ice will warm the water below. Of course, people will no longer hire the services of solar panel technicians and installers, as the new source of energy will be nuclear or geothermal-based. But how long will humans survive? No one knows.

How About the Non-Humans?

Large trees, many that have been around for hundreds or thousands of years, can extend their lifespan to several decades. This is because of their slow and adaptable metabolism. Animals will die, and scavengers will thrive until everything is swept away.

Doing Business With DOD: 3 Common Challenges Faced By Small Businesses

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Movers or independent household goods company are not the only ones who find it challenging to do business with the United States Department of Defense. These businesses often have their hands full with all the requirements. But it seems they’re not just the only ones frustrated by the military’s processes. Newly released reports show that small companies face particular challenges in contracting with the DOD.

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Here are some of them:

Issues with packaging

The DOD has a wide range of label specifications. This marked the entrance of military labels to ensure efficient package delivery. Companies should always follow military labels when shipping products. But many small businesses failed to comply with the specifications, resulting in missed deadlines and return shipments.

Unclear customer-supplier relationship

DOD found that doing business with them is difficult for all businesses, but is particularly difficult for small businesses. Some of these companies don’t have a target market within DOD. This is why they need to contact small business professionals within the Army, Navy, Air Force, and other Defense Agencies.

Leaks of sensitive information

If small companies can’t get basic information with DOD officials, what happens? They are then forced to recruit retiring servicemen, for instance, as it’s the only way to get to understand what’s going on inside. That raises the issue of leaked sensitive information.

There are several resources that are available to assist you whenever you encounter these problems. These assistance centers provide small business concerns with information on how to do business with the DOD.


Go Green: Tips to Make Your Bathroom Eco-friendly

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Implementing the concept of eco-friendliness even in a small space like the bathroom is a big undertaking. You have to consider new products and learn terms like VOCs and off-gassing, but don’t get overwhelmed.

bathroom sink

Below are some tips to plan your strategy for an eco-friendly bathroom:

Vanity Units and Cabinetry

To create an eco-friendly bathroom, choose cabinets made from low VOC (Volatile organic compound) materials such as wheat board. Vanity units, on the other hand, are the focal point and should be of top quality. You can buy these bathroom essentials from sites like eBay, Amazon and web-based stores like Bathrooms and More Store.

When shopping online, you’ll find a wide selection of well-crafted vanity units of all designs, shapes, and sizes. Oak bathroom vanity units can give your shower room a classic look, while stone-tops like marble and granite create a modern appeal.


Use fluorescent lighting with electronic ballasts for maximum efficiency and performance. You can also use a skylight. Any natural light reduces your dependency on electricity.


Natural linoleum and tiles are your best choices for the bathroom. You can also use bamboo flooring or cork, but make sure that they can endure water exposure.

The path to an eco-friendly home begins in the bathroom. From choosing the right bathroom vanities to picking proper tiling, you can make your shower room fit for royalty.

Tech for the Masses: Bluetooth Connectivity

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While Bluetooth may seem like a new technology, it has been around for quite some time. Wireless headsets are some of the most common Bluetooth-enabled products, a testament to how technology has improved mobile communications over the years.

purchasing bluetooth audio receiver

Advancements in Bluetooth

Wireless headsets are lightweight and are not limited by the hassles of wires. They provide good features like multipoint technology so that they function as a powerful medium of communication between two Bluetooth devices. There are also Bluetooth audio receivers that connect to your smartphone, tablet, and other devices.


While the whole concept of Bluetooth can be a little bit overwhelming, it is a tried and tested technology. Bluetooth devices help you merge several units without worrying about compatibility problems. It is a backwards compatible technology, which means it can connect older computers and devices with ease.

Bluetooth Interference

Bluetooth has low power wireless signals and uses frequency hopping. You don’t have to worry about interference while using a wireless device. This also makes it easier to use and communicate with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Buying Bluetooth headphones gives you a lot of variety with your music and communication experience. Choose the best Bluetooth and wireless audio receiver devices by comparing the prices, specs, and models of different brands.

When Cremation is Advisable

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Losing a loved one is a painful experience. The realization that the departed now only belongs to your memory is a hard reality to accept. The best you could do is to decide on how the body will be processed. While burial is the usual tradition, cremation might be a more suitable choice to take.

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In Utah, cremation is increasingly becoming for the choice of many families. According to some funeral homes offering cremation services in Taylorsville, here’s why:

Cost-effective Option

Cremation services are less costly as compared to burial. Some deaths occur when the family is in a bad financial situation. Instead of struggling to pay the burial service with a larger amount, you could go for this option to minimize your expenses.

The process eliminates different costs such as embalming, cosmetizing, and the cost of the casket. Funeral homes offering cremation in Taylorsville provide a complete service, including a public viewing and remembrance ceremony.

More Therapeutic

Unlike burial, keeping the urn gives you the sense that you are still close to your loved one despite passing away. This may give you a comforting feeling and help you get over the incident faster.

Everyone deserves a memorable exit of this life. Cremation is one way to give it to your deceased loved one without draining your finances.

Top 3 Fire-resistant Materials for Your Home

room with fire extinguisher


No home is fireproof, but you can use materials that’ll prevent it from catching fire as easily, should the unfortunate happen. This way, you can protect your family and property from fire hazards, such as wildfires, lightning, or human error. Other than following building codes, you might want to use the following materials when building or remodelling your home:

room with fire extinguisher

Gypsum Board

Building installation of gypsum sheathing or drywalls will keep the house safe. The paper used on the board’s exterior burns slowly, so it doesn’t contribute to the spread of fire. It has a non-combustible core that contains calcium sulphate, a chemically combined liquid. This chemical will turn into steam in case of fire.


This common material is highly resistant to fire. Depending on the construction and thickness, a brick wall can resist fire for up to four hours or more. This is why many homeowners use it as a primary material for fireplaces.


This fire-resistant material is non-combustible and has low thermal conductivity. It takes time for fire to affect its structural properties and load-bearing ability. In fact, this is a better choice than steel. Not all concrete is created equal, though. Moisture in materials like aggregate can affect its performance, as it expands after prolonged exposure to heat.

Find a skilled builder and protect your family from various fire hazards. Choose the right material for your house to save everyone in case of fire.


Smooth Plaster Walls: Patching Hairline Cracks

plaster wall

Hairline cracks are a common problem with plaster walls, especially in older homes. This issue happens when the proper settle in its foundation. While they may seem insignificant as compared to more glaring issues like holes, these lines on the wall are an eyesore to a beautiful interior design.

plaster wall

Fortunately, this type of problem doesn’t require the services of a professional. You can put a permanent fix on hairline cracks with a simple DIY repair.

Widen the Crack

First off, you have to make the crack a little bit wider to give the patch a good seat. You can’t properly cover hairline cracks on walls without having something the patch can stick to. Use a damp cloth or towel to clear off dusts and loose plaster from the wall before patching.

Secure the Patch

Using a spackling knife, fill the gouges you have made along the hairline cracks with plaster and overlap the current ones. This allows the patch to hang securely on the surface of the wall.

Let it Dry

Wait for 24 hours to allow the patch to dry. If the patch recedes, patch the surface again and leave it there for a day. Sand the uneven surface until it matches the rest of the wall.

Use specialty plasters for DIY projects for longevity. With the right casting products and tools, your walls can stay cracks-free without spending too much time and money.