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Flower Forcing in a Hydroponic Garden Using LED Grow Lights


High-quality LED UFO grow lights are high-intensity lamps that consume less electricity as compared to their traditional counterparts like fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. They also generate less heat and can be used extensively to enforce flowering in plants in a hydroponic garden. The additional advantage is that the intensity of your chosen LED UFO grow lights can be controlled at the flick of a switch. It’s also adjustable to individual plant needs. These act as an artificial substitute for sunlight and come closest to natural light, aiding and enhancing photosynthesis in plants. These help in their flowering and growth as well. To understand the process better, here’s a brief discussion from GrowBlu:


  • Before you choose the plant you want to flower, determine the amount of natural light it would need if grown outdoors. Flowering plants need different degrees of sunlight, so your artificial lighting should be almost the same as natural sunlight. Also, you need to have an LED setup that doesn’t deprive the plant of its correct measure of light. Depending on the plant’s individual requirements, make adjustments accordingly.
  • Moreover, the light quantity also depends on the total number of flowering plants you have in your hydroponic garden. If the number of pots is less, the wattage also has to be lesser. If large-scale growth is involved, increase the wattage.
  • In case you’re growing flowering plants of different varieties, group them according to their lighting needs. Keep plants that need low wattage together on the one hand while grouping plants that need more light together on the other.
  • Remember that all flowering plants need darkness as well. This is important for their flowering in a LED-lit garden. The installation of an automatic timer is mandatory. It will switch the lamps on and off intermittently as per the plant’s needs. As the device is automatic, programming it only once will take care of the plant’s light needs. You need not worry about making adjustments daily.
  • Also, LED lights should be hung at an appropriate distance from flowering plants, which are usually delicate and even fragile. The distance range usually varies from 3-24 inches and shouldn’t scorch the plant.
  • When handling flowering plants for the first time, take the guidance of someone who has prior experience with LED lights or even a professional. A LED lamp combination of red and blue may be ideal to achieve optimal spectrum mix.

What Every Stylish Bride Should Know: Choosing the Right Hair and Makeup Expert


Your wedding day is one of the most important milestones of your life. As the bride, you should find the perfect bridal hair and makeup artist who will make you stunning on this important occasion. Here are some helpful pointers on how to choose a glam squad for your big day.


Plan Ahead

Begin your search for a bridal makeup and hair professional at least three to six months prior to your wedding. The best people are those who get booked early. So, if you want to find a quality stylist, start planning several months ahead.

Consult Local Bridal Magazines

Local bridal magazines offer a wealth of information regarding different hair and makeup artists. Not only are their work featured, but you also get an idea of how much they cost. Always refer to current issues to make sure the prices of services are updated.

Ask Other Brides

If some of your friends and relatives have already had their wedding celebration and you happen to like the makeup and hairstylist they had, all you need to do is ask. Moreover, this method may net you a discount, as a referral from another client is a compliment to their quality of work and professionalism.


Talk to the stylist personally. Find out if their taste or style is congruent to your preferences. See if you and the stylist can communicate on what is the best style of hair and makeup that suits your face and body type. Establish chemistry with them, so they will be able to accentuate your features and qualities properly. Ask about related costs upfront as well as any travel fees or expenses. Request a detailed estimate to avoid surprises.

Check Out their Portfolio

Look at the prospective stylist’s body of work. If they have a website that features their past and existing clients, pay a visit. Have them show you a range of different colours and finishes to determine which one will work best for you.

Allow Plenty of Time

Inform the makeup and hairstylist of the date and time of your wedding and allow plenty of time before the nuptials. With this, they can make you look radiant on this festive day.

Foundation Repair: When Does the Need Arise?

house door

If the foundation of your house has specific problems of sinking concrete or cement slabs, it’s time to call a foundation repair expert. The structure of a house highly depends on the strength of the foundation. This is why there can be no compromises when it comes to its preservation.

The “Ball Test”

Repairs are also required if the house foundation is buckled or visibly damaged after an earthquake or any other natural calamity. To check whether your house has foundation problems, see if your counters and floors are sloping. Place a ball on your house floor and observe if it starts rolling. If it does, it means you have a slope, which indicates a sinking or tilted foundation. Keep in mind, however, that a foundation drop by an inch or maybe slightly more is not an issue at all. But if the slope drop by 20 feet or more, it’s time to call industry experts such as Dura Pier Foundation Repair.

house door

Doors that stick closed or open

Another way of testing whether the house has a foundation problem is that their doors tend to stick close. This is because the door top or bottom gets stuck in the floor or in the door frame, which means the floor may be sloped. Moreover, exterior or interior walls of the house or the ceiling may develop multiple zigzag cracks. When such cracks show in the brickwork or sheetrock, chances are that the house’s foundation is affected.

Industrial and Commercial Structures

Problems of concrete foundation slab include cracked slabs, leaks, vertical cracks and heaving. Specialized companies that deal in treating such problems are widely experienced to tackle single-family or multiple residential structures. Others repair and support industrial and commercial structures as well. These include slab supporting under mixing equipment and hoppers of concrete manufacturing plants and underpinning 30-feet tall tilt wall panels.

Remember that foundation repairs are the job of trained experts. Calling in novices will only aggravate your problem, leaving you with a structure that may collapse at any moment. You can easily find many companies that deal with foundation repairs. So, make sure you consult only those who are reputed and reliable.

General Practitioners: Their Roles in a Patient’s Recovery

assisting a patient

As an extensive field of applied science, medicine requires practitioners to specialize in specific areas, whether it’s pediatrics, orthopedics, gynecology, and internal medicine, among others. Other medical professional prefer to practice a holistic approach when providing treatments to their patients. They are called General Practitioners (GP).

assisting a patient

In ROC Private Clinic, General Practitioners primarily treat small infections, common ailments, and injuries, and they’re the ones people call immediately, as soon as they get sick. They’re also the ones who perform a preliminary examination of the patients’ condition, provide a diagnosis, and present a treatment option. If they believe the patient’s medical condition warrants a specialists’ opinion, then they recommend them to field experts.


A bachelor’s degree in medicine is the basic requirement to qualify. In the final two years, they treat people with simple ailments under the care of regular physicians. They’re also required to complete residency programs that may take anywhere between three to seven years. If they’ve already decided to practice as a private GP during their residency, they can concentrate on internal medicine or family practice.

‘Special Skills’

Although these doctors aren’t considered specialists in any field of medicine, they practice in one which encompasses all the specialties. They treat patients of all ages and genders. Hence, they need to have a very sound knowledge of all the fields of medicine. They treat families for generations and build a wonderful relationship with them. This is ideal for them to practice holistic medicine. Thus, they’re able to view the patient as a whole person together with their social and mental factors, instead of focusing only on the symptoms.

While empathy alone cannot cure serious illnesses, it does go a long way in keeping patients cheerful. It gives them the courage and will to fight even fatal diseases. Family physicians should be empathetic but realistic, tolerant, and firm to succeed in field. They should also have excellent communication skills to explain complicated medical conditions to their patients. The health of the entire community is dependent on their ability to spot illnesses and make timely diagnosis. This role is no less than the other specialists in the medical field.

When Fun and Security Should Mix: Safety Measures for Special Occasions


Safety measures need to be taken to protect the well-being of people and property. This protection becomes even more important when these people are your guests. During special occasions, there will be guests who’ll come to share your joy, so their safety should be your priority.

You can hire event security guards to take care of the safety of the guests and their vehicles during important gatherings. Deciding which ones to hire, however, needs precaution. According to Security International Services, you start by choosing a firm that runs background checks on the personnel they employ. The person in-charge should be able to show credible references along with their length of experience in related fields.


The following are mandatory requirements for effective event security guards:

  • They should be reliable, properly qualified, professional in their approach, and have the necessary skills. They should hold SIA licenses to work at licensed venues. This kind of licensing indicates that they’re honest and responsible for the safety of the property and people.
  • They should have experience to deal with large crowds. A reputable company will be able to supply this kind of personnel who can deal with all kinds of crowd, small or big.
  • They should also be able to handle unruly crowds. They should t be well-built and physically capable of handling crowds that may become too boisterous. Their presence should be intimidating enough to keep away gatecrashers.
  • Providing security and hospitality goes hand in hand. So, the personnel should be well-trained to politely and effectively communicate safety procedures to the guests without making them feel uncomfortable. Good communication skills also come in handy in case of emergency that may warrant immediate evacuation.
  • They should have all the necessary materials, such as handheld radios, pens, notebooks, and flashlights.
  • It makes good business sense to hire a company that has viable liability insurance. While this isn’t a legal requirement, it’s good to be ready nonetheless.

If you have limited budget, you can get volunteers to do the job. But don’t expect the same level of accountability. For better services, choose a company that supplies good personnel and are based close to the venue. Lastly, read the service contract completely before signing it.