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Hold Your Breath: 5 Ways to Avoid Chronic Halitosis


ManYour ability to talk with others is essential for your social life. But if you have chronic halitosis or bad breath, it hinders you from conversing with people with confidence. Bad breath is embarrassing, so you have to prevent it from happening. There are a lot of ways to fight this condition.

Brush Your Teeth Regularly

The most basic way to prevent bad breath is regular brushing. Do this for about two to three minutes for at least twice a day, to remove food debris and stop plaque buildup. Make it a habit to brush your teeth before you go to bed. You can add baking soda to the toothpaste to reduce the acidity level.

Scrape the Tongue and Use Mouth Rinse

Bacteria build-up does not just happen on the teeth, but on the tongue as well. Scrape it with the brush to remove as much residue in the taste buds and tongue folds as you can. Complement this with mouth rinsing. There are non-sting products now to avoid irritating the oral tissues and worsening your bad breath.

Treat Underlying Conditions

The practitioners from Botanics Dental Care say that there may also be underlying medical causes of bad breath, such as throat, nose or lung infections and sinusitis, bronchitis or diabetes. Visit the dentist more often to determine if one of these problems is the main cause of your chronic halitosis.

Keep Your Mouth Wet

Drinking six to eight glasses of water not only keeps you hydrated, but prevents dry mouth as well. Saliva is essential for keeping mouth odour under control by washing away bacteria and food particles. With a sufficient amount of water and production of saliva, you can eliminate the main cause of halitosis.

Eat Healthy Food

You can also avoid having bad breath by watching the food you eat. Crispy fruits and vegetables such as apple and carrots help produce more saliva. These also lessen bad breath caused by hunger. Eat a sprig of parsley also because it is rich in chlorophyll content, which is known to aromatise breath.

Chronic halitosis is a common problem; that is why there are already numerous ways to fight it. Keeping your breath fresh and smelling good gives more confidence for talking to people.

Cheers to That: 5 Healthiest Alcoholic Beverages


AlcoholWhile most people would agree that alcohol is bad for your health, it is always possible to make healthier choices. Other than drinking responsibly or in moderation, you can choose drinks that have health benefits or those loaded with antioxidants. and the best bars in Brisbane share some of the healthiest alcoholic drinks you can order:


According to Australia’s Monash University, a shot of whiskey offers the same antioxidant benefits as the daily recommended vitamin C intake. Drinks that were stored in oak barrels are better, as they absorb compounds that cover the body’s healthy cells. Whiskey also has components that can help fight cancer.


The benefits of brandy are the same as whiskey, and come from the process of distilling the alcohol. This drink also has ellagic acid, a phytonutrient with cancer-fighting benefits. It is better, however, to choose higher quality brandy for better health benefits.

Red Wine

This choice is a clear winner because it is loaded with antioxidants that help protect the heart. Red wine also contains an antimicrobial substance that can reduce bad cholesterol and damage to blood vessels. Moreover, the polyphenols in this drink can combat Alzheimer’s disease and decrease the risk of lung cancer.

White Wine

White wine is as powerful as red wine in preventing artery blockage and improving heart function. Research suggests that white wine is loaded with antioxidants also present in olive oil. High quality white wines, furthermore, offer more health benefits than some red wines.


This drink can break down dietary fat and results in lower LDL levels. Tequila can also alleviate mild strains, headaches, and tension. Furthermore, experts say that a shot of it before eating can stimulate the appetite and one after dinner can aid in digestion.

Although some alcohol choices have health benefits, you still have to consume them in moderation. Drinking responsibly can help you reap their benefits and avoid the health risks associated with excessive consumption.

The 4 Biggest Floor Coatings Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

epoxy paint

epoxy paintInstead of getting the service of an expert applicator of floor coating, some people choose to do it on their own. But, they usually encounter a number of issues.

A&I Coatings shares some common epoxy application mistakes that you should avoid to ensure a successful floor coating for your garage.

Poor Floor Preparation

One of the reasons epoxy floor coating fails or get bad finishes is poor floor preparation. Some people underestimate the importance of preparing the floor properly. The floor should be cleaned thoroughly and made free from all oils, contaminants and waxes.

Stretching Out the Epoxy

To cover the entire floor, some people stretch out the epoxy as much as possible, even if they are already running low. As a result, some areas have less glossy surface and will show a difference in colour appearance. It also produces a weaker coating. This is a mistake that is normally committed when using a single coat epoxy paint kit.

Moisture in the Concrete

Not allowing the concrete to dry completely after acid etching is one of the common mistakes committed by many. Depending on the humidity and temperature, you should allow 24 hours or even longer pass by, for the concrete to dry. This will cause moisture that remains trapped in the pores to rise to the surface and produce bubbles in the finish.

Faulty Mixing of the Epoxy

Improper mixing of epoxy will result in many problems. According to experts mixing the epoxy with a paddle mixer too fast can trap the air. If this happens, air bubbles will surface during application. You can avoid this by not mixing too fast or pumping the paddle mixer up and down.

Getting the result that you want is not that difficult. By avoiding these epoxy application mistakes, you will achieve a successful floor coating project. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instruction properly.

Split vs. Ducted Air Conditioning System: Which One Should You Choose?

split system air conditioning

split system air conditioningIf you are not keen on the old-style window ACs, you still have a choice between the split air conditioning systems and the ducted ones. For many homeowners, the choice causes a lot of confusion because each type has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Here is a brief discussion to help homeowners make an informed decision:

The Split AC

A split system air conditioning has two components: the indoor evaporator and fan and the outdoor compressor. This kind of design makes the cooling system quite beneficial.

• It makes it easy to install; there is no need for a big cavity in the wall.
• The compressor is placed outside, which reduces noise in the room.
• The AC can be installed even in rooms without windows.
• The initial cost is low since no elaborate ductwork is required.

The Ducted AC

On the other hand, the ducted AC also has a number of advantages. These are the following:

• This AC can keep the entire house cool with a single system.
• This makes the AC quite energy efficient.
• The system allows you to control cooling in every zone.
• You can turn off the system in different zones when cooling is not required.

Which One to Choose

Given all the features of the split and ducted ACs, it can be concluded that a split AC is more useful when:

• Cooling is needed in a single room.
• The room has no windows.
• You want noise-free operation, say in a nursery.

Similarly, the ducted AC would be a more suitable choice when you need cooling for the entire house and you need to keep the energy bills down despite huge cooling requirements.

Keep these simple tips in mind when you shop for a cooling system for your home. These will help you get one that fits your needs and is worth the money spent.

Distractions vs. School Work: How to Help Your Kid Succeed

math tutor

math tutorA lot of parents are worried about how their kids handle distractions. It’s a lot harder if the kids are not aware that they are distracted, or if they argue that they are good at multi-tasking or that they can handle studying without sacrificing the activities they enjoy.

The Common Distractions

In the age of digital revolution where man is surrounded by new technologies, gadgets and Internet-dependent tools, it’s hard to stay focused. Mobile phones are no longer used for the basic functions of calling and texting. Majority of them are now connected to the Internet and have the ability to house social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as messaging applications like Whatsapp, Viber and the likes that enable you to enjoy unlimited exchange of messages and calls.

Nowadays, gaming is also much more sophisticated with several powerful consoles to choose from.

The list of distractions brought about by modern technology can go on and on. But, what parents need to realise is how these distractions pose a much greater challenge for kids who are still developing their own organisational skills. Getting trapped in the web of distractions can have grave effects on their study habits, not to mention their cognitive control and behaviour.

What You Can Do About It

As parents, you have the responsibility to guide your kids toward success. You play a vital role in their learning, so you need to devise a strategy that can elicit good study habits. One of the first things that you need to do is to talk to your kid. Make a plan together on how he or she can tune out distractions and focus on his or her studies.

Apart from motivating them to study, you also need to assess if your kid needs the help of professional tutors, especially on core subjects like maths and sciences. You can look online for professional tutoring services. Maths tutor Brisbane residents recommend have the most comprehensive lesson plans to help students improve their skills.

If you are worried that your kids are too distracted to focus on their studies and if you’re not satisfied with their grades in school, you can help them do better. Initiate a change and guide them towards betterment.

Three Reasons You Should Invest in Pool Fencing

pool fencing

pool fencingPeople long to bathe in cool waters during hot days. Cold showers are fine, but nothing beats the satisfaction of dipping your whole body for long periods of time. Such is the benefit of having a swimming pool in your home.

If you want to set up a swimming pool in your backyard, you should know that it takes more than just drilling a hole and putting water in it. You must observe and apply safety measures like adding pool fences. Aristo Balustrades explained why you should add fences in your swimming pool:

Safety for the young ones

Pool fences may help prevent accidents caused by drowning or slipping in the pool. Death by drowning is still a common incident for children in Australia. It only takes seconds before your child ends up drowning in the pool. You cannot rely on adult supervision alone, and you cannot just trust your child not to go near the pool unaccompanied.

Government requires it

The Australian government found out that lack of swimming pool barriers is partly responsible for drowning incidents. In response, they set up pool safety rules like mandatory installation of safety barriers. Safety barriers must be installed in-ground, aboveground and indoor pools with more than 300mm depth.

To set up a swimming pool, the government is there to check if it meets their standards. Failure to comply will result in consequences.

For aesthetic purposes

Pool fences not only enhance you and your family’s safety, but the beauty of your surroundings. Glass pool fencing is a practical choice for those who want greater visibility and modern appearance in the swimming pool area. Wrought iron and wood are sturdy alternatives as well. You can use other materials depending on your preference and budget.

People can still enjoy swimming pools despite the government-mandated safety measures. In fact, your enjoyment will increase, knowing that you can use your swimming pool without worry.

Is Your Company Making Enough Profits?


bookkeepingTo operate a business, we would like to know the exact figures of money coming in and the amount coming out. This is where an accountant comes into the picture.

In any company or business, a licensed accountant in Sydney can give accurate figures on your sales and expenditures.

A Business Operates on Numbers

What made these figures exact? Accountants create a breakdown of the items that involves money or any movement of assets. The accountant must keep all receipts, including payroll for bookkeeping purposes. Afterwards, the professional creates a balance sheet to record all the credits and debits of a company.

In this scenario, when credits exceed debits, accountants can pinpoint the exact items that are high earning, and then strengthen those areas. The same is true when debits exceed credits. The company would then know where they need to do cost-cutting measures and which items to discard.

To make sure there is a balance of sheets, accountants monitor the ‘books’, or the record of the company’s finances, a job known as bookkeeping. This way, they can alert the owner of spending beyond the limits of the company.

Government Requirements

For a business to be legal, there are certain government requirements a company must submit monthly or annually. Tax also involves money. The accountant must include this in the sheets.

The accountant therefore must take into account any profits and expenses incurred by the company from the very least denomination. This will help her create an accurate balance of sheets.

It is the job of an accountant to keep receipts, tally them then create an accurate balance of sheets. You simply cannot make an estimate of figures and then make haphazard guesswork by the end of the year. In other words, a licensed accountant in Sydney can help your business do a more efficient job with numbers.

Why You Should Know Whom You’re Up Against

Competing businessman

Competing businessmanThe business world is a jungle. Most companies are jumbled in a crowded space, constantly vying for the attention of their target markets.

Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran star player in the business arena, understanding your competition is an important task. Knowing whom you’re up against can help you improve your services and make your marketing stand out even more.

Do everything you can to analyze your competition. Several companies offer up-to-date price monitoring tools to help your business gain compete with the others.

Who is the Opposing Side?

There’s no escaping competition. With the advancement of technology, you’re not only competing with local establishments but international ones as well. Your competitor may be the top dog in the arena, or a promising rookie with a good offer.

It’s vital to know the basics about your competition. This is how you learn about their offers and services, match them up against yours, and figure out how you can improve your chances of beating them. One way of knowing the competition is by turning to Google and searching their websites.

Reading more about them is a plus. You can get more clues about the opposing team by reading press releases, questionnaires, or local business reports.

What You Need To Know

When looking up the competition, monitor them like how you monitor your business. You can start by checking out their offered products and observing their marketing strategies. Analyze their brands and design structures. It also helps to check their media activities, particularly on social media.

When you’ve put two on two together, you will see your competition as their consumers see them. This way, you can study your product and identify the factors you need to improve on.

What to Do with What You Know

The plus side of knowing your competition is it gives you a more advanced game plan. The data you’ve gathered should be enough to create innovative plans. This doesn’t mean disregarding your current strategies; learning about the opposing side encourages you to level up your game another notch. Learning from their mistakes helps you avoid road bumps and know how to smoothly move forward.

With social media, it’s easier to know what the opposing side is up to. This, however, doesn’t equate to imitating them. Innovation is the key to success and is achievable when you know the competition.