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Fit-out Costs: What You Pay for During an Office Renovation

office renovation

office renovationAt one point, a renovation becomes necessary for a business to sustain an atmosphere that boosts productivity. Your office space can only last so long without appearing dull for you, your clients, and your staff. Redecoration and renovation are necessities you should prepare for financially.

Before you prepare for a renovation, do you know what you have to pay for? You need a clear idea of where you spend your money to avoid going over your budget. Here’s a quick rundown of the expenses that you might shoulder during office renovations:

Contractor Rates

In every renovation project, you need professional contractors to do the work. This isn’t one of those simple home projects that you can do yourself. Before you plan the fit-out or the remodel, look around for contractors near your area. Ask for quotes from multiple companies and compare their rates. Make sure that their services cover everything you need to avoid extra expenses.

Office Materials

The thing about office materials and furniture is you don’t really have to be fancy with them. It’s time to get rid of the mindset that what you buy should be new. All you need to do is a quick search of quality used office panels in Salt Lake City and nearby areas, as well as desks and other items the office would need.

Equipment Upgrades

The technology in your office is something you cannot ignore. Using outdated tech would simply hamper the growth of your enterprise. Do a regular checkup of your computers and decide if you need to upgrade some units — do the same for your printers and cables. The cost may be a bit high for some purchases, but the long-term payoff of an upgrade is worth it.

Knowing where you put your money can give you better control over every project. The next time you do an office renovation, check these three areas and make sure you’re taking the most practical route.

Debunking 4 of the Most Common Social Media Marketing Myths


TwitterSocial media is the biggest network for users and businesses alike. Apart from establishing connections between friends and family, the social network also provides unique opportunities between clients and brands.

Due to its vast and complex nature, users and marketers alike develop their own speculations regarding this media platform. Along the way, myths develop and change other views on online marketing. Even the best of SEO resellers are concerned about these false claims on social media.

Know how to avoid them. Here are the most common myths surrounding social media marketing:

1. For a bigger audience, join EVERY social media site

While your goal is to attract more audiences, you should not join every social media site available. Managing one or two sites alone is a handful. Add in three or more and you’ve got a disaster in the making.

Save time by managing a maximum of three sites only. Discover which site hosts most of your target audience and set up shop there.

2. Google+ is not worth your time

Google+, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, is a valuable platform. While Facebook and Twitter continuously reign supreme, marketers should not underestimate the power of Google+. This social site is connected to the biggest search engine, which gives you a little boost in your organic search rankings.

3. All Twitter posts must have lengthy and numerous hashtags

Do not abuse your followers with tweets containing too many hashtags. True, hashtags play a vital role in your Twitter advertising efforts but lengthy and endless hashtags ruins your image to users. Think of hashtags that will directly target your audience. While you should be creative, you should also know your boundaries. Two hashtags per tweet will suffice.

4. Social media is all about online presence

No, it’s not. Social media also provides unique opportunities for brands to reach out to their clients, offering 100% customer service online. It is also a perfect platform for research and identification of brand ambassadors.

Social media is constantly subject to debatable discussion. People are still figuring out the best ways to harness its potential. Before you believe news or claims, do your research and come up with a successful marketing strategy.

Do the Catwalk: Your Cat’s Exercising Needs

Pets Need Exercise

Pets Need ExerciseWhile most people would think it is ridiculous to exercise your cat, it really is something they need, just like dogs. However, the main fact that they are of different species means they have different exercising needs, but the same practises for canines can be applied to the felines with enough practice and getting used to.

Because cats have a high metabolism, they do not need strenuous activities for their exercise. So you can really give your cat a walk around the park without making it a chore.

Here are the stuff you will need to equip your cat appropriately for his or her catwalk.


If your cat is an obedient little angel, then you will not need a leash to go with this, but of course, each pet is different, and they have varying needs as well.

If you do not have one yet, you can buy at your very own cat collar online or at your local pet shop and have an identifiable piece on your pet at all times when you take them out in public.


If you choose to have your pet disciplined, keeping them on a leash will do exactly that. This method is best if your cat is not the best compliant pet there is, walking them with a leash on will teach them to stay close, and maybe in the next walks, you won’t need it anymore.

Mouse Toy

If you do not have the time of day to see the sun out in the park with your feline companion, then buying them a toy that can compensate for the lack of a walk.

A mouse toy will be attractive and playful enough to have their attention for long, enough to give them the exercise their body needs.

Do not allow yourself to fall under the stereotype of a pet owner that does not appropriately care for their pet. Moreover, do not be ashamed of giving your cat the exercise he or she needs. If they give you looks, look back at them and do the catwalk with pride, knowing you are doing right by your beloved pet.

Things You Should Always Consider Buying Secondhand

used bike

used bikeThere is no shame in buying secondhand. It takes getting used to, especially in choosing what’s worth your money, but its financial benefits are astounding. More often than not, you get something at half price and even lower at times. Low priced items aren’t always bargains, and that is something you’ll find out once you become experienced in buying secondhand goods.

There are things that you should always consider buying pre-owned, and there are things you should never buy pre-owned. When looking for underwear, baby stuff, cosmetics or furniture, go to a department store at least and not at a thrift store. As for things that are permissible to buy as hand-me-downs?

1. Cars

If your first car was from a father’s friend, that’s no reason for shame. Your parents made a sound decision in purchasing a perfectly functioning car that doesn’t need break-ins or 1,000-mile check up. You should follow suit and consider owned cars, especially if it’s your first car. There are so many bargains out there. Some of them are still in mint condition.

2. Sporting Equipment

It’s unwise to spend more in your running shoes than what you do in your food. Fortunately, you can buy these things secondhand. Whatever kind of sporting equipment you need, from snowboards to bikes, used is where you go first. Don’t worry because any flaw in what you buy can be mended in a low-cost manner.

3. Books

Any kind of book, whether you plan to use it for leisure or education, should never cost a fortune. To be certain, buy secondhand books. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a working fellow; little savings in purchasing pre-owned novels will provide you financial space for other things.

4. Designer Items

You buy designer items not because of the design, but because of the name. So, who’s going to care if you have an authentic, two-year old Hermès? Save your money by buying pre-owned luxury items.

5. Musical Instruments

Guitars, pianos and violins are a big purchase, especially if you just want to learn how to play one. Try visiting music shops and asking for their pre-owned items. You can have your pick of any musical instrument at half price and not worry about your budget for the next week.

Wouldn’t you want to sacrifice the allure of buying brand new for a little practicality? Buy secondhand and watch your savings grow.

Medical Malpractice: The Case of Over Diagnosing and Over Treatment

Medical Malpractice

Medical MalpracticeWhile it is a doctor’s responsibility to ensure you are in the pink of health once you get out of their office, your treatment must always be under the accepted standard of practice approved by the medical community.

“Choosing Wisely”

There is such a term as over-treating. As an ongoing campaign called “Choosing Wisely” claims, it is wasteful, unnecessary and even harmful. The campaign was launched by medical royal colleges in response to the growing concern about health professionals over diagnosing and over treating their patients.

How can you possibly be over diagnosed? When treating certain diseases, there are standard laboratory tests necessary to go through before a physician gives his best findings. Giving you a wrong diagnosis, or sending it at a much later date is tantamount to medical negligence on which you may file a claim and receive compensation, notes Secure Law. This is, of course, if you are really harmed by such negligence over a short period or for the rest of your life.

“Medical Defence”

In fear of getting charged of missed diagnosis, physicians turn to equally questionable “medical defence”– over diagnosing and over treating – that is, sending a patient to go through a series of unnecessary tests before providing a conclusion. As you may have experienced, these tests tend to be expensive.

Given the costs of these treatments are buffed by medical insurances, the potential health risk, like exposure to harmful radiation, and other nuisance that comes with the procedures can really take a toll on one’s living. For example, a study shows that almost a third of 4.1 million asthma cases in the UK are receiving unnecessary treatment.

If you think you are receiving unnecessary treatment and medications, do not be afraid to ask questions. Everything must be taken in moderation and receiving otherwise can lead to worse health conditions.

Here are 3 Reasons to Choose Chain Mesh Fencing

Chain Mesh Fencing

Chain Mesh FencingA fencing system serves as a barrier surrounding your property. It helps keep children and animals from running astray and getting off the property. It also increases the safety and security of your home, as it can deter criminals.

Fences have many other functions, so there is no question about its usefulness. There is, however, the question of what material to choose. There are many options, including chain mesh fencing.

Chain mesh fencing offers specific benefits, including the following:

1. Minimal Maintenance

With a chain mesh, there is no need to deal with rigorous maintenance. Simply clean it with soapy water to get rid of dirt and debris.

Even if you notice rust on certain areas, simply use a wire brush to clean them. Don’t forget to apply a rust inhibitor to protect the chain mesh.

2. Easy Repair

A chain mesh fence can last for a long time, especially if you bought it from a trusted supply shop. says chain mesh fencing is a cost-effective solution because it is highly resistant to corrosion and extreme weather.

In the event that an accident damages your fence, repairing will not take a lot of effort. Replacement parts also blend well with the installed ones, so everyone will not notice that you replaced a particular part at all.

3. Design Options

Another great thing about this type of fencing system is that it is highly customisable and comes in various designs. Choose from a variety of styles, colours and heights. The wire itself is also available in different thicknesses.

All in all, chain mesh fencing is one of the best inexpensive options to increase the safety and security of your home. Whether you’re using it as farm barrier or protection for a commercial property, choose only high quality chain mesh fencing.

Watch Out for These 3 Cockroach Infestation Signs

Cockroach infestation

Cockroach infestationBoth residential units and commercial establishments are not safe from cockroaches. In many cases, cockroach problems in residential properties are easier to detect through indicators of their presence.

The main reason for this is because these pests are more active at night. They like to stay out of sight during the day, hiding in the cracks and crevices of your home.

While seeing a cockroach doesn’t necessarily mean an infestation, it can lead to that if you don’t do something about it. Any form of nourishment can attract cockroaches, from food to plastic to animal excrement to paper. Because of this, cockroach infestation has become a big problem for many homeowners.

Here are three indicators of a cockroach infestation:

1. Odd, Unpleasant Smell

Cockroaches leave a weird, unpleasant odor on items and objects. Be mindful of an odd smell that lingers in the air inside your home. Since cockroaches may not always be the source of a foul smell, identify where the smell is coming from first.

2. Eggs and Droppings

Watch out for small, cylindrical capsule-like things on the floor, on walls, and on rarely disturbed items in your home. Cockroach eggs are black or brown in color.

Cockroaches also produce droppings that are usually 2 mm in length, and are also black or brown in color.

3. Markings That Look Like Smears

Cockroaches usually create smear marks if they have found an abundant water supply. Look for these markings on surfaces and walls. suggests pest control for Kansas homes to not only eliminate cockroaches, but also to look for the source of the problem.

Don’t let your home be the residence of pests like cockroaches and rodents. Look for the signs that say you have an infestation problem and do something to solve the issue before it gets even worse.

Pool Safety: Prevent Swimming Pool Accidents

Prevent Swimming Pool Accident

Prevent Swimming Pool AccidentIn 2013, there were 3,800 incidence of pool or spa submersion injuries involving kids younger than 5 years old, and 4, 800 injury instances of children below 15 years old. The numbers might be small, but if it involves your child it becomes significant. We do not want to worry about potential accidents that may occur when you are not around to supervise your kids while they are swimming.

Pool Safety

There are ways to prevent pool accidents, even if you are not at home to watch over your child.

Secure your home’s pool area by installing appropriate barriers. Border the area with fences with a self-latching or self-closing gate. Put a cover on your pool when no one is using it and remove steps used to access it.

Damaged filters, pumps, heaters, and control systems make maintaining your pool difficult; it also increases the chances of growing bacteria that leads to illnesses and accidents. Get help from a swimming pool repair expert to help you address these problems and get proper maintenance. Technicians can pinpoint the problem and provide you with the solution to keep your swimming pool safe.

Always have someone supervise your child around the pool whenever you are not around. Do not allow your kid to swim alone, even if they know how to swim. Make sure they wear floatation devices whenever they are swimming.

You do not want your child to be part of pool injury statistics; play it safe by enrolling your child in swim camp to teach them the basics of swimming. Establish and enforce rules, such as no horse play around the area, no jumping into the pool, keeping away from drains, or not swimming without supervision. Learning CPR and preparing a first aid kit and water safety equipment helps in responding to emergencies.

Prevent pool accidents by repairing and maintaining your pool, establishing and enforcing rules, preparing for emergencies, and installing barriers.

What You Ought to Know when Handling Credit Issues during Divorce

Credit accounts

Credit accountsIt is important to look at issues involving divorce and credit. Understanding the kinds of credit accounts you and your spouse opened can reveal their potential benefits and drawbacks. Moreover, this will help you clear any financial obligations during divorce.

Credit Accounts

Credit accounts fall into two categories: individual and joint accounts. Whether you are planning to apply for a charge card or mortgage loan, you can choose from either of the two accounts.

  • Individual Account

When you apply for an individual account, creditors consider your individual income, assets, and credit history. You are also solely responsible for paying off the debt, whether you are single or married.

During divorce, your individual account will appear on your credit report. It will also appear on your spouse’s credit report if you made them an authorized user. As a divorce decree attorney in Provo explains, an individual account and unsettled debts may fall under high-asset divorce.

There may be instances when it can be difficult to demonstrate a stable financial source – especially if you work at home or have a low-paying job without the combined income from your spouse. If you do not have any problems with your account, there will not be any negative consequences against your credit report.

  • Joint Account

When you apply for a joint account, creditors consider the income, assets, and credit history of both parties. You and your spouse are responsible for paying the debt. They also evaluate your financial resources as a couple. This presents a stronger case when applying for a credit card or loan.

When it comes to payment, the loan holders must both pay the debt – even if your divorce decree assigns separate debt obligations. Delays or non-payment may hurt both of your credit scores.

If you want to know more about handling credit matters during divorce, contact your local divorce decree attorney.

The Road to Recovery from a Hip Replacement Surgery

Recover from hip replacement

Recover from hip replacementMedicine has advanced enough that when someone experiences unmanageable pain in their hip, he or she can replace the damaged parts through surgery. This procedure is common for older people as they are most susceptible to joint problems. If you have a parent or a grandparent who will undergo hip replacement surgery, make sure to assist them throughout their recovery period.

To do that properly, you must have basic knowledge about after-surgery facts in hip replacement, such as:

How Soon Will They Be Out of Bed?

Patients who have undergone successful hip replacement surgeries are able to get out of bed and walk in just a couple of days. Nevertheless, you should not take this fact for granted and expect your ageing parent to recover so easily.
Discomfort in their movements is normal, as they are still getting used to new, artificial parts of their skeletal system. Things as swelling and blood clots are to be expected and can be countered with injections and antibiotics.

How Will They Be at Home?

Anticipate that your elders will need a lot of attention when they get home. Apart from getting used to a new hip, their wounds, muscles and tissues around the surgical area will take time to heal. It will make it more manageable if you hire an occupational therapist who may look after your parent or grandparent and help them get back on their feet, literally.

Looking After Their New Hip

Hip replacement procedures in Kent cost a considerable amount because these last long. Heed the doctor when they note that a new hip must be handled with care. Look out so they will avoid these movements:

  • Twisting the hip
  • Cross legs
  • Bending the hip
  • Swivelling the balls of their feet
  • And more

Once you get older, you will know the struggles that come with age. Moreover, you will recognise how thankful your elders are when you assisted them after a major surgery.