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The Impact of Product Labelling on Consumer Buying Behaviour


LabelsA study published in Public Health Nutrition of the UK’s The Nutrition Society investigates the effect of product nutrition labels on the choosing behaviour of consumers. Findings of the study indicate that health-conscious buyers favour products labelled with nutritional values.

The emphasis on getting the right information is also present in regulatory standards. The New ZealandFood Safety Authority takes charge for the country’s food labelling requirements for consumers and the industry. The law requires that product labels on food sold in the country must comply with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Apart from following the standards, those in the food industry should make use of eye-catching packaging and labels. Products that stand out from the rest have a better chance of making it to consumers’ trolleys.

Be Noticeable

Your product label should stand out from a line-up of similar items. Pay attention to the distinctive logo designs and identifying colours of your business trademark. Using additional elements, such as printed custom foil labels helps create an elegant appearance on the shelf, according to With the right look for your product, you gain an edge over your competitors.

Follow the Rules

You should also make sure that the description written on your product labels conforms to local regulations. If you do so, buyers will have the assurance that they are buying products fit for consumption.

Have the accurate information on your product label. Make sure that the facts appear in an easy to understand format.

Do note, however, that there are some types of food that don’t require labels as detailed as those on processed food. Fresh fruit, for example, don’t need the same descriptions as packaged food. Still, even if not required, don’t forget to include some corresponding health information about your products. Consumers are eager to know what your products have to offer.

Proper labelling is your way of reaching out to your consumers. Attractive and informative labels encourage them to choose your goods over those of others.

Tree Lopping: Yay or Nay?

Tree lopping

Tree loppingWhile some arborists are decidedly against the practice of tree lopping, some believe that if done properly and at the right time, lopping can prove to be beneficial to trees. Beaver Tree Services shares more information below:

When Tree Lopping is Beneficial

Tree lopping, also known as tree topping in some countries, involves cutting down tree limbs and branches, and whenever applicable, shortening the trunks. Lopping is normally performed during landscaping so that existing trees will be reshaped and can seamlessly blend in with the landscape design. Should the homeowner wish to have the height of the three shortened, cutting off plenty of limbs and branches, and some of the trunk may be involved.

But, the best time to consider tree lopping is when the tree has been hit by lightning or has been damaged due to a disaster. In this scenario, lopping involves removing the damaged portion considered dead or unsalvageable in its entirety, to allow the living parts of the tree to survive.

Lopping is also considered in instances where an overgrown tree blocks the view of a house or when some of its limbs and branches are too close to the house or the roof. Additionally, some homeowners implement lopping to minimize the risk of an overgrown tree causing damage to its surroundings during bad weather.

The Bad Side of Tree Lopping

Although tree lopping has its benefits, it can potentially be bad for your trees. In the event that trees are lopped during particular times of a given year, there’s an increased risk of the tree dying from trauma. Also, there’s also a possibility that the portions where the tree has been lopped fail to heal, making the tree prone to decay and a host of fungi and bacteria that can result in the tree’s living parts to rot eventually. If the tree manages to survive, there’s a chance that new growths may not be as durable as the original parts of the tree.

With this in mind, it is critical that tree lopping should only be considered when the benefits outweigh the potential risks to your tree.

Elevated Work Platforms: Why Buy It When You can Hire It?


EWPA business or industry that involves any form of work in an elevated area requires an EWP for hire. Safety should always be among your paramount considerations to keep the work secure.

The question, however, is: should you buy one or settle with hiring one for rent?


These kinds of industries require your employees or contractors to place themselves in a higher position or an elevated plane, which calls for an EWP, AWP or MEWP. An EWP or an elevated work platform is the same as an AWP or aerial work platform. The MEWP, on the other hand, is a moving type of elevated platform that allows the quick changing of the worker’s position through the swift movement of the platform itself.

An AWP, MEWP or EWP hire, especially in Perth, is crucial in building construction, for instance, or renovation of existing buildings.

Safety Regulations

In any business, it is important to adhere to the safety standards as imposed by the industry authorities. An elevated platform assures that an employee or worker has a sturdy base to stand on while he is performing his duties on a higher position. It will guarantee that no safety hazard will occur and that your business will proceed as usual.

Why Hiring is Better than Buying

Hiring is more practical since you will be spared from the need for storage space as well as a separate budget for maintenance. It will also save you from the need to train an operator.

How to Choose the Company

The first tip is to find a reputable company that already has an established brand. Second, try to read reviews and see if their equipment are reliable and if they have any incident reports. Finally, read the guidelines from the Elevating Work Platform Association of Australia and see if the company you are eyeing is a member of this association.

Search for the most reputable EWP for hire in Perth and keep your workplace safe and secure.

Common Air Conditioning System Issues That Can Possibly Lead to Repairs

air condition

air condition With the imminent threat of the scorching summer season looming over you, the last thing you’d want to worry yourself about is a broken down air conditioning system when you turn on your unit. So, before the summer season starts, read this discussion from All Air Services about the most common air conditioner issues that can possibly lead to untimely air conditioner repairs and how to combat them.

Inadequate Air Conditioning System Maintenance

When you allow your AC system to operate for long durations without regular
servicing, chances are that you’ll encounter operational issues over time. Whether this leads to untimely maintenance, repair, or worse, replacement, your problems can quickly escalate, negatively impacting your system’s operation and energy efficiency. When your coils and air filters are filthy and stay dirty for long periods, your system’s fans and compressor will be affected, leading to shorter service life. To prevent this from happening, you should schedule air conditioner repairs before summer comes.

Malfunctioning or Failing Components

If your air conditioning system is not operating as efficiently as it should, your fan controls and compressor can deteriorate, which can lead to other crucial components to malfunction as well. Your AC’s internal components will be subjected to unnecessary stress and will cause your system to cycle between on and off states, which will consequently lead to improper and inefficient operation, or more seriously, complete failure.

Problems with the Thermostat

This can include an improperly calibrate thermostat sensor and used up batteries among others. If you’ve been neglecting to change the batteries that power your thermostat, change them sooner rather than later to prevent further issues with your thermostat settings. Keep in mind that your thermostat is the one that communicates your temperature settings to your AC unit to make sure you’re always comfortable in your home. You can also choose to upgrade your existing thermostat to newer models that are easily programmable and energy efficient.

Being aware of these common AC issues will aid you in crossing off some basic items in your problem list in the event that you experience issues with your air conditioning system, making sure that you don’t have to schedule ill-timed repairs or worse, replacement.

Tint It Right: Why Window Tinting is a Must-Have in Your Home

window tinting

window tintingThe popularity of house window tinting has increased after many homeowners realised its benefits. Window tinting is not only used in homes; it also applies to cars, offices and even storefronts.

Here are the reasons you should get your windows tinted:

It gives you privacy.

Well-tinted windows can enhance the privacy of your interiors. You do not have to worry about lowering down the curtains or shutters during the day. With tinted windows, you can enjoy the natural light from the outside and prevent other people from peeking into your home.

It protects the interiors.

Do you know that excessive glare and sunrays can cause premature skin ageing? Long-term exposure to the UV rays can also damage your furniture, carpets and upholstery. These are the reasons you need house window tinting. Perth experiences extreme hot weather and this brings more inconvenience than you can imagine. By tinting your windows, you can block the damaging UV rays.

It enhances safety and security.

Window tinting not only protects you from the sun and gives you privacy; it also protects your windows from breaking easily. You can choose from many types of films that can damage-proof your windows, making it hard for burglars to break.

It serves as extra décor.

Tinting your windows can give a luxurious look to your house. You can easily remove the film if you have to move or change its look.

It balances the temperature in your house.

Tinted window screens out heat from the outside, cools down your interiors and traps the cold air inside the house during hot days. As a result, you can minimise the use of your air-conditioning unit, which, in turn, helps you save money and energy.

Window tinting may depend on the degree of light transmission you would want to achieve. Choose quality window tinting films that will suit your specific needs, so you can maximise the benefits and avoid the extra costs.

Why There’s No Better Place to Live in than Melbourne


MelbourneAustralia is generally an ideal place to live for everybody. But if you are to choose which city to call your new home, Melbourne absolutely makes a strong case for itself.

Why? Here are some of the reasons:

Literally the Best Place to Live in the World

According to the latest data from the Economist Intelligence Unit, Melbourne ranked first among all cities surveyed as the world’s most liveable place on the planet. There are many surveys like this, but this one is among the most definitive of its kind. The Victoria capital was hailed as the overall leader in terms of stability, infrastructure, education, healthcare and environment.

This accolade is a testament that Melbourne offers the most favourable living condition on earth, Modeina boasts. Whether you’re a young professional trying to find your place in the world, or someone looking for the perfect environment to raise a family, this thriving city is filled with opportunities.

Not Just Liveable, but also Affordable

Other than earning the prestige of being the most liveable city, you can also find the most cost-effective land sales in Melbourne just several kilometres from the CBD. Amid the development several communities are left and right, dwellings located in the outer suburbs of Melbourne top the affordability department.

These budget-friendly accommodation options afford you the pleasure of living in the city outskirts. Be it a house or an apartment, shopping around this part of the state can save you significantly without residing too far from the business district.

A Melting Pot of Cultures

Melbourne is definitely not just for Australians. In fact, the city boasts its highly diverse multicultural fabric where over 100 different nationalities live side by side without any form of social division whatsoever. Thanks to the four major waves of migration since the 1830s, Melbourne is now home to an ever-growing numbers of European, Asian and African settlers.

Every Australian city is uniquely beautiful, but some of the things Melbourne brings to the table is unmatched. Whoever you are and wherever you’re from, the city would welcome you with open arms.

Preserving Memories to Look Back on in the Future

Preserving Memories

Preserving MemoriesYour life is a series of moments. Moments that you will always have the pleasure and enjoyment to look back on.

Life’s fleeting quality is what makes it even more precious—on top of all the beautiful memories your moments have all created. Surely, like all things worth remembering, you want them preserved. The most important ones are in milestones, the major ones being your wedding day or graduation.

Here are some ways you can preserve memories to have something to look back on in the future.


Memories come in various forms. For celebrations and gatherings, capturing memories and snapping away with your phone or camera is a personal way of documenting the affair. Formal events like weddings, however, call for the pros, says Michelle van Heerden Photography.

Why? A lot of effort goes into wedding planning and styling. It is only right to give it justice with each photo that embodies the radiance, beauty, and warmth of the occasion.

In doing so, having a memory in your hands after a few years or even just days, lets you reminisce just how good the past was for you.


Home videos or professionally shot footage are sure to hit you with nostalgia so quick you’ll be sharing stories with your friends and family about that “one time.”

Unlike photographs, videos take you frame by frame and lets you remember everything about your memory. Therefore, recounting in detail will not be a difficult task.

Moreover, memories filmed are usually “firsts” and ones taken by your parents—like your first steps, first words or sometimes even your birth. These moments are preserved fully with all details intact and without the risk of misplaced memories and thoughts.


This is the simplest and easiest way to preserve memories: words. Back in the 90s you would have your diaries under your pillow. Nowadays, however, you can blog about it and recount the memory and choose to highlight what you like most and even express the way you feel.

In the future or a few years’ time, you will delight in the fact that you took the time to write about this and reminisce on how it made you feel then and compare it to the way you do at present.

Memories come back to you because of different triggers—sight, smell, sound or even feeling. Preserve your memories more vividly with the following, think of your future and how today will be your past. Make it a memory worth preserving and remembering.

Active Fashion: How Street Fashion Encourages Functionality

street wear

street wearThe emergence of street wear has welcomed people with varied lifestyles, but their styles all share a common denominator: functionality.

Because of street fashion’s sportswear origin and roots, people who choose to live actively incorporate the urban look with theirs, therefore creating a hybrid of street wear.

The evolved view on fashion has made snapbacks and jogger pants a fashion statement, though paired with button downs or coats. How exactly has street fashion encouraged functionality?

5Pointz explains “Active Fashion” as a by-product of street fashion and how it does so.

Athletic Footwear

Upon seeing street wear, you cannot help seeing elements of sports in certain aspects. Footwear is a good place to start—look at Nike and how its new line of Roshes have graced NY and the feet of those who pair it with comfortable skinny jeans, cotton-stretch skirts or jogger pants. Yes, they are unisex, too.

The Nike Roshe was built for active people, those who run, walk and exercise. But we all know it has crossed that line and has turned into a fashion piece. There’s also the Airmax, Jordans and Y3s, all of which offer the same amount of functionality.

Its features complement an active person’s lifestyle and those who sport it have the freedom and are encouraged to do the same because they can.

Loose Sportswear

Very rarely do you come across body hugging pieces of clothing in street wear—because the sports that influence the fashion genre has that fit and shared quality, like basketball, football and even baseball. You don’t see Stephen Curry wearing a skin tight jersey, not even Messi or Ronaldo—their performance is complemented by how their attire works with their movements.

Strategically putting together jerseys or dry-fit inspired pieces with jeans or sports-inspired jogger pants stylishly designed, is sure to make you look fashionable and active at the same time. Think Hood By Air, Pyrex Vision and Supreme.

Moreover, achieving the look is the first step to becoming an active person—making street wear an advocate of fit and active living.

Accessorising Activeness

Snapbacks, sweatbands, bags and even gloves—while they may seem sporting needs, they have also found their way to becoming fashion items.

They may sound unnecessary; however, these simple items and accessories can prove to be helpful in equipping you with the needs of an active lifestyle. Again, with the many brands that release stylish products, especially in street fashion, they double as sport’s needs, since they are based off that, originally.

These days, fashion is more than just appearance, it’s about functionality. With the active and modern turn of lifestyles, street fashion has made both ends meet—with style.

The One Challenge That Your Brand Needs to Overcome

It’s All about the Name

It’s All about the NameAs you have just recently opened a business, you might have done a little research to help you prepare for the worst that could happen. Several lists could have told you about the many different challenges that come with managing a business. Slow cash inflow, having only a few clients, you feel like you are carrying all the work – they go on and on.

In truth, you can trace all these challenges to just one challenge. And if you manage to deal with it, you would hit more than just two birds with one stone.

It’s All about the Name

The real issue with small, starting businesses is building a name for your brand. You need to make a name for yourself in terms of your business. That way, all the other problems will fall into place.

A brand with good advertising will attract more customers, which can speed up your income and help establish a trust between you and other possible clients. Furthermore, a brand with a good name not just attracts customers, but it gets the attention of potential staff members as well. And – if it is really good advertising – other businesses could sponsor and partner with you, as well.

The Obvious Solution

Plain and simple – you need to get your business’s name out, and the obvious way of doing this is through advertising. Not the homemade kind, but the real, professional kind. An advertising agency Sydney trusts can spell all the difference in an ad that people talk about, and an ad that is a waste of resources.

Take note that the way you advertise your business makes an important first impression on your possible customers. If people can see that you put effort into advertising your business, they would think that yours is a business worth spending on.

To make it easier, you must hire professional advertising agents to help you make your business known to as many people as possible. Another advantage with hiring professional ad-makers is that they do not hesitate with advertising, and hesitant advertising may cause more problems for your business.

Dangers of Drinking: Alcohol Risks in Women

alcohol abuse

alcohol abuseWhen it comes to drinking, women are more vulnerable than men to alcohol’s damaging effects. Alcohol does pose unique risks to women, making related diseases and other drinking consequences develop sooner than in men. Females are also more likely to depend on alcohol and other substances to deal with anxiety, stress, depression, and emotional difficulties.

Those who drink more than light to moderate amounts of alcohol have a higher risk of vehicle accidents and traumatic injuries. This may also include increased risk of developing diseases like hypertension, cancer, and stroke. Alcohol treatment facilities also note that drinking excessively increases the likelihood that a woman will become alcohol dependent.

Biological Factors and Vulnerability

Different biological factors make women more sensitive to the effects of alcohol. A woman’s body can retain higher concentrations of alcohol, mainly because it contains less water and more fatty tissues. Fat retains alcohol while water dilutes it. Changes in hormone levels during menstrual cycles may also affect how the body metabolizes alcohol.

Brain Damage

Long-term alcohol abuse has been shown to shrink the region of the brain associated with memory and learning. Several studies suggest that women are more susceptible to this effect than men. Alcohol can affect the brain in subtle ways, and many years of abuse may cause cognitive decline and dementia.

Different Cancer Types

Alcohol abuse may increase a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. An extra 10 grams of alcohol daily raises the relative risks of developing cancer over a lifetime by about 10 percent. It is also a major risk factor for a particular type of esophageal cancer, and increases risk of cancer of the colon and rectum.

Alcoholic Liver Disease

Excessive drinking makes women more vulnerable to alcoholic liver disease like hepatitis or inflammation of the liver. Women are also more likely to die from liver cirrhosis, a chronic disease that progressively destroys the liver’s ability to help in digestion and detoxification.

Despite drinking less overall, women have more evidence of alcohol damage. The good is news is, they have a higher chance of recovery from alcohol dependence. The right facility and support from family and friends play an important role in the recovery success.