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Poor Performance or Lack of Motivation: It Could Be Your Company’s Fault


EmployeesThe majority of the employees, according to studies, are quite enthusiastic when they start a new job. Employees’ morale, however, suddenly declines after their six months and continues to deteriorate a few years after. Even the best hires and employees can become demotivated, and this greatly affects quality and productivity.

Just because staff members are not feeling 100 per cent motivated does not mean they are lazy. As a manager, it is important to determine the causes of lack of motivation, performance and dedication. You’d be surprised to know that people join a company but leave because of their managers and not feeling appreciated.

You Got It Wrong

The truth is, most companies, have it all wrong. The management doesn’t always have to motivate employees; you just have to stop demotivating them. People become uninspired and then leave because the management inadvertently makes it difficult for them to do their jobs. Endless paperwork, insufficient training, infrequent delegation of authority and extreme levels of needed approvals are just few of the things that make employees feel frustrated.

Turn Things Around

If you want to turn things around, it is important to provide employees a sense of security. Support your employees’ goals for achievement by providing appropriate training. Many video eLearning platforms today can provide training management and give employees a better learning experience. Give your employees a reason to stay in the company beyond money.

Just All the Negatives

What employees hate the most is when companies treat them as disposable. This usually happens at difficult business times, when the company’s greatest assets become expendable. More often than not, employees receive inadequate rewards and recognitions. Some receive no credit while others think that the management criticises them more for poor performance than praise them for good work.

To improve bad performance, you should realise that your employees’ actions are directly related to how you behave and how you treat them. You can improve the way they perform by influencing their expectations. Instil an inspiring purpose, provide recognition, promote teamwork, train them for improvement and always listen to your people.

3 Important Factors You Need in Your Social Media Marketing

social media

social mediaSocial media marketing is a very important part of any online marketing campaign because Internet users spend most of their time browsing social media sites. If you want your campaigns to be as effective as possible, you need to start keeping up with the latest social media trends.

Here are some of the things you must have to achieve that.

Rich Visuals and Videos

Over the years, image-driven social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have skyrocketed in popularity. This is because most people are visual creatures stimulated by attractive and colorful graphics. Facebook videos have also gained popularity because it’s easy to upload and view them even on mobile gadgets. Therefore, having great visual and attention-grabbing videos are a must.

Niche Audience

People use social media sites to find and join communities and groups that have the same interests as they do. Your chosen digital marketing agency in MN, PR Caffeine professes, should know that finding your niche is important to increase the chances of turning leads into customers.

News feeds are crowded, but you can stand out from the competition if you focus on a certain type of audience that actually wants what you’re offering. Make your posts as authentic and interesting as possible to your niche audience and they will surely grow in numbers and build a loyalty to your brand.

Passionate Influencers

People follow influencers on social media sites. Partner with the right influencers that can promote your products and advance your business. People look up to and imitate these influencers, so work with someone in the specific niche that you’re targeting. If you own a restaurant, work with a popular food blogger. If you own a clothing line, work with a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

These three strategies are important to make your social media campaign more effective and engaging. Launch various campaigns and stick with what works best for you.

Give Love on Valentines’! Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Day of Love

Give Love on Valentines

Give Love on ValentinesValentine’s Day is actually a holiday with no secular or religious significance. It was created by the Christian church to turn Lupercalla, a pagan holiday celebrated in February, to a Christian one. But, the person behind the name Valentine is somewhat muddled as there are several Christian martyrs who were named as such. One of the more popular accounts is of St. Valentine of Rome, a clergyman who performed weddings for soldiers during the reign of the Roman Empire. He was jailed and subsequently sentenced to death. It was said that while in prison, he sent a letter to his jailer’s daughter signing it off with the words “Your Valentine.”

So, how did Valentine’s became associated with romantic love?

When the period of High Middle Ages rolled around in the 1300s, the tradition of courtly love flourished. Along with it, Pope Gelasius declared February 14 as a day to celebrate love. Soon, the tradition of exchanging cards and gifts such as chocolate became popular in Europe. Later on, the tradition also became popular in the United States.

The Modernized Valentine’s Day

It wasn’t until the 1840s when the first printed Valentine’s card came out. Since then, this day became one of the major consumer holidays in the U.S. with 62% of the population celebrating it.

Did You know?
  • Today, about 1 billion Valentine cards are sent every year, which is second only to Christmas!
  • About USD 1.1 billion dollars being spent by consumers on sweets like chocolate, candy hearts, and English toffee on Valentines, says
  • In Japan, females are the ones who give chocolate to the person they like. This act is reciprocated by males on March 14, known as White Day.
  • How much do people spend for Valentine gifts? An average of USD 6 for friends, USD 5 for classmates and teachers, and a measly USD 3 for coworkers.

Whether you prefer a simple dinner or a lavish surprise for your special someone, what matters is showing how much you care for that person, Valentines’ Day or not.

Bring in More Money: Improve Your Company’s Cash Flow

managing finances

managing finances in Salt Lake CityIn the business world, cash can be more important than company goals, revenues, and even employees. While you may anticipate substantial profits in the coming months, if you don’t have enough cash to cover required expenses, you will not get a chance to take a hold of those earnings. This is why it is important to develop the right strategies to improve cash flow.

Business experts from Salt Lake City, Murray, and Bountiful share a few ways for improving cash flow.

Do a Cash Flow Analysis

It is common for businesses to go through cyclical highs and lows. School supply retailers, for instance, have good sales at the beginning of a school year, while clothing shops do well in the months of December. Perform a cash flow analysis to highlight the cycles in your business. You can use the information you collect to improve marketing efforts and time your borrowing.

Hire an Accountant

The expertise of an accountant from Salt Lake City can be a great investment, mainly in reviewing cash flow projections and growth. Accountants can also provide insights into areas that you have ignored or overlooked. Working with an accountant helps you anticipate and plan for money problems.

Improve Receivables

Shorten receivables to boost cash flow. You can do this by sending out invoices immediately after the delivery of a product or changing your payment terms. It is also advisable to offer discounts to those who pay bills early and charge extra fees to those who pay late. Make sure to monitor receivables weekly and follow up with late payers.

Manage Payables

When managing a growing business, always watch out for your expenses. If you notice that expenses are increasing faster than sales, analyze costs carefully and find ways to cut or control them. It is beneficial to communicate with suppliers so they know your situation.  If you think you can’t pay on time, you need to earn their trust and understanding.

Apart from these suggestions, it also best to invest in your business, or take steps to build your company by training employees and boosting your marketing efforts. It is also a good idea to put your cash to work by having a high-interest savings account. This can help you earn a competitive rate on your cash, but funds are accessible whenever you need them.

Diminished Responsibility and Voluntary Manslaughter: What Qualifies


LawOne of the most common defenses in criminal cases is diminished responsibility. While it is an effective defense, it can still be tricky since it is circumstantial. It takes an experienced criminal defense attorney to fully utilize this case defense theory. Learn more about this concept to help with your concerns.

What qualifies as diminished responsibility

Diminished responsibility is a psychological concept that considers the decision making capabilities and the condition of the mind of the suspect. This may be due to the influence of external substances, illness of the mind, or the age of the person’s mind.

Minority and senility

Minority is defined as being under the age of 18. The law puts into perspective the lack of development in the mental faculties of the child and their incomplete view and understanding of the world. The same applies to senility, where a person is too old to comprehend certain matters.

Intoxication as a mitigating circumstance

Criminal defense attorneys in Houston mention intoxication qualifying as a diminishing factor in cases where a person was intoxicated or influenced against their will or without awareness or consent. Intoxication influences the mind of the person, specifically the  mental faculties and basic perception of the world.

When under the influence, people may not properly discern the events transpiring, and they may not be aware of their actions. To their mind, they are doing nothing out of the ordinary, or there may be instances when they feel they are out of touch with reality. A person cannot be held responsible if the influence was not a voluntary act,  and they are a victim of circumstance.

Remember that the court considers these defenses on a case-by-case basis. Consult a criminal defense attorney to build your defense.

Why a Cinematic Wedding Video is a Must


WeddingThere are many decisions to make when tying the knot. One of them is whether to have a wedding video or not.

Recently, more and more Americans are worrying if cinematic wedding videos are a must or a maybe. Perhaps just the thought of it can make any bride-to-be feel uneasy. For some couples, having a professional photographer or videographer on the big day is just a waste of effort and money. For others, however, it’s the best wedding expense. This article lists down the wonderful reasons that will make you want to have both wedding photos and a video.

To Tell a Meaningful Story

A wedding video was once daunting, but became timeless and stunning. As a matter of fact, it’s a great way to share your love story. After all, not all your guests know exactly where and how you met, places you both like to go, how the relationship grew, and how you fell in love. These details create the interest factor.

As explains, “Weddings are momentous occasions. The joining of two hearts results in numerous moments worth capturing. Make wedding memories last forever with the help of a trusted wedding photographer. You want someone who matches both your needs and your budget.”

To Relive Memories

As a bride-to-be, there’s no wonder that you have thousands of things running through your mind. If you don’t want to miss anything important on your special day, having a wedding video is necessary. It’s one thing that will let you relieve those amazing memories.

A month or a week before the wedding, it’s best to give your videographer a list of moments to capture. This may include the time you were getting dressed and the moment the groom walked down the aisle. Having a wedding video is important to make your day feel even more special.

One of the most important steps in life is getting married. This is the reason you deserve to have romantic, breath-taking videos that will remind you of your special day.

Customizing Her Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Engagement RingMarilyn Monroe said it herself: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

While “best friend” may be too strong a term for diamonds nowadays, it’s still safe to assume that women love owning diamonds as well as other kinds of jewelry. Your special lady, whatever her tastes may be, will still feel flattered and happy to receive a diamond ring.

This is especially true when it comes to engagement rings. Having the biggest diamond on your woman’s finger may not be your top priority, but you do get plus points if the ring that you give her is one of a kind.

Personalizing the Engagement Ring

Diamond rings in Utah are available in different shape, sizes, and cuts. The choices for your significant other are endless. But you can make your proposal even more special by having an engagement ring customized especially for her.

Initially, it seems difficult, but it’s not impossible. Think of something she’s fond of. Whatever makes her happy might be best represented when you pop the question and give her that ring.

If she happens to be the nature-loving type of girl, you can present a ring in the shape of a rose. If she has a fondness for stargazing, then you can ask for suggestions from jewelry stores on customizing an engagement ring in the shape of a tiny star.

Presenting her with a ring that symbolizes her personality adds a unique touch to your proposal. It also shows your thoughtfulness and your attention to detail.

Where and How to Shop for an Engagement Ring

There are plenty of stores in Utah that sell fine and genuine jewelry with a variety of stones such as diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. Almost all of these stores have websites if you don’t have the time to go to an actual store and look around, or if you want to choose first before visiting their shop.

But of course, if you can make time to do this, it is better if you actually go to a diamond rings Utah store so that they can offer ideas and suggestions. If you’re confused with the different cuts and shapes, you can always ask at the store for help. After all, face-to-face interactions are still way better than online shopping, especially if you need the guidance.

Your special lady is unlike anyone else. Prove this by proposing to her with a ring unlike any other.

Your Horse Deserves Only The Best: Choosing the Right Horse Feed


HorseWith the many horse feed options available to you, it can be difficult to choose the best one for your horse. To narrow down your selection, you can refer to your horse’s life stage, activity level, health problems (if any), and of course, your budget.

Your Horse’s Life Stage and Activity Level

When it comes to getting your horse healthy, there is nowhere else to start but the horse feed. NZ suppliers carry feed specifically developed for meeting the unique nutritional requirements for each life stage and their level of activity. You can find this on the feed’s label. Be careful, however, on the amount of feed you will provide, as overfeeding can lead to unwanted pounds and make your horse’s temperature rise, causing discomfort.

Majority of owners avoid overfeeding by lowering their horse’s feed intake rather than changing to a feed with lower energy. This, however, could be bad for your horse, since reducing feed intake will also reduce your horse’s intake of essential nutrients.

Switch to a feed with lower energy like a balancer or a maintenance feed instead since these provide low to mid energy requirements.

If Your Horse has Health Problems

When your horse has health problems, it is recommended that you consult your veterinarian. If this is not possible, check the feed’s ingredients or contact the manufacturer.

If you horse has laminitis due to nutritional causes, for instance, provide horse feed that is specifically formulated for the condition to provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals (minus the excessive levels of starch).

Budget Considerations

The cost of horse feed is generally dependent on its ingredients and benefits. Choose one that will provide your horse its needed ingredients and nutrients — without the big price tag, of course.

However, if you are feeding your horse a cheap product and use supplements to offset its subpar ingredients, you may end up spending more money than choosing a more expensive but well-balanced horse feed.

Whichever you choose, the key here is to feed your horse complete products at the correct rate. Consult with an equine nutritionist and veterinarian to ensure you are meeting your horse’s dietary requirements as well.

3 Mistakes Parents Must Avoid to Protect Their Kids Against Drug Addiction

drug adict

drug adictParenting a teenager is a challenging task. It becomes an even bigger responsibility when a child starts to show signs of violence, depression, alcohol or drug abuse, or involvement in other reckless behaviors. Parents may feel despair over failed attempts to talk to their children, the open defiance, and the seemingly endless bickering.

Among all these issues, substance abuse may be the most alarming one that many parents may possibly encounter. According to recent numbers, one in every 10 kids aged 12 to 17 years are involved in illicit drugs.

Fortunately, it’s not a hopeless case for parents. While rehabilitation facilities, such as Steps Recovery Center, offer affordable and effective recovery programs, there are still a few things you can do to protect your teens from drug or alcohol abuse. One important key is to avoid committing some of these simple mistakes:

Assuming that Experimentation is Not a Problem

Children experiment with new things as they grow up, and while this doesn’t necessarily always result in addiction, some parents feel there’s nothing wrong if their child tries drugs or alcohol a few times. But, the truth is, it’s not a normal rite of passage. These issues can get worse, leading to car accidents and serious overdose.

Ignoring Possible Mental Health Problems

Studies show that more than two-thirds of substance abusive youngsters suffer from mental health problems. These issues include depression, ADHD, anxiety, and eating disorders. Oftentimes, substance abuse and mental health problems correlate, not just among teens, but even for adults. If your child undergoes an evaluation for drug addiction treatment, make sure it also includes a complete mental health screening.

Blaming Yourself or Your Partner

There are no perfect parents and it won’t help to blame yourself or your spouse when your child has alcohol or drug abuse problems. Guilt won’t just leave an unpleasant feeling, but also affect a child’s treatment process as it can divide the family. This situation isn’t the right time to point fingers as it won’t solve the problem.

Keep in mind that while parenting a troubled teen can be extremely overwhelming, there are steps you can take to help your child become a responsible young adult.

Electronic Hearing Enhancement: Preserving Your Normal Hearing Function

Hearing Enhancement

Hearing EnhancementAll the different senses you have in your body allow you to experience the world at its fullest. If you are like most people, you may tend to overlook the value of your ears. After all, the ability to see seems more important as it is very difficult to adapt to your surroundings without it.

The ears are actually more valuable than you think. Apart from allowing you to hear and appreciate sounds, it is also an important organ for verbal communication. That is why children who have hearing problems at a young age tend to have a hard time communicating and expressing themselves.

Hearing Enhancements

Going into adulthood, the ears are still quite vulnerable. If you are constantly in a noisy environment, it is more likely for you to develop a gradual form of hearing loss. In order to prevent this, you have to become more mindful and seek proper protection for your ears. notes that wearing electronic hearing enhancements allow you to preserve your normal hearing function. Your ear’s normal hearing capacity can detect sounds up to 20,000Hz, but this doesn’t mean we aren’t affected by how loud it is. These small tech pieces fit in your ear easily, allowing you to withstand noise better. These devices also improve how well you hear sounds, which puts less strain on your ears.

Practical Applications

The same way that the eyes would benefit from wearing glasses, the ears also appreciate having a layer of protection that may be instrumental in preventing the development of hearing disorders. These devices also have practical applications in industries with noisy environments.

If you’re working in a construction site, a factory, or in an airport, wearing these devices is a necessity. In the latter’s case, having ear protection is even more crucial as planes taking off produce very high sounds that can permanently damage your ears. Electronic hearing enhancements also benefit hunters greatly, and make the sport easier and safer.

Hearing is equally as important as being able to see, so it’s important that as early as now, you take steps to preserving your normal hearing function. A life without sound, after all, is a life that’s bleak and incomplete.