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Rohypnol: Addiction to the “Date Rape” Drug

Date Rape

Date RapeRohypnol, also commonly called the date rape drug, is typically abused for its significant sedative effects. Although not all people who use this drug could become addicted to it, some do and might need treatment.

What Exactly is Rohypnol?

Rohypnol is the brand name of flunitrazepam, which is a prescription benzodiazepine. It’s also known as the roofie, forget-me-pill, Mexican Valium, rope, and roach among others. It is medically used for treating insomnia. Although it is considered an illegal substance in the U.S., it is legally and widely prescribed in Mexico, as well as some Asian, European, and South American countries.

Although it is generally considered as a date rape drug, it is actually abused by many people for its intense hypnotic and sedative effects. And while it has the same properties as Valium or diazepam, its sedative action is seven up to 10 times more powerful.  It is a typical drug of choice by young adults and teens in bars, parties, concerts, and nightclubs because it is highly capable of amplifying the effects of other illegal drugs such as heroin, alcohol, and countering cocaine side effects. Many individuals also take Rohypnol for recreational purposes mainly as a muscle relaxant and to reduce anxiety.

Rohypnol is especially potent when mixed with alcoholic beverages since alcohol’s depressant effects effectively intensify Rohypnol’s sedative effects, which could then lead to an increased risk of severe side effects which include severe sedation, slowed breathing and heart rate, unconsciousness, and even death.

Is it Really Addictive?

Put simply — yes, since regular use could result in psychological dependency. When this happens, an individual might find it extremely hard to deal with daily activities without taking the drug, says a drug rehab director in Utah. He adds that Rohypnol addiction symptoms are very similar to those of alcohol addiction; dizziness, extreme irritability if not under the influence, headaches, memory impairment, impaired motor coordination, poor reaction time, and slurred speech.

If you or anyone you know are experiencing these, you or someone you know might be addicted to Rohypnol or possibly something similar. Get professional help as soon as possible before the addiction progresses further and becomes life threatening.

Probation Violation in North Carolina: Everything You Need to Know

Bail Bond SystemOnce the judge pounds the gavel and sentences you to probation, you probably think your problems are over and you’re free.

This is far from the truth, actually.

You’re now subject to the whims of a probation officer, and you need to be careful in maintaining a good relationship with that officer. Most of all, you need to fulfill all the requirements of your probation.

But what happens if you violated the conditions of your probation – just like what Lindsay Lohan did in 2011? At the time, the actress scored a victory after her felony grand theft charge was reduced to a misdemeanor. Hours later, she was sentenced to four months in jail after violating her drunk driving probation.

When charged with violation probation, the first thing you need to know is that it can be difficult to post bail, unless you have a good defense lawyer and a competent bail bond agent. You’ll need real, convincing evidence to prove that it is alright for the court to give you bail. Other than this, here are some of the other things to know when you violated the terms of your probation in North Carolina:

Probation Hearing

Probation Violation The supervising probation officer will report the violation to the court. You may be arrested, and a probation violation hearing will be held, wherein a judge of the same level as the sentencing judge will determine if you really violated the valid terms of the probation willfully or without legal excuse. The judge may modify and add terms to the probation, extend the period, or activate a jail sentence.

Note that the violation does not always immediately lead to an arrest. If it does, however, you may need to call on a licensed agent to post your bail.

New North Carolina Violation Laws

A few years ago, North Carolina changed the way probation violations were handled as part of the Justice Reinvestment Act, when lawmakers realized that more than half of new entries to prison every year in the state were rooted in revoked probations. This law change was brought on from the Council of State Governments.

For certain violations, the law change provides a limit to the amount of time a probationer may be imprisoned. The new law also allows a judge to impose a 90-day prison sentence instead of an outright revocation for the first and second probation violations. The court should not revoke the probation, unless you have received two confinement periods in the past under this subsection.

Your Legal Rights

Remember that you have legal rights when facing a violation charge. In general, you have the right to be notified of the violation, be heard by a neutral judge, a representation by an attorney, present witnesses and evidence to support the case, and refute evidence against you.

You may need a local attorney to help you understand these rights available to you. An attorney can also help you understand your options and build a powerful defense.

Remember that probation is not a “Get Out of Jail Free” card. It’s your chance to enjoy a sentence that’s less harsh, so refrain from violating the terms. But in case you do, at least now you know what to expect.

4 Cases Where You Might Need a Family Law Lawyer

Family Law Attorney in Colorado Springs

Family Law Attorney in Colorado SpringsIssues and problems involving the family are always the most difficult to deal with. When personalities clash or when unforeseen circumstances happen, you may need to go to court to fight for your rights, even if it’s your relative you’re in a conflict with. You will most likely need to hire a lawyer specializing in family law to help you present your case and yourself in court well.

Here are some cases you might need the help of a lawyer:


Divorce is one of the most common cases that family law attorneys in Colorado Springs handle. Couples are full of love, hope, and commitment when they get married, but there are times when divorce becomes the only way for them to live their lives moving forward. When you are going through a divorce, you must get a trustworthy lawyer to help defend you in court and fight for your rights.

Juvenile Matters

Family law lawyers help in juvenile matters. This includes allegations of child neglect, child abuse, and illegal behaviors involving kids who are not yet of legal age. This is a pretty sensitive matter, so you need the assistance of a lawyer to make sure of your every move before making them.

Emancipation and Underage Marriages

For people under 18 who wish to be emancipated (being legally free from their parents’ control) or married, they need the assistance of a lawyer to make it happen. The case will be stronger if the applicant can prove that he or she can already live without the support of the parents or guardian.

Domestic Violence

If you are a victim of domestic violence, don’t hesitate to run to a credible lawyer. Your lawyer can help you find ways to be free from your abuser and file a protection to keep your abuser away.

These are only some of the cases that lawyers specializing in family law can handle. Make sure to look for a reputable lawyer if you are facing these kinds of situations.

Ensure the Maintenance of your Vertical Transportation

Elevator Maintenance

Elevator MaintenanceBoth residential and commercial structures can make good use of vertical transportation. Vertical transports provide great utility value. People get to move up and down structures with vertical transports, transporting goods or materials in them. These machines can also have features that all help in transportation and in emergency situations.

Vertical transports can come in the form of a service lift, a dumbwaiter, or an elevator. Vertrans Lift Surveys & Certification Ltd says that vertical transportation is vital for commercial structures housing all kinds of businesses.

Valued Equipment

Vertical transports are of great value, which makes it only natural to take good care of these machines. Proper and regular maintenance can make your transports last for decades. You will be able to save up as well since you are in no need of service calls for broken transports. To make sure you have the right maintenance from the right technician, here are some things you can do.

Choose Bids

For one, you have to shop around with the bids presented to you. The lowest prices may lead you to more expenses if the technician is incompetent. You have to find an experienced technician that presents a reasonable price for his services. You can hire vertical transportation consultants to help you through this process.

Read Contracts

Besides the bids, you should also be meticulous with the contracts. You can review the contract given to you and see if the terms and conditions are fair. You need to have protection, specifics details on matters such as scheduling of maintenance as well as duration on site for technicians.

Add Details

Other important contract details include response time and deferred maintenance. You can make sure that response time for entrapment situations is indicated. A half-hour response time is recommended. Additionally, you can also ensure that the contract indicates that service providers must provide service according to the terms of the contract.

Vertical transportation equipment is highly valuable. They need constant care and maintenance to ensure that they last long and that you avoid unnecessary expenses.

How Office Cleanliness Results in More Business Profit

Office Cleaning in San DiegoOffice cleanliness may not always be a company’s priority (business first, as they say) but employers and employees must be aware of its importance. From dusting off desks to putting out the trash, a clean and organized workspace helps in many ways. But, do you know that it can also maximize a company’s profitability?

Here’s how:

It Standardizes Businesses

By making sure that everything is clean and organized, employers and employees alike are able to standardize their workplaces. Getting rid of unnecessary things and moving objects out of the way make tasks easier to start and finish. Because of this, businesses become highly productive — not to mention more focused — which result in bigger outputs and higher revenues.

It Exudes a Professional Image

The cleanliness of an office reflects the professionalism of a company. Cluttered and unorganized workspaces negatively affect a business’ professional image. In addition, it poorly reflects an employee’s organizational skills and an employer’s capability when it comes to handling people. Remember that first impressions last and an unpresentable office will not help close an important business deal.

It Lessens the Risks of Office-Bourne Sicknesses

According to a study, workplace illness is one of the major causes of inefficiency. Simply put, a sick employee cannot fulfill his or her tasks thus affecting a company’s overall productivity. An office cleaning company from San Diego says that dirty air ducts, moldy refrigerators and dusty desks can trigger coughs, colds, and poisoning. Cockroaches and mice may also house a workplace making employees uncomfortable at work.

It Enhances Customer and Employee Confidence

Employees do not only take pride in the work they deliver, but also of the appeal and maintenance of their workspaces. Office cleanliness enhances employee and customer confidence by presenting a company that is not only tidy but also well-organized. This engages customers — both old and new — and keeps their loyalty with a company. Remember that a clean office will always be the advantageous choice.

Keeping the office clean isn’t always hard work. There are many ways to keep your workspace tidy and you should do it not only for yourself but for your company’s advancement as well.

3 Ways to Fight for Full Custody of Your Children

Custody lawyer in Houston

Nobody wants to see their marriage crumble down and end up in a divorce. However, that is the best option sometimes when you simply can’t see a future with yourself and your spouse still together. It gets even more complicated if you have children together because you need to deal with child custody battles. Here are some tips to help you handle this well and get the child custody arrangements you want.

Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody lawyers in Houston like Busby & Associates will help you fight your case in court. Without their assistance, you will find it hard to find the best angle to present in court for you to get full custody of your kids. They will also help you know what documents and evidences you need to present in court to prove your case is strong and that you are the “better parent.” Sometimes, a one-time consultation is enough, but most of the time, you need to go back plenty of times especially if your situation is complicated.

Know the Court Standards

Knowing the court’s evaluation process to determine who deserve custody of their children is important for you to put your best foot forward. The standard is that if you want full custody of your kids, you need to have a stable job, enough time to provide adequate childcare, and a comfortable living environment for your kids. Overall health, personality, child-raising skills, and motivation for wanting full custody are also taken into account.

Present Yourself Well During Trial

Aside from hard evidence, you also need to be at your best whenever you show up in court. This means dressing up in a formal and respectable manner. Watch your actions, facial expressions, and words when in court. Never let your emotions get the best of you because an outrage can cost you the custody battle.
Follow these tips so you can get full custody of your children and be with them as they grow, even if you’re already divorced.


The Big Problems Potholes Bring

to Shop in Denv

Auto Shop in DenverSure small potholes annoy the most sensitive drivers, but moderate to big and deep ones can cause serious damage to your car and even result in injuries to you and your passengers. Combined with inclement weather, potholes can be extra destructive.

As Denver welcomed spring and the snow melted in 2016, several drivers hit the same potholes filled with water. Because it was difficult to detect, one car’s suspension fully exploded.

Car Damage

There are various damages to your vehicle that a pothole may cause. If you’re experiencing a vibration in your car shortly after bumping into a pothole, it may come from a bent wheel rim. If you endured a pretty bad hit, there’s a chance your steel belts inside your tires are out of round.

Other possible damages caused by hitting a pothole include broken components, misalignment of the steering system, wearing of shocks and struts, and engine damage. Visit a car specialist immediately if you think your vehicle received these damages. Pickering’s Auto Service believes that regular services on your steering and suspension can help eliminate premature tire wear and save you hundreds of dollars.

Damage on your car’s exterior, such as scratches and dents, are also possible, especially if the pothole was deep.

Possible Injuries

Potholes are one of the major causes of road accidents. Apart from the typical bump on the head, hitting a pothole may result in other injuries to both the driver and passengers. You could lose control of the steering wheel after hitting a pothole badly and even injure pedestrians nearby.

The sudden jerk can be very bad for a pregnant mother while a more serious bump to the head may cause a concussion.

Potholes usually result in bumpy car rides and spilled drinks, but they can also cause more serious damage to your car and severe injuries, resulting in large costs. Make sure you give your car a thorough check after a pothole incident.

Conquer the Ranks: A Guide to Mastering 10x Content

Conquer the RanksRanking in Google isn’t the easiest thing for a brand to achieve, but it isn’t rocket science either. You could type almost anything and everything on a search bar, multiple times a day, with as many words as you’d like – the possibilities are endless. What gives websites an aggressive edge over a thousand competitors is bagging a spot on the very first page.

“How do they do it?” you might ask. Well, that’s where SEO comes in.

What Will Get You to the Top?

Everyone knows that content is the meat of search engine optimization (SEO). Not all content that gets shared on social media sites, however, is quality content. Michael Georgiou, a digital solutions expert from Raleigh, NC, believes that there’s more to winning content than misleading clickbait headlines or the number of articles produced daily. Even after the long-form has found its place in SEO content strategies, people realized that pushing the boundaries of the word count wasn’t enough.

Among short bursts of lazy content and longer expansive reads, strategists realized that there should be a perfect in-between. If your article is trustworthy enough for Google’s algorithm, you increase your chances of ranking high.

Where Did 10x Content Come from?

10x content: the engine of website traffic. The term “10x content” is the brainchild of Rand Fishkin, known SEO extraordinaire, and made its debut in 2015 through a Whiteboard Friday video episode titled “Why Good Unique Content Needs to Die.” The ultimate goal of the concept is to create content that is “10 times better” than those that are already currently ranking on Google.

This just means that apart from writing content that is relevant, excellently written, and subtly advertorial, you also need excellent reading skills and an in-depth understanding of what kind of content readers want.

10x ContentWhat Exactly is 10x Content?

Ever come across an article so readable and so captivating that the first thing you want to do after reading the first paragraph is to share it with all your Facebook friends? 10x articles march to a different beat – it’s not that difficult to find them amidst a content deluge.

Shareability and resonance with the reader keep 10x content at the top of the ranks. They should have an unthinkable approach to an already interesting subject while evoking an emotional response from its readers. More than that, 10x content gives the reader a “unique positive user experience” not only through the words but also through the platform it is posted on. Once Google has caught on the traffic spike, it will boost the piece even more.

How Do You Create 10x Content?

The first and most important step to writing a 10x article is to do a competitive analysis. Google your subject of choice and read through all the content listed on the results page. Understand what it is about each piece that makes it great. Assess their weaknesses and take note of their strengths.

“Great artists steal,” said Pablo Picasso, just as long as you get inspiration from those ideas and make it your own.

A quick hack to creating 10x content is to provide your readers with a story that is both personal and relatable. One of the best articles written about drug addiction is by a sister who is addicted to her sister’s drug addiction. A winning piece is always honest, engaging, and real.

Why Do You Need 10x Content?

Google has had enough of subpar content ending up in the dusty unopened drawers of the World Wide Web. 10x is the best way a brand can climb the ranks of Google while giving readers the content they deserve.

Maximizing Your Argo: Personalized Upgrades for UTVs

Personalized Upgrades for UTVsPurchasing a utility terrain vehicle (UTV) or an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is enough of an exciting investment. What can make you more enthusiastic about driving it, however, is upgrading and accessorizing it to fit your needs and lifestyle.

UTVs from are extreme vehicles built for conquering the wilderness. Everyone knows they’re an investment. When you personalize your UTVs, you maximize their use and get the value for your money.

Upgrading the Lighting System

The lights attached to the UTVs may not be sufficient for a drive down the trail. Attaching a light emitting diode (LED) lighting system provides sufficient brightness while using less power, leaving you more room for other accessories.

“Halogen lighting has had its place in off-road riding for many years,” said, “but the amber glow and power robbing function of these lights are simply not efficient.”

Finding an affordable LED light in the market isn’t hard. LED lights also come in different colors. Wilderness riders and hunters typically use red or green lights because of how wild animals react to white lights.

Heat Things Up

There may be times when you feel like driving your UTV even when the cold weather stops you from doing so. Some UTV owners add heaters to their vehicles for riding comfort in the wet winters.

Experts suggest having a professional put it up for you because the job can get messy. The heat will be produced by the coolant in the vehicle’s engine, pumped through a heater core and into the interior. This way, you won’t have to worry about cold toes ever again.

When adding upgrades and accessories to your UTV, it is important to note that not every addition can benefit your driving experience. Choose your add-ons wisely and make sure its purpose is to make your drive smoother and safer.

Should You File a Formal or Informal Probate?

Filing for ProbateNot all wills are legally binding. Generally, a will’s validity will have to be proven in probate court to make sure that it is fair and legal. After all, hastily scribbled notes in an old school notebook usually will not hold up in court. You cannot simply give away money, property, and other possessions, even if it is the honest last wish of the deceased.

In Colorado, a probate and estate administration attorney can help you navigate the complex inheritance laws of the state, and help you prove the validity of a will. This usually covers all aspects of the will, including trusts and estate administration.

When applying for a probate, you may choose to go with either a formal or informal probate.

Don’t know the difference? The two are actually very similar:

Informal Probate

Both informal and formal probate go through very similar steps and follow the basic structure of the probate process.

First, we have “informal probate.” Though the word “informal” is a bit of a misleading term, it will still require the help of a probate attorney. Informal probates are usually used for uncontested estates that are valued above $50,000.

Informal probate must still be open to the court for a minimum of six months, though the actual administration of the will could take a considerable amount of time.

Though the probate case is open, there are no actual court hearings or appearances in court. All you need is a personal representative and the validation of a court registrar.

Formal Probate

Formal probate, on the other hand, does require judiciary intervention. Formal probates are best left to contested estates and invalid wills. For example, it could be that the heirs are not apparent, or that there are property title disputes that need to be resolved. This type of probate must also be open to the court for at least six months.

It is best to ask your probate attorney to better understand what actions you can take when validating a will, and whether or not you should settle for an informal probate, or contest it in court with a formal probate.