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5 Adorable Dog Crossbreeds That Will Melt Your Heart

Young woman and her German Shepherd dog lying in the grassDogs undoubtedly make great pets. They are loyal, sweet, and make for good housemates. They come in different sizes – some could fit in your pocket while some would weigh as much as you. They also come with different distinct features and characteristics. Some have lovely, curly fur, while others have a sleek and shiny coat. Some have long slender legs and bodies while others are adorably stout and fluffy.

Each dog breed has its own charm, but when a nice breed meets another, it could lead to an even more wonderful fluff ball. Here are some of the most popular crossbreeds you need to consider when planning to own one.


Pomskies are possibly one of the cutest crossbreeds out there. With the combined genes of a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky, you simply get the best of both worlds. Rocky Ridge Pomskies agrees that this new breed of designer dog is highly intelligent and playful.


Labradoodle is one of the results of the dog designers’ project back in the 80s. It is the combination of smart breeds of Poodle and Labrador. They train very well and are very active and affectionate. They are hypoallergenic too!


A mix between Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, this cutie pie is a must-have if you like a little buddy to sit on your lap. Cockapoos are smart and loyal, not to mention low maintenance and mostly very healthy.


A crossbreed between a Golden Retriever and a Collie, a Gollie is a good choice if you want a family pet. These dogs are loyal and patient, making them easy to train. And oh, they look lovely too!


An adorable cross between Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier, a Morkie could be your next favorite pet. Don’t get blinded by its small size. Morkies are actually active and playful. They always seek attention and tend to protect their families. How sweet is that?

Are you more excited to own a dog? Learn more about dog crossbreeds by browsing online or by visiting a breeder near you.

Take Care of Your Garden: Getting Rid of Pests

A pest-free garden

A pest-free gardenYour garden is a beautiful part of your home. It makes onlookers stop and marvel at that patch of green dotted with pinks, reds, and other colors. But no matter how beautiful your garden is, it is bound to have pests, at times.

Pests, such as insects and even weeds, can infest any part of your garden. But you don’t have to worry much about their proliferation; there are some ways that will help you keep the, under control, and even do away with them, entirely. Below are some of the solutions that you can carry out in case the infestation is just at its onset, as approved by providers, such as a Greenside Landscaping and yard weed control companies in Salt Lake City.

Remove the pests and weeds manually

While the infestation is just at the onset phase, you can manually remove the pests. The only time you resort to using chemicals is when pest growth is getting out of hand. You can set traps or remove them by hand when you see them.

Check the soil

Your soil is the base or foundation of your garden’s life. As such, it only makes sense that it is healthy. You can make it even healthier by applying fertilizer. You can make your own compost; normally, it contains kitchen refuse, such as vegetable and fruit peelings, tea bags, and plant pieces.

Encourage growth of helpful “pests”

Natural predators eat pests and have no negative effects on your garden. Let these organisms live and feed on pests that are eating away at your garden. Some of these helpful “pests” are ladybugs, grasshoppers, and bees.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to make your garden pest-free. You may consult a horticulturist or gardening expert for more information.

The State and Creditors: The First Beneficiaries of Any Will

A pen over a living will

A pen over a living willIt’s never too early to draft a will. For many people, doing so is a way to keep track of their finances, existing sources of incomes, life insurances, and the people they have named as beneficiaries for insurances and other properties. However, there is one more important matter that sees the light of day when people update their will: the state of their debts.

Upon a person’s death, the first payout of his or her estate will be for payments on remaining debts.

Cleaning the Slate

The first concern of the executor of a will is to fund the probate process. If that the executor is not in a position to pay for administering a will, EZ-Probate, a company that assists executors without attorneys, recommends requesting the court to open the estate. This allows the estate to pay for the probate.

Ideally, executors should pay debts in order of priority. Dues on funeral expenses are first, followed by secured debts and debts on a property. An example of this is a home mortgage. Paying this off will ensure that the remaining family members may still reside in their home following the death of a parent or head of the family.

Unsecured debts like credit cards, utility bills, rent, local taxes, and excesses on benefit claims come last.

Debts are Not Inheritable (Unless…)

Beneficiaries should be aware that if the value of the estate will be worth less than the deceased’s remaining debts, the law states that they are not responsible for paying them off. Unless they co-signed for the debts, are co-owners of a business, or live in one of the nine states that impose community property, creditors have no business harassing beneficiaries for payments.

Upon reflection, one can say that the state and creditors are the first beneficiaries of any will. Only when the executor has settled the debts can the beneficiaries receive their inheritance.

How to Keep Your Child Smiling With Braces

Woman with braces

Woman with bracesMost parents who are told that their kids need braces are initially concerned about the cost of the appliances. They then worry about how their children will take the news and live with braces. If you are likewise worried, here are five ways to keep your child excited and smiling with braces.

Keep the Child Informed

Children like to know what is going on. To reduce your child’s anxiety about getting and living with braces, take the time to explain about what to expect during and after orthodontic treatment.

Dress the Braces Up

Today, children getting braces have a plethora of style options. For instance, rubber bands for braces now come in a variety of colours, and some are even clear. Your orthodontist in Liverpool can dress up your children’s braces with their favourite colours. It likewise helps when the devices are turned into a fashion statement. For instance, you can help your child make a collage of favourite celebrities with braces.

Be Supportive

It is important to offer support to a child who is getting used to wearing braces. If you have photographs of yourself, your partner or an older child with braces, let your child see them. Share your experiences and the reasons you are glad you got your braces. Listen to any concerns your child may have about the appliances.

Focus on the Good

If your child is self-conscious, avoid highlighting aspects of outer appearance, such as clothes or hair when trying to increase the child’s confidence. Rather, focus on what your child is good at or interested in. Encourage children to pursue these interests and help boost their self-esteem.

Help Your Child Care for the Appliance

Children can become self-conscious if they are unable to care for their braces. They might likewise be concerned about their breath when wearing the devices. Your child may need assistance when brushing or flossing. In addition, provide the right tools to make oral hygiene tasks easier.

Ultimately, the benefits of orthodontic appliances far outweigh any awkwardness or self-consciousness a child may feel when wearing them. Encourage your child to get and keep smiling with braces.

Get an Attractive Tan with These Safe Tanning Tips

Tan woman applying sunscreen

Tan woman applying sunscreenDo you cringe each time your pale legs greet you in the mirror? Most people with fair skin would rather have a delicious tan instead. You can always spray on a fake tan, but it does not quite compare to the real thing.

All that fun in the sun as your skin works up that melanin and your body releases serotonin, which helps you beat the blues. A real tan lasts longer too. If you are not careful, however, you might end up putting yourself at risk of sunburn or even skin cancer. Here are some tips to help you prevent that.

Use Good Tanning Oil

Good tanning oil helps speed up tanning, so you do not have to stay too long in the hot sun. You can buy oils for an organic tan if you are in Australia online. Organic variants are safer and more potent.

Do Not Forget the Sunscreen

It is not all about the SPF; always use a sunscreen that says “broad spectrum” on the bottle. If you have very fair skin, at least SPF 30 or 50 can give you ample protection. Reapply it every two hours you are in the sun. Do not rely on the tanning oil’s SPF. Use a separate sunscreen from a trusted brand.

You Can Start out with a Fake Tan

A spray-on tan is fine, actually. You can use it to start, so you do not have to feel too embarrassed about your pale skin when you first hit the beach. That spray-on tan does not protect you from the sun, though. You can still burn, perhaps more quickly.

As with the tanning oil, do not depend on the spray-on tan’s SPF. Use sunscreen.

Don’t Use Tanning Beds

Did you know that tanning or sunbeds may put you at a higher risk of getting skin cancer? How much greater? About 75% higher. There is hardly any vitamin D-stimulating UVB from a tanning bed. There is mostly UVA.

Take Beta-Carotene

Taking 25g beta-carotene every day raises your protection from skin cancer. Increase your consumption of tomatoes too. Tomatoes’ antioxidants increase the production of lycopene, which protects your skin from the sun.

Go and get a nice tan. Just remember these tips to enjoy the sun without the risks.

Bed Bug Bombs: Effective Pest Killers or a Complete Waste of Money?

Bed bug crawlingBed bug infestations pose an inconvenience for homeowners. Bed bugs cause some adverse health effects such as skin rashes and allergy symptoms. Most residents strive to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

When eliminating bed bugs, some homeowners take it upon themselves to kill the pests by using bed bug bombs. These products are readily available and serve as a quick fix to bed bug infestation. While people can easily purchase these pest control products to get the job done, some wonder if they are effective in fighting and preventing infestation.

A Background on Bed Bug Bombs

Bed bug bombs are insecticide-containing products that release their contents through aerosol propellants. The purpose of the product is to stir up the bed bugs and cause them to vacate their hiding spots. Once they’re out, chemicals in the bug bomb like pyrethrins and pyrethroids will poison these pests and eventually kill them.

Are These Bug Bombs Effective?

According to a study by entomologists at The Ohio State University, bug bombs are ineffective in getting rid of bed bugs. The researchers looked at three brands of bug bombs that had pyrethroids as their active ingredient. They utilized five different bed bug populations gathered from Ohio residential properties as their variables and a laboratory-grown bed bug strain called Harlan as their control. They noted that this particular strain is susceptible to pyrethroids.

After experimenting in a vacant office building, the researchers discovered that the bug bombs had little effect on the five populations gathered from the field. Moreover, the Harlan strain survived when they were able to take shelter.

One of the main reasons for the ineffectiveness of bed bug bombs is that bed bugs often take cover in hard-to-reach places such as in dark crevices and cracks, as well as under mattresses and sheets. The Harlan strain of bed bugs in the study survived the experiment as the bed bugs were able to hide under a piece of cloth. The researchers stated that it is quite unlikely that the bed bugs would stay exposed to the pesticide mist. The growing problem of bed bug resistance also makes bed bug bombs ineffective. Study author Susan C. Jones says that even if the insecticide does reach the bed bugs, many bed bug populations have developed some form of resistance that helps them survive the fumigation.

A Better Alternative to Bed Bug Bombs

Exterminator ready to work

So, instead of wasting money on bed bug bombs, homeowners should hire reliable and professional pest control services, such as Bain Pest Control. Reliable exterminators use non-toxic and green pest control solutions to get rid of the bed bugs in a home or commercial space without causing harm to the property, the health of the occupants, and the environment. Moreover, these pest control specialists can put up chemical barriers to prevent future infestation.

The research above has proven the bug bomb ineffective in eliminating bed bugs. Apart from not killing the pests, the pest control products are dangerous because they’re highly flammable. Misusing them can cause house fires and even explosions. Additionally, they can make families sick, with the toxic insecticide coating every surface of the home.

Are Dental Implants Safe for People with Kidney Disease?

Man ready for his dental implantA team of dental professionals from China, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, and the U.S. released proposed guidelines for placing dental implants on patients with kidney disease.

The dental procedure is safe for most patients with chronic kidney illness, but dentists prefer not to perform them due to the associated risks, according to Yuan Quan from the Sichuan University in China.

Kim Gowey, former American Academy of Implant Dentistry president, said that the guidelines would aim to provide a standard and safe approach for the treatment.

Avoiding Risks

All of us need proper dental care and treatment, although the process differs based on our health. For those with kidney disease, they are more prone to oral problems such as bleeding gums, periodontitis and premature tooth loss.

If you are living with kidney problems, it is best to consult a nephrologist after you decide to have dental implants in Gurnee, Ill. in dental offices such as Beautiful Smiles Dental Center. For dental professionals, Quan suggested that they closely watch out for xerostomia and parotitis when treating patients.

These conditions are most common for around 11% of adult in the world that suffer from chronic kidney disease.

Elderly Care

Dental coverage for Baby Boomers still forms part of their basic needs as they grow older, yet this is something overlooked in favor of housing and other health care requirements. Dental implants represent a better alternative for replacing missing or damaged teeth.

In fact, research shows that this procedure has an estimated 98% success rate over a span of 10 years, which is why it is one of the most popular choices for dental treatment.


Good oral health greatly affects our overall condition. Whether you have dental problems due to kidney disease or simply because of old age, proper care and treatment remain important.

Homeowners’ Guide to Choosing Window Blinds

Woman by the Window

So you have finally settled the dilemma on whether you should install blinds or go with curtains for your home windows. You are in for the next step. The big question now would be what kind of blinds should you install?

The myriad of window blinds choices in Manila can confuse you. Should you buy combi roller blinds? How about vinyl or wooden ones? Projects Unlimited (Phil.) Inc. shares some tips to help narrow down your options.

Set Your Budget

Every household has a budget to work on. So before browsing through the catalog, have a budget in mind. This would definitely help you narrow down your options and find the best type of blinds.

Know the Purpose

Your blinds would serve a different purpose depending on the location of your windows. Do you want to simply put some shade in your room? Or do you want to increase your home’s privacy and keep prying eyes out? There is a window blind type for every purpose.


There are standard blinds designed to fit most window types. But if you have custom windows, measuring them before buying your blinds is a must. Note that there might be slight changes in the price based on your window measurement.

Choose a Style and Theme

There is a range of window blinds styles to choose from. But do not be overwhelmed with a number of styles you can have for your home without considering your place’s own color. Always choose window blinds that would complement your home’s theme.

Choosing the right window blinds might not be that easy, but it can be fun. Gathering as much information as you can, deciding on what you want, setting your budget, and squeezing your creative juices can help you find the perfect blinds for your windows easily.

Beautiful Outdoors: 3 Wonderful Garden Planter Transformations

Plants Being Watered
Want to brighten up your garden without spending a fortune on the renovation fee? Make it happen by giving your clay pots a total makeover. Here are some creative ideas you could use to level up the aesthetic appeal of your backyard:

The Center Piece of Outdoors

Want to find a purpose to your prized antique planters? Disposing of your old damaged ones is among the many options you should entertain right now. Authentic Provence says that you could use and transform them into something else. The first is by lining them up horizontally in your patio and putting a glass on top of it. Now, you have a unique and one-of-a-kind table that’s ideal for an afternoon hangout.

Another great way to re-purpose your pot is to use it as an accent piece on your centre table. Some homeowners transform them into a magazine holder or into a wine rack, which is extremely useful when you invite over some friends to hang out and chill.

Path Full of Pots

Define the boundaries of your garden in style by lining up pots in your pathway. Make your walkways more vibrant by growing flowering plants in different colours and sizes. Be sure that you can take full responsibility in growing and tending them.

Hanging by the Wall

Have many potted plants at home? Free up a few section of your place by creating a vertical garden. The idea is simple: You simply have to hang them securely and get ready to enjoy the refreshing benefits of having them. You can pretty much use any material to hang them. There are even available plant hangers in a garden store.

Get creative with your planters by considering some of these ideas. You don’t have to spend that much to make a transformation. All you need is imagination and resourcefulness to come up with fresh and clever ways to reinvent it.

4 Simple Garage Improvement Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Technician Working on Garage Door

What’s the situation of your garage? Many homeowners tend to overlook this valuable space when renovating their homes. They let it fall into a dreadful state of disorganization. But rather than let yours become a dusty haven for spiders and lizards, you can restore it by using these simple ideas. And what’s more, it’s something you can do in a weekend!

Replace the Door Springs

Your garage door springs are part of the garage door. They allow you to raise and lower the door quickly. If wear, tear and changing weather conditions, have made yours dysfunctional, consult a specialist offering garage door repair service to rectify the situation. It’s an affordable and simple project that will make it easier to use your garage.

Paint Those Drab Walls

The garage walls are part of the most neglected areas of the garage. Many home-owners just leave the drywall bare. You may rightly argue that paint is not an absolute necessity. However, a fresh coat of paint can significantly improve the appearance of your garage, giving it an instant shine that it didn’t possess. Plus it’s something you can easily do in the afternoon.

Add Storage

Are your tools and equipment piled up in one corner of the garage? Does the room appear chaotic with all that clutter? Think of smart ways to organize it, so it looks much more inviting. Add shelving and racks on the walls and ceiling where you can neatly arrange them. Many of the storage options at your disposal are both affordable and easy to install.

Put in a Sink

If your garage has plumbing lines running close to them, you can easily install a sink inside. With a place for people to wash their messy hands while coming out of the garage, you can help keep the rest of the house clean.

You can reclaim your messy garage in a weekend if you set your mind to it. All it takes are a simple, affordable projects that transform it into the valuable space it should be.