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3 Must-Read Questions You Might Want to Ask When Hiring a Court Reporter

Court HearingOnly a few of us fully understand the importance of a court reporter in every litigation process. In fact, many Americans only see court reporters in Phoenix, AZ as the quiet individual who’s always present in every court session, especially when someone gives a testimony. A great court reporter, however, can make or break your case depending on their set of skills. But how do you choose a court reporter? Here are a few considerations that you might want to know:

Are they state certified?

One of the first questions you might want to ask is their state certification. Ask if they’re state certified so you’ll know if they’re eligible to provide this kind of service. It’s best to have an idea if they’re a part of the NCRA so they do the tasks involved with this type of work.

Do they have enough experience to do the job?

Although there’s nothing wrong with hiring someone who only finished training recently, it’s always a great idea to hire assistance from somebody who has been around the same industry for several years. However, keep in mind that people who just finished their training are usually eager to do their best. It’s truly up to you to determine which person is good for the job.

Do they offer the litigation support that you need?

There are several types of litigation support that a court reporter can provide you. There are court reporters who can provide transcripts, real-time reporting, as well as overnight transcriptions with their clients.

These are just a few of the questions that you might want to ask when hiring a court reporter. It’s always best to work with someone who can handle the job right and can deliver the output that you need.

How to Pack Food Supplies Safely when Moving

Couple With Boxes

Couple With BoxesIt’s very normal to want to take your food with you when moving to your new house. Yes, you could easily purchase new supplies upon arriving in your new house. But if you don’t want the hassle of doing so, or if you want to bring local food items that would be hard to find in your new area, below are some tips and tricks from professional packing and moving companies to help you pack your food safely for the move:

Utilize durable, small to mid-sized boxes

Use these for packing food items like canned goods as well as items stored in glass bottles or jars, as these are super heavy and need to be packed perfectly. Use paper and bubble wrap for wrapping food items in glass containers before putting them in boxes. Avoid packing too many food supplies into a single box for safety purposes.

Place perishable goods in a cooler

If you’re intent on bringing perishable items like vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, etc., place them in a cooler. But this is only applicable if you’re moving locally, meaning that the entire trip is only a couple of hours. Refrain from taking perishable items with you if you’re moving out of state.

Prevent spills and leaks inside boxes

Do this by sealing open packages with durable tape and placing them in Ziploc bags. This is particularly useful when packing liquid food items in opened glass bottles, like olive oil, as well as opened packs of sugar, spices, flour, etc.

Label every box

Be very specific when doing so. This would help you unpack faster because you would know which boxes to unload first and which ones could stay packed for some time.

It’s also crucial to note that professional movers have a list of restricted food items that they won’t transport, so ask your moving company about this before you pack. Also, when choosing food items to pack, consider whether they’re cost-effective first. For instance, canned goods are very cheap, but they’re also heavy, so you might end up paying more for their transport instead of just buying them when you get to your new home.

3 Investments for Successful Recycling | 3 Things to do to Make Recycling Successful

Waste Management Service

Waste Management ServiceEveryday, businesses all over the world produce a great and diverse amount of waste. Often, this waste goes into landfills around the world where they rot and stagnate—contributing to higher carbon emissions globally.

If you or your company are looking to initiate a recycling program, then there are many things that you can do for a start. From LKM Recycling‘s waste skips for hire to segregation, here are three great ideas that work to push this initiative forward.


The first key step to any initiative is to make sure that all involved are aware of the importance of the initiatives being pushed forward. A robust and lively information campaign around your workplace will go a long way towards ensuring that those working for you are made aware of what needs to be done and why it needs to be done. This will help when you drive your company forward to even more serious and comprehensive recycling initiatives.


The second key investment is in a storage system for the waste you’re collecting. Remember that you’re likely to be generating and collecting waste in large quantities. Because of this, you’re going to need to invest in waste skips for hire. These are larger containers positioned on the outside of your office where all the waste byproducts can be collected in one place for easy collection by a proper recycling company later on.


Finally, when you do move onto the actual recycling phase of things, you need to make sure that you choose a recycling company that knows what it’s doing. Complex and heavier materials like wood and steel can’t just be recycled easily, and it takes deeper knowledge to ensure that it is done properly and with consideration to the environment too. Choose a company that’s dependable, and together you both can make a difference.

Recycling is something that everyone should participate in. We’re responsible for our world and its state after all. You just need to be smart about it.

Do You Need Professional Movers? 3 Ways to Find Out

Man Using Phone While Boxing Stuff

Man Using Phone While Boxing StuffMoving out can bring so much stress into your life. The overwhelming amount of things you have to finish can tire you out. From arranging the rentals and packing your stuff to updating your bills, your hands are full of things to do.

As much as you want to take care of everything, you have to admit that it’s quite impossible to achieve. At times like this, you’re probably considering the idea of hiring some help but is still unsure if it’s worth the cost. To help you decide on this matter, listed below are the reasons moving companies are worth the try and why you should start looking for moving company quotes now.

1. Move All Types of Packages

One of the biggest concerns when transporting your valuables and precious items is sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t ace packing and moving them on your own. With the assistance from expert movers, you rest assured that all your stuff will be moved and shipped carefully.

2. Do Long Distance Hauling

Imagine yourself driving back and forth for five hours to transport your items, and you’ll do that for at least six or more times to completely get everything. It’s definitely not something you’ll enjoy doing. With the services of a moving company, you’ll never have to do several round trips. They’ve got cargo trucks, which could accommodate as much load as you put and carry all those things at once to your new home.

3. Offer Better Value for Money

Employing movers could give your money’s worth. That’s because you’ll save more on gas and truck rental. Most moving quotes you will see include full-coverage on the process, so you literally don’t need to lift any finger.

Whether it’s a short-distance or long-distance move, hiring specialists could certainly take off a lot of your burden. However, in case, you decide to hire a moving company, be sure you thoroughly read the paperwork and discuss every single detail with them. This is to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Locksmiths and Signs you are Working with a Legitimate One

Master Locksmith Service

Master Locksmith ServiceLocksmithing is a dying profession, thanks to scammers who use this business as a tool for their bad deeds. No wonder homeowners are wary of calling a professional locksmith and would rather do a DIY when their locks have problems. But, continuing this practice possess threats to you and your family’s safety. While the reality of scammers still exists, the reality of professional and skilled locksmiths whom you can trust also does.

It might take more effort and research in your part as a homeowner, but working with a professional master locksmith is something doable. Being vigilant is a must, but here are some tell-tale signs that you are in reliable hands.

They have a license to operate

Always work with a licensed locksmith. This should be the first thing that you ask for when interviewing one. To be more sure, checking whether or not they are registered with your local government can easily be done by calling the right authorizing bodies.

Standard and fixed price

Legitimate companies have fixed prices that can be inquired via phone or when you visit their office. These prices should not change just because there was a traffic jam going to your house, or because another person was absent at work. A sudden change in the agreed price is a clear red flag.

They have insurance

A reputable locksmith company will have an insurance included in their services if in case something wrong happens during the repairs. There is no better way to make you feel more at ease than seeing this in your agreement. Of course, knowing the coverage and limitations should be done.

Referred by others

If your friends or family members have tried and referred their services, chances are they are legitimate and trustworthy. Researching for further reviews online can always be done.

There are a lot of scammers, and it pays to be vigilant, but it is also important to remember that there are more professional locksmiths who can help you with your problem than fake ones.

Head Turner House: Increase Curb Appeal with These 4 Simple Home Upgrades

Victorian House Exterior

Victorian House ExteriorA good house facade doesn’t just make people stop and stare – often,  it’s what reels in potential buyers and closes the sale. There are many ways to improve your home’s exterior, but the question is, which methods really pay off? And out of the many Utah homes up for sale, how do you make yours stand out?

When it comes to home exterior upgrades, it’s the small things that count: pops of color in a well-groomed garden, sleek windows, even that cute, little house number. Make sure to include these items in your upgrade list to make your home an instant head turner on the block:

Paint the front door

Remember, the front door is one of the first things people notice. It’s a focal point. Stand out by giving your door fresh, new paint color. Depending on your home design, you may want to go as bold as having a red or orange door or be sleek and just go with a modern black door.

Upgrade those rain gutters

More than its primary function to prevent water damage in your home, rain gutters give extra accent to your home’s exterior. The material and shape of gutters can instantly turn your home into a rustic sanctuary or a homey, country style house. Rain gutters are a detail you shouldn’t miss.

Of course, it’s important to ensure that your rain gutters are not only pleasing to look at, but also sturdy and highly functional, as well. If you suspect any damage, it’s worth looking into rain gutter repair, as Salt Lake City industry experts at Double T. Inc. could tell you. After all,  gutter repair specialists can help you inspect for potential damages more thoroughly and precisely.

Replace exterior lighting

Much like the rain gutters, exterior lighting also adds accent to the house facade. It creates drama and that inviting mood for people to step into your house. Plus, it promotes safety and security around your area – which is a big priority for potential home buyers.

Create a mini garden

There’s just something about plants that makes homes extra homey and inviting. Pops of colors from flowers give that cheery mood and instantly exudes a “one-with-nature” vibe. You don’t have to burn a hole through your pocket just to have an eye-catching garden. Container gardens are a trend right now. It’s easy to create and it’s affordable.

The house facade plays a vital role in creating that all-important first impression. Leave a good impression by trying these simple upgrades.

How Much Did California Workers Earn In The Last Quarter Of 2017?

City view of California

City view of CaliforniaSalary growth in most parts of California rose 6.5% in the fourth quarter of 2017 to an average of around $1,440 per week, according to a federal employment study.

During the last three months of the previous, almost 9.70 million people were employed in different industries from construction to food processing. Human resources career opportunities in Modesto and other cities seemed to be plenty as well, particularly because of the food business.

Industry Value

The California League of Food Producers said that the state’s food processing industry supports 760,000 of direct and indirect jobs. High-tech and oil refinery are the only larger sectors in the state, yet it doesn’t downplay the economic contribution of the food packaging business.

CLFP CEO Rob Neenan said that the industry generates around $200 billion in annual production, including canned products. The strength of the food processing industry means that demand for labor remains quite strong. Companies will need to improve their recruitment efforts by first hiring people who would then look for qualified candidates. In certain counties, it may be easier to attract potential employees due to higher salaries.

Salary Growth in Other Counties

The federal study cited the increase in weekly pay in four counties between October and December 2017. The average salary in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties increased $60 to $1,231.

Los Angeles County recorded the highest jump in salaries, up by $82 to $1,343 per week, while the lowest was in Riverside County with an average weekly pay of $873. It’s possible that salaries have remained the same so far in 2018.


Some workers may still find the salary increase to be small compared to the cost of living, home prices and other economic factors. However, some companies may be willing to offer an above-average salary for jobs that are in demand at the moment.

Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Extra Special

Husband and Wife Holding HandsGive your wife a sweet surprise and make her feel extra special today! Leave a smile on her face, one that means she’s blessed to have a thoughtful husband like you. Here’s how.

Start with something she can hold by hand

While your wife appreciates your genuine thoughts and actions of love, sometimes, she needs a tangible reminder of it all. Thus, give her something she can hold by hand–something that reminds her best of you. This can be a lovely dress for your date night this weekend, or fashion jewelry from a Salt Lake City store to complement her outfit.

And continue with something she can hold by heart

Above all things, nothing makes your wife feel more special than giving her moments and experiences she can forever keep in her heart. Here are two powerful ways to do it:

Don’t forget to compliment her

Giving your wife compliments goes a long way toward making her feel truly loved and appreciated. And the best thing about giving compliments is you can do it anytime and anywhere. Whether it’s about the amazing stew your wife made for dinner yesterday or her hairdo today, find ways to appreciate your wife for who she is and what she does. Not only does it make her feel special, but happy too.

Grab her for a quick getaway

When was the last time you and your wife went for a getaway, just the two of you? If it’s been ages, then you know what to do. You don’t have to be months out to go for a getaway. Planning a simple dinner date and booking a hotel afterwards will do the work. Or if you got more time, you can spend the whole weekend in a place where you can relax, release your stresses, and just focus on loving and spending time with each other.

A getaway is not only a way for you to make your wife feel special but also a time for you to reward yourself for all the hard work you do. Most importantly, getaways are an opportunity for you to rekindle your marriage. Thus, it’s worth more than a day’s off.

Most Common Causes of Furnace Motor Failure

Feets of a family wearing woolen socks warming near the fireplaceNo homeowner would want to be faced with cold days and nights due to a furnace breakdown. The furnace, however, comprises various components, which might fail for one reason or another. One of the most significant parts whose failure requires expert repair is the motor.

The motor is connected to your furnace’s blower wheel and powers it to distribute heat to your indoors. Motor failure is among the most common reasons for furnace repair in Utah homes. Experts from All Hours Plumbing and HVAC list some of the causes of furnace motor failure.


This is the leading cause of furnace motor breakdown. In case of motor overheating, your furnace’s electrical windings are damaged resulting in electrical shorts and failures. The overheating also causes breakdown of the oil, which lubricates your motor’s bearings. This causes the bearing to join and eventually seize up. Poor airflow because of dirt accumulation and unusually high or low voltages are the common causes of overheating.

Excessive Moisture

Water dripping to your motor from above might also cause motor failure. Condensate leaks and frozen furnace coils, which drip as they defrost, are the common causes of excessive moisture. Installing a humidifier above your furnace can also cause a leak onto the motor. Regardless of the source of moisture, the water cuts out your motor necessitating its repair.

Excess Belt Tension

In old systems, excess belt tension on the motor is a common cause of its failure. The tight belts place considerable stress on your motor’s bearings, leading to premature wear. The tightening might also cause electrical failure to your motor.

From the above causes of motor failure, you can appreciate the need for frequent professional furnace maintenance. Your plumber can recognize any issues during these routine maintenance works and fix them before they cause a significant furnace failure. This will assure you of an optimal working furnace at all times.

Protecting Your Assets: 4 Crucial Strategies When Starting a Business

Business professionals signing on a dealWhen starting a business, you need to be aware of the possible risks. Keep in mind that you may need to make some adjustments from time to time. Even the most successful entrepreneurs have their ups and downs. Other than strengthening your marketing plans or improving your products and services, you should prepare to secure your assets.

Here are some strategies you can use to protect your assets:

  1. Determine Your Business Entity

Before anything else, you need to choose the right business entity. This is crucial, especially in filing taxes and applying for business permits. Many experts recommend registering your business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Unlike in sole proprietorship, you don’t have to expose your assets completely.

To be safe, you may want to consult a professional. Look for law firms that offer asset protection services in Utah. Professionals will help you determine the best business type and take care of all the paperwork.

  1. Document Everything

It is important to keep records, contracts, and other important documents. Make sure you have copies of all transactions as well. This will help you in case someone filed a lawsuit against your business. In addition, consider having separate bank accounts, checkbooks, and even online banking profiles, such as PayPal or Payoneer.

Never make business transactions using your personal account. Always maintain corporate records exclusively and log the minutes when doing audits with your accountant.

  1. Follow Standard Contracts and Procedures

Even if you’re working with a friend or your relatives, it is advisable to follow the standard protocol for all the expenses. There should always be a written contract for every business expense, including the office rent, equipment titles, and other projects. Make sure you’re dealing with licensed contractors and suppliers. They should always issue official receipts for every transaction.

  1. Look for Appropriate Business Insurance

Business insurance can be a good investment and should be on top of the list for your startup budget. Just be sure to review the policy and coverage. If necessary, consult a professional to check the terms and conditions.

Knowing the possible risks will help you prepare better solutions for the future. As they say, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.