3 Delicious Dining Places in Batam

Dining Places in BatamWelcome to Batam, a beautiful island less than an hour’s ferry ride from Singapore. Despite it being close to Singapore, it is the largest city of the Riau islands of Indonesia. It is presently one of the top holiday spots for Malaysians and Singaporeans because of its delicious seafood and native dishes and majestic tropical views.

Planning to go on a food trip? WOW Getaways has listed some of Batam’s delightful eating places:

Local Shopping Places – In the mood for some local cuisine and inexpensive buys? Have some kueh lapis (layer cake), nasi kuning (local fried rice), pempek (fishcake) and Indomie (Indonesia’s take on instant noodles) and more at Nagoya Hill Mall. You can shop for many affordable local products here. Visit the Bantam City Square malls as well for more delicacies and shopping treats. Other shopping options include the Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet, the first Factory and the Batik Factory.

The Golden Prawn Restaurant – Also known as the Golden Prawn 555 Seafood Kelong Restaurant, this is known not only for their affordable and large servings of seafood dishes, but also for their own cultural show with local performers. The show lasts about half an hour in the restaurant’s gardens so take a peek after your sumptuous meal. Be ready for a crowd as it’s one of the most popular eating places in Bantam.

Barelang Bridges – For more fresh native sea fare, Barelang is where you need to eat in Bantam. It’s a whole area of six bridges connecting several islands of measuring around 715sq.km, which explains the continuous sale of freshly-caught seafood. You can rent a boat, journey a bit into the sea and enjoy fishing. Other nearby holiday sites are the World War 2 attraction called Vietnam Village and the dragon fruit farms.

In Bantam, you can truly enjoy the unique and flavourful cuisine of Indonesia and Singapore. Arm yourself with enough Indonesian Rupiahs and Singaporean dollars, though, to make your eating experiences truly memorable. If you’re still not satisfied, do visit your hotel’s restaurant for more options.