3 Road Trip Tips for New Parents

family on a road tripAccording to a survey, 70% of family travellers are gearing up to take one or two vacations this year. Moreover, 28% are looking forward to going to three or more trips. What’s good to know is that family vacations are still a priority for many families. If you’re new parents and you’re going on your first road trip soon, here are some tips you need to know:

1. Make sure that you schedule car maintenance beforehand.

To ensure a smooth ride, schedule a car maintenance, checkup, and cleaning a week before your scheduled trip. What’s important is that you handle car repair and cleaning ahead before they can cause avoidable problems down the road.

2. Give your booster seat or car seat a check.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 car seats or booster seats are not installed correctly? This puts your children at risk of car-related injuries, even death. Make sure that your equipment is installed correctly. If you’re unsure if you had it on properly, you can look for a safety seat inspection online.

3. Don’t forget the sun protection.

Many young families pack everything for their children — their toys, blankets, snacks, and some on-the-road games to keep them entertained. What they often forget are sun protectors, such as sunscreens, hats, visors, or sunglasses. If you’re travelling with an infant, know how you can protect them from the sun’s rays, especially those coming in through the car's windows during a long drive.

If you don’t want to miss anything, create a list and analyse it. Do it weeks or days before your trip so you don’t end up buying things on the road that you already have a home. Have a great road trip!