4 Unique and Creative Event Venue Ideas You Should Try

Event Venue in BrisbaneTired of seeing and attending the stereotypical event in a four-corner room adorned with outdated carpets and decorations. Do yourself and your guests a favour and try to spice up your event a little bit by holding your next event in a bit unusual yet creative venue.

Fuel up your imagination and try these new and fresh ideas that will give your guests an experience of a lifetime. Check out these creative and possible function venue ideas in Brisbane North side.


Consider a wonderful reception and take in the wonderful view of the skies, sun, moon, and stars. Your guests will be thrilled at the idea of celebrating outside in somewhere high yet breath-taking. If, for any reason, the weather doesn’t permit it, then you may opt for indoor venues with great views.

Art Gallery or Museum

Bring in your creative mind into work with this next venue idea. Don’t ignore the power of exhibits or museums because interestingly enough they stir up a person’s critical thinking skills. A quick and grand look to those art pieces will certainly keep your guests occupied. Along with that, the design of most art centres grants openness and space while offering the charms and comforts of indoors. They usually provide unique and artistic backdrop keeping your guests entertained all throughout.

The Local Sports Club and Hotels

Whether it is a corporate event or not, sports arena and stadiums make the perfect venue for any celebration. It draws many people as well as leave people to wonder on what they can expect from your event. When it comes to decoration and setup, your options are endless. You can go with something formal or fun without worrying about the limitations of space. You can also choose to hold your venue in hotels because these have excellent amenities and facilities to make the guests comfortable, a specialist from Ourhotels.com.au notes.

Nature Park

If you want something outdoorsy, then parks are a great alternative to your usual indoor event. Guests will surely appreciate a little exposure to the sun and breathe of fresh air from the outside. When it gets hot, be sure to provide shades and cold water stations to let in the fun more. A quick tip, since there’s no telling about the weather condition, just ready for any possibility of weather changes.

Whatever occasion you’re hosting, these venue suggestions will surely help you come up with great and unique site option. Whether it is corporate in nature or something more celebratory and personal, your guests will love it if you add in something fresh and new to the event.