5 Things to Know About Dating a Southern Guy

happy coupleIf you’re looking for a real relationship — you might want to consider dating southern guys. Nope, you won’t need one of those straw cowgirl hats (for now), but you might need to adjust your thinking a bit — don’t worry everything is all good.

1. They believe in God.

Southern men are religious; a lot of them probably still go to church on Sundays. This gives them a sense of spirituality, and the belief in God actually makes them kinder people. Their faith influences them to do good and be productive. Of course, you might get invited to go to church — but isn’t that the goal?

2. Family bonds are important.

Yes, there’s a high chance your guy will be a mama’s boy. Southern families are close-knit, a refreshing change from most guys who hate their parents. Your southern guy will love his parents, his siblings, and even the family dog. Don’t try to compete with his mama’s cooking — you won’t win.

3. They learn respect at an early age.

Maybe because of the church or their family — southern guys will be very respectful. Expect to hear ma’am and sir whenever you’re with him — and expect to be treated like a lady.

4. Hard work isn’t a bad thing.

Instead of being in a band, skating, or playing with game consoles — your southern guy probably had a job at an early age. The importance of working and providing for the family is ingrained in his heart.

Yes, he might be more comfortable if you stayed at home with the kids, but times have changed, and you can probably change his mind.

5. They’re looking for commitment.

Maybe because they’re conservative (not the affiliation, but it’s a good chance they are), southern men are less likely to date just for a hookup. They’re a little more serious, and they won’t shy away from commitment.

Dating a southern guy is not your regular dating. To them, dating is what it was always meant to be — finding the right person to spend their lives with.