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Landscaping Business: 3 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Businessmen pointing at landscape area

Businessmen pointing at landscape areaOne thing in common about places like office buildings, shopping strips, and public parks is that they all require landscaping services. The latter involves improving an area of land, including its greenery. This is the reason landscaping remains a booming business, as reported by Forbes. Business leaders who are interested could get a commercial landscape franchise, but it should be done the right way.

Here’s a guide on success tips for landscaping.

1. Job Estimations

According to Entrepreneur, clients would require landscapers to provide estimations of how much a job would cost. Whether it’s a simple lawn trim or a complex installation that would cover the exterior, clients need to know how much your rates are so they could adjust their budget. This also allows the landscaper and the client to negotiate and arrive at a price they could agree on.

2. Coordinating Schedules

Another to-do would be to set proper scheduling for each client. This might seem easy, but it could become hard to keep track if the landscaping business doesn’t utilize resources like online maps or phone applications. Losing track would mean missing appointments, which in turn would result in losing sales.

3. Investing in Staffing

It’s necessary to invest in staffing, especially for landscaping businesses aiming to service big clients like public parks of office buildings. These clients are different from residential ones, as the former has much bigger properties that the landscaping team would need to work on. To avoid being understaffed, a landscaping business should ascertain how many staff members would be needed.

Landscaping remains to be a lucrative venture for entrepreneurs, thanks to public places like offices and shopping malls requiring the said service. When launching a landscaping business, the owner needs to invest in staffing, provide job estimations, and coordinate schedules among clients. These would reflect well on clients and build a reputation for the landscaper’s team.

Electric Vehicle Batteries: A Guide to Safety and Maintenance

batteryElectric vehicles (EV) become more popular in the United States; a Scientific American report shares that the U.S. EV market has hit the one million mark. The report adds that this is a good development toward decarbonizing the transportation sector, which is the largest source of emissions in the country.

If you plan or already have an EV, it’s essential to understand the proper maintenance and safety of its fundamental component: the battery.

The Common Type of Battery for EVs

Batteries for electric vehicles vary based on the type of the vehicle. It could be an all-electric vehicle (AEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV).

Lithium batteries are common for electric vehicles, whether it’s an AEV or PHEV. This type of battery features a high power-to-weight ratio, good high-temperature performance, and high energy efficiency.

These batteries are an ideal choice because they can hold a lot of energy for their weight, which is an advantage for EVs. Having less weight allows the car to travel farther on a single charge. It’s also worth noting that lithium-ion batteries have a low self-discharge rate. They can maintain the ability to hold a full charge over time.

Lithium batteries are a great option, as well, if you’re environmentally conscious. You can recycle most of its parts.

Battery Safety for Electric Vehicles

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DE), EVs and conventional vehicles sold in the US should go through the same safety testing and meet safety standards. The agency also imposes EV-specific standards, including:

  • Reducing chemical spillage from batteries
  • Protecting batteries during a crash
  • Isolating chassis from the high-voltage system

Maintaining an Electric Vehicle Battery

Typically, you can find batteries that have about eight years extended life or equivalent to 100,000 miles. Depending on the climate, some batteries can last between 12 to 15 years in moderate climates while some last for eight to 12 years in extreme climates.

The battery of your EV will be worn out over time. Carrying out proper maintenance on your vehicle can help it perform well in the long run; AEVs and PHEVs have different technologies, so you have to know what maintenance routine will work best for your car.

Other Types of Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Apart from lithium-ion batteries, there are other types of batteries that can be used for EVs based on its type. These include:

  • Nickel-metal hydride batteries – these batteries are common in hybrid-electric vehicles, but you can use also use them in all AEVs. Additionally, they have a longer life-cycle compared to lithium-ion batteries. But when using this type of battery, expect to pay a higher cost, greater self-discharge rate, and generate heat at high temperature.
  • Lead-acid batteries – to date, these batteries serve as a supplementary to other battery loads in electric vehicles. These batteries are:
    • Cost-effective
    • Safe
    • Reliable
    • High-powered

The downside is that it may not last for a long time. Lead-acid batteries don’t perform well in cold temperature so you might have difficulties operating your EV.

  • Ultracapacitors – these are not traditional batteries, but they serve as storage for polarized liquid between an electrode and an electrolyte. They help electrochemical batteries level their load.

Electric vehicles contribute to reducing carbon emission in the country. When you use one, you also contribute to this cause. Knowing the type of electric vehicle and corresponding batteries to use will allow you to get more out of this eco-friendly transportation.

Alternative Ways to Find the Best Land for Sale

For sale sign outside of the house

For sale sign outside of the houseIs it your first time to buy land for sale in Donnybrook Road? Without the help of top real estate companies such as Peppercorn Hill, then you know that the process can be a pretty daunting task.

There are too many selections to choose from that it can be quite overwhelming to determine which one is the right property for you. To help you with this, here are a few ways to ease the task.

Look for a property that can give you the value for your money

There are several ways to find a real estate property sold much lower compared with their fair market value. Consider purchasing a foreclosed property or sellers who either inherited the property or are moving out of the country. Each seller has a strong motivation for selling their property, which could help you haggle.

Ensure that the “Transfer Certificate of Title” is legit

Check if the title of the property that you are planning to buy is legit. The fastest way to check its authenticity is by acquiring “Certified True Copy” of the property title coming from the Register of Deeds. The office is commonly located at the city hall or municipal hall.

Check the reputation of the developer

One way of somehow gauging the developer’s reputation is by checking the track record of their completed developments. Doing so will give you an idea of what it would like in person and may even help you find a property that you might be interested in investing.

Buying land is a great investment. You have to know where to look — which you could do with a reputable real estate company that can offer you various choices that’ll fit your budget.

3 Tips on Selecting a Suitable Printing Company

Machine printing different photos

Machine printing different photosCompanies need to be careful when selecting a printing service for their confidential files. The selected company must meet all your requirements in providing the necessary services at affordable costs.

1. Nature and Magnitude of Work

Printing activities vary based on the expected design or the information to be printed. Identify a company that offers printing services in Australia that meet the purpose of your required printing job. Some companies provide both on-site and off-site services depending on the urgency. Where the printing is to be done off-site, always ensure that the company you settle for will provide transport for the finished work to your preferred location.

2. Confidentiality of Information

Sometimes, the information to be printed is confidential. It may involve new designs for a game-changing medicinal drug or technology. In such situations, the printing company must guarantee their clients of total confidentiality. It would be a breach of contract if the printing company was to use part or all of the information from the manuscripts for their own personal gains. As a client, evaluate how different businesses handle sensitive information before settling on your preferred choice.

3. Proper Communication

Printing jobs often involve many changes in relation to the design, information contained and other small modifications aimed at achieving an overall great product. That makes it vital to have clear communication lines between the clients and the printing company. It becomes frustrating when the client requires a few changes to be made but cannot reach the printing company. The contracted company must put a deliberate effort in ensuring that they are able to meet their customers’ requirements while accommodating any other changes requested by their clients.

Testimonials provide an efficient way of identifying suitable printing companies. Based on such reviews, you are able to narrow down the list of potential printing companies to those that can guarantee quality production services.

Signs That Show You Need to Sell Your Business Soon

Business people in a meetingBusinesses can provide you with a high income if you run them well. However, all things can come to an end, even high-flying enterprises. If you experience any of these signs in your current company, you may want to consider to sell it.

It Has Hit Its Peak

Sometimes, the problem is not entirely with you but also with the venture itself. You might see that it can still grow, but you can’t bring it to any higher level in its present state and at your current capacity. You can sell your business in Park City and start looking for prospective buyers.

It’s More Tiring than Exciting

All businesses need a large amount of work put into it, but what drives those who run it is the fact that it’s the object of their passion. Once the business starts to lose its appeal, you might find it hard put in effort as you did before, and you could lose profits in the process. If you don’t feel the passion anymore, you can sell the venture to a competitor or any interested buyer before you needlessly burn out.

It’s Not Moving Forward

The lack of financial growth can be a sign but so is the lack of expansion. Entrepreneurs know that any expansion has some risks involved. You may be close to quitting the business if you’re scared of taking risks.

It’s Been Hit by Unforeseen Circumstances

Sometimes, some problems are beyond your control, such as a death in the family, divorce or a natural calamity. If these problems affect the way you run your business, it’s best to sell your business.

Letting go of what you’ve worked hard for can be discouraging. However, if selling it brings you more benefits such as better health and happiness, then it’s still a viable solution. Besides, when it brings you and your company the growth it needs, then it’s the better way out.

Should You Improve Your Building’s Curb Appeal? Here Are 4 Reasons to Do So

modern building with high curb appealCurb appeal is the visual attractiveness of a property as seen from the street. A building that looks pleasing from outside will have a higher perceived value. This is often seen through a great commercial landscape. But how can curb appeal help your business?

First impressions usually last

The front part of your commercial space is what potential customers are going to see first. It can be off-putting if your property’s frontage looks barren, or worse, unkempt. This is where commercial landscaping services come in. These service providers recognize the need for a green, polished look on a property. In today’s competitive economy, attracting a customer can be challenging. So, if a place looks nice, people will be more attracted to it and will recall it long after. After all, the adage holds true: first impressions generally stick.

Going green

Not only does it make a space look attractive, landscaping is also good for the environment. Green spaces lower the temperature and improve air quality. Strategic planting also helps reduce soil erosion. Roots of plants and trees absorb 20 times more water than tilled soil.

Marketing strategy

A lot of companies know the value of having an eco-friendly philosophy as part of their corporate social responsibility program. Marketing your company as “green” or eco-friendly can broaden the support it gets from niche communities.

Employee productivity

A 2012 Harvard Business Review article revealed that even the most trivial issues can impact an employee’s productivity. Having a green space where they can spend a few minutes to relax alleviates stress. In turn, this makes for a more productive work environment.

These are a few ways that your commercial landscape can help your business become a safer and more attractive one. But, bear in mind that keeping a green landscape isn’t for aesthetic purposes only. You should do it for the betterment of your business’ community, too.

Fire Hazard: What You Can Do to Keep Employees and the Business Safe

Safety signs in the workplaceFires present three main hazards: lack of oxygen, smoke inhalation, and intense heat. It’s critical, therefore, to prevent its occurrence and to follow protocols that mitigate its effect.

Fire safety awareness is one of the ways to protect your workers and keep the business safe. Here are safety tips to reduce the risk of this hazardous incident:

1. Mount Safety Signs

Safety labels manufacturer, Clarion Safety Systems, shares that fire safety signs need constant visibility and they need to be recognizable from a distance. Your employees can’t afford to spend time finding the fire extinguishers or the exits in the event of a fire.

2. Declutter

Combustible items like paper, cardboard, and chemical materials can accumulate in the workplace. These items not only clutter your place of business, but they could also start fires. Built up waste only need a source of ignition to create an incident, destroying property and endangering your employees. Clear out the waste and unnecessary items to prevent a fire.

3. Perform Workplace Safety Checks and Maintenance

Conduct regular site maintenance and inspections. Check for wires, circuits, and other power sources that could cause short circuits and other electrical problems. Make sure that employees never overload circuits. Additionally, replace old components that could increase your business’s risk for fires.

4. Communicate Your Fire Safety Plan

Everyone in your company needs to know about the fire escape plan. They also need to know about fire drills. Do not underestimate the importance of having regular fire drills. Conducting these can help refresh your workers’ memory and will keep them alert and well informed on what to do in the event of a fire.

5. Replace Old Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers provide your first line of defense against containing a fire. As such, it’s an essential device in the workplace. In replacing or recharging your fire extinguishers, you need to follow the National Fire Protection Association standards in replacing or recharging your fire extinguishers. Also, proper signage and labels to their location would be necessary.

Preparation is crucial to preventing and mitigating the impact of a fire. From mounting visible and recognizable signs to replacing fire extinguishers, make sure your workplace is well prepared.

Locksmiths and Signs you are Working with a Legitimate One

Master Locksmith Service

Master Locksmith ServiceLocksmithing is a dying profession, thanks to scammers who use this business as a tool for their bad deeds. No wonder homeowners are wary of calling a professional locksmith and would rather do a DIY when their locks have problems. But, continuing this practice possess threats to you and your family’s safety. While the reality of scammers still exists, the reality of professional and skilled locksmiths whom you can trust also does.

It might take more effort and research in your part as a homeowner, but working with a professional master locksmith is something doable. Being vigilant is a must, but here are some tell-tale signs that you are in reliable hands.

They have a license to operate

Always work with a licensed locksmith. This should be the first thing that you ask for when interviewing one. To be more sure, checking whether or not they are registered with your local government can easily be done by calling the right authorizing bodies.

Standard and fixed price

Legitimate companies have fixed prices that can be inquired via phone or when you visit their office. These prices should not change just because there was a traffic jam going to your house, or because another person was absent at work. A sudden change in the agreed price is a clear red flag.

They have insurance

A reputable locksmith company will have an insurance included in their services if in case something wrong happens during the repairs. There is no better way to make you feel more at ease than seeing this in your agreement. Of course, knowing the coverage and limitations should be done.

Referred by others

If your friends or family members have tried and referred their services, chances are they are legitimate and trustworthy. Researching for further reviews online can always be done.

There are a lot of scammers, and it pays to be vigilant, but it is also important to remember that there are more professional locksmiths who can help you with your problem than fake ones.

3 Investments for Successful Recycling | 3 Things to do to Make Recycling Successful

Waste Management Service

Waste Management ServiceEveryday, businesses all over the world produce a great and diverse amount of waste. Often, this waste goes into landfills around the world where they rot and stagnate—contributing to higher carbon emissions globally.

If you or your company are looking to initiate a recycling program, then there are many things that you can do for a start. From LKM Recycling‘s waste skips for hire to segregation, here are three great ideas that work to push this initiative forward.


The first key step to any initiative is to make sure that all involved are aware of the importance of the initiatives being pushed forward. A robust and lively information campaign around your workplace will go a long way towards ensuring that those working for you are made aware of what needs to be done and why it needs to be done. This will help when you drive your company forward to even more serious and comprehensive recycling initiatives.


The second key investment is in a storage system for the waste you’re collecting. Remember that you’re likely to be generating and collecting waste in large quantities. Because of this, you’re going to need to invest in waste skips for hire. These are larger containers positioned on the outside of your office where all the waste byproducts can be collected in one place for easy collection by a proper recycling company later on.


Finally, when you do move onto the actual recycling phase of things, you need to make sure that you choose a recycling company that knows what it’s doing. Complex and heavier materials like wood and steel can’t just be recycled easily, and it takes deeper knowledge to ensure that it is done properly and with consideration to the environment too. Choose a company that’s dependable, and together you both can make a difference.

Recycling is something that everyone should participate in. We’re responsible for our world and its state after all. You just need to be smart about it.

Protecting Your Assets: 4 Crucial Strategies When Starting a Business

Business professionals signing on a dealWhen starting a business, you need to be aware of the possible risks. Keep in mind that you may need to make some adjustments from time to time. Even the most successful entrepreneurs have their ups and downs. Other than strengthening your marketing plans or improving your products and services, you should prepare to secure your assets.

Here are some strategies you can use to protect your assets:

  1. Determine Your Business Entity

Before anything else, you need to choose the right business entity. This is crucial, especially in filing taxes and applying for business permits. Many experts recommend registering your business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Unlike in sole proprietorship, you don’t have to expose your assets completely.

To be safe, you may want to consult a professional. Look for law firms that offer asset protection services in Utah. Professionals will help you determine the best business type and take care of all the paperwork.

  1. Document Everything

It is important to keep records, contracts, and other important documents. Make sure you have copies of all transactions as well. This will help you in case someone filed a lawsuit against your business. In addition, consider having separate bank accounts, checkbooks, and even online banking profiles, such as PayPal or Payoneer.

Never make business transactions using your personal account. Always maintain corporate records exclusively and log the minutes when doing audits with your accountant.

  1. Follow Standard Contracts and Procedures

Even if you’re working with a friend or your relatives, it is advisable to follow the standard protocol for all the expenses. There should always be a written contract for every business expense, including the office rent, equipment titles, and other projects. Make sure you’re dealing with licensed contractors and suppliers. They should always issue official receipts for every transaction.

  1. Look for Appropriate Business Insurance

Business insurance can be a good investment and should be on top of the list for your startup budget. Just be sure to review the policy and coverage. If necessary, consult a professional to check the terms and conditions.

Knowing the possible risks will help you prepare better solutions for the future. As they say, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.