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Avoid Recruitment Pitfalls: Hire a Financial Recruitment Agency

HR manager interviewing young man in officeRecruitment is a crucial process in every organisation. It can be quite tedious if not well handled and also very costly if you do not get the right resource for the vacant position. Consequently, companies now seek the services of recruitment agencies due to the intensity required in the recruitment process.

Some roles and positions require technical knowledge, and a professional handling the hiring process such as those positions in the financial services and accounting would be best. Financial recruitment agencies can do this for you.

Prioritising Client’s Needs

You want to engage a service provider that has your interests at heart. The client’s needs ought to be a priority in any recruiting process. You want to consider an agency that understands your needs as a client and goes out of its way to get the best candidate to fill in the position.

By comparing your needs to candidates’ profiles, a financial recruiting agency will adequately offer you excellent matches to fill vacant positions. A reputable recruiting firm should, therefore, ensure it does it right the first time.

Holistic Vetting Process

A team of recruiters can identify the best talent in a pool of candidates. Identifying the best talent needs rigorous interviews from three or more recruiters. They would recognise the qualities that the candidate has that matches with the client’s needs.


Specialisation is key when conducting recruitments. Caution needs to be exercised to ensure only that proficient candidates are hired. Experience, professionalism, and skill should be what any hiring staff should know.

Technological Inclusion

You similarly want to consider a firm that embraces technology in its hiring process. Information Technology (IT) systems such as web-based psychological tests embrace modern hiring regimens that are more accurate, consistent and swift.


A recruiting approach that achieves high levels of efficiency guarantees a smooth transition without disrupting the day to day operations of an organisation. You need to ensure the recruiting firm fills your vacancy with a candidate promptly without affecting your operations.

Staffing should no longer be a bother to you. With a Financial Recruitment firm that has efficient staff, an efficient online recruitment system, and a holistic vetting process that prioritises your needs, you are guaranteed of finding the right candidate for you.

Opening a Beauty Salon: 4 Ways to Prepare

Beauty Salon Owner with Employee and Customers in the backgroundDue to everyone’s obsession with their own looks, a beauty salon is one of the top business ventures that entrepreneurs can engage in. A beauty shop can help clients feel good about themselves and impress other people.

If you are planning to open a beauty salon, the following tips will teach you how to prepare:

Attend a cosmetology school

If you want to open a beauty salon, you must have the technical expertise regarding the different services offered by most of the popular salons in town. Consider enrolling in a cosmetology school in Salt Lake City. This could be a good first step towards success. It may take a few months to a year to finish, but the investment is definitely worth it.

Obtain financing for the business

Any business must have adequate financing before it can even start. If you don’t have enough cash, approach a financial institution and apply for a loan.

Choose an ideal location

An ideal location for a beauty salon is somewhere that is not too crowded but has a reasonable amount of foot traffic. It must also be visible and properly designed to stand out. In most cases, the location determines the success or failure of a business.

Hire experienced beauticians

The beauticians will be working with your clients, so they must have adequate skills and experience in the field. If possible, they must have taken cosmetology courses in a reputable beauty school.

For beauty salons to become successful, there should be a combination of experience and good customer service. If beauty salon owners and their staff will be able to satisfy their clients, they can enjoy a steady stream of income and an established customer base.

Beyond Big Thrills: How Amusement Parks Help Local Communities

Image of an amusement part with several rides and attractionsEach year, millions of Americans pack up and drive down to the happiest places on earth: themes parks.

Adrenaline-pumping rides, multicolored lights, and endless attractions abound all over the country’s more than 400 amusement parks. In 2016 alone, more than 146 million people visited the top 20 amusement parks in the country. As a matter of fact, this love affair with amusement parks has created a $12 billion industry, big enough to influence the overall economy of each park’s host region.

Economic Impact on Host Areas

Theme parks are some of the most visited vacation spots in the U.S. Along with the seasonal and annual influx of locals and visitors, hotels, restaurants, and local businesses have also set up roots near the area. And as the park draws in more visitors, its host region reaps many rewards, too.

Theme parks contribute to local economies by encouraging investments in infrastructure, job creation, tourism and tax revenues, donations, and community support. Likewise, theme parks are also less likely to succeed without stakeholders and support from local governments. Thus, the responsibility of developing and managing amusement parks also rest on the stakeholders as much as the operators.

The Appeal of Theme Parks

While theme parks relentlessly compete to break records for the most dramatic roller coasters or newest rides, it all comes down to one thing: family. Theme parks offer a family holiday destination that doesn’t involve breaking the bank or traveling long distances.

Each park comes with its own unique attractions, but the family-oriented theme is universal. A park featuring rides and attractions for all ages can offer some of the best outdoor activities for families.

Regional parks are also committed to helping their local communities thrive by hosting fundraisers and highlighting the region’s culture and history. But what really makes regional parks special is that sense of nostalgia of the good old days, where residents and visitors come together, immerse in various activities and savor local grub and fancies.

From Dream to Reality: Starting a Business You Love

Man Repairing A Computer

Man Repairing A ComputerIt is an often-heard adage in the entrepreneurial world: “Do what you love, and you will succeed.” If the highlight of your day is when the clock strikes 5:00 PM and you get to leave work, or if you are much happier doing a side-job or a hobby outside of work, then you must strongly relate to this statement.

Being able to do what you love might mean applying for jobs that lead to dream careers; for others, that path leads to entrepreneurship. After all, what better way is there to actually do what you love than to start a business patterned after your dreams?

What Do You Love to Do?

Let’s say you have a strong interest in computer technology. You start your day reading industry news about new hardware, operating system updates, and video tutorials on how to enhance CPU components. You even repair computers on weekends for fun (the income you earn is the cherry on top!). It only makes sense to consider starting a computer repair business.

When you know what it is you love to do, and if you know it has the potential to be lucrative, the next step is figuring out how to get the business up and running. This means learning how to start a computer repair business, an electronic retail shop, or any other venture that aligns with these interests.

Transform Your Idea into a Plan

Many have great ideas, but only those who turn them into viable plans become successful at starting a business.

Planning constitutes three important things:

1. Market Research – In business, you have to be realistic. Is there a strong demand for the service or product you want to offer? Is the industry saturated or is there room for you to make a play for the market share? The answer to these question matters if you intend this business to be your bread and butter.

2. Visualization and Goal-Setting – Visualization is a useful technique if you have no idea what to do to start your business. Picture what you want your computer repair business to be like, the services you want it to offer, and its position against competitors. This will be your guide when making a detailed business plan and setting ROI targets with timelines later on.

3. Estimated Cost of Capital – No business can run, let alone begin, without funding. You need viable estimates for inventory, overhead costs, marketing, and so forth. This is how you’ll know if you need investors, a bank loan, or if you can finance the business on your own.

Identify Your Personal Strengths

As the business owner, you also need to make an honest assessment of your skills and strengths. What can you contribute to your business? Do you feel that you are competent enough to be the head technician for your computer repair shop, or are you more talented at running the business? When you know your strengths, you know where you stand in the business. More importantly, you’ll know the type of people you need to have on your team.

Ask Help from Qualified People

Finding people who can fill in the gaps in your skillset or knowledge comes naturally after determining your own strengths. Doing this during your planning stage helps, too.

Aspiring business owners make the mistake of being a one-man operation even if the nature of their business requires manpower and diverse skill sets. Soliciting help from qualified people will improve your business plan and give you a test run of what it would be like to work with others in your business.

So, if you need an experienced eye to look over the cost estimates for your business loan proposal, approach an accountant or a business major for help. And if you don’t have the talent for pitching before investors, ask someone with a strong sales background for advice.

Starting a business is a huge responsibility. Without ample preparation and a realistic plan of attack, you could find yourself resenting something that used to bring you so much joy and satisfaction.

Experimac supports aspiring business owners who want to make a living doing something they love—especially if that love is directed towards computers. Talk to us and learn more about this industry.

Resolve Your Truck Driver Tax Dilemma

Truck DriverIt’s possible that you’re an independent driver working with several companies, so you don’t have a business name and number. You may also be a trucker who handles long-haul contracts through a trucking company. You could be servicing other businesses in need of such solutions, or you could be a sole owner of a trucking company. With so many possible situations, you may find it difficult and confusing to classify the driving services you deliver. This is particularly true when it comes to meeting the standards and regulations of the Internal Revenue Services. This is why you leave such responsibilities in the hands of professionals specializing in tax services for truck drivers.

Ensuring you establish your tax obligations with the IRA

One of the most important aspects of your life as a trucker that a tax service will help you with is making certain you satisfy your IRA-related obligations. Through the help of such experts, you’ll come to a full understanding of the difference between a trucking company employee and a self-employed trucker. For employed truckers, the company that they work for should make all the necessary deductions from their salary, including tax. In many cases, trucking companies usually handle most of the tax-related work for their employees.

The self-employed tax dilemma

Determining the tax obligations of self-employed truckers is a bit trickier though. Each state and county also implement their laws and regulations surrounding this topic, most of which an average trucker won’t fully comprehend unless they have an accounting background. Even just a small mistake can already cost you a lot. As a trucker who already spends most of the time on the road, you want to reserve the rest of your time for yourself and personal life. As such, it’s much better if you leave these obligations in the hands of a qualified tax accountant.

Functional Ways to Furnish Your Office Space

Purchasing office furniture onlineThe general belief is that when it comes to a renovation, you cannot do much when you’re on a budget. However, with a few strategies, you can turn your small office space into a wonderful place to work.

Be open to other ways, such as used furniture and ordering desk systems online. Online Office Furniture explains that these are all affordable, and you get a variety of choices.

Here are some ideas to maximize your space practically and affordably. The tips discussed below will help you furnish your working space with ease.

Purchase online

A lot of people are usually skeptical about buying furniture online. However, this is the best way to get your hands on a variety of different, unique pieces at very competitive prices.

Buy second hand

There are often auctions every so often that you can get very interesting pieces for your office. Check online and on local advertisement boards for any auctions near you, for a chance to get yourself affordable office furniture.

Opt for larger work desks

Having larger work desks is always a better option since it can accommodate several people without consuming too much space. A simple desk without cabinets would work perfectly.

Buy what you need

Do not go all out when you are on a budget. Instead, go for the bare minimum and improve with time. A good example is to buy only a few computers that you need for compiling reports and opt for affordable tablets for research and communication around the office.

Being on a budget does not mean that your office should be boring. Check local second-hand stores for decorative and functional pieces. Keep it simple, functional and interesting.

4 Reasons to Adopt a Dog Instead of Buying One

Young woman and her dog on a fieldAre you considering owning a dog or want to get another one? Before you decide to head to the pet shop to buy one, think about adopting one instead. The latter option has many advantages, one of which is to save a life.

Here are the top reasons to choose dog adoption rather than buying one.

Little to No House Training

When you adopt a dog, it may have already had a previous owner — meaning it has undergone training like where to poop and pee, when to eat, and how to reply to certain commands. This saves you the time and effort to re-train the dog you want. Once you take it home with you, all you need to do is give it a home and lots of love.

Save a Life

When you choose pomsky puppies for adoption, you might be saving a puppy from an animal that churns out pets as fast as they can to increase their profits. You may have a small part in reducing the money made by this industry, but you at least did your part.

Adopting a dog means you saved a potentially homeless animal. You’re giving them shelter, food, and the attention they deserve.

You Have More Options

Do you want a puppy or an adolescent dog? If you choose to adopt, you have the option to choose the age of the pet. Adoption also provides you with the opportunity to select the breed of the animal, enabling you to find one that suits your personality or the environment you live in.

Save More

Adoption often costs less than outright buying a pet from a store. Think about it: When you adopt you not only save a life, you also get to save a couple of dollars.

Adoption is an alternative to consider seriously when you want to own a dog or get another one. Think about it because you get to save a potentially homeless animal, save more money, and have to exert less effort in house training the dog you adopt.


Tips to Secure Your New Business from Crime

Steal fencesBusiness owners are increasingly looking for ways to protect their businesses from the wide variety of aggressors that may target them. Even if your business is inside an estate, you will still need to take care of vandals, disgruntled employees and other villains who may want to ruin you.

Here are easy ways to do so.

Keep entrance points few

There might be estate gates and fences where your business sits, but you will still need to limit the entry points into your company. A good way to do this is by having a central access point where your customers come and leave through. This makes it easier to catch any trespassers.

Regularly maintain your gates and doors

Over time, even the best gates and doors will experience wear. Regularly inspect them for any faults or damage. Pay particular attention to the hinges and locks. Invest in faceplates to strengthen the doors. Ensure the area around your gates and doors has sufficient lighting to deter criminals.

Limit visibility of expensive items

Do not tempt criminals by keeping expensive items outside your business premises where they are visible. Rather, keep them inside the building and away from the windows where they cannot see them. This secures your business from potential burglaries.

Invest in gated parking

Limit access to the parking area by installing gated parking. Doing this minimizes entry of unauthorized vehicles into your parking lot as well as keeping foot traffic low. Businesses that keep traffic low deter criminal activity significantly.

Employ security personnel

Having a few security guards in your business is a big step in preventing crime in your premise. Few thieves are willing to target a business where they know there are guards that could easily apprehend them.

One of the best investments you can do in your business is by making it as secure as possible. Fortunately, the best security solutions are easily affordable and practical.

The 4 Qualities That Make a Recruitment Agency Great

Recruiters interviewing applicant

Recruiters interviewing applicant

There is no doubt that a recruitment agency can help you find the right people to hire for your business. Yet, great agencies will not only staff your business with adequate people. They will go out of their way to find the people who fit your staffing needs. They will bring you the people who can contribute to your business goals in the most significant ways. and other experts in the recruitment industry list the following traits, which you should look for in a great recruitment agency:

Great Networking Skills

Great recruiters have good networking skills. They develop this trait because of their deep interest in people. They have the need to be with and around people. Even when they are not on the job, they look for opportunities to meet new people, whether online or in person. Great recruiters cultivate relationships. They believe that a solid relationship is founded on the principle of quid pro quo. This means doing something for someone, expecting that the person will return the favour.

Excellent Influencing and Marketing Skills

A great recruiter finds the ideal candidates by identifying and communicating their positive aspects. First, they get prospective candidates interested in the position. They generate excitement and presents challenging situations, whenever appropriate. They then sell the candidate to the hiring manager. They use various social networks as marketing channels. Sometimes, they use specific channels for targeted jobs and hiring managers.

Leveraging Uniqueness and Personalising

Great recruiters look beyond the brand by personalising individual hiring managers and applicants. They understand the importance and power of personalisation. Instead of categorising applicants and hiring managers under stereotypes, they brand each of the as unique. They are able to direct the right candidate to the right hiring manager using their influencing and networking skills.

They Use Technology, and not the Other Way Around

Great recruitment agencies use technology, but technology does not consume them. They use what they understand and whatever works for them. They make sure that hiring managers and candidates also understand the tools, and are willing to make use of them.

Recruitment is not about the recruiter. It involves making perfect matches in an efficient and seamless way. Great recruitment agencies achieve this by staying in the background.


Ideas for Effective Email Marketing.

Concept shot of a business man sending emails

Concept shot of a business man sending emailsThere are three major types of emails that you can send to your clients. They include transactional emails, marketing emails, and operational emails. Regardless of the mail type that you choose, always identify your goal and structure your message and strategy around that. Here are ideas from experts at Vonazon to help you achieve your goals.

1. Build a comprehensive subscriber list.

You may already have collected a list of emails for your clients and prospects. However, you should always work on building the list. The fastest and most effective way to do this is through creating a subscription option on your website and blog articles. This way, people who are reading your blogs and perusing your website will have access to more content from you.

2. Design your content to talk to the audience and not a large group of people

The reason the old direct mail system failed was due to lack of engagement from the audience. Therefore, you have to have the right content and engage your clients in a conversation and not just throw information at them. As such, you must have a great subject heading, a distinctive and entertaining voice, as well as tailored content to the particular person. 

3. Ensure your emails do not land in spam.

If your well thought and carefully crafted emails are directly sent to spam, then they will never see the light of day, and you should never expect results. The most basic way to ensure that this does not happen is by sending emails to clients who have subscribed to your emails. Additionally, avoid spam filters by staying away from things such as writing your emails in all caps, inserting too many questions or exclamation marks as well as using hyperbolic phrases such as “Grab now before you are late!!!!!”.

Sometimes email marketing can prove such a hard nut to crack on your own. When this happens, look for an agency that provides email marketing support. The experience and expertise that they have will see your email marketing strategy work.