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Addressing the Shortage of Intensivists in the U.S.

a doctor sitting in her officeRecent reports have revealed shocking figures: the US will have a shortage of an estimated 90,000 physicians by the year 2025.  The problem, which is beginning to happen today, stems from a rapidly aging population as well as adults who are saddled with chronic disease. More importantly,  there will be a shortage of surgeons and doctors who could provide critical care to patients. Companies like Interim Physicians are preparing for this possible scenario by engaging the best and brightest in the medical field to work as critical care locum tenens.

How is a Critical Care Doctor Different?

Critical care doctors or intensivists are licensed physicians who specialize in caring for critically ill patients. These patients are often found in the intensive care unit (ICU) of hospitals. They trained for an extra two or three years in critical medicine and had a certification. Intensivists lead a team of other specialists and work together to increase the patient’s survival rate. Once the patient is out of danger, he or she can be transferred to a regular room in the hospital and where a regular doctor or consultant could attend to them.

More Critical Care Doctors Needed

Critically ill patients can suffer multiple problems at the same time. It is up to the critical care doctor to determine the best course of action or treatment. Without him, the patient could suffer from any number of complications caused by his condition or illness. Given the shortage of doctors in most hospitals, there are very few intensivists in rural areas.

One solution proposed by many groups is to find critical care locum tenens to bridge the gap. These specially trained and highly skilled doctors can go to areas where there are no intensivists and ensure that patients receive the special care they need. The same applies to other areas of specialization such as family medicine, surgery, and women’s health.

Of course, this is only a temporary solution to a large-scale problem, but it is a logical and feasible approach. The point is to have someone present while the hospitals and medical institutions find a long-term solution to their staffing issues so patients can continue to receive medical treatment and healthcare.

A Guide to Children’s Oral Care

Child at a dentistYour child’s oral health should be one of the biggest priorities, especially in their formative years. Not only will it allow them to enjoy all the nutritious food they can get, but it will also affect their overall health.

From the basics of oral hygiene to finding the best kids’ dentist in Bountiful, here are the things you need to do to maintain or improve your children’s oral health. Even South Davis Pediatric Dentistry recommends these strategies to all parents.

Provide healthier food

A great deal of what affects the oral health of your kid has to do with the type of food you give them. While they might love candies and chocolates, the sugar content is one of the leading causes of poor teeth health. The better options are healthy foods, such as vegetables and fruits. You can start serving them early to make sure that your kids eat them. Other than protecting their oral health, eating healthy foods is good for your children’s bodies.

Teach them the basics

Other than ensuring that your kids eat well, you can educate them about proper oral hygiene. Teach them how to take care of their teeth. You’ve been doing it all your life and are more than equipped to teach your little ones the basics of brushing their teeth. Even this simple step can help keep their teeth clean, strong, and healthy.

Bank on a great dentist

If you do need to take your child to a dentist, make sure you get one who practices pediatric dentistry. Pediatric dentists know how to handle the specific needs of your little one. They will also be caring and warm, providing comfort that a scared child might need when sitting on a dentist’s chair.

It pays to be careful when it comes to your child’s oral health. Following this guide will ensure that your kid gets the best oral health care possible.

How to Keep Your Child Smiling With Braces

Woman with braces

Woman with bracesMost parents who are told that their kids need braces are initially concerned about the cost of the appliances. They then worry about how their children will take the news and live with braces. If you are likewise worried, here are five ways to keep your child excited and smiling with braces.

Keep the Child Informed

Children like to know what is going on. To reduce your child’s anxiety about getting and living with braces, take the time to explain about what to expect during and after orthodontic treatment.

Dress the Braces Up

Today, children getting braces have a plethora of style options. For instance, rubber bands for braces now come in a variety of colours, and some are even clear. Your orthodontist in Liverpool can dress up your children’s braces with their favourite colours. It likewise helps when the devices are turned into a fashion statement. For instance, you can help your child make a collage of favourite celebrities with braces.

Be Supportive

It is important to offer support to a child who is getting used to wearing braces. If you have photographs of yourself, your partner or an older child with braces, let your child see them. Share your experiences and the reasons you are glad you got your braces. Listen to any concerns your child may have about the appliances.

Focus on the Good

If your child is self-conscious, avoid highlighting aspects of outer appearance, such as clothes or hair when trying to increase the child’s confidence. Rather, focus on what your child is good at or interested in. Encourage children to pursue these interests and help boost their self-esteem.

Help Your Child Care for the Appliance

Children can become self-conscious if they are unable to care for their braces. They might likewise be concerned about their breath when wearing the devices. Your child may need assistance when brushing or flossing. In addition, provide the right tools to make oral hygiene tasks easier.

Ultimately, the benefits of orthodontic appliances far outweigh any awkwardness or self-consciousness a child may feel when wearing them. Encourage your child to get and keep smiling with braces.

Are Dental Implants Safe for People with Kidney Disease?

Man ready for his dental implantA team of dental professionals from China, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, and the U.S. released proposed guidelines for placing dental implants on patients with kidney disease.

The dental procedure is safe for most patients with chronic kidney illness, but dentists prefer not to perform them due to the associated risks, according to Yuan Quan from the Sichuan University in China.

Kim Gowey, former American Academy of Implant Dentistry president, said that the guidelines would aim to provide a standard and safe approach for the treatment.

Avoiding Risks

All of us need proper dental care and treatment, although the process differs based on our health. For those with kidney disease, they are more prone to oral problems such as bleeding gums, periodontitis and premature tooth loss.

If you are living with kidney problems, it is best to consult a nephrologist after you decide to have dental implants in Gurnee, Ill. in dental offices such as Beautiful Smiles Dental Center. For dental professionals, Quan suggested that they closely watch out for xerostomia and parotitis when treating patients.

These conditions are most common for around 11% of adult in the world that suffer from chronic kidney disease.

Elderly Care

Dental coverage for Baby Boomers still forms part of their basic needs as they grow older, yet this is something overlooked in favor of housing and other health care requirements. Dental implants represent a better alternative for replacing missing or damaged teeth.

In fact, research shows that this procedure has an estimated 98% success rate over a span of 10 years, which is why it is one of the most popular choices for dental treatment.


Good oral health greatly affects our overall condition. Whether you have dental problems due to kidney disease or simply because of old age, proper care and treatment remain important.

Believe It: Healthy is Beautiful

Women exercising in the gym

Women exercising in the gymIt’s nice that body positivity is spreading throughout the country and also around the world. People are now more accepting when it comes to different body types, whereas before that, you need to be skinny to be appreciated. Now, people are more open-minded. Fat and skinny shaming is not acceptable anymore, but of course, there are still a few close-minded people who cannot break out from the norm.

The media — albeit slowly — is now following the body positivity movement, as there are now both curvy and chubby actors seen in movies and magazines.

Moderation is Still the Key

It’s nice that body positivity is spreading, but remember that moderation is still the key to a healthier lifestyle. Simply because people are more accepting, does not mean that you’ll no longer care about your health and continue eating food that has too much cholesterol or fat and not exercise.

The obesity rate in the U.S. is getting higher. The state of Iowa, for instance, is now the 12th highest when it comes to adult obesity. According to a study, the obesity rate in the state is now 53% higher than 15 years ago.

Diseases Linked to Obesity

Obesity can lead to different kinds of diseases or worse, even death. There are more than 100,000 deaths per year linked to obesity, and that statistics is just in the U.S. Here are some of the diseases you can get:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Insulin resistance
  • Hypertension
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Gallstones
  • Gout
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cancer

How to Prevent It

The main cause of obesity is overeating and being physically inactive. To prevent obesity, do not overeat and exercise regularly. Eating is one of the best things to do, so if you can’t control yourself, just make sure to be physically active. Exercise regularly to burn all the carbs you’ve consumed. Go jogging with your dog, with your friends, or with your family. Join fitness clubs in Iowa City so you’ll be motivated to exercise.

Body positivity is one of the greatest movements to happen today, but moderation is still the key. It’s nice to be thin, it’s nice to have curves, but the most important thing is it’s nice to be healthy.

The Most Common Substance Addictions

Woman with her addictionAre you struggling with addiction? Find out the most common substances that cause problems and what you can do to correct your addiction with a medical and spiritual rehabilitation program.

Substance misuse is a widespread problem, and it can affect people from all walks of life, from teenagers to middle-aged people. Even the elderly can become inadvertently hooked on substances as they are more likely to take prescription medications and more likely to take multiple medications, according to Renaissance Ranch Outpatient. Some facilities offer drug addiction treatment in Farmington that help patients deal with common substance abuse problems.

The top five substances that can cause addiction are:


Nicotine addiction is the most innocuous form of substance abuse. Regardless of the many studies that link it with cancer and emphysema, smoking continues to be a habit that many people start, even when they know that they are endangering other people in their immediate surroundings. Every year, 480,000 Americans die because of cigarette smoke, with 41,000 people of those from second-hand smoke.


Alcohol abuse is a common addiction in the United States, affecting 17.6 million, or one in every 12 people. Alcoholism is the third leading cause of lifestyle-related deaths, causing 88,000 deaths annually.

Prescription Drugs

Ironically, drugs prescribed by the doctor are now a cause of addictions. Chronic ill health, poorly managed pain and poly-pharmacy (multiple drug prescriptions in one patient) can all cause a patient to take too much medication and become addicted. The top medications that get patients hooked are painkillers, psychotropics, sedatives, and tranquilizers. 6.5 million use medication for non-medical purposes every month. 1.9 million become hooked on painkillers.


Although cocaine use is reducing, it still affects 1.5 million people with 855,000 becoming dependent annually.


Methamphetamine abuse is increasing. In 2013 there were 595,000 users, up from 353,000 in 2010.

For many people, overcoming addiction for these substances might require more than medical or psychological approaches. Some prefer a spiritual drug addiction treatment in Farmington. Contact your physician for your options in such a facility to receive medically proven ways to stay clean.

Recovering from Eating Disorders: 3 Steps to Get Away from It

Woman sharing her eating disorder during a group therapy sessionThere's a continuous increase in the number of people who are suffering from eating disorders, and this is not a good sign. On a recent data provided by the National Association of Anorexia and Associated Disorders, there are 20 million women and 10 million men in the U.S. who are suffering from eating disorders. It only shows that this condition is no laughing matter. 

If you or someone you know is currently battling this condition, here are a few things you can do to help them:

Help them get the support they need. 

A majority of people living with eating disorders are embarrassed to get help because they're too insecure and are afraid to face rejection because of it. This is why the most important first step to recovery is to have them open up about the problem. Once they do, it'll be easier to proceed to the next step. This stage is probably the toughest task to complete which is why you need more patience in dealing with them.

Get the treatment they need. 

There might be a wide range of treatment options out there, but each one of them works differently based on the patient's condition. This is why it's important for the patient to ask for the doctor's diagnosis and recommendation before they get treatment for aneroxia nervosa or any related disorder. 

Teach them how they could manage their feelings and emotions. 

Eating disorders are influenced by a number of factors. Among those facets, psychological health is the leading cause of it. People who are undergoing depression or have low-esteem are the usual victims of this condition. This is why it is important to have a strong support system. 

Recovering from any type of eating disorder is not an easy feat, but it is possible. With proper help and guidance, you may easily get past this condition and will be able to live a healthier and happier life. The key lies in your will to be better and overcome this challenge.

Don’t Allow the Pain of Bunion Make You Suffer Constantly

Foot Being Placed Stocking to Hide Bunions

Hallux valgus, more commonly known as “bunion,” affects millions of people in the United States. About 6 percent of the US population have these bumps and other foot problems, including injuries, fallen arches, and flat feet.

These bumps aren’t just unsightly; they also cause pain so serious that simply wearing shoes can already pose a severe challenge for sufferers. Here’s what has to say about it:

How They Form in the First Place

The joint at the bottom of your big toe is what allows you to move and flex it. The dislocation of the bone or tissue at this joint causes the formation of a bunion. While it will take years of pressure on and irregular movements of the joint to make it bend erratically and towards the other toes, the resulting lump often causes pain on the joint.

The Pain That Follows

When you walk, you place majority of your weight on your big toe’s lowermost joint. As such, the bunions you have developed press against it, causing you severe pain. Because you constantly have to walk, it follows that you always feel pain.

Permanent Unless Surgically Removed

All bunions, regardless of size, age, and severity, will continue making you suffer unless you have a professional correct it surgically. However, there are several ways you can slow its progression or ease its symptoms. Note also that medical and health experts continue to conduct bunion removal clinical trials in order to uncover alternatives to surgery, or make existing treatments produce better results.

Some of the shoes you wear may be putting unnecessary pressure on your foot, causing you more pain. For women, avoid wearing high-heeled shoes often, and instead, stick to more comfortable, low-heeled pairs. Maintaining optimal weight can also help, since your feet – specifically the joint at the base of the toe – receives less pressure and stress.

In case you develop a bunion, consult your primary physician right away. You might also want to consider participating in clinical trials, as their innovative and more-advanced procedures may provide the relief you need.

Correct Your Improper Bite before It Causes Major Damages

Woman Grinding Her Teeth

An improper bite, which can mean having misaligned teeth due to crookedness, overbite, cross bite, open bite, or under bite, can make your smile less appealing. However, it deals more damage than what you most likely know.

From attrition to teeth decay to gum disease to pain, there are many complications associated with a bad bite. See a licensed and qualified Station Road dentist as soon as you can, to prevent the following complications from developing.

Loss of Tooth Surface

Teeth naturally wear down as you age. It becomes abnormal when the attrition – the term referring to the loss of tooth surface – becomes so severe it has worn down the enamel down to the dentin. Take note that while the enamel of the tooth is only a thin layer covering it, it remains the hardest tissue in the body. So it means a lot when your tooth loses even just a portion of this.

A bad bite can cause this loss because the upper and the lower teeth do not fit the other correctly, and instead, rub against each other. Over time, this repetitive motion can grind through the enamel, exposing the dentin. When this happens, you can develop sensitive teeth, and as the condition progresses, even more damage to the teeth, its interior components, and even the gums.

Dental Carries and Gum Diseases

In many cases, incorrect alignment of the teeth makes it difficult to clean the teeth thoroughly, since some areas become harder to access. This then reduces your ability to brush and floss properly.

As a result, your misaligned bite increases your risk of tooth decay and gum diseases, seeing as it creates room for bacteria to settle and thrive.

Higher Risk of Chipping and Fractures

Having a bad bite also makes your teeth more prone to damages such as tooth chipping and dental fractures. Because your upper teeth do not meet the lower teeth in the right manner, you might accidentally bite down too hard – whether during eating, chewing, or speaking – and cause the enamel to break. And attrition further pushes your risks up.

Because all these go back to your having an incorrect bite, you should have this problem fixed first.

Three Teeth-Whitening Myths, Debunked

Woman with perfect white teethPeople are keen on caring for their pearly whites and teeth whitening treatments are the secret to brighter, healthier-looking teeth. Recent claims on the Internet, however, have surfaced and confused both dental practitioners and patients alike.

Dental practices like Taylor Burley Kleiman Dental warn against such claims. Here are three teeth-whitening myths that dentists want you to stop believing:

‘If you have sensitive teeth, you cannot get teeth-whitening treatments.’

The minor sensitivity that you might experience during a whitening treatment is your teeth’s temporary reaction to the fluctuating temperatures rather than the whitening solution itself. The sensitivity often disappears but if it persists, consult with your dentists to determine the cause and appropriate remedy. Most likely, it is a symptom of an underlying oral health condition so make sure to disclose any discomfort to your dental practitioner.

‘Activated charcoal is a safe and effective teeth whitening ingredient.’

The market has seen a rise in charcoal facial products, but dentists suggest that they should not go onto your teeth. Despite numerous reviews from bloggers on the internet, there is no clear clinical evidence that charcoal is safe for whitening your teeth. In fact, dental professionals are concerned about its abrasiveness on your teeth and gums.

‘If you want white teeth, you have to stop drinking coffee and tea.’

Although coffee and tea are two of the common culprits for teeth stains, this does not mean you have to give up the daily brew to maintain white teeth. Regular consumption of coffee or tea leaves a yellowish tint on the external layer of tooth enamel, but regular visits to the dentist can dissolve stubborn stains.

You can find many answers to your questions on the Internet, but virtual spaces are also highly vulnerable to false information. When you are curious about teeth whitening, it is best to talk to a professional. Visit a dental practice near you to ensure you get the treatment you need.