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5 Benefits of Upgrading to Hardwood Flooring

Spacious family room with hardwood flooring

Spacious family room with hardwood flooringSo you’re thinking of installing hardwood flooring in your home? Well, that could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make as a homeowner. Not only will solid hardwood flooring make your home look more beautiful but also increase its resale value. Here are more of its benefits:

1. Enhanced Look and Feel

Wooden floors will make your home look warmer and more inviting. The natural appeal of wood not only makes the floor more interesting but also adds personality to your home. According to providers of hardwood flooring in Santa Ana, such as Main Street Kitchen & Flooring, some homeowners even believe that hardwood floors make rooms appear more spacious.

2. Long-Lasting

Durability is one of the key features of hardwood. The material is naturally strong and can withstand everyday elements and foot traffic. Of course, it may also get scratches and dents, but with proper care and maintenance, there’s nothing to worry about. You get floors that don’t just stay gorgeous but also stand the test of time.

3. Better Indoor Air Quality

Wooden floors can also improve air quality in your home. Unlike carpeted floors, they don’t trap dust, dirt, and all sorts of debris that can serve as breeding grounds for toxins and allergens. Laminate and tiles may also be prone to the accumulation of dust and dirt, resulting in poor indoor air quality. If you want a cleaner and healthier home, might as well consider installing hardwood floor.

4. Easy to Clean

Hardwood floors are also very easy to clean, making it a perfect choice for very busy households. Due to its smooth finish, there’s no place for dust and dirt to hide and accumulate. A simple weekly cleaning is often enough to keep it clean and beautiful.

5. Increased Home Value

Installing solid hardwood floor is also a good move in terms of improving your property’s value. It may represent a major expense at first, but once you sell your house, you’ll see its floor’s value is significantly higher than the initial cost of installation.

These are only a few of the many benefits of upgrading to solid hardwood flooring. To get the most of your floor renovation project, work with a reputable supplier and contractor.

Versatile, Efficient, and Space-Saving Cavity Sliding Doors for Your Consideration

sliding doorSpace-saving strategies maximise the available space in any property. Living space is now an expensive commodity in key metropolitan centres anywhere in the world.

If you live in Australia and you are currently planning a home renovation, you must consider interior sliding glass doors. That is if you wish to make the most of every square metre of space in your property.

The door that allows you to regain floor space

Conventional hinged doors are becoming less attractive and less cost-effective. Contemporary hotels, offices, and homes cannot afford the unobstructed arc of 1.6 square metres required by a traditional hinged door. That is usable space for decorating or storage. A door that slides into the wall smoothly and effortlessly is more cost-effective.

By striking out ‘hinged doors’ on the list and writing ‘cavity sliding doors’ instead, you are already regaining floor space and making the room bigger. You are taking an important step in the right direction towards optimal use of space on either side of the entryway.

Versatility and function where space is a premium

There are three components to a sliding door system—the door itself, the cavity frame and the track. The space gained with the configuration allows for greater mobility in busy areas such as bathrooms, walk-in closets, and laundry areas.

Yet, because cavity doors are becoming more versatile, you may even use the said design for bigger entryways that require heavier doors. Manufacturers may offer as an added feature a door system that incorporates technology to soften the opening and closing motion, making the door as quiet at a whisper.

Whilst the reliability and efficiency of cavity entryways are ensured, you must think about safety as well. Sliding doors made from glass are inviting to burglars. Intrinsic security is questionable if a door is sliding on tracks on the floor. To protect your property, you must consider burglar barriers, such as glass protection films, as well as locks and alarm systems specific to sliding entryways.

Beyond the Baguette: 3 Things to Give Your American Home a French Feel

Crystal chandelier lamp in a dinning room

Crystal chandelier lamp in a dinning roomFrance is a country rich in culture, boasting 41 UNESCO World Heritage sites, like the Carcassonne, Gulf of Porto, and Lascaux. The country is also the birthplace of world-famous dishes like chocolate mousse, beef bourguignon, and chicken Marengo. Of course, when talking about France, who would forget Paris, the city of love and home of the much-visited Eiffel Tower?

All these play huge roles in attracting millions of tourists to France. But, if you are eager to feel the French vibe but don’t have time yet, you can still do something to live à la Française. How? You can start by adding French-inspired architectural details to your home.

1. Illuminate with French Lighting

Chandeliers and Provence sconces provide the perfect lighting in any setting, says Authentic Provence. Barovier and Toso Lamps, for example, can add a touch of timeless chic to your French living. Although Barovier and Toso Lighting originated in Italy, the brand has been using French glass sconces for many years.

Other artisan French lighting styles you can consider are antique French lanterns and French minimalist glass pendants.

2. Style After a French Countryside Home

When you think about French provinces like Provence or Cremona, you imagine fields, sunshine, and fresh air. There’s a way to give your house this vibe.

Homes in the French countryside exude a warm, rustic style, so you may want to give your house touches of sunny yellow to soft gold colors. Or, you can play with bright to darker green. It’s also essential to add architectural features like raw wood, pastoral-inspired furniture, and stone or clay flooring.

3. Decorate Like the French

The French don’t throw away the old things. In fact, they value antiques. Consider adding a touch of the past within your French-inspired home. You can display an antique mirror with signs of oxidization or a vintage desk that came with timeworn scratch marks.

If you’re dreaming to live like the French, perhaps the best way to do is go to the country. But, not everyone can afford to leave their American lives behind. But, they can opt to recreate a little bit of France in their homes.

Professional Cleaning That a Carpet Needs for Spills and Stains

Woman holding broom

Woman holding broomFloorings are designed to be low maintenance and to allow for heavy foot traffic, dirt, and stains. Expect these daily occurrences in any home. Most hardwood floors need daily cleaning and polishing to keep the house presentable. Professional cleaning is essential when you have carpet flooring.

Thorough carpet cleaning in Herne Bay requires professional expertise. Compared to hardwood floors, indoor carpets are low-maintenance and require deep cleaning from professional cleaners only once a year.

Clean Spills Immediately

The annual cleaning helps keep carpets in good condition. It also extends the service life of the carpet. Most manufacturers void the carpet warranty when there is no annual professional carpet cleaning done. Daily cleaning is also simple. Carpets should be dried immediately after water, wine, or any other liquid is spilled. Using dry towels, tamp down on the wet surface to absorb the moisture. Running the vacuum cleaner on the same part of the carpet helps dry the surface faster. Note that liquids seeping through the carpet may induce the growth of hazardous moulds.

Weekly Vacuuming and Stain Removal

Besides the urgency of keeping the carpet dry after a spill, it should also be vacuumed once a week. Vacuuming a carpet is not the same as vacuuming a tiled or hardwood floor. Slowly run the vacuum over the carpet, allowing the shaking motion to loosen up dried dirt. Continue to run the carpet back and forth several times to better pick up the dirt.

To clean stains, you would need baking soda, clean rags or towels, a brush, an old toothbrush, and a bucket of water. Vacuum the stained area to remove dirt and dust. Sprinkle baking soda to cover the stain. Using the brush or toothbrush, scrub warm water gently onto the stain but be careful not to soak through the carpet. Turn on fans or open windows for ventilation to air-dry the carpet. After drying, vacuum the cleaned area again.

Manufacturers recommend annual professional carpet cleaning to keep the warranty effective. For daily maintenance, clean spills and stains immediately using common household materials. Call the pros if you think you cannot handle the job yourself.

Maximising Your One-Bedroom Home’s Compact Living Space

Modern minimalist interior house

Modern minimalist interior houseNow that you’re the proud new owner of a one-bedroom property, you can now enjoy living solo and in style. However, there might still be space concerns here and there, especially if you want to invite a few friends over. With that in mind, here are some effective suggestions to maximise your limited space:

Less is More

Since you’ll be moving in a more compact area, it’s only natural to let go of items that will eat up too much space. Replace wide desks, large tables, and big cabinets with more compact or multi-version models. Replace the doors inside your home with folding or sliding interior timber doors. Consider investing in multi-purpose furniture, appliances, and gadgets or, at the very least, those that can be folded up and stored when not in use.

Go Outdoors

Normally, condominiums or one-bedroom units have their own amenities that you can use like the Jacuzzi and gym. Aside from preserving your square footage, you won’t need to spend a large amount of money to purchase or even maintain these items. If a certain activity can be completed outside your property with little to no difference in your time or efforts compared to it being done inside your house, then it’s best that you enjoy your time out, literally and figuratively.

Keep Everything Organised

The easiest way to create more space is by keeping your home spic and span. Organising promotes better space and time management. Consider investing in stackable shelves and cabinets, which can be secured in unused corners and areas, like the space under your bed and kitchen counter or even high up along your ceiling. You can even construct hidden cabinets camouflaged as raised platforms in strategic areas of your house, such as your bedroom or living room.

Space constraints should never be a hindrance to enjoy your home and lifestyle. Remember, small adjustments here and there can make a great difference. You won’t even notice your home’s limited space if you do it right.

Essential Questions for Homeowners Looking to Do a Loft Conversion

Modern loft bedroom with a palette bed frame

Modern loft bedroom with a palette bed frameWhether you need a new space in your house for yourself or a friend or family member, a loft conversion is always a good idea. It is way more cost-effective than getting a new room in your house built, plus, you can get pretty creative with it! It’s faster and easier to build, too, which is a perfect plus.

Today, we will discuss some questions that you should ask yourself before getting a loft conversion in Beckenham.

Do I Need a Loft Conversion or a Roof Extension?

Loft conversions are always based on how big or small your roof is. Some roof types may be too small to be converted into a loft, which means that you would have to get your roof extended.

Always ask your chosen loft conversion company if you need a roof extension or simply a loft conversion. The advantage with just a loft conversion is that it is much more cost-effective and less consuming than a roof extension.

Should I Get Planning Permission?

Loft conversions usually do not require planning permission, but it would be wise to check with the Local Planning Authority just to be sure. Listed buildings, properties in a conservation area, maisonettes, and flats are usually not good to go and would not need planning permission.

However, note that it is a legal requirement get a building regulation approval for a loft conversion. Otherwise, your local council will make you open up or rebuild other aspects of your loft conversion project.

How Much Would a Loft Conversion Cost Me?

The price would solely depend on which part of the United Kingdom you are in. Also, different companies offer different loft conversion prices. However, you can expect the price to be at around £1,500-£2,000.

The price will be much higher if you are planning on getting a roof extension though, so take note of that. Always ask around and see which one has the best price, yet still offers the best service in town.

Plan well and your loft conversion project will surely be a huge success. Good luck with the whole project!

Value Adding Renovations that Boosts Your Home’s Price

a houseAre you planning to sell your property? If so, it is ideal to boost its value first before you put it on the market. When you do so, you get a better price and have more money on hand compared to selling it immediately.

Property managers from in North Shore cite the following renovations you can make to boost your home’s value.

Give the Outdoor Area a Facelift

The first thing that a prospective buyer will see is the yard and exterior; this will dictate the general impression of your property. Impress him or her immediately by giving this part of your house a facelift; you can start by adding grass and flowers. These give your home a natural and inviting beauty that attracts attention. Replace the windows and doors to match the improvements you made to the garden. A fresh coat of paint also helps in beautifying as well.

Spruce Up the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms of a house; some potential buyers would put this atop their lists before deciding to purchase. Replace old fixtures and strategically add lights in certain places to highlight their form and function. Marble is a good material to use for counter tops or tables as they blend well with all sorts of colours. After making renovations, keep the area as clean as possible.

Improve the Bathroom

The other room that needs your attention is the toilet and bath. As one of the most used, it will likely need more than just cleaning, but replacement of fixtures as well. Replace the tiles and add a fresh coat of paint to make it look brand-new. Use light colours to give it an appealing look and use neutral-coloured tiles for it to blend well into a theme.

These are some of the renovations you can make to boost the value of your house. Consult with experts to get the right appraisal before putting it on the market.

What Are the Required Expenses For Remodeling A Kitchen?

A modern home kitchen design

A modern home kitchen designThe average price of remodeling a kitchen in 2018 costs $22,639, but most households usually spend $12,000 and $34,000 for this project.

If you live in Indiana, the price of kitchen remodeling in Fort Wayne will vary from the cost of doing the same in Indianapolis, according to experts at Serenity Kitchen and Bath. The actual cost often depends on the size of renovation and whether you plan to hire a contractor.

Size and Materials

The size of your kitchen will be a factor for estimating the required budget. A small kitchen would likely require at least $5,000 for a decent remodeling, while you could just do some of the work yourself to save on money and time.

Those who plan to sell their house after remodeling the kitchen are better off in hiring a professional. You could save on costs by buying the necessary equipment beforehand, which would only require you to pay the installation fee charged by contractors. Get the best of both worlds by hiring a design-build contractor.

Professional Help

Professional services are often more suitable for large-scale projects. If you’re planning to spend between $10,000 and above, then an expert helps in making sure you wisely spend your money. Being adventurous with a DIY project could cost you more in the end, and that won’t be helpful for your plans to sell the house in the future.

A DIY project also consumes more of your time, so this won’t be an option if you dislike the idea of not having a fully functional kitchen for several months.


When choosing a design-build contractor, you should ask for at least three quotes from different service providers. Pick the one that offers the best value for money, even if it isn’t the lowest price. A well-constructed kitchen renovation should increase your property’s value when the time comes that you plan to sell it.

Three Situations that Require a Professional Plumbing Service

plumber adjusting pipes for bath tub tapPlumbing problems are a significant cause of headaches among home owners. Many times, it is tempting to play the plumber’s role and try to fix them. However, it is important to note that a DIY fix isn’t always the wisest solution. This is especially true when you lack the knowledge in such situations.

Trying to work on your home’s plumbing opens up different risks. It can result in personal injury, water damage and even costly repairs later on. With this in mind, it is always best to call a professional.  The good news is that 24-hour plumbers in New Zealand can help you. Here are some situations when you must contact an expert plumber right away.

Inconsistent Water Pressure

Low water pressure in the shower and kitchen sink can signify a plumbing issue. Giving low water flow a quick fix can only lead to continued low pressure or sewer line damage. A plumber must be called right away when this happens. They will find out if the problem is due to blockage, supply issues or wrong pipe design.

Blocked Pipes

Blocked pipes might sound like a minor problem, but they can cause inconvenience to the entire household. In many cases, they can be caused by the accumulation of debris, which is easier to manage. There are instances, however, when it’s the sewer line that’s problematic. Tree roots and other non-flushable items can block it. Call a plumber to solve the issue and prevent further damage.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a common problem during winter. However, how do you detect a frozen pipe? Signs include no running water, clunking noise when the tap is open and sewage odour. In the case of visible pipes, frost and moisture appear. Your plumber knows how to solve this in the fastest and safest way.

Hiring a plumber saves you from the stress of solving problems. Immediate action is often necessary to prevent the problem from worsening. Thus, keep your local plumber’s contact information on hand.

4 Effective Ways to Tackle Mold in Your AC Unit

man checking air conditionerMold in your air conditioning unit is an unwelcome discovery. That’s because mold spores blown into your living space whenever the AC is running can cause illness. As soon as you discover that there’s mold in your AC equipment, you need to take action.

Here are tips to tackle the problem.

Call an AC expert

Mold removal requires special equipment for complete elimination. Have an expert in air conditioning repair in Salt Lake such as Whipple Service Champions determine the extent of damage that the mold has already done.

Once he has cleaned the mold thoroughly, he can then fix any damage and get your AC running effectively and your indoor air clean again.

Buy the right filter

A top quality air filter can help reduce the amount of dust that enters your air conditioning equipment’s ducts. This helps minimize the chances of bacteria from growing back once you’ve had the unit cleaned.

Install UV light

Besides using a good air filter, a good way to keep mold away is by using ultraviolet light. It’s a method practiced in hospitals and meat markets for a long time. Simply have your AC contractor install one in the middle of the unit’s evaporator coil and you won’t need to worry about mold again.

Consider replacing the unit

If the mold has completely taken over your window air conditioner unit, it might be a good idea to simply replace the unit altogether. In fact, sometimes this is the more financially sound move. That said, you‘d still need to put in place preventive measures to stop mold from invading your new unit.

Your air conditioning system does an excellent job of removing the humidity during the hot months, but the accumulation of mold can make it dangerous for your health. With the right measures, you can keep this troublesome invader at away from your AC unit.