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How Important Is a Water Softener in Your Home?

Instalation of a water softener in boiler roomHard water is described as water that has excess metals and minerals such as iron and calcium. These minerals don’t mix well with soap, so you will notice that your clothes are not as soft after doing your laundry or your hair is dull and lifeless no matter how much you wash it.

This is why many residents in Utah are using a water softener in their homes. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC notes this equipment softens the water by diluting or removing these excess minerals in exchange for sodium. Here are some more of its benefits:

Cleaner kitchen and bathroom

Because soap and the minerals found in hard water don’t mix well together, your dishes, the sink, and the bathtub end up with stains like white spots. When tap water evaporates, minerals like magnesium and calcium are left behind which cause the staining and plaster-like deposits on your faucets and bathtub. Soft water, on the other hand, does not have these minerals, so you get stain-free dishes, sinks, faucets, and tubs.

No more limescale build-up

Limescale build-up is a common side effect of hard water. Water won’t flow smoothly because of the reduced pressure from all those minerals, which increase the rate of limescale build-up. Additionally, the excess minerals in hard water can damage your steel pipes and other appliances that use water.

Softer skin and shinier hair

The extra magnesium and calcium in hard water reduce the effectivity of soap and shampoo, causing dry and itchy skin, as well as dull and lifeless hair. Because soaps and shampoos don’t lather as much, you are forced to use more of these products. However, with a water softener, you can bring back the rich lathering of soaps and shampoos, so you don’t have to use as much. This actually reduces your usage by 75%.

Cleaner and softer clothes

The minerals in hard water can easily get trapped in the fibers of your clothes, making them hard and scratchy. Hard water also causes your whites to turn gray. There are various DIY home remedies for this, but the best solution is to install a water softener.

Things to Consider When Hiring House Painters

An industrial painter using professional equipmentCommercial painting is a trend that many homeowners are now doing for their properties. Professional painters for interiors are now a popular additional service that homeowners expect. The kind of paint you choose for your building speaks volumes about you and your home. Before settling on colour, it is important to consider a few things.

Reputation of the commercial painters

Choose commercial painters in Wellington that are known for their expertise and professionalism. Aside from asking for referrals from your friends and family, and check websites for the kind of services they offer.

Professionals know which materials would suit your property’s material, whether it is wood, steel, or a combination. They also know the proper layering of paint to protect it from things that could destroy your home.

Enhances your house’s durability

Painting a house protects your property from the weather and even termite infestation. Professional painters would know what kind of paint to use for your home’s siding or construction material. A fresh coat of paint protects your property from the vagaries of the weather.

If you use wood as your home’s building material, paint can prevent the growth of mould and mildew on your property. Rain and dew can soften the wood, and this, in turn, could lead to mould and mildew growth.

Improve your home’s kerb appeal

Hiring professional painters for your home could help improve its kerb appeal and even help increase its value. If you improve your home’s exteriors, even if you don’t plan to sell it soon, it can help make your property more valuable.

If you want your home to increase in value and be more durable against the elements, you should hire professional house painters in Wellington to make sure that you achieve these things.

Ways to Create More Storage in Your Home

A door of a storage unitStorage space is a necessity for every home. However, not every home has the sufficient amount of storage space that is an important solution when organising the house.

Here are ways you can create that necessary space if you do not have enough yet.

Floor to Ceiling Cabinets

Utilise your wall space by installing floor to ceiling cabinets that run the length of the wall. You can do this by the entryway or to create an entry foyer that can even enhance the look of your home entrance. Under the stairs is also a good place to install closets for more storage.

Another area in the home where you can increase storage space is the kitchen. Floor to ceiling storage is a good place to have the entire kitchen ensemble stored, so it is easier to find anything because they are in one place.

Garden Sheds

Utilise your outdoor space by setting up a garden workshop shed. You can use this area for storage and as a workshop all in one. Store gardening tools and other outdoor equipment in here to keep it out of reach of children inside the house.

Anything that is not safe for storing inside the home you can keep here. You can also house tools and other DIY materials in the shed to make it easier to work on DIY projects.

Sheds are a great use of space. Some even spruce it up by adding some furniture to turn it into a reading nook or resting space outside the home.


Creating more space in any home is possible by utilising wall space, outdoor spaces and installing room closets. Storage space is one of the best ways to keep a house organised, safe and easier to clean and maintain as everything is in its proper place.

4 Ways to Save Space in Your Garage

An empty garage area

An empty garage areaThe garage may be a place usually used to store your car, but that does not mean that it is only limited to that. If you are meticulous about its use, it can even serve as a workstation and storage room for your other things.

If you want to save space in your garage, the following space consumption tips will be able to bring more things into the area.

Install a car lift

If your garage has a lot of vertical space, there is no better way of maximizing that than having a car lift mounted in the area. Bendpak 4 Post Lift installations may be able to place in two vehicles in a space where only one can fit before.

This equipment is very durable, and you can use it for at least five years or so.

Utilize the walls well

Do not hesitate to use the walls in the garage as storage space. You can do this by putting a plank of wood in the wall so that you can put in some materials. It is inexpensive, and anyone can practically accomplish this.

Build a foldable workbench

Do you want to make your garage as your workspace as well, but not sure if you have enough area for you to work in? Solve your dilemma by building a foldable workbench into the wall. Just bring it out if you will use it and then fold it back up once you finish.

Put more power sockets

Place more power outlets in the garage so that you can use multiple tools and equipment at the same time if needed.

Using your garage space efficiently can improve the appearance of the room so much. If you organize the space well, you will be able to have enough area to move around and still have a workspace should you need it.

Spruce Up Your Home with these Garage Door Ideas

Garage DoorA garage door can have an impact on the curb appeal of your home, particularly when it’s facing the road. During the rainy months and cold winters in Salt Lake City, your charming garage door can serve as the centerpiece. After you’ve had your garage door repair, check out these methods to renovate your garage door.

Get Rid of Window Inserts

Weather can make plastic more brittle, so your garage door window inserts will tend to fade and crack. Fortunately, you can easily remove and replace them by simply loosening the screws. Do remember that the new window insert you buy wouldn’t initially fit. This is why you would have to get a hammer and wood block to insert the corners diagonally into the window frame one at a time.

Add DIY Windows

By adding windows, you can give your traditional looking garage a makeover. This appealing enhancement only requires painters tape, carriage door hardware and black gloss spray paint. Just get the top part of your garage door and frame each square using the painters tape. Ensure that in the middle, you place a cross of tape before spray painting the area and removing the tape. By now, the square will look like a window. You can now add the carriage door hardware under the top part and on the side.

Make Faux Wood

Paint your fiberglass doors to resemble wood. This means that you’ll still get to use a more weather conscious material and save cash at the same time. Fiberglass doors won’t rot or rust because it’s not susceptible to water or heat. This is an ideal option for residents who want to improve their house on a budget.

You can turn your garage door into the main investment in your home. They are the least costly and smartest investment you can make. Your garage door is one of the first features of your home that your guests will notice. Upgrading it will enhance the curb appeal and value of your home.

Coming Home: Safety Checks Around the House

Young woman checking and cleaning air conditioningSalt Lake City is a beautiful place, but sometimes you just want to leave for a quick trip. Take your family with you. Go ahead. Everyone could use a little time out, whether it’s an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast or a weekend camping trip.

Once you get back, however, don’t forget to conduct these safety checks:

Is the Air Conditioner Working Properly?

Air conditioners are built to last for years–even decades. However, if they are not properly maintained, their lifespan is greatly reduced. Check if your air conditioner needs appliance service, or if it’s time to replace the air filters. Doing this when you get back helps prevent any potential hazard caused by the dirt that has been trapped inside a malfunctioning or unused air conditioner.

Is There a Gas Leak?

Gas leaks are tricky because you may not notice the problem until you’re opening the stove–and then it may be too late. If no one had been home since you left for vacation, pay attention to how the house smells as soon as you open the doors. The smell of gas is more evident in a closed room, and it will soon be hard to detect after you’ve opened all the doors and windows. Check the pilot light, as well. Excessive condensation on windows may also be a sign of a gas leak. If you notice these things or feel lightheaded, do not open the stove and call someone for help.

Is the Fridge Working?

Before you take anything out of the fridge in hopes of preparing food for the family, check if it is working properly. You may be serving bacteria-infested food to your family due to the ingredients not being stored at the proper temperature. If you notice that the items in the fridge are not cold, as they should be, there is surely something wrong.

Going on a quick break is fun, but don’t forget to do some safety checks as soon as you get back. Don’t ruin your vacation with trouble as soon as you get back home.

Three Costly Plumbing Myths You Should Demystify, Advise Utah Plumbers

Image of a toilet cistern

Image of a toilet cisternMany new homeowners in Utah are well conversant with the ins and outs of home maintenance, that includes plumbing, woodworking and joinery, tile work, basic roofing, and chimney sweeping. But, sometimes you forget that there are particular repair and replacement operations you should not do without the expert help of licensed plumbers.

Most of these tasks that you should not DIY are under plumbing, which is plagued with crazy myths that you should demystify. It will cost you more in fixing the mess that you will have created, advises Utah plumbers. Top among these myths include:

Myth #1: You Can Flush Anything Down Your Toilet

You should only flush human waste with toilet paper down your toilet. Anything else, including expired prescriptions, feminine products, and wipes, has the potential to clog your sewage system.

Myth #2: It Is Not Necessary That You Fix Simple Leaks

Statistics have it that it can cost a typical household up to 10,000 gallons of water annually in minor leaks. Should you notice your faucets dripping, turning them off does not help. Call in a plumber to check, and fix the problem soonest possible.

Myth #3: You Can Ignore Minor Fixtures

Never neglect even the simplest of obstructions, especially in your toilet or sink, as they can cause sewage and wastewater to regurgitate and leak foul smells into your house. It is also advisable you schedule plumbing maintenance occasionally to keep your plumbing system in top shape.

You might never know how inconveniencing and costly it is to rely on a plumbing myth until you face the heat of your ignorance. Usually, that could end up being to the tune of twice the much it would have cost you by just hiring a licensed plumber to fix the plumbing issue. By engaging reputable plumbers, you can rest assured that even emergency plumbing issues will always be in safe hands.

Demystify the above plumbing myths to save yourself and loved ones from buckling under the stress of a plumbing problem that has spun out of your control. That can be more costly than you thought possible.

Take Care of Your Garden: Getting Rid of Pests

A pest-free garden

A pest-free gardenYour garden is a beautiful part of your home. It makes onlookers stop and marvel at that patch of green dotted with pinks, reds, and other colors. But no matter how beautiful your garden is, it is bound to have pests, at times.

Pests, such as insects and even weeds, can infest any part of your garden. But you don’t have to worry much about their proliferation; there are some ways that will help you keep the, under control, and even do away with them, entirely. Below are some of the solutions that you can carry out in case the infestation is just at its onset, as approved by providers, such as a Greenside Landscaping and yard weed control companies in Salt Lake City.

Remove the pests and weeds manually

While the infestation is just at the onset phase, you can manually remove the pests. The only time you resort to using chemicals is when pest growth is getting out of hand. You can set traps or remove them by hand when you see them.

Check the soil

Your soil is the base or foundation of your garden’s life. As such, it only makes sense that it is healthy. You can make it even healthier by applying fertilizer. You can make your own compost; normally, it contains kitchen refuse, such as vegetable and fruit peelings, tea bags, and plant pieces.

Encourage growth of helpful “pests”

Natural predators eat pests and have no negative effects on your garden. Let these organisms live and feed on pests that are eating away at your garden. Some of these helpful “pests” are ladybugs, grasshoppers, and bees.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to make your garden pest-free. You may consult a horticulturist or gardening expert for more information.

Bed Bug Bombs: Effective Pest Killers or a Complete Waste of Money?

Bed bug crawlingBed bug infestations pose an inconvenience for homeowners. Bed bugs cause some adverse health effects such as skin rashes and allergy symptoms. Most residents strive to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

When eliminating bed bugs, some homeowners take it upon themselves to kill the pests by using bed bug bombs. These products are readily available and serve as a quick fix to bed bug infestation. While people can easily purchase these pest control products to get the job done, some wonder if they are effective in fighting and preventing infestation.

A Background on Bed Bug Bombs

Bed bug bombs are insecticide-containing products that release their contents through aerosol propellants. The purpose of the product is to stir up the bed bugs and cause them to vacate their hiding spots. Once they’re out, chemicals in the bug bomb like pyrethrins and pyrethroids will poison these pests and eventually kill them.

Are These Bug Bombs Effective?

According to a study by entomologists at The Ohio State University, bug bombs are ineffective in getting rid of bed bugs. The researchers looked at three brands of bug bombs that had pyrethroids as their active ingredient. They utilized five different bed bug populations gathered from Ohio residential properties as their variables and a laboratory-grown bed bug strain called Harlan as their control. They noted that this particular strain is susceptible to pyrethroids.

After experimenting in a vacant office building, the researchers discovered that the bug bombs had little effect on the five populations gathered from the field. Moreover, the Harlan strain survived when they were able to take shelter.

One of the main reasons for the ineffectiveness of bed bug bombs is that bed bugs often take cover in hard-to-reach places such as in dark crevices and cracks, as well as under mattresses and sheets. The Harlan strain of bed bugs in the study survived the experiment as the bed bugs were able to hide under a piece of cloth. The researchers stated that it is quite unlikely that the bed bugs would stay exposed to the pesticide mist. The growing problem of bed bug resistance also makes bed bug bombs ineffective. Study author Susan C. Jones says that even if the insecticide does reach the bed bugs, many bed bug populations have developed some form of resistance that helps them survive the fumigation.

A Better Alternative to Bed Bug Bombs

Exterminator ready to work

So, instead of wasting money on bed bug bombs, homeowners should hire reliable and professional pest control services, such as Bain Pest Control. Reliable exterminators use non-toxic and green pest control solutions to get rid of the bed bugs in a home or commercial space without causing harm to the property, the health of the occupants, and the environment. Moreover, these pest control specialists can put up chemical barriers to prevent future infestation.

The research above has proven the bug bomb ineffective in eliminating bed bugs. Apart from not killing the pests, the pest control products are dangerous because they’re highly flammable. Misusing them can cause house fires and even explosions. Additionally, they can make families sick, with the toxic insecticide coating every surface of the home.

Homeowners’ Guide to Choosing Window Blinds

Woman by the Window

So you have finally settled the dilemma on whether you should install blinds or go with curtains for your home windows. You are in for the next step. The big question now would be what kind of blinds should you install?

The myriad of window blinds choices in Manila can confuse you. Should you buy combi roller blinds? How about vinyl or wooden ones? Projects Unlimited (Phil.) Inc. shares some tips to help narrow down your options.

Set Your Budget

Every household has a budget to work on. So before browsing through the catalog, have a budget in mind. This would definitely help you narrow down your options and find the best type of blinds.

Know the Purpose

Your blinds would serve a different purpose depending on the location of your windows. Do you want to simply put some shade in your room? Or do you want to increase your home’s privacy and keep prying eyes out? There is a window blind type for every purpose.


There are standard blinds designed to fit most window types. But if you have custom windows, measuring them before buying your blinds is a must. Note that there might be slight changes in the price based on your window measurement.

Choose a Style and Theme

There is a range of window blinds styles to choose from. But do not be overwhelmed with a number of styles you can have for your home without considering your place’s own color. Always choose window blinds that would complement your home’s theme.

Choosing the right window blinds might not be that easy, but it can be fun. Gathering as much information as you can, deciding on what you want, setting your budget, and squeezing your creative juices can help you find the perfect blinds for your windows easily.