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Child Care: Prepping for Preschool

children in preschoolChildren can be sensitive to significant changes in their lives. As a milestone, one of the first things you must prepare them for is entering a preschool. How you help them prepare will affect how they will adjust to this new chapter in their life.

Choosing your Preschool

Preschools in Kearns offer different programs, have different teaching styles, and have different cultures. Take note of this when choosing a school that best fits your child’s learning needs. Some schools even offer specialty programs according to age brackets.

Talk to your Child About Preschool

One of the best ways to prepare your child for preschool is by talking to them about it. Having brief conversations with your future star student will help them build expectations about what school will be like. Tell them how they can learn to read, write, and count and make new friends. To better paint the picture for them, tell them stories about going to school using picture storybooks.

Visit Your Prospective Schools

Take your child on a little trip and explore your school options together. In this way, your child can see what a school looks like and even meet their potential teachers. Some schools allow young visitors to experience their play and learning areas, which gives you and your child a chance to briefly experience what the school is about. Your kids might also meet some students playing around, which can set your child’s expectations and put them at ease.

Preschool marks your child’s first day of school life. It can be daunting, and it can be challenging. It can be confusing for your little one. But with enough preparation and with the right mindset, you will be surprised at how excited your child can be to wake up, go to school, and learn new things.

Why is a High SAT Score Important?

Student studying for test

Student studying for testStandardized tests like the SAT play a significant role in determining your future. Many students prepare for this test to get into the schools and programs they want to get into. Some would downplay the importance of this exam; however, many colleges and universities use the score when selecting whom to accept among applicants vying for limited spots. The American Academy, an educational institution that offers online-based high school courses, suggests that taking classes related to the course you want to apply will increase your chances of getting accepted.

Here’s a quick review of why a high SAT score is important.

A Metric for College Preparedness

School admissions officers screen applicants for their readiness in handling university life. The SAT score is a useful gauge of a student’s academic preparedness for the next level. A high score shows your ability, knowledge of foundational concepts, eagerness to learn, desire for excellence, and other positive traits that make your application look better than others.

Deciding Among Applicants

In a pool of applicants, admissions officers have the task of screening each one to determine who fits the requirements of the school. One factor that may make a difference is the SAT score. It’s not the only consideration for accepting a student, but a high score will nevertheless help you stand out. A slight difference can give you the nudge over another candidate vying for the same slot.

A Measure of Compatibility with Your Chosen Program

The score you get will be one of the factors that will decide whether you get into your chosen program or not. Admissions officers will look into your Math and Sciences scores if you’re applying for an engineering course, for example. Some segments of the test will weigh more than others because of the field you want to study.

Some Schools Care about Score Range

Some universities and colleges care about SAT scores because they want to maintain a stellar reputation. If your scores in various sections of the SAT fall within their required ranges, your chances of getting accepted will be higher.

There are other reasons to aim for a higher SAT score these are just a few of them. Study hard and prepare months in advance to do well and get into your chosen school.

Air Conditioning in a Workplace Increases Productivity

air conditioningSeveral factors affect an employee’s productivity. Some factors like stress lead to poor employee performance. Factors such as a good working environment increase productivity.

A recent study from Harvard and Sycaruse Universities found that employees in a green environment performed 61% better on tasks than in standard office conditions. They also found that an increase in productivity of more than 100% was produced when the ventilation was doubled. Here’s how better air conditioning increases productivity.

There is no waste of working hours.

Working hours are wasted when employees are too uncomfortable to work when the temperature’s hot or when they keep having to adjust fans to keep them cool. An air condition system could reduce wastage of time; in Sydney, Daikin ducted air conditioning can be purchased at competitive prices.

Employees focus better.

Working in a hot environment lowers the ability of workers to focus. Employees have a hard time concentrating on tasks, solving problems and are likely to make more mistakes. Studies show that people who work in a comfortable environment commit fewer mistakes. An office air conditioning will increase employees’ ability to work and finish tasks and finish them accurately.

There are decreased stress levels.

A hot environment also affects an employee’s mood. Being hot and bothered increases the likelihood that tensions will also rise in the office. Installing an air conditioning system produces a calming effect over the entire office and makes the atmosphere more harmonious and pleasant.

There is a boost to morale.

Workloads feel lighter when employees are working in an environment that they like, making time task completion more likely. Instead of grumbling and moaning, employees can just carry on with their work. With a good air conditioning system installed, workers feel valued and are more motivated to perform.

Accomplishing tasks feel easier when employees are comfortable in their workplace. Working in a cooler workplace not only makes employees feel comfortable, but it also increases their productivity.

Common Fridge Problems You Can DIY

Repairman Fixing FridgeYou depend on your fridge a lot more than you think, but you ignore it most of the time and expect it to work 25 hours a day. It is only when it starts making weird noises or fails to cool properly that you give it any attention.

All Pro Appliance Service, Inc. explains that the easiest thing to do is call for a fridge service Salt Lake City. But if you want to save some money and do not mind getting your hands dirty, you might want to try your hand at a DIY repair job. Here are some common problems and possible solutions you can try:

Not Cooling

If your fridge is not cooling properly, you might have a problem with the evaporator fan, the condenser fan, or the defrost thermostat. You can replace the fans, but you will need a fridge service to replace the thermostat. Before trying anything drastic, clean the condenser coils first. Dirt and dust can keep your condenser from getting cool air into the fridge.

The condenser coils are usually at the back or under the fridge. If that does not fix the problem, check your fridge’s evaporator or condenser fans to see if they look like you need to replace them.

No Ice

If your fridge has an icemaker but is not producing ice, you may have a problem with the water inlet valve. If you know where that is, check to see if there are any tears or kinks in the hose. If you do not see any, there may be a clog in the hose or valve.

Before taking it out to check, make sure you turn off the water supply. Check the filter as well to see if you need to clean it. If you don’t see any clogs or you don’t know where the valve is, call a fridge service technician.

No Let Up

If you notice that your fridge is making too much noise, it may be cycling too often. That means the condenser is working overtime, a recipe for higher electric bills. A common cause of this is dirty condenser coils, so get your brush or vacuum cleaner and clean that up.

Common problems with your fridge sometimes require simple solutions. You can save some money by doing them yourself. However, if you feel you are not up to it, let the pros do it for you. s

A Checklist to Keep the Home Safe

CCTV CameraA school, where hundreds of students spend most of their day in, seem to pay no mind to the importance of testing for dangerous chemicals. How much worse is it for residential areas, where there are just a handful of adults to worry about what they consider a remote risk?

You may think everything is in order in the house, but there might be some dangers you don’t see. Do the following to be safe:

Have the House Tested

For old homes, radon testing is a must. Regardless of the house’s age, radon testing services are necessary. The long-term effects of these chemicals may compromise your family’s health, and in Utah, that means spending tons of money on medication and healthcare. Don’t think you’re safe just because your house is in a wealthy neighborhood. Anyone who does not act soon may be a victim.

Inspect for Fire Hazards

One common problem in old homes is the electric circuit. There could be something amiss, and you wouldn’t know until you plug all the appliances in. Unless you intend to live without electricity permanently, you’ll want to have your electrical system checked for problems. This is an important task for homeowners who are buying an old house. Even newly built homes have to be inspected, in case the developer decided to save a couple of bucks instead of using quality materials.

Install CCTV

Burglars are becoming more skillful and cunning. Just because you don’t see anything missing doesn’t mean you’re off their radar. They might have been eyeing your property for a long time, waiting for a chance to strike. Install security cameras near exits around the house, so you’ll know what happens while you’re asleep or away.

Who doesn’t want to feel safe at home? Pay attention to these unseen problems to keep your sanctuary safe and secure.

3 CompTIA Certifications to Advance Your Career

server technology in the data center

server technology in the data centerWorking in the information technology industry is financially rewarding. Given the pervasiveness of technology nowadays, you are sure to not run out of clients. However, this industry can also get rather competitive.

After all, it is normal for humans to flock into wherever resources are abundant. This is why you must be able to rise above the pack and level up your IT game. You could do this by securing certifications from the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), such as these three.

1. Security+

The CompTIA Security+ test assesses an IT professional’s level of proficiency in core security functions found in all types of computer technologies. This exam is composed of both knowledge and practice-based questions. It is one of the most favored certifications when it comes to DoD 8570 compliance.

2. Network+

The CompTIA Network+ test assesses an IT professional’s level of proficiency in wired and wireless networks. This includes network troubleshooting, configuration, and management. Getting this certification means you are ready to take on a career in IT infrastructure.

3. A+

The CompTIA A+ test is an entry-level knowledge and performance-based exam given to aspiring PC service technicians. This test comprises four domains — namely hardware, networking, mobile devices, and hardware and network troubleshooting.

Although this is one of the most basic of all CompTIA certifications, it is enough to jumpstart one’s career in IT.

These certifications are not solely for practicing IT professionals. These exams could also prove beneficial to students who are planning to pursue a career in IT and need a boost in their résumé as well as veterans who are looking into IT career opportunities post-service.

Meanwhile, business owners could also empower their in-house IT teams by having them apply for these certifications. Indeed, taking these exams is a worthwhile investment.

Disk Drive Failure: Common Red Flags and Causes

blue crash screenLosing data could be a real catastrophe. Fortunately, hard drives typically display warning signs before their imminent death, explains a CompTIA A+ practice test instructor.

The first thing to know about hard disk drives (HDDs) is that they’re mechanical, and a majority of them are based on the platter and spindle system, which functions similarly to a record player — with the arm reading data contained in the platter and the computer system using this data for virtually every single computer task.

There’s another hard drive type, the solid state drive (SSD), which has become increasingly popular in recent years. It makes use of electrical grid cells for directly writing data to memory modules, similar to how the random access memory (RAM) functions.

While SSDs are more durable and faster than typical hard drives, they are also prone to disk failure.

Common Disk Failure Causes

The main cause of disk failure, whether for HDDs or SSDs, is essentially a mechanical failure. With HDDs, the platter and spindle system might be losing precision or wearing out because of heavy usage or age.

With SSDs, the memory modules could likewise wear out due to the same reason. Other common causes of disk failure also include the following:

  • Impact. A hard drive’s components are sensitive, and sometimes, dropping a drive or a laptop could result in instant disk failure.
  • Excess heat. This could be the culprit if drives are used continually in an insufficiently cooled system or an extremely hot environment.
  • Power or lightning surges and static electricity.
  • Exposure to high magnetic fields or water.

Common Symptoms of Disk Failure

If you believe that your hard drive might be on its last leg, consider these issues are symptoms that disk failure is imminent:

  • Folders and files disappearing
  • Vague and frequent error messages when conducting common tasks, such as relocating files
  • File and folder names being changed or are scrambled
  • Excessively long wait times when accessing files and folders
  • Frequent crashing, especially when booting up
  • Corrupted files or output when printing
  • A grinding noise or extended silence when requesting data when opening folders or files

If you notice any of these red flags possibly indicating impending disk failure, it’s best to prepare for the worst case scenario and back up your hard drive as soon as possible. Knowing these disk failure causes and symptoms would help you avoid a potential disaster, so keep these in mind.

Cleanup Methods and Tools For Managing Marine Oil Spills

An oil spill being cleanedIn 1989, a disastrous oil event in the Prince William Sound in Alaska shook the world. The Exxon Valdez incident released about 41 million litres of oil into the ocean and destroyed marine life and ecosystems. How can we deal with disasters like this effectively?

Natural cleanup methods

The tides, the wind, and the sun are natural elements that can deal with the presence of oil in bodies of water. However gradual the process, the result is the removal of particles of oil, which is also the objective of containment and cleanup activities initiated by humans.

The natural method involves evaporation, which occurs very slowly. But because of the impact of crude oil on bodies of water and the creatures living in them, this method takes too long to be relied upon.

Containment products and remediation kits

Cleanup products are widely available, and many are proven effective. Your spill kit of choice will depend on specific circumstances. The additional equipment required to implement the cleanup methods depends on the terrain, the animal and plant life, and other factors in the community affected. Professional response and restoration companies are well versed in the determining factors and have the experience to make the best choice given a situation.

Absorbents and booms

There are numerous types of absorbents designed to remove oil from marine environments. As many people think that in-situ burning can do more harm than good, new and better sponge-like substances are being developed for deployment in affected sites. Meanwhile, booms made from metal or plastic help prevent the spread of oil to a wider area.

Several spills might occur in marine environments, and even the smallest ones could have terrible effects on animals and plants, as well as the communities that depend on the ocean for food and livelihood. Those who are affected can benefit from the use of effective spill control and management products.

The Makings of a Hit Band

Band performing on the stage at a concert

Band performing on the stage at a concertIt seems like whatever you do and however widely varied your music selection is, there is a new band popping up that you have never heard of before. And, surprise: they have been around for a while, perhaps with at least one album out already. At the very least, they will have an EP that showcases their musical prowess, and you wonder how you could not have found them sooner.

Now, if you are working with a band that exists but is not necessarily well-known, you might feel a bit frustrated. It is time to kick things up for the band, starting with the following:

Befriend More Popular Bands

These days, bands do not just tour with their members. They also tour with other bands, whether to perform at music festivals or to promote an album. It is mutually beneficial, although there is usually a more well-known band headlining, while the others are opening acts. It is your job not only to secure sound equipment hire from providers like Phonophobia ltd, but also to book gigs for your up-and-comer.

Coordinating with bigger artists under the same label could have them playing at a larger crowd in a cool UK venue. Even if just a small portion of that crowd starts listening to them, that can already be considered an improvement.

Introduce them to a Different Market

It may not seem like the best idea to go international too soon, but an Australian band could be known in North America and build their names from there. Even British bands build up their members to be more relatable to residents of other countries to improve their audience. If you are forming a band, it would be great to have their members come from different parts of the world. The diversity can help appeal to a bigger audience faster.

Bands do not wake up one day with millions of fans. You need to build them up and market them to more listeners. Do it wisely.

Choosing an Integrated School For Your Child

Children in an integrated schoolDiversity may sound like it shouldn’t belong in the classroom, but there are certain types that do. Some of these include socioeconomic and religious diversity, which according to research, can bring a wide array of positive learning experiences to students. From social benefits to the faster development of cognitive skills, parents should already realize the value of sending their children to an integrated school.

Here are just a few reasons you should invest in the quality of education that an integrated school in Cavite, such as St. Edward Integrated School can offer.

Stronger academic performance

On average, students attending integrated schools perform better than their peers in educational institutions with concentrated socioeconomic standing. Studies revealed that the former generally achieve higher test scores.

There are many possible reasons for this stronger academic performance of students in integrated schools. However, one of the biggest is that students feel more motivated in such institutions since they know that no discrimination against their socioeconomic standing takes place.

Higher inclination to pursue education after high school

Researchers have also found strong evidence that students who attend integrated schools are more likely to pursue higher education. This makes sense, seeing that these students find themselves in an environment filled with people from different walks of life. This then exposes them to early learning of how important education is to have a stable and good quality of life, thereby helping them realize that a college or university is just as important as high school.

As a parent, you definitely want only the best for your child, and recognizing as early as now the many benefits of integrated school can help you make a worthwhile investment for your child’s education. Choose the right school today so you can ensure a bright future for your child.