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Choosing an Integrated School For Your Child

Children in an integrated schoolDiversity may sound like it shouldn’t belong in the classroom, but there are certain types that do. Some of these include socioeconomic and religious diversity, which according to research, can bring a wide array of positive learning experiences to students. From social benefits to the faster development of cognitive skills, parents should already realize the value of sending their children to an integrated school.

Here are just a few reasons you should invest in the quality of education that an integrated school in Cavite, such as St. Edward Integrated School can offer.

Stronger academic performance

On average, students attending integrated schools perform better than their peers in educational institutions with concentrated socioeconomic standing. Studies revealed that the former generally achieve higher test scores.

There are many possible reasons for this stronger academic performance of students in integrated schools. However, one of the biggest is that students feel more motivated in such institutions since they know that no discrimination against their socioeconomic standing takes place.

Higher inclination to pursue education after high school

Researchers have also found strong evidence that students who attend integrated schools are more likely to pursue higher education. This makes sense, seeing that these students find themselves in an environment filled with people from different walks of life. This then exposes them to early learning of how important education is to have a stable and good quality of life, thereby helping them realize that a college or university is just as important as high school.

As a parent, you definitely want only the best for your child, and recognizing as early as now the many benefits of integrated school can help you make a worthwhile investment for your child’s education. Choose the right school today so you can ensure a bright future for your child.

All You Need to Know About Dead Stock

Man having a problem with his dead stockDead stock is a portion of your inventory that you just can’t sell, and there could be many different reasons for these not to sell. Not only do these items take up valuable warehouse space, but they also put a financial strain on your operations. So why is dead stock, dead stock?

  • Defective Items: In some cases, a product simply won’t sell because it’s defective. For instance, a dress might be inaccurately marked as size 10 when it’s a size 8.
  • Poor Buying Decisions: Usually, a distributor’s poor buying decisions could sway them into purchasing tons of your inventory and them stockpiling these. However, if you don’t have a well-made returns’ policy, you might end up with the same inventory in case your distributor fails to sell the bulk of the items purchased.
  • Poor Inventory Management: If you lack a proper inventory management system, this would eventually lead to stock accumulation and ultimately dead stock.
  • Poor Marketing: If your team isn’t adequately trained to market your offerings, how can you make people buy them if the products can’t speak for themselves?

So What Do You Do with Dead Stock?

According to a renowned logistics consulting company, ReverseLogix, yes dealing with dead stock could be difficult, more so if the products take up significant space in your warehouse, but you could try and recoup your investment depending on certain circumstances, such as:

  • Donate the items to a charitable organization for a tax deduction;
  • Sell them to liquidation and close-out retailers;
  • Give them away as gifts for qualified purchases;
  • Selling clothing to consignment shops; or
  • Bundling them with your other offerings collectively at reduced prices than if the bundled items were bought separately.

But Can You Avoid Dead Stock Altogether?

Absolutely yes. You could avoid accumulating dead stock along with its related costs by:

  • Speaking to your target customers to find out their needs and wants in a product;
  • Ordering or manufacturing just the right amount of products that you want to launch until you could gauge how well (or not) they perform;
  • Basing your ordering or manufacturing decisions on actual research and analytics instead of personal interests, intuition, or gut;
  • Using the right automation tools to streamline inventory management; and
  • Getting help from professionals whenever required.

Continually footing the expenses related to stocking dead stock could put a damper on your finances. But now that you know why dead stock happens, what you could do with it, and how you could avoid it, the best start moving before you end up with more and more dead stock.

New Jobs and Technology: The Future of the IT Industry in the UK

Team of programmers collaboratingThe IT industry in the UK plays an important role in the growth of the economy. It increases the GDP of the UK by creating employment opportunities in an evolving industry. More and more graduates of IT-related courses are applying for new jobs in the industry. Not only does the industry require IT graduates, but they also need graduates with knowledge and training in business-related courses such as management, marketing, finance and more.

Many companies in the UK offer IT-related positions. ALLTEKS Ltd, a Kent-based IT company, provides job opportunities in IT support and disaster recovery solutions to talented IT graduates in the UK. The company provides their services to businesses across the UK who need IT solutions.

UK’s IT Sector

With each passing day, more and more opportunities are being offered to IT graduates. Game development, multimedia programming and cyber security are some IT positions being offered in the UK. These innovative IT-related jobs enhance the growth of the IT sector in the UK. With technology advancing each day, who knows what else is in store for the future of information technology.

Future Information Technology

One of the fastest growing areas in the IT industry is cloud technology. Many UK businesses are storing enormous amounts of data on cloud-based technology. Cloud storage lessens the need for big company expenses, and it easily allows companies to upgrade or downsize their storage systems. In the near future, we are likely to see more information stored in the cloud rather than our PCs or laptops.

The IT industry is also being affected by the rise of mobile devices. Future IT-related jobs may be using their smartphones to program, process or monitor data for future IT software. A simple swipe or touch of the screen can achieve numerous tasks; what can it do for the IT industry? We won’t have to wait too long to see what technology has in store for us.


Get Ahead with a CompTIA Security+ Certification

Man pointing at a ISO 9001 certification concept

Man pointing at a ISO 9001 certification conceptGetting certified in certain disciplines in the IT industry is an essential step in taking your career a step further. It’s only a matter of choosing the right certification that will benefit your career. Database security is one of the fastest growing fields in the IT industry as most companies with large databases need to secure them. Websites such as explain that a CompTIA Security+ Certification is one of the most popular security certifications which also happen to be vendor neutral.

What Is CompTIA Security+?

CompTIA Security+ is a vendor neutral certification that provides an additional edge to IT specialists. It proves you can handle jobs that require security clearance and acts as a validation of your credentials and skills as a security analyst, security specialist, network security engineer, compliance operational security, and a whole lot more. Furthermore, Security + certified IT professionals can predict possible risks and issues that may arise related to security and act accordingly to resolve these issues before they become a problem.

Advantages Of Having Certification

A degree in IT may not be enough when applying for a job because of the intense competition. A certification will show employers that you are willing to take your knowledge and education further than your degree. This will make you stand out among the other candidates vying for the same position. As a bonus, certified individuals earn more than those who have no certifications under their names.

How To Become Security+ Certified

To apply for the CompTIA Security+ Certification, you need to meet the following requirements:

1. A minimum of two years experience in the IT security field;
2. Extensive knowledge in complex technologies;
3. Has sufficient experience and knowledge in protecting an organization from network security breaches, like hacking and other security threats;
4. Must be CompTIA Network+ certified.

Final Thoughts

The CompTIA Security+ Certification is not cheap, so you should prepare for the exam. You should finish a training program and complete a CompTIA Security+ practice test first for a higher chance of passing. Furthermore, CompTIA Security+ Certification holders must renew their credentials every three years by earning Continuing Education Units.

Rewards that Come with a Game Designer Career

Game designer workingSome careers are often misunderstood, and one such career is as a game designer. People believe that it is a profession where individuals sit around and play games all the time. But this is far from the truth. A career in the game designing field is like all other jobs and entails a lot of hard work, qualification, and dedication.

Academic courses are available

Many universities offer a whole range of courses in Singapore and other regions, which can help qualify as a game designer. This field is very competitive involving stress, bosses, and deadlines, in short like any other lucrative field. The rewards and benefits are many, though. If you love playing computer and video games, then you will find this job very pleasurable and fun. But it should be pursued as a career, with accredited qualifications to begin with.

Vivid imagination and technological skills

The best part about this career is that you get to make and play video games. If you have a great imagination and have always dreamt of designing new games for gamers to play, this is the career for you. You should have the technological skills to not only come up with your ideas but also have them incorporated into your new game. But this is not always simple as your ideas might not be accepted, especially if you are a novice in the field. Build your credibility with right qualification and dedication.

Other rewards

A game designer’s job is very different from other regular jobs. They need not adhere to nine to five timings nor do they have to stick to any dress code. Despite many benefits, a game designer’s job involves a lot of work. It is true that they can play several games, but they have to try out games they do not like too.

To grow in this career, you have to know what will and will not work in a particular game. You should also know the new trends and technological changes in the field. If all this sounds good to you, then research and enrol in a game design course, to start your career.

The Chain of Command Principle and Its Correlation to Packing Systems

Cardboard Boxes on Conveyor Belt in Factory

Cardboard Boxes on Conveyor Belt in FactoryAre we not all familiar with how factories, such as those that serve an industrial need, include process-based systems to function? The efficiency of factories has grown through the years. Thanks to improvements in technology and automation, we can say that the most productive industrial and manufacturing companies follow a chain of command.

The Chain of Command Principle

Most, if not all, organisations structure themselves upon a model. There is a ladder of sorts that dictates a ‘chain of command’. Through this chain, an organisation’s authority, communication, and responsibility are well-defined. The organisational chart serves to identify the relationships that define the superior and the subordinate. It is through such structures wherein organisations function successfully.

On the Efficiency of Packing Systems

Similarly, the principle is comparable to a packing workstation. A packing workstation can differ in more ways than one, often times depending on the amount of work needed. A hobbyist can have a single workstation for personal use. A packing and shipping department, on the other hand, may require specific equipment. Take, for instance, how a medium packing business would have to deal with orders much larger in scope and size.

The correlation between the chain of command principle and packing systems best manifests in the way organisation and processes serve as the keys to efficiency. Subordination, for example, would create a rift in a company’s operations. This would cause a breakdown in productivity, which could translate into financial losses. A packing system, if not for its careful order of processes, would not be as productive. It is in the chain of command wherein a company can ensure productivity.

Creating a ‘Chain of Command’ in a Packing Station

From installation to modernisation, creating an efficient chain in a packing station begins with investing in the proper equipment. Conveyor systems, packing benches and packaging machinery are a few examples that can improve packaging operations. By improving the station, a packing system can create better work flow patterns and reduce movements throughout the entire factory or company.

Mentorship: A Necessity for High School Students Determined to Succeed

Teacher in Classroom Mentoring a Student

Teacher in Classroom Mentoring a StudentVarious challenges litter the long, grueling path to high school graduation: keeping up with academic requirements, applying for college and getting ahead of career decisions, and maintaining a social life. While students may often feel bogged down by schoolwork, having a steady support system in the form of mentorship can have a significant impact on student performance in the face of hardship. In fact, mentorship plays a huge role in helping the young minds succeed in the future.

Mentoring Functions as “Educational Health Care”

Having support outside the home is essential for every student. With the help of a mentor, students can achieve their academic goals easily with the compassionate advice from a school professional. Educational experts are changing the notion of mentors as the “heroic volunteer who suddenly swoops in,” however. In fact, what more young people need nowadays is a diverse network of formal and informal mentors to help meet various academic and social needs.

Mentors Are the Key to Successfully Serving Young Learners

The presence of a role model can go a long way in influencing their perception towards school. Mentors are just another form of role model on campus that can shape student outcomes and boost morale. In fact, a 2013 study shows that the addition of a single guidance counselor in high schools led to a 10% increase in college enrollment rates.

Parent Involvement is Key to Student Success

Mentorship is essential since it doesn’t simply focus on getting a kid into college: it also covers emotional or health problems that demand attention and affect academic performance. On that note, students cannot reap the full benefits of mentorship without the same level of parent involvement. Students in high school may want their parents to be less involved in their studies, but taking on an active role can help encourage students to perform better and be more confident in their abilities.

Mentorship is important because it ensures that students get the support they remain functional and healthy in spite of their academic responsibilities. With a strong at-home and academic support system, students will realize that the long path to graduation might not be so grueling after all.

What Every Emergency Vehicle Needs

Driving an Emergency Vehicle

Driving an Emergency VehicleFirst responders do not rely only on the efficiency and quickness of their emergency vehicles and the quality of their rescue equipment. Their vehicle storage areas and other fit outs also play crucial roles in the way they handle any emergency.

Simple emergency vehicle fit outs can greatly help first responders hasten their response time during emergency situations. MFI Service Bodies explains that these are unassuming, yet efficient, emergency vehicle implements that improve the efficiency of the first responders.

Communications Gear

According to Fire and Rescue NSW, every emergency vehicle has an onboard communications gear that helps emergency personnel know about any developing crisis. The placement and configuration of the communications gear play an important role in an emergency vehicle. They are in a secure place that is accessible. The communications gear should also not obstruct the view or movements the crew. When these requisites are present, a communications gear fit out achieves its design goal.

Medical Gear Storage Fit Out

An efficient emergency vehicle has good placement and organisation of all medical gear. The medical crew should take them out quickly without much effort. Medical equipment includes oxygen tanks, masks, defibrillators, and medicine, that should be accessible to everyone in the vehicle.

Warning Systems and Signage

Fit outs like sirens, blinking lights, and reflective stickers are essential for all emergency vehicles. They warn other vehicles to make way because there is a developing crisis that needs immediate attention.

Blinking lights, such as the red flashing lights of Queensland Police State Emergency Service Vehicles, provide a visual warning to other vehicles. Blaring sirens deliver a loud audio notice to motorists and pedestrians that an emergency vehicle is passing. Finally, reflective stickers allow other cars to see the vehicle even in low light.

A blend of these well-designed fit outs is in use in many emergency vehicles today. Since time is of the essence in any emergency situation, it is important that emergency personnel have the best fit outs that enable them to do their work efficiently. In fact, the design of the fit outs themselves could very well be the thing that stands between life and death.

Ensure the Maintenance of your Vertical Transportation

Elevator Maintenance

Elevator MaintenanceBoth residential and commercial structures can make good use of vertical transportation. Vertical transports provide great utility value. People get to move up and down structures with vertical transports, transporting goods or materials in them. These machines can also have features that all help in transportation and in emergency situations.

Vertical transports can come in the form of a service lift, a dumbwaiter, or an elevator. Vertrans Lift Surveys & Certification Ltd says that vertical transportation is vital for commercial structures housing all kinds of businesses.

Valued Equipment

Vertical transports are of great value, which makes it only natural to take good care of these machines. Proper and regular maintenance can make your transports last for decades. You will be able to save up as well since you are in no need of service calls for broken transports. To make sure you have the right maintenance from the right technician, here are some things you can do.

Choose Bids

For one, you have to shop around with the bids presented to you. The lowest prices may lead you to more expenses if the technician is incompetent. You have to find an experienced technician that presents a reasonable price for his services. You can hire vertical transportation consultants to help you through this process.

Read Contracts

Besides the bids, you should also be meticulous with the contracts. You can review the contract given to you and see if the terms and conditions are fair. You need to have protection, specifics details on matters such as scheduling of maintenance as well as duration on site for technicians.

Add Details

Other important contract details include response time and deferred maintenance. You can make sure that response time for entrapment situations is indicated. A half-hour response time is recommended. Additionally, you can also ensure that the contract indicates that service providers must provide service according to the terms of the contract.

Vertical transportation equipment is highly valuable. They need constant care and maintenance to ensure that they last long and that you avoid unnecessary expenses.

What Nail Polish Colour Should You Buy Next?

Nail Polish Colour in BrisbaneThere’s a massive variety of nail polish colours you can buy online. And if you’re obsessed about your lacquers, this makes it just a little bit more difficult to decide what shade of shellac to buy next.

The nail polish colours you choose can tell a lot about you, says an expert from Gloss & Co. Whether your nails are dressed to impress in sparkly colours, or whether you’re more of an understated gal with a taste for more subtle hues, you’ll be surprised at how much your personality shines through your nails.

  1. Red

Red is classic and timeless. Whether you prefer a bright, flirty red with orange undertones, or a darker, bolder, vampy burgundy shade, red screams glamour. It tells people you’re not afraid to stand out, and stand out you do.

  1. Pink

A light, pearlescent pink shows you’re a girly girl, and you have no qualms about telling it to the world. Pale, pastel shades are soft and feminine, but they’re neutral and professional and are a great choice for the office.

  1. Blue

There are so many ways to wear blue. It comes in a wide variety of shades – from turquoise to electric blue to deep navy. Blue nail polish shows you’re forward-thinking and versatile, and you love experimenting with your looks.

  1. Neon

Bright yellows, oranges and greens show off your bubbly side. If you like neon colours, you could be seen as loud and gregarious. Be careful about using neon at the office.

  1. Nudes

Beiges and creams are the new light pink. The subtle, understated look of nude nail polish shows you’re a laid back, easy going woman who’s not afraid to wear your hair down, even in public.

  1. Nail Art

If you like art on your nails, you like art everywhere. Donning nail art designs means you’re creative and adventurous. You value your individuality and aren’t afraid of expressing it.

  1. Black

Nothing screams femme fatale than black nail polish. This colour on your nails shows you are confident, powerful, and not to be messed with. For a more understated look, go for dark grey or navy blue.

When you’re buying nail polish, you’re not just buying colour for your nails. You’re making a decision about what statement to make about yourself. Remember, the colour you choose best represents your personality, or at least your attitude for the day!