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A Test of Authenticity: Are your Diamonds Real?

Real Diamonds

Real DiamondsNot everything that shines is a diamond. Sadly, there are diamonds synthetically made that people pass off as real ones and if you are among the majority of individuals who do not know how to distinguish real ones from fake ones then this article is for you.

Note that when buying brand new diamonds, certification from American Gem Society (AGS) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) are present. Diamonds that have been in your jewelry box or given to your by your grandmother or anything that has no certification can be subject to such tests at home.

Sandpaper Test

Wondering if that diamond ring you bought in Utah was really from a famous and fancy jewelry store and is legitimate? Take a sheet of sandpaper and scratch the surface. A real diamond would remain perfect without a single scratch.

Fog Test

Take the diamond between your fingers and breathe on it (as you would when cleaning a spot in your car window glass). A real diamond would fog up and quickly dissipate because it easily conducts heat and therefore conducts heat easily as well.

Water Test

Diamond has a high density and would, therefore, sink to the bottom when soaked in water. If it floats up or to the middle, then it is not a real one.

Light Test

Hold the diamond against the light. If you see rainbow colors inside the diamond, then it is fake. A real diamond will reflect light uniquely. It will sparkle gray and white inside the stone, known as brilliance. The outside, on the other hand, would reflect rainbow colors onto other surfaces.

Jewelers refer to this reflected light as fire.

When in doubt, it is still best to bring your diamonds to a gemologist and have them professionally assess our pieces. That engagement ring your ex-husband gave you might not be a fake, after all.

The Four Cs of Buying Diamond Rings

Engagement rings

Are you ready to sweep your fiancee off her feet with a dazzling diamond ring, or you’re just looking to add a flashy flair to your daily fashion statement? Whether you’re growing your jewelry collection or you want your first purchase of a diamond ring in Utah or any state to be worth every penny, then keep in mind these four important Cs—cut, color, clarity and carat!

Buying Your Diamond Ring with the Help of the Four Cs


Cuts are the only characteristic of a diamond that is not a product of nature. Cutting diamonds are a man-made practice that can either result to brilliance or blunder. There are different types of diamond cuts out there. For many buyers, they choose the round cut, which is the most common. Some of the other cuts include the princess, the oval, the emerald, the marquirse, the pear, and what coul be the finest of them all—the heart shape.


A loupe is a magnifying eyeglass used for inspecting “inclusions” or “nature’s fingerprints” in diamonds. With the worst one graded as I3 or Imperfect 3, the ideal diamonds are along the lines of SI1 (Slightly Included 1) or higher, with the IF or Internally Flawless as the most expensive one.


Interestingly, a colorless (or white) diamond is considered the most valuable and rarest of them all, which is rated as “D” of the color scale. “Z” is at the other end of this color scale, and between these two points, some diamonds will have subtle colored tones.


Not to be confused with karat (which is a unit of purity for gold), carat measures the size (weight) of a diamond. It is divided into points, which are 100 smaller units, and the higher the carat, the pricier the ring.

It’s the Message that Matters

Whether you’re buying it for yourself or for someone else, remember that diamonds convey something about you, whether it’s your status or affection. It’s important to make sure you’re getting what you paid for by looking at the specifications of diamond rings in Utah. Consulting with expert jewelers and discover what style suits your taste.

Starting Your Own Jewellery Business

Jewellery Business Jewellery is good business. People like wearing ornaments to match their clothing or personal style. If you’re thinking about starting your own jewellery business, here’s some practical advice.

You need the technical know-how

You need to know how to make jewellery, of course, or you can at least know about design. You might find your business more fulfilling if you are the one who makes the trinkets. But if you don’t have the skill or time for that, yet you can design on paper, then you can find others to outsource the creation to. Jewellery casters will gladly work with you in turning your creations into reality — for a fee, of course.

You need a name for your business

Get creative when you think of a name. Just to make sure it hasn’t been taken yet, check with the Intellectual Property Office. A solicitor may also conduct a name search for you. Your business name should already convey what you want customers to know at a glance just to avoid confusion. This is also important in the next item on this list.

Check the domain

Before deciding on a final name for your business, check to see if the equivalent domain name is still available. This is why you need your business name to be a no-brainer. Ranking on web searches partly depends on how easy it is to identify your business with only your domain name. For example, if your business is jewellery and you use a domain name that’s more sensible for a chocolate store, that’s not very wise. Make it as easy as possible for customers to identify you within your own industry.

Contact your chamber of commerce

It would be easier to find contacts, clients and customers when you’re a member of your chamber of commerce. If they know you well, other business owners in your area can send customers your way.

Get the necessary permits

You must operate within legal boundaries, so get the permits before you open up shop. This is how you get to pay taxes too. If you have employees you will need to give them their proper salaries, benefits and insurance.

Learn as much as you can about your craft

Continue learning about your industry to provide better products. Getting suppliers is also part of the business. Improvement is inevitable in business, and learning is the only way to achieve that. You also have to learn how to market offline and online.

There are other matters you have to attend to when you get into the jewellery business. Security is one of them. Do your due diligence on research and provide great products that customers will love you for. This is how you make your name.

Engagement Rings: What are the Trends?

Engagement RingsColored gems, stones, and metals, as well as unusual details, provide great design improvement for engagement rings nowadays. Vintage details are also gaining popularity.

Put a Spin on Your Ring

Engagement rings are a memorable and beautiful symbol of a couple’s relationship. The right engagement ring should suit the personality and lifestyle of the person who will wear it. When choosing engagement rings in Utah, or anywhere else in the US, consider the different cool colors and designs.

Loud color as a trend is a welcome option for people wanting a unique engagement ring. Colored diamonds are becoming increasingly popular: steel gray, white, blue, yellow, orange, red or even pink.

Colored gems and stones are also an option for those who don’t want a diamond center stone. Jewelers are providing couples an option of using other gems and stones in their engagement rings. Colored accent stones, colored metals, and mixing metals are popular choices for a colorful engagement ring.

Flowers and bows are details not just for your wardrobe. They are also excellent to include in your rings. Floral settings, bow, and ribbon settings give the ring a trendy and elegant look.

Choose the timeless elegance

Vintage is the new trend. An intricate look reminiscent of the older designs is quickly becoming popular. Victorian settings and even art deco designs are having a comeback when it comes to engagement rings. Jewelers and designers are looking at past style and bringing it back, some with a modern twist. Rose gold is trendy again as more rings are using this unusual and dainty color. Marquis cuts are gaining ground as either center cut stone or as accent pieces.

Moissanite vs. Diamonds: Which One is Ideal for You

Jewelry While a diamond is usually the center stone found in most rings, you should consider other options that could make your ring more pocket-friendly – but just as stunning.

Introducing Moissanite, it is discovered in 1893 hiding in an unsuspecting meteor crater by French chemist Henri Moissan. Also, it is an extremely scarce and rare mineral. Due to its rarity, moissanite these days are grown in labs exclusively by Charles & Colvard. Let’s take a look at how moissanite compares to diamonds.


Although certified diamonds acquire its grading by their color, moissanites aren’t. Classic moissanite stones aren’t colorless and look similar to K-color, GIA certified diamonds and can even display a greenish or yellowish tint under particular lighting conditions. If you’re leaning towards more colorless stones, opt for Forever Brilliant moissanite stones, which are similar to H-color GIA certified diamonds. If however you want something that’s icy white and truly colorless, go with Forever One moissanite stones, which are similar to E-color, GIA certified diamonds.


This refers to a stone’s capacity for reflecting white light, which is a perfect measure of how sparkly a stone is. Moissanite stones, especially the truly colorless ones look more brilliant than some diamonds in the same price range and disperse light extremely well. Likewise, they’re more resilient to dirt and grease, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning often.

When it comes to the moissanite vs. diamonds debate, although moissanite stones can’t reproduce the exact look of more costly and high-graded diamonds, they present a practical option for those who can’t afford diamonds or those who simply want something that’s equally striking, but more economical and ethical.


The harder the stone, the more durable it is. While diamonds have a rating of 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, moissanite stones have a 9.25 rating, which is higher than the ratings of other popularly used gemstones.


Moissanite stones, even the most brilliant and costly ones still cost significantly less than diamonds. Although the price of a diamond differs according to several factors — clarity, carat, color, cut, among others — moissanite stones are priced almost the same, and will only vary due to the exact type and size.

Always arm yourself with the right information to make the right choice. Don’t hesitate to get some professional help if things get complicated.

How Deep is Your Love? Customized Rings to the Rescue

Engagement Rings

Engagement RingsExchanging diamond rings with your partner is especially significant, because it marks the beginning of a new journey. Many people these days present their would-be spouses with family heirlooms to signify the depth of their feelings.

Another popular option is to have custom-made diamond rings, designed to the liking and preferences of their partner. The advantage of having custom rings is that the design you choose and the materials used to forge the ring are completely up to you.

Here are some reasons that people go for custom engagement rings, especially in Utah:

• Since each person has different tastes, a customized ring’s design can suit the preferences of your loved one. It makes your loved one feel special and loved, more so if you consulted with her on the design that she likes.

• Customized rings are mementos forged on your choice of material and design. With careful choosing, you can have a special ring made for your loved one without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money.
• Many jewelers have many options in terms of designs and materials to create rings. Your job is merely to choose what you want your ring to look like. The process is easy and hassle-free. This may take some time, so don’t cram.

• With the development in technology, you can easily design and order your custom rings online and pick it up at the jeweler’s. You need not have to spend a lot of time personally going to the jeweler’s shop to find your ideal engagement ring.

• Verify samples of the work of the jeweler before getting down to choosing one to design your engagement ring.

Asking your loved one to marry you is a special moment in your life. The ring you choose to present to your loved one is more significant when it is unique – but remember, no amount of uniqueness is substitute for love and sincerity.

Express Yourself: 3 Jewelry Trends for 2014


Jewelry always remains popular, no matter what time, month or season it is. Trends do emerge, but one factor has always remained constant: a woman’s love for jewelry, regardless of her age.


People in New York are no exception when it comes to buying jewelry. Jewelers in Long Island have pieces of jewelry perfect for every occasion and in accordance with current trends in the market. They keep up with the times when it comes to accessorizing.

Here are some of the jewelry trends to watch out for:

Fringe benefits

The newest earring design doing rounds in the accessory market is the fringe jewelry. Whether it’s chain, cord, or strung beads, fringe has been popping up on necklaces, earrings, and other accessories.

Pendant revival

Eternal and classy, pendant necklaces will never run out of style. If chunky collars seem too intimidating, pendant necklaces offer the perfect stylish compromise. This accessory is striking without overtaking your outfit.

Stacked & layered

Wrap your wrist in delicate simplicity with this year’s must-have skinny bangles. With small diamonds and white gold settings, they are sure to add a sparkle to your outfit. Being playful with your jewelry and showcasing your style is the key with this stacking jewelry trend.

With every season, comes a new fashion trend. It only makes sense that you know about the latest updates in Long Island jewelers, so you can always look your best.