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​What to Expect from an Employment Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Woman in a Middle of an Employee Dispute

Woman in a Middle of an Employee DisputeDispute resolution, also called as alternative dispute resolution or appropriate dispute resolution (ADR), is an alternative to having a court decide over a dispute in a trial or other proceedings. It is used to resolve many forms of disputes like family, employment, and environment, among others, explains Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc. Mediation in employment disputes is a common issue, especially in the United States.

What Lawyers Do

The role of the lawyer in a dispute resolution process depends on the nature of the complaint. In many processes, lawyers would accompany their clients, assisting as counselors or as advocates, with the aim to settle disputes in the most favorable outcome for the clients.

The process includes a dispute resolution procedure. The main types are litigation, arbitration, and mediation. Litigation is where a verdict is reached in a court. Arbitration is where a resolution is reached through an independent arbitrator. Mediation is where a settlement is reached by both parties through a mediator.

How the Process Goes

First, an employment dispute lawyer informs the client of their legal position, their chance of winning the case, and where it can be won (i.e. in court, in arbitration, in mediation). Particularly with mediation, they can help the client with several options of settling the dispute and liaising with the parties involved.

Second, if the dispute moves towards a formal dispute resolution procedure, the lawyer will make a recommendation for the client on what steps to take. All the documents required for the procedure will be accomplished by the lawyer, including the statements, reports, and evidence of the case.

Third, as the trial or hearing arrives, the lawyer can choose to argue for the client himself or herself or may brief another attorney to represent the client. In both ways, the lawyer will still attend the trial, either as an advocate or as an assistant to an attorney.

Lastly, after a settlement or a verdict is reached, the lawyer will ensure the strict enforcement of the settlement agreement or the verdict.

Although court and arbitration procedures are more regular and timed, mediating in employment disputes is more advantageous if you consider the stress and the cost involved on both client and lawyer.

3 Must-Read Questions You Might Want to Ask When Hiring a Court Reporter

Court HearingOnly a few of us fully understand the importance of a court reporter in every litigation process. In fact, many Americans only see court reporters in Phoenix, AZ as the quiet individual who’s always present in every court session, especially when someone gives a testimony. A great court reporter, however, can make or break your case depending on their set of skills. But how do you choose a court reporter? Here are a few considerations that you might want to know:

Are they state certified?

One of the first questions you might want to ask is their state certification. Ask if they’re state certified so you’ll know if they’re eligible to provide this kind of service. It’s best to have an idea if they’re a part of the NCRA so they do the tasks involved with this type of work.

Do they have enough experience to do the job?

Although there’s nothing wrong with hiring someone who only finished training recently, it’s always a great idea to hire assistance from somebody who has been around the same industry for several years. However, keep in mind that people who just finished their training are usually eager to do their best. It’s truly up to you to determine which person is good for the job.

Do they offer the litigation support that you need?

There are several types of litigation support that a court reporter can provide you. There are court reporters who can provide transcripts, real-time reporting, as well as overnight transcriptions with their clients.

These are just a few of the questions that you might want to ask when hiring a court reporter. It’s always best to work with someone who can handle the job right and can deliver the output that you need.

The Case for Hiring a Lawyer During Divorce

Couple signing their divorce papersOne of the worst experiences a couple can go through is having a divorce. When a relationship fails, most couples resort to opting for a divorce, especially of all efforts have been exhausted. Being married will not guarantee that it’s perfect. There are quarrels and disagreements.

When the relationship isn’t working out, the couple might need to hire a divorce attorney in Long Island to handle all legal matters. The whole process isn’t easy — it’s painful and tedious. A divorce lawyer will make the process easier for the couple.

Here are the advantages of hiring an experienced divorce attorney.

1. They provide confidentiality to clients

Divorce isn’t an easy way out of the marriage, especially if children are in the picture. Lawyers have trained to make sure the case is confidential to protect the couple and the family. Since most people find divorce controversial, the lawyers will make sure everything is confidential.

2. Divorce attorneys offer expert advice

Lawyers have experienced and trained in their line of expertise. Divorce attorneys have handled countless divorce cases, making them experts. Also, an experienced attorney will make sure their client gets what they deserve after the divorce.

3. They take the animosity during the procedure

Divorce lawyers involved in the case mediate the two parties. Divorce provokes anger, animosity and hatred between the two individuals. Lawyers are there to mediate the situation and negotiate on behalf of their clients. This reduces the tension.

A divorce is a disheartening process. Nevertheless, it’s just a process, and in time, it’ll be over. Divorce lawyers are there to assist the client throughout the procedure. They help the client understand the legal matter. Hence, it’s essential to hire an experienced lawyer during a divorce is essential.

3 Career Paths to Pursue with a Paralegal Degree

Lawyer looking at casesHaving sufficient knowledge of the law is always an advantage, as you can use it to successfully navigate your way in the society. If you’re happy with a career that involves the law system, but you don’t necessarily plan on attending law school, being a paralegal is the ideal job for you.

But that means taking one or multiple paralegal certificate programs. Paralegals help lawyers in doing tasks, such as legal research and writing.

If you wish to pursue a career in this field, you may find yourself working in the following areas:

Law Firms

The primary career option for paralegals would be to work with law firms founded and operated by lawyers. They can assist the attorneys in doing client interviews, analyzing documents as evidence, or preparing witness files. Paralegals are different from legal secretaries, which mostly do clerical duties such as organizing files.

Corporate Legal Departments

In the corporate field, companies need someone to help draft documents, monitor and report changes in tax laws, and maintain a record of all pending litigations. These tasks could be expedited with the help of a paralegal, which is why it’s common to see legal departments in big companies today.

Government Agencies

A paralegal may also work with government agencies, especially those who deal with social work or environmental advocacies. These fields are often hounded by human trafficking or environmental violation cases. A paralegal can help these agencies by drafting petitions for hearings, researching on cases, and lobbying or persuading officials to make favorable decisions.Becoming a paralegal can offer plenty of career paths for you. Working in law firms, corporate legal departments, or government agencies are just some of these career trajectories for paralegals. Thanks to paralegals, lawyers can delegate tasks to ease the burden.

4 Things You Need to Do Before Working Aboard 

Women working abroad

Women working abroadWorking abroad, particularly in the United States, involves several legal requirements and procedures. These include work permits, visa applications, and other paperwork. In case you’re planning to migrate to another country for a job, be sure to review the employment contract thoroughly.

While it can be convincing to grab the opportunity right away, it’s always better to be safe. outlines some things you should consider when looking for a job abroad.

1. Check the Employer’s Credentials

The first thing you need to check is the legitimacy of the company you’re applying for or the employer trying to recruit you. There are several reports about work abroad scams, so be meticulous when looking for a job. Review the job details and make a profile or background check about the company.

2. Evaluate the Relocation Package

Before saying yes to your employer, review the relocation package and compensation they are offering. The problem with most people are convinced easily without knowing the currency value. They tend to think it’s a good offer without realizing the cost of living and other financial responsibilities. As much as possible, try to negotiate the compensation. Check the benefits they offer. Is it good enough for your daily expenses? Is there any significant change from what you are earning currently? Always gauge your options.

3. Review Your Visa Status

If your job offer does not include visa applications, it’s better to consult a professional, so you can understand your visa conditions. Make sure your work visa is updated. Most employers take responsibility for obtaining the visa for their recruits or incoming employees. Take note, however, that you still need to do some paperwork on your own.

4. Be Familiar with Tax Laws

Just like any other foreign countries, you need to be familiar with their tax policies. Be sure to file your taxes on time. Coordinate with your employer regarding the procedure and requirements to avoid disputes in the future.

While there are hundreds of job opportunities waiting for you abroad, it’s always better to rethink your goals. Keep in mind that this could be the biggest decision you need to make. Take your time and prepare for the big change.

Breaking the News of Divorce to Your Family

Couple facing away from each other

Couple facing away from each otherYou want to make the marriage work for the sake of your children, but it’s undeniable that some things have already changed. Deciding to finally end the marriage is not the only thing to think about, however.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do You Know How to File for Divorce?

It’s not going to be easy, but it’s not impossible, too. Prepare yourself by learning how to file for divorce in your state. Each state has their own rules, so Utahans need to look for the process specific to Utah. Your lawyer at Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. can fill you in on the technicalities that you cannot learn from reading online articles. Your case may have unique elements, so don’t expect that it will go precisely how source articles say it will.

How Will You Tell Your Partner?

Saying the word divorce for the first time can be hard. Before telling your partner, it’s all just thoughts. Once you sit down and speak about it, it makes the decision real. Your partner may not take it well, or they might agree with your decision. Gauge their mood, especially if they have a difficult temper. You don’t want to add domestic violence to the mix when you’re already planning to exit the marriage.

How Will You Tell Your Children?

Your children will also have a different reaction to the divorce. The way they see it, their parents do not love each other anymore, and it will split the family in two. They will start thinking about holidays, birthdays, and all those occasions that families supposedly spend with each other. They might also blame themselves for your decision. If it’s possible, you and your partner should talk to them together, so they know that the divorce does not change your love for them.

Divorce is a delicate matter, especially if your family is going through it for the first time. It might mean that the family will be broken, but it can also be that one final time that everyone comes together as one.

What You Should Do When You Sustain Personal Injury

Guy suffering from knee injury

Guy suffering from knee injuryThe Washington State. Home to the iconic Yakima Indian Reservation where thousands of wild horses roam. It’s also the number one producer of fruits staple to the American diet, from apples to raspberries.

But there’s more to Washington than its sweet cherries. With a population of more than 7.4 million, accidents lurk in every corner. And the worst part is, negligence has a lot to do with these incidents.

Your rights as a victim

You’ve found yourself part of the statistics in Marysville after sustaining injuries caused by another person. Whether it’s a car crash, a product defect, or a slip, trip, or fall, know that you have every right to seek compensation.

The Feldman & Lee Law Office suggests hiring a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Falling victim to any form of personal injury causes major pain and suffering, which is something that no one deserves, especially if someone else caused the accident. Your rights — and protecting them — are good enough reason to file a claim.

The complex face of Washington’s personal injury law

Washington strives hard to protect its residents and their rights. However, it’s also your responsibility to take matters to court. In other words, you have to file the claim and no one else should do it for you.

You’re probably hesitating because of the complex regulations surrounding this branch of the law, and that’s understandable. Simply the thought of all those legal terminologies can confuse anyone. Take note, however, that the State has a three-year statute of limitation.

This is why your best course of action is hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer. With their skills and expertise of Washington’s personal injury laws, they can make the process a lot easier.

Don’t wait too long before you file a claim. The sooner you do, the more accurate witness testimonies are. And of course, the sooner you’ll receive your much-deserved compensation.

What Property Conveyance Lawyers Do

a lawyer talking to his clientsYou need some legal knowledge when buying or selling property in Queensland. The transfer of property ownership, or conveyancing, involves a few steps before the actual settlement day.

The law does not state that you need a lawyer to handle it for you. However, you can avoid many problems later on if you do. Here are the roles Townsville conveyancing lawyers play.

1. They check the buyer’s offer

If you are a seller, you should only accept an offer to buy if it involves a legal contract. If you are a buyer, you want to make sure the buyer’s offer contract includes all the conditions you want. The lawyer checks if the contract is legal and binding in either case. This will make the next few steps go smoothly.

2. They check the conditions

Accepting an offer signals your conveyance lawyer to check if the other party has fulfilled the conditions of the contract.

If you are the buyer, the lawyer ensures the seller makes any repairs needed and arranges for the release of mortgage, if any, in time for the settlement.

If you are the seller, the lawyer checks if the buyer has paid the deposit, arranged for financing, and booked the necessary inspections.

3. They check the paperwork

The conveyance lawyer will take care of all the paperwork needed. This means researching the property to look for any issue and address them as early as possible.

It also means preparing and lodging bank and legal documents as needed. This includes arranging for a property inspection and computation of all duties and taxes.

The lawyer will then compute the settlement figures and book a settlement day, which is when ownership of the property finally transfers to the name of the buyer.

Townsville conveyance lawyers take care of all the legal details in a transfer of real property ownership. They can ensure a smooth transaction for both buyers and sellers.

4 Tips to Make Co-Parenting Better for Children

Mother holding daughterCo-parenting is difficult, but manageable for both sides. Dealing with your ex to take care of your children may be beneficial — or not. There are times when co-parents overlook their obligations, so they seek a family lawyer. In Colorado Springs and other cities found in the state, competent lawyers are available for these legal services. 

For some parents, however, they believe more effort must be done on their part. It's possible for ex-spouses to have a healthy relationship to fulfill shared parenting responsibilities. Here are some tips to make a co-parenting arrangement work:

Be more understanding

A challenge in co-parenting is to be more understanding. Separate the personal issues against an ex to focus more on the children’s welfare. See things from a wider perspective to find the proper solution for every problem. Learn to listen to your ex despite different opinions and personalities.

Your children need your ex as a parent, too. More often, children are vocal in expressing they miss their other parent, which is why it’s important to let them spend time with your ex and let them bond. More importantly, having the guidance of both parents helps children become better people as they grow up.

Set rules to follow

Co-parents should be strict enough in disciplining their children. You must set rules for them to follow for both households. Do not have separate rules from your ex to impose consistent authority. Be specific in laying down the rules to avoid confusion.

Set rules, such as curfew hours, going out with friends, study time, household chores, and doing homework. Along with these rules, explain the value of trust, respect, and obedience. This way, it's easier for them to follow rules.

Adapt to sudden changes

The current arrangement you have may not work in the future. Sudden changes because of different factors can happen anytime. What you can do as a co-parent is to adapt to these changes. Talk to your kids and ex instead of staying with the previous rules when changes happen.

As children grow, their needs and behavior change. Discuss a better co-parenting arrangement with your ex to provide the best care and support for them.

Share special moments

Let your children feel that when it comes to parenting, you and your ex are a team. Remember the special dates and celebrations because the presence of both parents is important to them. Even if the other parent can’t be around for a special celebration, take photos and share it with them. You're both a part of your children’s lives, so it makes sense to share these moments with one another.

It takes two to be better parents. Co-parenting is difficult but both sides can work together for the welfare and happiness of the children.

Same-Sex Couples: Are They Allowed to Adopt?

Same-sex couple with children by the lake

Same-sex couple with children by the lakeThe debate over whether or not same-sex couples may adopt has been going on for a while now. There are certain arguments for and against gay and lesbian adoption. There are several adoption laws across the country, and each may vary from state to state.

Even if the child is born into the same-sex relationship, rules may still apply. Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne, home to top adoption attorneys in Colorado Springs, would constantly advice non-biological parents to undergo the necessary legal procedures for second-parent adoption as a safety measure.

This legal procedure will grant same-sex couples protection for when they travel to another state that does not recognize their parental rights to a child.

Adoption Laws for Same-Sex Couples

Adoption laws for LGBT people vary from state to state. In some states, they allow same-sex couples to adopt a child. For lesbian couples, they can find a male donor or visit a sperm bank. For gay couples, they can attain legal second parent status through second parent adoption.

However, some states prohibit same-sex couples from adopting a child, either through second-parent adoption or joint adoption. A couple, whether heterosexual or homosexual, should know all the legal ramifications resulting from the decision to raise a child.

Several arguments in support of same-sex adoption include the statement of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that everyone should be treated as equal before the law — that everyone should be entitled to equal protection against any discrimination.

However, arguments against this type of adoption include that this particular issue is best decided on a state-by-state basis.

The Duties of a Legal Parent

Legal parents have the right to live with the child. They also have the right to decide on what’s best for the child — education, health, well-being, and more. Legal parents must support their children financially.

If a state relies on the legalization of same-sex marriage, any legally married same-sex couple can achieve a legal parent status upon the birth or adoption of a child. However, adoption attorneys in Colorado Springs claim that this move is risky.

It is always important to have some form of security that goes through legal procedures. The laws relating to same-sex adoption can be very complex. With the help of an adoption law attorney, you will be able to understand the laws governing this type of adoption.