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A Checklist to Keep the Home Safe

CCTV CameraA school, where hundreds of students spend most of their day in, seem to pay no mind to the importance of testing for dangerous chemicals. How much worse is it for residential areas, where there are just a handful of adults to worry about what they consider a remote risk?

You may think everything is in order in the house, but there might be some dangers you don’t see. Do the following to be safe:

Have the House Tested

For old homes, radon testing is a must. Regardless of the house’s age, radon testing services are necessary. The long-term effects of these chemicals may compromise your family’s health, and in Utah, that means spending tons of money on medication and healthcare. Don’t think you’re safe just because your house is in a wealthy neighborhood. Anyone who does not act soon may be a victim.

Inspect for Fire Hazards

One common problem in old homes is the electric circuit. There could be something amiss, and you wouldn’t know until you plug all the appliances in. Unless you intend to live without electricity permanently, you’ll want to have your electrical system checked for problems. This is an important task for homeowners who are buying an old house. Even newly built homes have to be inspected, in case the developer decided to save a couple of bucks instead of using quality materials.

Install CCTV

Burglars are becoming more skillful and cunning. Just because you don’t see anything missing doesn’t mean you’re off their radar. They might have been eyeing your property for a long time, waiting for a chance to strike. Install security cameras near exits around the house, so you’ll know what happens while you’re asleep or away.

Who doesn’t want to feel safe at home? Pay attention to these unseen problems to keep your sanctuary safe and secure.

How to Secure Your Big Corporate Event Properly

Roaming security personnelYou now have everything planned for your upcoming big corporate event. But do you already have a dedicated security team and have you established what they need to do before, during, and after the gathering?

Getting a security team is a must for corporate events, especially since a lot of VIPs are coming. Without a security team, your big event in your preferred event space in Manhattan, for instance, the Manhattan Center, will surely be a disaster. Here are some tips to make sure that you maximize the security in your event.

Plot a budget

To give you an idea of how many persons you would have to pay, you first need to get a breakdown of the security people that you will need to guard the premises. You will need to get security personnel to guard all of your entrance and exit points to make sure everything goes well. The bigger the event, the more security you will need.

Have an emergency plan

Emergencies can definitely happen during big or small corporate events. Fire, earthquake, terrorism, and other unwanted things can happen. Make sure to have an emergency plan ready for these types of disasters. Talk to your team about it and carefully plot an emergency plan to make sure that everything will run smoothly.

Check your guest list

This is a no-brainer, but this is one tip that should always be followed. Big corporate events can be an easy target for terrorists, which is why you should ask your security team to take a good look at the guest list and see if everyone is entering the premises has the right to do so. Additionally, you should also require an ID for every person that comes in to confirm their identities. Once they are good to go, you should give them a bracelet or a stamp on the arm as a sign of confirmation.

Always secure your location to make sure that you and your guests are all safe. Plan it out with your team and do your research for a smooth event outcome.

4 Tips to Becoming the Best Homemaker for Your Family

Happy woman doing laundry

Happy woman doing laundryBeing a homemaker is a 24/7 job that you can’t compare to any other job on earth. It’s more than just cleaning house, cooking meals, and choosing the best dog food for Spot. It also involves other chores and routines, plus more fun stuff like regular walks in the park with the kids and date night with your partner\. It can be fulfilling and overwhelming, at once, but there are ways to make it easier. For instance, getting soft water in Bountiful can help you with your household chores because it makes soap lather more, and gives you cleaner, shinier flatware, dishes, glasses even tiles. A chat with your mom can give you the best advice on how to raise a family. Here are more tips on how you can manage a home your family will be excited to call their own.

Be a Master of Time Management

As a homemaker, creating a schedule and sticking to it will also require you to be flexible as things can get unpredictable. Know how to multi-task efficiently and when to put off things that aren’t urgent.

Use Checklists

Whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly, creating a checklist (with tick boxes) can help you cover everything you need to do. This comes handy for doing groceries or planning your kids’ birthday party.

Never Stop Learning

With the tons of things you can learn from the internet, there’s no excuse for you to say you can’t figure something out. Watch DIY videos or take an online course that will teach you skills that your household may require.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Don’t try to do everything yourself. You’ll also need quality me-time, away from your family, away from the chores. A day at the spa or a night out with friends will keep things in balance for you.

Being a homemaker doesn’t come naturally to everyone. So, you must be prepared for times of panic and pressure because they can and will happen. These tips should be the backbone of your homemaking plan. Customize them to the needs of your family and you’ll be making a happy, healthy home for everyone.

Put the Spark Back in Your Marriage with these Practical Tips

Couples talkingWhen reading an article about divorce, you might notice that there are quite a number of reasons that have led to it. But whoever said that married life was easy? There is no ultimate solution to marital problems, and there is certainly no such thing as a perfect marriage.

This does not mean, however, that if your marriage is problematic, you can just give up and move on to the next stage of your life. You can still keep the fire in your married life burning as long as you follow these simple rules:

Do not ignore the romance

Being too comfortable with each other can sometimes lead to a life of routine, which allows you to forget about the possibility of date nights and holding each other’s hands. No matter how long you have been together, understand that romance is still important. So dedicate a date night every week by having dinner at a restaurant in Tunbridge Wells or watching a play together. Sending surprise gifts at work can also do the trick.

Do not let things get in the way of intimacy

When you are in bed with your spouse, stop thinking about the bills or issues at work. Focus on the moment. Give your partner a shoulder rub or try new exciting things when the lights go out.

Indulge in fun activities

When was the last time you and your spouse went on a road trip? Life does get in the way, but nothing should stop you from doing something fun. Look back on your early days and indulge in an activity you and your spouse enjoy.

Finally, always maintain respect. Issues may get in the way, but nothing gives you the right to attack your partner. It is important to listen and communicate while respecting each other so as not to create barriers between you and your spouse.

How You Can Relieve the Stress of Modern Life

Yoga by the beach

Yoga by the beachEveryone’s life in this modern world is focused on easy access, immediate gratification and instant anything. All of this is made to make modern life easy and stress-free, but it seems to achieve the opposite.

The availability of time has made it harder for many people to spend time for relaxation. Busy lives lead to stress, and often to discontentedness and emotional breakdowns. However, there are simple ways you can slow down and take your ease, even in the midst of a busy life.

Take Time Off

Many people say they do not have time for anything, but if you want to slow down, you need to make time. Choose a weekend or a week to spend time in a new place. You can go on a relaxing vacation, or go to a yoga retreat centre or ashram if you want to spend more time meditating than relaxing.

For one, a yoga retreat centre teaches you to go back to the basics, and nurture more than your body. These centres teach you to nurture your mind and spirit. When you return to the real world, you would know how to deal with stress in a better way. Taking some time off gives your mind and body the chance to rejuvenate.

Go Back to the Basics

It is more crucial now more than ever to slow down and go back to the basics. Instead of joining a high impact exercise activity, why not practice Pranayama, also known as breathing exercises? This simple exercise allows you to think and deal with stress.

You don’t have to spend time with your friends at your favourite restaurant or bar. You could spend time alone and go to an art gallery, take a bicycle ride, or read a book. Spending time alone allows you to become more thoughtful on certain matters.

Modern life has its challenges, but the solution to your inner struggle to find peace is not difficult or too far. It could simply be a matter of turning off your gadgets and listening to the music of the universe within.

Because Your Bedroom is Your Haven: Guide to Designing Your Bedroom

Bedroom with all-white interior

Bedroom with all-white interiorYour bedroom is your haven, your private sanctuary. It speaks a lot about you, including your past, present, and future (although in subtle ways). As it is a part of you, it only makes sense that it looks the way you want it.

Designing your bedroom is a project that you can easily put off due to hectic schedules. But you should dedicate at least a day or two to make it more beautiful and comfortable. If you do not have any idea where to start, below are some useful pointers that will help you give a good start.

Mix and match

When it comes to design items, you are free to mix and match whatever you want. That’s how you can get an eclectic appeal. Authentic Provence notes that you can incorporate an industrial look into your shabby chic theme, or mix modern and minimalist lamps with antique Swedish furniture. You can mix Persian rugs with a bare floor if you want the juxtaposition to stand out.

Change your bed

By default, your bed is the center of attraction in your room. It is a design piece that gets the attention of anyone coming in. As such, you better invest in a high-quality bed. If you are looking for a multi-functional bed, you can go for ones that have shelves under them. You should also invest in comfortable linens.

Don’t forget the walls

The easiest way to give your room an obvious change is by repainting the walls. If you want your room to look roomier, you can go for neutral colors, such as white, cream, and beige. Accentuate the color with darker trims, such as brown or your favorite color.

These are just some of the things you can do to make your room more beautiful and comfortable. If you want to get inspiration, read more interior design magazines and visual boards online.

5 Adorable Dog Crossbreeds That Will Melt Your Heart

Young woman and her German Shepherd dog lying in the grassDogs undoubtedly make great pets. They are loyal, sweet, and make for good housemates. They come in different sizes – some could fit in your pocket while some would weigh as much as you. They also come with different distinct features and characteristics. Some have lovely, curly fur, while others have a sleek and shiny coat. Some have long slender legs and bodies while others are adorably stout and fluffy.

Each dog breed has its own charm, but when a nice breed meets another, it could lead to an even more wonderful fluff ball. Here are some of the most popular crossbreeds you need to consider when planning to own one.


Pomskies are possibly one of the cutest crossbreeds out there. With the combined genes of a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky, you simply get the best of both worlds. Rocky Ridge Pomskies agrees that this new breed of designer dog is highly intelligent and playful.


Labradoodle is one of the results of the dog designers’ project back in the 80s. It is the combination of smart breeds of Poodle and Labrador. They train very well and are very active and affectionate. They are hypoallergenic too!


A mix between Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, this cutie pie is a must-have if you like a little buddy to sit on your lap. Cockapoos are smart and loyal, not to mention low maintenance and mostly very healthy.


A crossbreed between a Golden Retriever and a Collie, a Gollie is a good choice if you want a family pet. These dogs are loyal and patient, making them easy to train. And oh, they look lovely too!


An adorable cross between Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier, a Morkie could be your next favorite pet. Don’t get blinded by its small size. Morkies are actually active and playful. They always seek attention and tend to protect their families. How sweet is that?

Are you more excited to own a dog? Learn more about dog crossbreeds by browsing online or by visiting a breeder near you.

Get an Attractive Tan with These Safe Tanning Tips

Tan woman applying sunscreen

Tan woman applying sunscreenDo you cringe each time your pale legs greet you in the mirror? Most people with fair skin would rather have a delicious tan instead. You can always spray on a fake tan, but it does not quite compare to the real thing.

All that fun in the sun as your skin works up that melanin and your body releases serotonin, which helps you beat the blues. A real tan lasts longer too. If you are not careful, however, you might end up putting yourself at risk of sunburn or even skin cancer. Here are some tips to help you prevent that.

Use Good Tanning Oil

Good tanning oil helps speed up tanning, so you do not have to stay too long in the hot sun. You can buy oils for an organic tan if you are in Australia online. Organic variants are safer and more potent.

Do Not Forget the Sunscreen

It is not all about the SPF; always use a sunscreen that says “broad spectrum” on the bottle. If you have very fair skin, at least SPF 30 or 50 can give you ample protection. Reapply it every two hours you are in the sun. Do not rely on the tanning oil’s SPF. Use a separate sunscreen from a trusted brand.

You Can Start out with a Fake Tan

A spray-on tan is fine, actually. You can use it to start, so you do not have to feel too embarrassed about your pale skin when you first hit the beach. That spray-on tan does not protect you from the sun, though. You can still burn, perhaps more quickly.

As with the tanning oil, do not depend on the spray-on tan’s SPF. Use sunscreen.

Don’t Use Tanning Beds

Did you know that tanning or sunbeds may put you at a higher risk of getting skin cancer? How much greater? About 75% higher. There is hardly any vitamin D-stimulating UVB from a tanning bed. There is mostly UVA.

Take Beta-Carotene

Taking 25g beta-carotene every day raises your protection from skin cancer. Increase your consumption of tomatoes too. Tomatoes’ antioxidants increase the production of lycopene, which protects your skin from the sun.

Go and get a nice tan. Just remember these tips to enjoy the sun without the risks.

11 Clever Moves You Should Do for Safe Skiing and Snowboarding in Vail

Snowboarding in VailVail has been setting the standard for mountain safety by the National Ski Areas Association for more than a decade. When you arrive at Vail, you will see mountain safety personnel wearing yellow jackets all day, especially in places where many people gather. However, you can still do your part by knowing and applying safety measures. After all, skiing and snowboarding are considered to be extreme recreational activities.

Prepare to be Safe, Prepare to Enjoy

Extreme activities always involve a certain degree of risk, though this can be reduced by situational awareness and common sense. Reading the Responsibility Code given by Vail personnel to people will help a lot. You also have to remember that you will likely be joined by fellow skiers from all backgrounds. Be courteous with them and they will likely treat you with courtesy in return. After setting your expectations, prepare yourself for skiing and snowboarding. Here are some things you can do to enjoy them with no interruption:

1. Get fit.

Skiing and snowboarding aren’t things you should do to get fit. Once you’re in tip-top shape, you’ll find them more enjoyable.

2. Purchase quality equipment.

When you go to a reliable ski shop in Vail, have the personnel fit your ski or snowboard well. Buy only high-quality equipment because this can be the difference between safety and harm.

3. Buy ski garment that resists the elements.

Buy skiwear that has wind flaps for zippers, cozily fit cuffs, adjustable drawstrings to shield you against the wind, and collars that can be zipped up to your chin. Again, choose only quality products from ski shops.

4. Wear multiple layers of clothing.

This will help you regulate your own body temperature. Polypropylene undergarments do not normally irritate the skin. They also dry fast, soak up sweat, and keeps heat in. Jackets, sweaters, and turtlenecks are a good combination of clothing.

5. Be ready for weather changes.

You will never know when temperatures will plummet down so always gloves or mittens. Also, bring a hat or a headband when you go to the slopes because 60% of the heat escaping the body goes through the head.

6. Protect yourself from the sun.

Snow reflects light even when it’s a cloudy day. Wear anything that will protect you from harmful sunlight, including goggles and glasses.

7. Take skiing or snowboarding lessons.

With guidance, you will improve your skiing and snowboarding skills and be likelier to stay safe on the slopes. Lessons from a credible instructor and regular practice will teach you the control and awareness you will need.

8. Monitor your fluid intake.

Skiing and snowboarding favor the well-hydrated and punishes those who do alcohol and drugs.

9. Warm up, start slow.

Warmups will condition your physical and mental state. They should be slow and controlled.

10. Know your limits.

If you find out that a slope is beyond your skill level, take off your skis or snowboard and lay them on a flat surface at the bottom of the slope.

11. Stop when you’re tired.

When fatigue hits you, don’t push yourself. Doing otherwise will only increase the risk of harm. Mountain transport is faster these days so you won’t have to worry about losing copious amounts of time on the slopes. When you make these moves, you will have a better time on the slopes than you expect. You can set an example to people around you too. The key to enjoyable skiing and snowboarding is discipline and preparation, just like in any other sport. Unless you are a winter sports athlete or a resident of Vail or places nearby, you will not likely visit Vail every day, so make your experience count.

3 Delicious Dining Places in Batam

Dining Places in BatamWelcome to Batam, a beautiful island less than an hour’s ferry ride from Singapore. Despite it being close to Singapore, it is the largest city of the Riau islands of Indonesia. It is presently one of the top holiday spots for Malaysians and Singaporeans because of its delicious seafood and native dishes and majestic tropical views.

Planning to go on a food trip? WOW Getaways has listed some of Batam’s delightful eating places:

Local Shopping Places – In the mood for some local cuisine and inexpensive buys? Have some kueh lapis (layer cake), nasi kuning (local fried rice), pempek (fishcake) and Indomie (Indonesia’s take on instant noodles) and more at Nagoya Hill Mall. You can shop for many affordable local products here. Visit the Bantam City Square malls as well for more delicacies and shopping treats. Other shopping options include the Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet, the first Factory and the Batik Factory.

The Golden Prawn Restaurant – Also known as the Golden Prawn 555 Seafood Kelong Restaurant, this is known not only for their affordable and large servings of seafood dishes, but also for their own cultural show with local performers. The show lasts about half an hour in the restaurant’s gardens so take a peek after your sumptuous meal. Be ready for a crowd as it’s one of the most popular eating places in Bantam.

Barelang Bridges – For more fresh native sea fare, Barelang is where you need to eat in Bantam. It’s a whole area of six bridges connecting several islands of measuring around, which explains the continuous sale of freshly-caught seafood. You can rent a boat, journey a bit into the sea and enjoy fishing. Other nearby holiday sites are the World War 2 attraction called Vietnam Village and the dragon fruit farms.

In Bantam, you can truly enjoy the unique and flavourful cuisine of Indonesia and Singapore. Arm yourself with enough Indonesian Rupiahs and Singaporean dollars, though, to make your eating experiences truly memorable. If you’re still not satisfied, do visit your hotel’s restaurant for more options.