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Family Time, Fun Time: 3 Unexpectedly Creative Ways to Be Closer to Your Child

Creative Ways to Bond with your Child

Creative Ways to Bond with your ChildThe truth about family life is just because people live in the same house doesn’t mean the emotional bond among them is guaranteed. This is why being close to your child has to be intentional — and the earlier you start (at a time when they’re much younger), the better.

Some parents find it difficult to spend time with their kids because they think of family time as something that requires grand gestures, travelling to an amusement park, or joining mommy-and-me cooking classes. The fact is you can bond with your child over the most mundane, simplest things. Here are some of them:

Prioritize meal times.

This is the most basic yet many families today tend to neglect it. Moms and dads are busy with work, while kids are glued to screens, so there’s never a time that families come together for a meal. The only solution for this is to make time.

An hour of breaking away from work or mobile games would definitely not hurt, right? Prioritize meal times together. Involve your kids in the food preparation. Take them with you to the grocery store and let them suggest your dinner meal. Use a bike for the family to make the trip to the store more fun.

Exercise together.

Speaking of biking, engage in physical activities together. Teach your kids to bike. When they already can ride, bike with them on weekends or when there’s no school. Just make sure you follow a safe route. Swimming is another fun activity. If you don’t have a pool in the yard, you can buy inflatable above ground pools. And again, prioritize safety when letting your kids swim. Beware of the fact that drowning doesn’t look like drowning, so keep an eye on your kids at all times.

Drive them to school.

Not just for the sake of doing your mom or dad duties. But the car ride to school would allow you to engage in conversation with them. Make the most of that time and ask them how they’re doing at school, who their friends are, and what they plan to do after class. Pay attention to your child’s needs when they tell stories. They may not acknowledge it always, but tweens and teens appreciate you listening to them.

Time spent with kids shouldn’t be bothersome. Take inspiration from these ideas as you intentionally build a relationship with your child.

A Look at Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van: What to Know

Sprinter VanOne thing everyone knows about Mercedes-Benz is that it is a brand that produces high-end and sleek cars. This is why it might come as a surprise to learn that the same car maker also produces vans. Unless you’re immersed in the camping scene, you wouldn’t know about the

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

So whether you’ve already heard of it or not, here’s a quick overview of this vehicle to help you learn more about it.

A sprinter has the basic features of any typical van in the market and at the same time contains some smattering passenger items from Mercedes-Benz. A glance inside will easily identify this as a vehicle for work or commercial use. You’ll find that the interior is almost bare.
While it may look simple and basic, they still managed to incorporate the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) infotainment system into it. Its basic design also accounts for easier customization for whatever purpose you plan to use.

Whether for camper conversion or delivery utility, you may quickly turn it into those. In the new Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2019 for sale in Utah, you’ll still find this feature.

Smart Technology

Aside from the Mbox system, the Sprinter has smart technology, which assists its performance on the road. It has push-button ignition which promotes keyless entry and engine start. In addition, Sprinter has powered navigation and ultra-sensitive touchscreen for easier control.

You could easily connect your smartphone through Bluetooth, allowing you to easily access your mobile phones while on the road without distractions.

Driving and Performance

The Sprinter is being offered into two engine options — gasoline and diesel. However, in the US, since a majority of drivers prefer gas over diesel, they mainly produce gas engine sprinter. When it comes to performance, it has more decent run as compared with other vans of its type.
Many car experts find that Sprinter has less vibration and is more stable on the road when driven. It’s fairly quieter than other utility vans out there.
A sprinter is indeed a great option if you’re looking for a utility van that can serve multiple purposes for both personal and professional use. It may not look as luxurious as the other cars Mercedes-Benz have produced, it still offers the functionality, reliability, and efficiency of what the car brand promises.

Various Sports You Can Start Playing as a Hobby

Beach VolleyballThe cure to boredom is finding a new hobby, and one of the most rewarding and exciting hobbies you could nurture is playing sports Engaging in sports will not only entertain you but also help you stay active. They also give you opportunities to learn new skills, like riding a motorcycle, grappling, and self-defense. Below are examples of sports that you can check out.

Extreme sports

Extreme sports give you the chance to enjoy nature while having an exhilarating time doing your chosen activity. For example, you can try hang gliding and soar through the sky. You can also get yourself a motorbike for off-road racing (and leisure riding too) on rough terrain. If you’d rather have a grand water adventure, though, go white-water rafting. Abseiling or rappelling down a cliff face promises to be thrilling as well.

Combat sports

An excellent means of staying active, combat sports will also teach you how to defend yourself. Armed combat sports like the graceful art of fencing and kendo, the traditional Japanese bamboo stick fighting, are good choices. If you prefer unarmed combat sports, you can take classes in semi-contact sports, such as boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and taekwondo. There are also grappling sports—another type of unarmed combat sports — that are worth trying, like Greco-Roman wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Team sports

Apart from having fun and getting some much-needed exercise, you’ll learn the value of teamwork when playing team sports. If you don’t mind getting tackled to the ground, then the tough game of rugby — union or league — might be the team sport for you. Cricket is another great team sport you should consider playing. Additionally, you can engage in other popular team sports like basketball, netball, football, and volleyball.

So if ever you find yourself getting bored with life, consider taking up a new hobby that can entertain and help you stay active: playing sports.

Cargo Bikes: It’s All About the Aesthetics

a couple of bikesCargo bikes are getting attention these days, as more and more families are ditching their car for a short ride or a visit to the local supermarket. And these bikes can come in many designs and functions. Cargo bike companies can put important assortments from longer racks to spacious baskets and electrical add-ons.

While it is apparent that bicycles are environmentally friendly, the basic aesthetics of a cargo bike are deeply family friendly as well.


Designed and built with utility in mind, a cargo bike is the perfect answer to doing errands, making commutes, and transporting some stuff. Like other bikes, people can use them in different scenarios. If you are riding with your kids in tow or carrying your weekly groceries, a cargo bike specific to any of those needs is available.


A cargo bike’s structure is more balanced and stronger than a two-wheeler bike. The contraption’s weight keeps the bike squarely on the ground, ensuring that you do not wobble or lose balance when you ride it.

It may not be as smooth as a two-wheeler when you go around corners, but then again, it is a cargo bike, not a mountain bike!


Convenience is a key aspect in a cargo bike’s engineering. Since it carries load, the utmost dependability and ease of riding must be perfected. A typical cargo bike can carry three kids. A weight allowance is also included to maximize the use of carrying stuff with minimal load adjustments.

The cargo bike is an attention getter. In a world of advanced machinery and electronics-based technologies, who would not be amused by a basic machine running in our smooth, made-for-cars asphalt roads? As such, it adds more fun to every ride.

And particularly to the one behind the wheel, a bike ride is good for the health.

3 Outstanding Benefits of Car Rental Services

Agent handling car keysThe nature of your business or employment may demand that you move from one location to another, or you may have taken a vacation with your family or friends. If this is your story, then you’re going to need a vehicle to move around with ease. Car rental services will come in handy to solve this for you as well as getting the chance to enjoy the benefits that go with it.

1. Maximum comfort and movement

When you’re out enjoying a holiday with friends or loved ones, the last thing you would want to compromise is everybody’s comfort. With rental services, you’ll achieve precisely that. You won’t only get comfort, but also freedom. Taxi rates and bus schedules will be the least of your worries, so you have the freedom to move and explore at your own pace.

2. They are cheap and reliable

Hiring a car for business needs comes with assured reliability. This is because car and truck hire dealers in Auckland keep their vehicles in good shape. The chances of a breakdown during your trip are minimal. They also take care of insurance or any other legal cost, which means you won’t need to worry about the renewal dates. Having to do all these by yourself can be costly, not including the stress that comes with it.

3. Freedom to choose

When it comes to vehicle rentals, you have a wide range of options to choose from. This will depend on personal preference, style, and cost. The number of members you’re travelling with, the intended use, and the geographical factors will also influence your choice. The good news is that the most reputable rental companies offer various types of vehicles suitable for each need.

Apart from the cost, the flexibility, and the reliability, there are a host of benefits that come with a rental. Needless to say that you also get a chance to enjoy a different model from the one you’re accustomed to. The next time you take a vacation or need to deliver something, a rental is just the better option.

3 Road Trip Tips for New Parents

family on a road tripAccording to a survey, 70% of family travellers are gearing up to take one or two vacations this year. Moreover, 28% are looking forward to going to three or more trips. What’s good to know is that family vacations are still a priority for many families. If you’re new parents and you’re going on your first road trip soon, here are some tips you need to know:

1. Make sure that you schedule car maintenance beforehand.

To ensure a smooth ride, schedule a car maintenance, checkup, and cleaning a week before your scheduled trip. What’s important is that you handle car repair and cleaning ahead before they can cause avoidable problems down the road.

2. Give your booster seat or car seat a check.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 car seats or booster seats are not installed correctly? This puts your children at risk of car-related injuries, even death. Make sure that your equipment is installed correctly. If you’re unsure if you had it on properly, you can look for a safety seat inspection online.

3. Don’t forget the sun protection.

Many young families pack everything for their children — their toys, blankets, snacks, and some on-the-road games to keep them entertained. What they often forget are sun protectors, such as sunscreens, hats, visors, or sunglasses. If you’re travelling with an infant, know how you can protect them from the sun’s rays, especially those coming in through the car's windows during a long drive.

If you don’t want to miss anything, create a list and analyse it. Do it weeks or days before your trip so you don’t end up buying things on the road that you already have a home. Have a great road trip!

3 Easy Steps in Buying a Used Car

Number plate of a used cars for retail sale Buying a used car from dealers in Jacksonville is a great way to save hundreds of dollars. In fact, millions of used vehicles get exchanged in a year. With several available choices, finding the best car can be a huge challenge.

So, here are some of the steps on how to find the “best” used car for you.

1. Know how much you can afford

You have to set a budget before you start looking for a car. Keep in mind that if you’re planning to take out a car loan, your monthly car payment shouldn’t exceed 20 percent of your monthly salary. So, if you’re on a fixed budget, you may consider spending less than what you usually do.

Used cars need a lot of extra maintenance regularly. It also doesn’t include the typical expenses that car owners usually pay for insurance and fuel. So, if you’re planning to get a car that’s out of warranty, you may want to set aside an extra fund if in case something goes wrong.

2. Check the prices

You’ll definitely find a car that’ll fit your budget. But it’s always important to consider other factors such as its condition before you consider buying it. So, try to check the prices and create a list of all the used cars that you find appealing together with the dealership.

You’ll find it easier to choose the best one for you as long as you create a list.

3. Check the history report

It’s always best to get the vehicle history report if you’re thinking of buying a used car. You don’t want to purchase a vehicle that has a bad history report as it may cause you to spend even more on maintenance and repair. So, unless you’re buying it from a close friend or a relative, always ensure to get a copy of it.

These are just a few easy steps in buying your own used car. Always remember that buying a used car can save you a lot of money if you know how to do it properly. It’s always best to ask an expert for further assistance with regards to purchasing used cars.

Porsche Care: How to Get the Right People for Collision Repair

Smiling auto mechanic

Smiling auto mechanicThe Porsche is an engineering masterpiece that’s built to last, and owning one is something you should be proud of. As it’s crafted to perform with the best standards, you want to keep it that way. After all, purchasing a Porsche is a major investment. You would naturally want to make sure that it doesn’t devaluate through owner neglect.

However, there are times when even the most careful owner has to deal with accidents. When this happens, Formula Motorsports says that your Porsche would totally need the best collision repair in New York City you could find. Here are three important things to consider:


Any business can pay for advertisements and claim that they’re the best, so a shop that friends, family members, and acquaintances recommend is ideal. Through recommendations, you know that it has proven itself to other people. In this kind of set up, you will feel that the service is more personal and that they truly understand what’s going on with your car.


A shop’s location could dictate the rate they charge, so consider this fact before committing to anybody who offers Porsche collision repair. Their per-hour labor charge could vary from $40 (for instance) in the more modest parts of the city to $60 to the posher parts. Rates could even skyrocket to $90 per hour in affluent neighborhoods. Keep in mind that large body shops maintain a front office and hire front desk folks and managers, so estimates may be higher to accommodate overhead.

Multiple quotes

The best way to avoid overcharges is to get several quotes from different auto body shops. However, this doesn’t mean that you should take the lowest quote. In the end, it’s still important to ask for details and do your research.

Getting your Porsche back to its great shape need not be complicated. Protect your investment by tapping the best in the city. Consider these three things to make sure that your car gets a quality repair.

4 Unique Tips for Finding a Decent Car

car dealershipSo you would like to get yourself a decent car this year. You want to have your very own road buddy for your little explorations. Learn how you can readily do so with some practical tips and tricks made easier. Here’s how.

1. Double-check your budget.

Whether you have a generous wallet or a depleted savings, you have got options to make sure you get to find a good car for use in your many road escapades.

You might want to consider visiting used car dealers in Auckland to choose some candidates for your list. No, you don’t need to spend every single penny on your account with great value offers.

2. Take your pick.

It would be great to make a list of eligible cars worth your investment before taking your best pick. You could always have a quick chat not only with the dealer but also with your friends who can help you come up with a sound decision.

Don’t forget to consider all the brands and car models aside from the price to make sure you get to cover all the details.

3. Get a good deal.

As soon as you find the right car, you might want to sit down with your dealer to negotiate the price even further. Feel free to ask for a discount or some other useful perks that can spare you from shelling out additional cash.

For instance, you may ask for free preventive maintenance on the first year aside from the guaranteed warranty.

4. Fund the purchase.

While paying your car in cash would be the best option, consider getting some help through third-party financing. Check out the banks in your area offering competitive car loans.

This should help you grab your dream car without having a huge financial burden. All you need to do is take care of the documents required to secure the grant.

Now you can finally have your dream car minus the hassle with these simple ideas. Next thing you know, you are behind the wheel hitting the road with your newly acquired vehicle.

Stranger Sounds: What You Shouldn’t Be Hearing from Your Suspension System

A Speeding CarIn general, when you hear your vehicle making unusual sounds, you can expect that it’s acting up because something’s wrong with it.

Different sounds coming from different locations mean different things — from rusty components to faulty brakes and everything in between — and these could put your life and other road users at risk. This is particularly true if the noises you’re hearing are coming from your vehicle’s suspension system, which is made up of springs, shocks, tires, and other crucial components.

Taking care of your suspension system is extremely vital, so if you are hearing any or all of the following sounds, you might need to have your suspension checked out and repaired as soon as possible.

Rattles – Rattling usually indicates that there’s a loose component in your suspension system. If that particular component plays a huge part in controlling, steering, or braking, you could put yourself at risk if it falls off or stops working altogether.

Squeaks and Grunts – Squeaking and grunting sounds, particularly when you turn or drive over a bump, might mean that your steering mechanism is close to failing, explains Shadetree Automotive and other car repair technicians in Kaysville. If you don’t address this issue as soon as you can, you might lose control of your vehicle.

Knocks – If you hear knocking noises whenever you turn, this could indicate that your shocks have reached their last leg and are making your coil springs vibrate, which in turn leads to premature wear of the chassis. You need to have this checked out immediately.

Hinge-Like Sounds – Are you hearing sounds similar to a squeaky door? This might indicate that you have a problem with ball joints of your suspension. Left unaddressed, you’ll experience rough ride and handling, which would then lead to more components breaking down.

The suspension system is one the most complex systems in your vehicle that’s extremely important to your safety. It aids your tires to grip the road when you drive on slippery surfaces, need to stop suddenly, and during hazardous driving conditions. With this in mind, as soon as you hear your suspension making these troubling sounds, get it checked by a professional immediately.