Expats in Singapore Have Another Reason to Eat Comfort Food

Whisking Butter in a PanThere may have been a time that you felt homesick after living in Singapore for quite some time, but eating comfort food could somehow ease that.

Jennifer Berg, New York University director of graduate food studies, said that people could stay connected with their culture and feel close to their family and friends, especially if they live far away.

Melting Pot

Fortunately for expatriates and other foreigners, many late-night restaurants in Singapore offer comfort food that originated from other countries. The traditional macaroni and cheese, for instance, is a staple of comfort food from the U.S., aside from cheeseburgers.

It is easy to find a diner that opens until past midnight and can even serve you until 3 a.m. on some days. The late schedule is the result of Singapore becoming a melting pot of different cultures, with many foreigners now staying in the Lion City either due to business or for pleasure.

Still, eating comfort food does not only apply when you feel homesick, as science provides a clearer explanation.

The Science Behind Cravings

A 2015 study showed that people tend to eat a certain type food when it connects to a significant person in their life. While the delicious taste of mac and cheese is a bonus, it could be a happy memory of your mother cooking it that makes you want to reach for a bowl.

Our sense of smell is largely responsible for evoking this type of memories. Another study claimed that it is all in the mind, since eating comfort food does not significantly improve our mood any more than eating other dishes.


Whether or not you eat comfort food for its taste or take a trip down memory lane, giving in to your cravings once in a while can be a good way to ease homesickness. What is your favourite comfort food?