How to Pack Food Supplies Safely when Moving

Couple With Boxes

Couple With BoxesIt’s very normal to want to take your food with you when moving to your new house. Yes, you could easily purchase new supplies upon arriving in your new house. But if you don’t want the hassle of doing so, or if you want to bring local food items that would be hard to find in your new area, below are some tips and tricks from professional packing and moving companies to help you pack your food safely for the move:

Utilize durable, small to mid-sized boxes

Use these for packing food items like canned goods as well as items stored in glass bottles or jars, as these are super heavy and need to be packed perfectly. Use paper and bubble wrap for wrapping food items in glass containers before putting them in boxes. Avoid packing too many food supplies into a single box for safety purposes.

Place perishable goods in a cooler

If you’re intent on bringing perishable items like vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, etc., place them in a cooler. But this is only applicable if you’re moving locally, meaning that the entire trip is only a couple of hours. Refrain from taking perishable items with you if you’re moving out of state.

Prevent spills and leaks inside boxes

Do this by sealing open packages with durable tape and placing them in Ziploc bags. This is particularly useful when packing liquid food items in opened glass bottles, like olive oil, as well as opened packs of sugar, spices, flour, etc.

Label every box

Be very specific when doing so. This would help you unpack faster because you would know which boxes to unload first and which ones could stay packed for some time.

It’s also crucial to note that professional movers have a list of restricted food items that they won’t transport, so ask your moving company about this before you pack. Also, when choosing food items to pack, consider whether they’re cost-effective first. For instance, canned goods are very cheap, but they’re also heavy, so you might end up paying more for their transport instead of just buying them when you get to your new home.