Interior Design Ideas: 3 Ways to Fill Up That Space Above the Bed

Artistically organized children's roomHave you ever hit that creative block when designing spaces and just desperately ask, “What do I do with this empty space?” There’s really just those tricky areas in the house, which are not necessarily unsightly but becomes painful to look at if there’s not anything in it.

Case in point: that space above your bed.

When you look at stylish bedrooms in most modern Auckland homes, you’ll see that they have one thing in common: attention to detail. Even that little space above the bed has a design element that makes a statement. So, what do you with that space? Here are some design ideas:

1. Hang a mirror

One of the best ways to strategically place mirrors in the bedroom is above the bed. That’s because it makes the space look bigger. Plus, it adds light and brightness, giving your interiors a fresh look.

Remember that you don’t have to be stuck with the traditional rectangular mirror. The best way to make mirrors stand out in this portion of the wall is to play with varying shapes and sizes. Try oval-shaped vintage or sun-shaped mirrors Auckland homeowners commonly use to decorate that space.

2. Install a shelf

This creates visual interest, and, at the same time, it’s additional storage for items you want to highlight. For instance, put some candles or carefully-arranged books. You may also add statement lamps on either side for extra flair and light.

3. Put a gallery wall

Nothing spells aesthetic better than having art in your bedroom. And what better way to show them off by keeping it above the bed? Make it an instant focal point in the space.

That space above your bed holds a lot of potential for design elements that truly stand out. Whatever you choose to put in it, make sure that it makes a stylish statement.