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How Much Does it Cost to Franchise Your Business?

A group discussing cost of franchisingFranchising is a great way to start a popular business without having to handle all the marketing and brand building. All you have to do is meet the franchiser’s stringent requirement and have the money needed to buy the franchise.

So how much does it cost to franchise your business?

The quick answer is the cost varies depending on your business. Some franchises can run from your home, others need specialized equipment to run. The differences in business operation will always determine how much you need to set up the business.

In addition to this, you will spend a great deal of money on legal costs and quality control reports. Legal paperwork involves:

  • Filling franchise agreement documents
  • Going through and implementing trademark protection policies
  • Going through and understanding the license agreement

There’s More to it Than Franchise Fees

Even though most new entrepreneurs focus on the franchise fee, there are other important costs that will contribute to the total amount needed to franchise. The franchise fee just covers the charges you need to enter the franchise system. You will still need to pay for:

  • Office space, supplies and equipment
  • Industry-specific appliances or equipment
  • Décor and signage for the business premises
  • Legal, licensing, accounting and other support staff fees
  • Insurance and taxes
  • The first opening marketing push
  • Initial inventory and petty cash to push you through the first months

It’s hard to estimate a franchising figure without applying the above facts to the business. For instance, $2,000 might be enough to franchise a cruise planner’s business while $60,000,000 is the absolute minimum you need to franchise a 300-room Hilton hotel.

The best way to know how much you will spend setting up your franchise business is to do specific case studies. Look for the actual costs to franchise the business you want, go through the requirements and use that to make a more accurate cost estimation.


Avoid Recruitment Pitfalls: Hire a Financial Recruitment Agency

HR manager interviewing young man in officeRecruitment is a crucial process in every organisation. It can be quite tedious if not well handled and also very costly if you do not get the right resource for the vacant position. Consequently, companies now seek the services of recruitment agencies due to the intensity required in the recruitment process.

Some roles and positions require technical knowledge, and a professional handling the hiring process such as those positions in the financial services and accounting would be best. Financial recruitment agencies can do this for you.

Prioritising Client’s Needs

You want to engage a service provider that has your interests at heart. The client’s needs ought to be a priority in any recruiting process. You want to consider an agency that understands your needs as a client and goes out of its way to get the best candidate to fill in the position.

By comparing your needs to candidates’ profiles, a financial recruiting agency will adequately offer you excellent matches to fill vacant positions. A reputable recruiting firm should, therefore, ensure it does it right the first time.

Holistic Vetting Process

A team of recruiters can identify the best talent in a pool of candidates. Identifying the best talent needs rigorous interviews from three or more recruiters. They would recognise the qualities that the candidate has that matches with the client’s needs.


Specialisation is key when conducting recruitments. Caution needs to be exercised to ensure only that proficient candidates are hired. Experience, professionalism, and skill should be what any hiring staff should know.

Technological Inclusion

You similarly want to consider a firm that embraces technology in its hiring process. Information Technology (IT) systems such as web-based psychological tests embrace modern hiring regimens that are more accurate, consistent and swift.


A recruiting approach that achieves high levels of efficiency guarantees a smooth transition without disrupting the day to day operations of an organisation. You need to ensure the recruiting firm fills your vacancy with a candidate promptly without affecting your operations.

Staffing should no longer be a bother to you. With a Financial Recruitment firm that has efficient staff, an efficient online recruitment system, and a holistic vetting process that prioritises your needs, you are guaranteed of finding the right candidate for you.

Opening a Beauty Salon: 4 Ways to Prepare

Beauty Salon Owner with Employee and Customers in the backgroundDue to everyone’s obsession with their own looks, a beauty salon is one of the top business ventures that entrepreneurs can engage in. A beauty shop can help clients feel good about themselves and impress other people.

If you are planning to open a beauty salon, the following tips will teach you how to prepare:

Attend a cosmetology school

If you want to open a beauty salon, you must have the technical expertise regarding the different services offered by most of the popular salons in town. Consider enrolling in a cosmetology school in Salt Lake City. This could be a good first step towards success. It may take a few months to a year to finish, but the investment is definitely worth it.

Obtain financing for the business

Any business must have adequate financing before it can even start. If you don’t have enough cash, approach a financial institution and apply for a loan.

Choose an ideal location

An ideal location for a beauty salon is somewhere that is not too crowded but has a reasonable amount of foot traffic. It must also be visible and properly designed to stand out. In most cases, the location determines the success or failure of a business.

Hire experienced beauticians

The beauticians will be working with your clients, so they must have adequate skills and experience in the field. If possible, they must have taken cosmetology courses in a reputable beauty school.

For beauty salons to become successful, there should be a combination of experience and good customer service. If beauty salon owners and their staff will be able to satisfy their clients, they can enjoy a steady stream of income and an established customer base.

The Many Benefits of Startup Business Loans

Businessman pressing a Business Loan concept button. Instagram styling applied.Turning an innovative idea into a business is easier than ever. Thanks to the Internet, anyone savvy enough can market products and services and become a successful entrepreneur. The real challenge, though, is taking your venture to the next level. If you believe and can prove that it can be more profitable down the road, you need extra capital to scale up your production.

Fortunately, there are many ways to beef up your coffers. Many founders behind early-stage startups court investors, but TAB Bank noted that some are more willing to take the risks involved in obtaining a loan from a reputable bank.

Here are the notable advantages of online startup business loans overseed and Series A rounds:

No Equity Sacrifice

By and large, banks wouldn’t take a share of your business. They only want to make money from the deal through interest, which means you get to own 100% of your startup after the deal. If your venture becomes financially sustainable in the long run, you’d reap all of the potential rewards for yourself alone. You may eventually have to reach out to investors for further growth, but a loan could make your business more valuable by then.

Low Interest

Many bank startup loans come with low interest. Non-traditional lenders usually charge higher rates since they tend to work with unconventional borrowers. Of course, the amount of interest you could get depends on how risky your venture is. But if you show that you have it all figured out, you’d find a bank that’s comfortable to lend you money with a favorable interest. Plus, you could enjoy tax benefits from the interest you pay over the lifetime of your loan.

Fast Process

Securing a loan from a bank you’ve had a positive history with is simpler. Of course, many other factors could affect the speed of your application. Startups with a decent track record generally obtain loans faster than businesses that are not yet up and running.

In business, everything involves some form of risk. The key is to take a 360-degree evaluation of your venture to see the best source of funding you should seek. If you feel securing a business loan makes sense for your situation, and you qualify for one, don’t pass up on this great opportunity.

New Jobs and Technology: The Future of the IT Industry in the UK

Team of programmers collaboratingThe IT industry in the UK plays an important role in the growth of the economy. It increases the GDP of the UK by creating employment opportunities in an evolving industry. More and more graduates of IT-related courses are applying for new jobs in the industry. Not only does the industry require IT graduates, but they also need graduates with knowledge and training in business-related courses such as management, marketing, finance and more.

Many companies in the UK offer IT-related positions. ALLTEKS Ltd, a Kent-based IT company, provides job opportunities in IT support and disaster recovery solutions to talented IT graduates in the UK. The company provides their services to businesses across the UK who need IT solutions.

UK’s IT Sector

With each passing day, more and more opportunities are being offered to IT graduates. Game development, multimedia programming and cyber security are some IT positions being offered in the UK. These innovative IT-related jobs enhance the growth of the IT sector in the UK. With technology advancing each day, who knows what else is in store for the future of information technology.

Future Information Technology

One of the fastest growing areas in the IT industry is cloud technology. Many UK businesses are storing enormous amounts of data on cloud-based technology. Cloud storage lessens the need for big company expenses, and it easily allows companies to upgrade or downsize their storage systems. In the near future, we are likely to see more information stored in the cloud rather than our PCs or laptops.

The IT industry is also being affected by the rise of mobile devices. Future IT-related jobs may be using their smartphones to program, process or monitor data for future IT software. A simple swipe or touch of the screen can achieve numerous tasks; what can it do for the IT industry? We won’t have to wait too long to see what technology has in store for us.


How to Enhance Workplace Safety and Productivity

HR presenting a contract

In the face of increasing competition in a cutthroat market, the last thing you need in your company is under-performing employees. Instead, you need all hands on deck as you try to grow your sales and increase your market share.

In addition to hiring qualified workers, you have to go the extra mile and ensure they have a safe working environment. Numerous studies show a great connection between labour productivity and workplace safety.

Carry out an Assessment

You only get to keep your employees safe if you can identify the potential sources of danger. Carrying out a safety assessment is the easiest way to identify areas and situations that pose a risk to your workforce. As such, you need to examine all stages of your production line for weaknesses.

Wet and slippery floors are also a possible source of danger for your employees. The same case applies to chairs and desks with poor ergonometric designs. Although it is easy to overlook back pains and carpal tunnel, they can take a toll on your productivity.

A high level of such incidences would lead to a spike in the number taking time off to seek medical attention. It would also result in a spike in the cost of your medical health coverage.

Institute Proper Corrective Measures

On top of avoiding physical injuries such as cuts, bruises, and broken bones, you also need to eliminate conditions that lead to poor health. Poor sanitary conditions and improper waste disposal increase the chances of suffering a disease outbreak.

Hence, you should make an effort to uphold proper hygiene and ventilation standards. If your workers stand for long periods, consider laying out a rubber safety mat around their stations. Such mats provide soft cushions for your employees making them comfortable while eliminating joint pains.
That way you get to improve productivity and lower absenteeism due to poor health.

The key to a successful business practice is keeping the production levels high. Keeping your workers safe and comfortable is a sure way to maintain the production levels high.

It’s All About the Work: Choosing Your Business’s Creative Partner

Design Studio in SydneyRunning a business is not just about figures, logistics, and other hard items. It’s also about creativity. This holds true for the marketing and advertising aspect of the business. And when it comes to these things, you’ll need to think outside the box.

It pays that you work with a reliable creative partner, such as a design studio in Sydney like Digital Ads International Pty Ltd or an advertising agency. They’ll help you make your brand good. More importantly, they’ll help you establish a meaningful relationship with your customers.

Below are some things you need to take into account when picking a creative partner for your business:

What Can They Do?

The first thing you need to do is come up with a list of potential providers. They can be recommendations from friends or someone you’ve come across somewhere. After that, look at their portfolio and find out which company offers complete and integrated solutions. For your reference, an ideal provider must offer the following: creative campaign services (above-the-line, below-the-line, digital), branding, and technical solutions, such as web development and SEO.

Have You Seen Their Portfolio?

It’s not enough that you know what your prospective provider can do. It’s equally important that you know how they do it. To give you an idea, you must look at the portfolio of works. Check out their case studies. If you can, get in touch with their previous clients and ask them about their experience with the provider.

Have You Considered Cost?

Creativity and design come with a cost. As such, it’s important to find out if the creative firm offers different packages that will suit your budget. If none of the packages falls within your requirements, you should be willing to negotiate.

Creativity and design are an important part of any business’s branding and identity. Never settle for less; you ought to find the right partner.

The Real Cost of a Messy Office

Professional CleaningMessy workspaces can do more than just increase your employees’ stress levels. A dirty and disorganized office can cost your business tons of money, contributing to higher employee absenteeism and sickness rates. It can kill your bottom line, affect your sales, and increase the number of both direct and indirect costs.

More Work and Spending

Unscheduled absenteeism caused by illness can be detrimental to your organization’s budget. This is because it means paying wages to absent employees, hiring a temporary replacement, or paying more money for overtime work. Managing absenteeism, furthermore, can incur administrative costs. It may also require extra time and spending in finding a temporary replacement.

Poor Work Quality

According to Forte Commercial Cleaning, a janitorial service provider in San Diego, a dirty workplace can affect productivity and increase the likelihood of mistakes even in simple tasks. This eventually results is poor quality goods and services, as well as unsatisfied customers. This, furthermore, can affect employee morale, especially those who have to fill in or do extra work to cover for sick and absent workers.

Damaged Reputation

Customers who visit a dirty store or workplace will be discouraged in doing business with you. Dirty and dusty surfaces may turn-off potential customers, prevent repeat visits, and damage your business’s reputation. Recent studies also suggest that smell can negatively affect consumer-buying behavior. A pleasant smell is what encourage customers to stay longer and encourage employees to work productively.

More Injury and Hazard

Messy and disorganized offices can increase the risk for workplace injury, fire hazards, and exposure to hazardous substances. This can cause allergies and asthmatic reactions, which increases the cost of hospitalizations and medication. Frequent exposure to dirt, mold, dust mites, chemicals, and airborne pollutants, as well as poor indoor air quality cause these allergy reactions.

Make cleaning a top priority to ensure the health and well-being of employees, partners, and customers. Adopt a sustainable cleaning program or hire professional cleaners to increase energy-efficiency and avoid chemical residues. Sustainable cleaning also provides a quantifiable impact on water, gas, and energy use.

Keep Your Customers Cool and Comfortable

Happy CustomersYou made the right choice by putting up a business in Salt Lake City. In spite of having an extreme climate during summer and winter, many people still enjoy living in this city. You can sell different products that help people cope with extreme weather conditions that occur here. Whether it is a coat, a hat, a pair of sunglasses or even a bottled water.

To make sure your business runs well, however, you need to make sure you have a well-maintained electrical system. Read on to know more about it.

Why Your Store Needs a Good Electrical System

Having a steady supply of electricity allows your store to have a good ventilation and heating system even during harsh weather conditions. People would not like to shop in your store if it’s too cold or too hot. Your customers like to feel comfortable when shopping or doing their groceries. A good electrical system also makes sure your store is lighted well. Good lighting allows your customers to take a good look at the products they’re buying.

How an Experienced Electrician Can Help

You can always count on a professional to provide your store with a reliable electricity. Doing the repair and maintenance yourself could be a bad idea. That’s why it’s best to hire an expert providing comprehensive commercial electrical services.

If you are thinking about costs, just look for an electrician whose service suits your budget. Cost should not be a problem. What is important , you get your money’s worth in putting up or maintaining your store’s electrical system.

With the help of an electrician, your customers will enjoy shopping in your store in total comfort. When they do, you’ll continue to enjoy good business in any kind of weather.

The Challenges to Overcome when Managing a Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce

Mobile WorkforceRemote working – whether from home, a restaurant or a bookstore coffee shop – is on the rise. As a matter of fact, it’s quickly becoming the most attractive benefit an employer can offer. A recent study reveals that 35% of companies across the U.S. have allowed their team to telework and have decided to increase remote work opportunities.

More and more company owners are seeing the benefits, such as higher employee morale, eliminating commute time, and the ability to save money on office space. While the prevalence of telecommuting is intended to make businesses more flexible, it presents challenges.

If you are considering embracing the flexible working phenomenon, understand its impact on your daily operations. Read on to know how you can deal with the problems of the mobile workforce.


Allowing employees to work remotely can make teamwork tough, as getting in touch with someone who works from home or somewhere else is not often easy. Many companies experience problems with communication when staff members are not face-to-face every day. This is where having reliable communication solutions comes in handy.

For a construction or mining company, for instance, workers can keep in touch through portable radio devices. By extending coverage and increasing capacity for data traffic, industry professional MOTOTRBO explains that employers can create a more productive and more efficient workforce.

Unified Culture

Another obstacle you can encounter is difficulty in achieving a unified company culture. Giving employees autonomy over their work schedule can improve retention rate, but it can make personal connections difficult.

Some people are socially active, so they crave contact at some point.  To make every employee feel connected, you can set up a meeting for all to bond once a month.

There’s nothing wrong with letting employees work out in the field, at home while wearing their pajamas or elsewhere. After all, business owners can’t ignore the fact that many people demand work-life balance. With smart planning and effective communication solutions, you can use telecommuting to your business advantage.