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Here’s How You Can Make Your Fleet More Efficient

Auto mechanic tighten screw with spannerRunning a fleet business is one of the most lucrative entrepreneurial ideas that you could think of. It is always in demand, especially if you are servicing businesses specialising in logistics and deliveries.

The success of a fleet business largely depends on the operations and methods you are implementing. With this, you need to make sure that what you are using easily suits the type of fleet business you are running. In general, there are a few important things that you need to keep in mind to make sure that your fleet is efficient and productive. Here are some of them.

Keep your vehicles in good shape

You have to make sure that your vehicles are all in perfect running condition. Have them undergo fleet servicing at Dr. Diesel regularly. A properly maintained vehicle will last a long time and will be prevented it from getting damaged heavily due to minor glitches.

Keep track of the miles

You have to cut the miles of your vehicles. And the best way to do it is by tracking them. You can do this by installing GPS devices. Such devices can help you avoid traffic jams and find the best routes, which in turn will help your drivers deliver the items much faster. There are different GPS devices that you can choose from; each will suit your business type.

Train your staff

You should also train your employees. Trained personnel will help you ensure that your rules are upheld, and the processes are followed. Training can also help your staff develop critical thinking and decision making skills, which will prove to be useful when they are faced with some problematic situations.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind when it comes to improving your fleet. Seek the service of a consultant if you want a 360-degree approach to business improvement.


The Telltale Symptoms of Engine Trouble

Engine Trouble in AucklandIt has always been a habit to ignore some signs of engine trouble because you would rather not deal with it. Remember those times while you are waiting in traffic when you suddenly hear a whirring noise or smell something funny. Instead, you would rather just finish your work and postpone visiting the fuel mechanic in Auckland next time. However, your engine will give off telltale signs for you to listen to and fix it beforehand.

Engine Trouble #1: Warning Lights

A car working properly has a dashboard that lights up once you turn on the engine. It just means that the computer of the vehicle is inspecting it. The lights will then turn off one by one and you will then be prepared to drive off.

However, if the lights do not turn off, it is a bad sign. The lights are linked to a device that watches over the status of your automobile. The computer uses the lights as a signal telling you that something is wrong. The warning lights could mean that the oil level and oil pressure are low or you should check your engine.

Engine Trouble #2: The Jerking Movement

You know something is wrong with your car if it is stalling, surging or jerking as your drive should be easy and smooth. The jerking motion might mean that you have clogged spark plugs, fouled fuel lines or filter and a lot of other problems.

You do not want to waste your time waiting for your car to accelerate or give up while you are on a busy highway. To keep you safe, ensure that preventive maintenance is always conducted like regular belt replacements and oil changes.

An engine is an important element of your vehicle, so it is not something you should take for granted. The lifespan and your own life are at risk if you ignore the telltale signs once more.

Avoid These 4 Expensive Car Repair Mistakes

Car in Auto Repair ShopFor your vehicle to work optimally, it requires regular preventative maintenance. While the maintenance schedules may differ, it’s important to understand that all cars need maintenance to reduce incidences of breakdowns on the road.

While it may not make an economic sense to have your car maintained regularly, there are some ways you can still contribute to the maintenance. You’ll be happy to know that performing preventive maintenance will save you thousands of dollars.

131 Tow, a towing company in Caboolture, offers some car repair mistakes you need to avoid.

Forgetting to change your filters and oil

Filters tend to accumulate dirt over time. Having dirty filters means that your oil eventually gets dirty and runs over the components of your vehicle. This can damage these components due to the abrasive nature of dirt. It is crucial to change your filters as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Remember to change your oil to reduce damage to your engine. Changing the filter and oil will only cost you a couple of dollars compared to thousands of dollars you’ll have to part with to get a new engine.

Driving with an overheating engine

Most drivers are guilty of this mistake. When your cooling system fails as it happens from time to time, you need to stop immediately and call for help instead of just driving on.

Neglecting fluid checks

Most people assume that they only need to check and change their motor oil. Check and service, however, other fluids such as engine coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. This ensures that your car operates properly.

Failure to check your tire pressure

Many people just wake up and get into their cars without looking at the condition of their tires. Tires may appear properly inflated when actually they’re low on air. Over time, you end up spending a lot on fuel. You need to have your tire pressure checked regularly.

These are just some of the common car repair mistakes most people make. If you ever find yourself stuck on the roadside due to a breakdown, contact towing service right away. They’ll be glad to provide assistance and tow you to an auto repair shop.