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3 Career Paths to Pursue with a Paralegal Degree

Lawyer looking at casesHaving sufficient knowledge of the law is always an advantage, as you can use it to successfully navigate your way in the society. If you’re happy with a career that involves the law system, but you don’t necessarily plan on attending law school, being a paralegal is the ideal job for you.

But that means taking one or multiple paralegal certificate programs. Paralegals help lawyers in doing tasks, such as legal research and writing.

If you wish to pursue a career in this field, you may find yourself working in the following areas:

Law Firms

The primary career option for paralegals would be to work with law firms founded and operated by lawyers. They can assist the attorneys in doing client interviews, analyzing documents as evidence, or preparing witness files. Paralegals are different from legal secretaries, which mostly do clerical duties such as organizing files.

Corporate Legal Departments

In the corporate field, companies need someone to help draft documents, monitor and report changes in tax laws, and maintain a record of all pending litigations. These tasks could be expedited with the help of a paralegal, which is why it’s common to see legal departments in big companies today.

Government Agencies

A paralegal may also work with government agencies, especially those who deal with social work or environmental advocacies. These fields are often hounded by human trafficking or environmental violation cases. A paralegal can help these agencies by drafting petitions for hearings, researching on cases, and lobbying or persuading officials to make favorable decisions.Becoming a paralegal can offer plenty of career paths for you. Working in law firms, corporate legal departments, or government agencies are just some of these career trajectories for paralegals. Thanks to paralegals, lawyers can delegate tasks to ease the burden.

Avoid Recruitment Pitfalls: Hire a Financial Recruitment Agency

HR manager interviewing young man in officeRecruitment is a crucial process in every organisation. It can be quite tedious if not well handled and also very costly if you do not get the right resource for the vacant position. Consequently, companies now seek the services of recruitment agencies due to the intensity required in the recruitment process.

Some roles and positions require technical knowledge, and a professional handling the hiring process such as those positions in the financial services and accounting would be best. Financial recruitment agencies can do this for you.

Prioritising Client’s Needs

You want to engage a service provider that has your interests at heart. The client’s needs ought to be a priority in any recruiting process. You want to consider an agency that understands your needs as a client and goes out of its way to get the best candidate to fill in the position.

By comparing your needs to candidates’ profiles, a financial recruiting agency will adequately offer you excellent matches to fill vacant positions. A reputable recruiting firm should, therefore, ensure it does it right the first time.

Holistic Vetting Process

A team of recruiters can identify the best talent in a pool of candidates. Identifying the best talent needs rigorous interviews from three or more recruiters. They would recognise the qualities that the candidate has that matches with the client’s needs.


Specialisation is key when conducting recruitments. Caution needs to be exercised to ensure only that proficient candidates are hired. Experience, professionalism, and skill should be what any hiring staff should know.

Technological Inclusion

You similarly want to consider a firm that embraces technology in its hiring process. Information Technology (IT) systems such as web-based psychological tests embrace modern hiring regimens that are more accurate, consistent and swift.


A recruiting approach that achieves high levels of efficiency guarantees a smooth transition without disrupting the day to day operations of an organisation. You need to ensure the recruiting firm fills your vacancy with a candidate promptly without affecting your operations.

Staffing should no longer be a bother to you. With a Financial Recruitment firm that has efficient staff, an efficient online recruitment system, and a holistic vetting process that prioritises your needs, you are guaranteed of finding the right candidate for you.

Should You Remain Simply as a Certified Public Accountant?

AccountantIndividuals, small to mid-size businesses, companies, corporations, and other organizations all rely on the expertise, skills, and experience of tax specialists. Tax specialists help their clients remain financially stable and competitive. They also ensure their clients satisfy all rules and regulations set forth by the United States Government.

Because of the continued growth of business environments, so does their complexity. All businesses, therefore, will benefit from having a tax specialist on their team. This is where your career as a CPA comes into play.

Why tax specialization?

There are plenty of good reasons why you would want to specialize in the tax industry. First is the kind of money you can make and take home: according to website Learn.org, the 2013 median salary of CPA tax specialists amounts to $65,080. This, in itself, is already a great reason further your career as a tax specialist.

Apart from salary, the very positive employment outlook, job stability and security, benefits, and industry growth are some of the other great reasons to specialize in this particular field.

Where can you learn tax specialization?

There are many educational institutions offering tax courses to those who want to become tax specialists. Some are traditional colleges and universities while others are one-on-one training programs. You will also find tax webcasts courses, something you should definitely consider if you have a very hectic schedule, TaxSpeaker advised.

What to look for in a tax course?

What is important is you choose an institution offering comprehensive yet flexible solutions for everything you need to train in tax specialization. Make sure that your instructors are professional, licensed tax specialists themselves. They should possess lengthy, real world tax experiences.

Once you have completed your tax course successfully, you will already have the knowledge, skills, and know-how to perform the tasks a tax specialist is responsible for. Remember: these professionals work in many different working environments, which means that you will have plenty of opportunities once you finish your course.

Top 3 Reasons You Want to Be Part of the Fitness Industry

Fitness TrainingThe Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports that almost two in every three Australians suffer from weight issues, with 63 per cent of them being overweight or obese. As these problems greatly increase a person’s risk for different health concerns, the need for fitness and personal training has surged dramatically.

This means potential trainers will have no problems securing a stable career. With most Australians not having time to study health and fitness for their own needs, many of them turn to personal trainers (PTs) for assistance and counselling.

Here are three reasons you should consider pursuing a career in this area:

A promising job outlook

Do an online enquiry about the number of job openings for personal trainers and fitness instructors, and you will find numerous postings in this department. To top it off, statistics point to the high likelihood of its further increase.

Experts also report a strong growth for job opportunities from 2016 to 2017. As the fitness industry boasts of a large network and covers different health aspects, this trend will continue to rise.


The salary of personal trainers is enough to make you want to complete PT courses, as fitnessu.com.au notes. According to PayScale, Sydney PTs with at least five years of experience make about $57,500.00 to $87,000 annually.

Long-lasting, satisfying career

Unlike many other industries, health and fitness is evergreen. People will always have the need to stay healthy and fit. As long as there are people, the need for fitness professionals will remain.

This demand creates a multitude of opportunities for fitness experts who aim to enjoy a long-lasting, satisfying career. As long as they keep themselves up to date with improvements and innovations in the health sector, they can expect to see more clients lining up for their services and guidance.