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Family Laws in Washington: Unusual Aspects You Should Know

Colorful child custody letters and a gavelThe laws surrounding and implemented for family rights and relationships, including marriages, domestic partnerships, and parent-child relationships, are almost the same for most states in the country. However, there are still some differences on how each of these states – The State of Washington included – enforce these laws.

One thing remains certain, though: when it comes to regulations and constitutions that affect you and your child (or children) directly, it’s important that you get the help of an experienced and reputable family lawyer in Marysville. This way, you’ll have the expert guidance you need to address the surprising aspects of the state’s family laws.

There are no “child custody” laws here

Most of the states now enforce laws that address the child’s best interests instead of the parents’. In other words, the courts base their decision of who the child should live with, the division of parenting responsibilities, and whether both parents can spend time with the child (and how long) on factors that directly affect the child’s well-being. For many, this may categorize as child custody. However, the state doesn’t; it implements what it calls parenting management instead.

At its core, this law ensures that all the physical, mental, and emotional needs of a child are met and that both parents (except in cases of proven abuse or neglect) have a share in these responsibilities.

From domestic partners to legally married

After the State of Washington legalized same-sex marriages in June 2014, it also “transferred” or converted all registered domestic couples into legally married couples. A few exceptions include relationships wherein one party was older than 62 years during that time, or for those who made a request to dissolve their domestic partnership before the scheduled cutoff date.

These are just some of the unusual areas of Washington’s family laws, but their existence can make a case more complex than it already is. As such, you should already understand how valuable a family lawyer is when filing a case falling under the state’s family laws.

3 Ways to Fight for Full Custody of Your Children

Custody lawyer in Houston

Nobody wants to see their marriage crumble down and end up in a divorce. However, that is the best option sometimes when you simply can’t see a future with yourself and your spouse still together. It gets even more complicated if you have children together because you need to deal with child custody battles. Here are some tips to help you handle this well and get the child custody arrangements you want.

Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody lawyers in Houston like Busby & Associates will help you fight your case in court. Without their assistance, you will find it hard to find the best angle to present in court for you to get full custody of your kids. They will also help you know what documents and evidences you need to present in court to prove your case is strong and that you are the “better parent.” Sometimes, a one-time consultation is enough, but most of the time, you need to go back plenty of times especially if your situation is complicated.

Know the Court Standards

Knowing the court’s evaluation process to determine who deserve custody of their children is important for you to put your best foot forward. The standard is that if you want full custody of your kids, you need to have a stable job, enough time to provide adequate childcare, and a comfortable living environment for your kids. Overall health, personality, child-raising skills, and motivation for wanting full custody are also taken into account.

Present Yourself Well During Trial

Aside from hard evidence, you also need to be at your best whenever you show up in court. This means dressing up in a formal and respectable manner. Watch your actions, facial expressions, and words when in court. Never let your emotions get the best of you because an outrage can cost you the custody battle.
Follow these tips so you can get full custody of your children and be with them as they grow, even if you’re already divorced.


The Essential Things You Need to Understand About Child Custody

Child custody attorney in AlbuquerqueDealing with a child custody issue can be taxing, not only financially, but also emotionally — and this becomes worse when you don’t know what you’re dealing with. There are actually various kinds of child custody paradigms that you need to know about so you can file the proper case. 

Here’s what you need to know.

Legal Custody

Child custody attorneys in Albuquerque would help you understand the various types of child custody. One of these is legal custody or the way a parent should be able to make decisions for the child — including where he’ll be studying, where he’ll be living, etc., even without the authority of the other parent. If the other parent makes a decision without informing the legal parent, then a case can be filed again.

Physical Custody

This is one of the most popular types of custody where a parent would be filing for physical custody of the child, meaning the child would be living with him or her. This could either be joint or sole, with proper visitation rights coming into play as well.

Joint Custody

This means that both parents would have some form of legal control over the child. Both of them should make a mutual decision where the child would live, or what school he would go to, or other decisions that concern him, and his health. Of course, visitation rights would also be talked about, and it is expected that both parents should adhere to it. Arrangements would be made based on the lifestyle and preferences of the family, and not in a generalized manner to make sure that decisions would be practical.

With the help of a competent attorney, you can be sure that you’ll be able to file the right case for a sensitive issue such as child custody. This way, you’d live the rest of your life in a peaceful, manageable manner — and your kid will, too.