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How Does Demand For Sustainability Affect Multifamily Builders?

Family in their green houseMultifamily builders in Australia will need to consider the public insights on energy-efficient units, due to more people wanting to buy sustainable properties.

This means new projects should adhere to modern heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, including pressure vessel equipment from providers like Masterflow Solutions. The Australian Department of Environment and Energy said that HVAC accounts for around 40 per cent of a building’s energy consumption, so it makes sense to focus on it to achieve efficient power use.

Growing Demand

The trend of buying green properties manifested on capital cities such as Melbourne, where some companies even have 3,700 people waiting to buy units from their projects. While more Australians are keen on promoting sustainability, most people can agree that higher living expenses are driving them to patronise energy-efficient homes. Less energy consumption would mean a smaller electric bill for them.

Each household can also save $150 per year if they live in new buildings with energy-efficient features, according to a report from the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council. For the multifamily sector, geothermal energy could be a key part of this solution.

Sustainable HVAC

The so-called Ground Source Heat Pumps have become a popular tool to advance sustainable HVAC systems in the country. The Fairwater multifamily development in Sydney has the biggest geothermal system nationwide. It allows residents to save up $1,000 in energy expenses every year.

Geothermals require an expensive upfront investment, so you may consider other alternatives if money is an issue. Smart building controls can be a good option. It can be in the form of technology that detects vacant rooms, which then alerts the main HVAC system to adjust the temperature accordingly.


From a business perspective, using energy-efficient features for apartments will be important to lure clients. Companies should look for suppliers that can meet their required mechanical HVAC design in new projects.

Equipment and the People: Life of Construction

Construction SIte

Construction SIteOne important concept in today’s construction business is preventive maintenance. This type of maintenance does not only occur when repairs are needed. It’s a complicated process filled with activities. People and machines work together to develop a company. As a business owner, you should take good care of these two assets.

Process of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a complex process and involves many departments in the company. It starts from the purchasing of the equipment, to training operators of boom lifts and other machines, training the maintenance technicians, scheduling of maintenance, actual repair, fleet organizing and lastly, the disposal of the machine.

All About the Machine

Construction companies rely on machines. The first activity is to purchase equipment. This activity includes canvassing of suppliers, taking note of expectations, evaluating brand reliability and other factors needed to decide. Another activity that focuses on equipment is maintenance.  Regular maintenance involves proactive checking of equipment whether there are reported damages or not.

Next, scheduling the maintenance beforehand helps in the efficiency of the organization by providing time frames on when the equipment is ready for use or booked for maintenance. Lastly, the repair of equipment would mean that companies save themselves from buying new equipment every time there’s damage.

All About the People

Aside from the equipment, an equally important factor is the people within the organization. First, there is a need to train the operators to ensure that they know every detail about the equipment and be responsible and accountable. They’re always the first line of defence and know when there’s something wrong with the equipment. Finally, technician training is needed to ensure continuous maintenance and repair of the equipment without incurring additional costs.

The heart of any construction company is the people; taking care of them and treating them as assets ensures the sustainability of the company.

What To Consider When Starting Your Own Construction Business


ConstructionCommitting to a construction business will pay off in the long run if you have the right attitude and the right knowledge for the job. Most successful people in the industry started small, operating in a certain area, then expanding their reach. This is can happen fast if the construction company provides quality services to their clients, giving them the opportunity to take on many projects, big or small.

But like any other business, starting small is not easy. Read on to know the things you should take into account when starting a construction business.


Creating an effective business plan is the initial and most crucial part in any business process. Establishing your business is not as easy as it may seem. You need to think outside the box to make your business appealing and attractive to your target market. Think of the possible factors that can help you succeed, but don’t overlook the risks of failing to achieve your goal. Provide strategies that you can use when problems arise.


It’s also difficult for a company owner in the beginning because you will have to pay for all the expenses needed to start the company. Then you will need to build a network of sub-contractors and suppliers to help you with your projects.

You can use the Internet to your advantage by advertising and promoting your products.  Cement, concrete, timber, steel, additives, ceramics, glass fibers, sealants and adhesives are often delivered on the site. Buying steel online and other construction materials will save time and effort, but it is important that you are ordering from a trusted supplier to avoid delays in your project.

Hire the right People

Construction projects need project managers. You may take on the role at the beginning, but you cannot handle them all when they multiply, especially when you have projects in different locations. Therefore, finding people with the same skills and dedication as you will do your business a lot of good. You will also need a team for other aspects of the business that can provide fast and reliable service to your clients.

The success of a company doesn’t depend on only one person. Team work and effective communication is a must. Continue to dream big and strive for more. Hard work will surely pay off.