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Where is the Love? Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Divorce lawyer talking to her clientsConflicts involving partnerships and relations among family members can be difficult to resolve. There are filial emotions involved and relationships to consider. When extreme misunderstandings arise, there is no choice but to seek legal relief from law firms like burnhamlaw.com.

Domestic Affairs, Denver Style

Denver is one place where specific laws and statutes govern family and domestic affairs. If you find yourself involved in a family legal dispute, a good Denver family attorney could be your only chance of sorting out the domestic issues in your favor.

Family attorneys help clients seek legal relief from problems involving marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships. Aside from divorce, annulment and legal separation, they handle related issues such as prenuptial agreements, child custody and support, guardianship, alimony or spousal support, paternity and elderly custody and care. In tough cases, they create protection orders. Aside from marriage-related cases, they also handle the family estate, wills and inheritance issues.

Choosing a Family Attorney

Your search for a family lawyer does not end in knowing the areas of expertise that would solve your legal woes. Family cases require compassion, and you should look for this quality in your attorney. These are three questions to consider:

  • Rates – If budget is a concern, can your lawyer make some allowances for you? Family cases take long to settle, and representation costs can escalate. Some lawyers charge a flat rate service fees while high-profile cases could charge you by the hour or per task.
  • Communication – Do you know your family attorney’s personal numbers? If you need your lawyer’s attention and time, ask them if they could give you a special number to contact them in an emergency or special need.
  • Client-Attorney Relations – Is your consultation and client time strictly on schedule? Ask if you can meet your lawyer casually, such as a lunch out or for an afternoon coffee.

Never settle for a family attorney that seems good enough. Always choose the one that demonstrates genuine compassion and commitment to your case.

The Signs That Indicate You Need to Consult with a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce cracked paperFiling for divorce is a complex process. If you have assets, kids or another possible source of disagreement, then it would be wise to consult with divorce lawyers in Albuquerque. You might have no idea what to expect during the entire process. As such, you will need to have a lawyer working on your side. Perhaps there are instances there really is no need for a legal professional, and you can do the whole thing on your own. But some more complicated processes, such as these below, will definitely need a divorce lawyer:

You anticipate a child custody dispute

As soon as you have kids with your partner, it will have a massive effect on all aspects of your life, including in the case of a divorce. The risks will be higher, and it will cause a lengthy battle over who will be granted child custody. Although some couples end up calmly negotiating the terms of visitation and custody, this is not always the case.

You and your spouse share assets worth a few thousand dollars

Particularly if it involves a marital home, it would be best to get the assistance of a lawyer to help guarantee that they treat you fairly with the division of the assets you both worked hard for.

You and your partner own a company together

This circumstance can be pretty complex when filing for a divorce. Lucky for you, your lawyer will be able to help you with the specifics. If necessary, they will even get the services of financial professionals, such as consultants and appraisers.

There was domestic abuse or violence in the relationship

When a spouse threatened and controlled the other, the emotional dynamic will make it difficult to agree. The abusive partner will have the upper hand. They can easily convince their partner to agree to an unfair deal without legal counsel involved. That’s where lawyers come in to help the victim.

Ultimately, a lawyer will be a good decision whether you prefer traditional or alternative ligation such as collaborative divorce or mediation. Get in touch with a lawyer to determine your options.

Why You Should Consider Drafting a Marital Agreement

Drafting Your Marital Agreement in Denver

Drafting Your Marital Agreement in DenverWhether you are planning to get married or you are already married, you should consider drafting a marital agreement. This is because of the protection that it offers to you and your property. For instance, individual property can unintentionally and easily become conjugal property. Therefore, if you would want to protect your assets as separate, you definitely need to consider having an agreement in place. You can draft an agreement with the help of a Denver family lawyer.

What Does a Marital Agreement Involve? 

Legal professional Divorce Matters explains that a marital agreement is a planning tool that allows spouses to alter and structure the way their property is classified under the law. Normally, the law treats possessions and all income of a couple, acquired after marriage, as marital property. Inheritance, gifts, and property that is brought into a marriage is considered individual property. Therefore, it is imperative to have an agreement in place in order to ensure a clear distinction of what you and your spouse own. The following are the different marital agreement options.

  • Prenuptial Agreement. It is the most appropriate agreement if you intend to preserve your personal property in case your marriage ends. However, it is one of the challenging tasks for engaged couples. A prenuptial agreement serves as a contract between you and your fiancée that details your individual properties and protects them from division in case you divorce.
  • Postnuptial agreement. This agreement can only be created after marriage has taken place. It is meant to protect you in a similar way that premarital agreements do.
  • Separation Agreement. It provides provisions for the division of assets and debts. In addition, it can include mutual agreements on the ways of resolving children-related issues like child custody and child support.

A marriage is a wonderful thing. Its unpredictable nature, however, makes a marital agreement necessary. It is prudent to draft an agreement with your fiancée before marriage to avert court battles that are associated with the custody of children and properties, once a divorce petition has been filed in court.

Seeking Mediation Help from a Colorado Springs Divorce Lawyer

Divorce in Colorado SpringsTo solve divorce settlement issues in an informal and cost-efficient process, mediation services may be the right solution. The divorce mediation can help couples to come up with agreements with regards to financial assets and properties. They can also agree on spouse and child financial support as well as child custody.

The agreements made from divorce mediation will be drawn up for the court proceedings. You need to ask questions about divorce mediation to any Colorado Springs divorce lawyer before making your decision.

Compare advantages and disadvantages

Divorce mediation allows both parties to freely discuss their issues and concerns with the help of a mediator. You have to discuss the small settlement issues and come up with a drawn mutual agreement to save yourself from expensive legal fees.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of divorce mediation to weigh and assess your situation, the Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne urges. The advantages should outweigh the disadvantages to ensure that you get the best value for your time and money. They may vary for every situation.

What to expect in mediation

During the mediation process, issues that may be difficult to settle in court and would take much time can also be discussed. This can be done with or without representative lawyers for each party. If you feel overwhelmed by your partner during the process, you may undergo mediation with your Colorado Springs divorce lawyer. The process can help both parties to come to a mutual agreement that is better than letting the court decide on divorce settlements. These issues may take a long time to settle in a different court proceeding.

The mediation process cannot solve all the divorce settlement issues. If you have undergone extended divorce mediations that are going nowhere, you can decide to stop the process. Draw up and present only what had been agreed in the process and settle the unsolved issues in court.