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Essential Pointers for Encouraging Positivity Among Your Employees

Positive Employees in San Diego

Positive Employees in San DiegoAs an employer or manager, one of your goals should be to produce a content and productive crew. Other than their monthly compensations and benefits, there are a number of things you can do to lighten your office’s work atmosphere and raise morale. Consider these vital revitalizing suggestions.

Raffles and GamesPeter Jackson, director of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit franchise, knew that the production team would be working under a great amount of pressure. In a few of his video diaries on the Hobbit, he showed viewers how he helped encourage and motivate everyone through a roulette that had several gag and real prizes like candies, food, cash, and getting a small role in one of the scenes. Come up with something similar and hold it every week or semi-monthly.

Recognize Your Employees – It’s also important to acknowledge the sterling performances made by loyal and praiseworthy employees. But besides prizes, how about acknowledging and respecting their work-life balance instead? Don’t force overtime on them every month just so you can pull up stats. There’s nothing more discouraging and upsetting than upper management cracking the whip on staff solely for profit and promises of added compensation. After all, they have families, friends, a lifestyle, and holidays to look forward to just like you.

Environmental Changes – For your people to feel revived, breathe life into your office. Add touches of plants to your decor. Play ambient music that works for everyone. Let the sun in once in a while by raising the shades or pushing the curtains aside. Hire a professional office cleaning company from San Diego to regularly clean, disinfect, and rejuvenate your workspace. Most of all, award your company’s cleanest and best-looking department area and desk space just for added incentive.

Work is serious enough as it is. And though there’s a need to take your career seriously, you can still make your office a great place to work in. As Virgin’s Charles Branson once said, “Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business.”

How Data Analytics is Helping the Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil IndustryThose in the natural oil and gas industry have become used to seeing big data analytics as something more usable in ‘softer’ industries for keeping tabs on customer sentiments, behaviour and tendencies. Now they know this is inaccurate, as analytics is also entering the domain of oil and gas.

Value to Support Industries

Even the biggest companies are looking at big data to cut the costs of operating oilfields and practically every support industry surrounding big oil. Internet of Things, analytical and mobile capability updates and increases can add to the value of support industry businesses, up to 90% of surveyed respondents believe.

Potential Site Surveying

To survey a potential site for drilling, Three Rivers Drilling noted that oil companies must monitor low-frequency seismic waves deep in the earth that move because of tectonic activity. Probes register distortions in the wave patterns when they pass through gas or oil. The data collected from this activity helps determine where it is safe to start working.

The work can cost hundreds of millions of dollars, so a company cannot go putting holes in the ground just anywhere. Big data analytics and technology have enabled the industry to be more accurate in determining where to drill. The overwhelming volume of data is safely stored in servers for analysis and comparisons with data from other sites around the world.

Machine Maintenance

Aside from determining where to drill, big data also helps predict when machines need maintenance and replacement before they break. With all the harsh environments and movements the machines are working in, it can cost millions of dollars if they break during the most critical moments. With data analytics, breakage is predicted more accurately, enabling machines to work longer and companies to avoid long downtimes.

Data analytics is enabling different industries to predict their outcomes more accurately. It is also becoming the leading resource for determining different aspects of various industries, including oil and gas exploration and mining, making them faster and more cost-effective.