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The Case for Hiring a Lawyer During Divorce

Couple signing their divorce papersOne of the worst experiences a couple can go through is having a divorce. When a relationship fails, most couples resort to opting for a divorce, especially of all efforts have been exhausted. Being married will not guarantee that it’s perfect. There are quarrels and disagreements.

When the relationship isn’t working out, the couple might need to hire a divorce attorney in Long Island to handle all legal matters. The whole process isn’t easy — it’s painful and tedious. A divorce lawyer will make the process easier for the couple.

Here are the advantages of hiring an experienced divorce attorney.

1. They provide confidentiality to clients

Divorce isn’t an easy way out of the marriage, especially if children are in the picture. Lawyers have trained to make sure the case is confidential to protect the couple and the family. Since most people find divorce controversial, the lawyers will make sure everything is confidential.

2. Divorce attorneys offer expert advice

Lawyers have experienced and trained in their line of expertise. Divorce attorneys have handled countless divorce cases, making them experts. Also, an experienced attorney will make sure their client gets what they deserve after the divorce.

3. They take the animosity during the procedure

Divorce lawyers involved in the case mediate the two parties. Divorce provokes anger, animosity and hatred between the two individuals. Lawyers are there to mediate the situation and negotiate on behalf of their clients. This reduces the tension.

A divorce is a disheartening process. Nevertheless, it’s just a process, and in time, it’ll be over. Divorce lawyers are there to assist the client throughout the procedure. They help the client understand the legal matter. Hence, it’s essential to hire an experienced lawyer during a divorce is essential.

Breaking the News of Divorce to Your Family

Couple facing away from each other

Couple facing away from each otherYou want to make the marriage work for the sake of your children, but it’s undeniable that some things have already changed. Deciding to finally end the marriage is not the only thing to think about, however.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do You Know How to File for Divorce?

It’s not going to be easy, but it’s not impossible, too. Prepare yourself by learning how to file for divorce in your state. Each state has their own rules, so Utahans need to look for the process specific to Utah. Your lawyer at Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. can fill you in on the technicalities that you cannot learn from reading online articles. Your case may have unique elements, so don’t expect that it will go precisely how source articles say it will.

How Will You Tell Your Partner?

Saying the word divorce for the first time can be hard. Before telling your partner, it’s all just thoughts. Once you sit down and speak about it, it makes the decision real. Your partner may not take it well, or they might agree with your decision. Gauge their mood, especially if they have a difficult temper. You don’t want to add domestic violence to the mix when you’re already planning to exit the marriage.

How Will You Tell Your Children?

Your children will also have a different reaction to the divorce. The way they see it, their parents do not love each other anymore, and it will split the family in two. They will start thinking about holidays, birthdays, and all those occasions that families supposedly spend with each other. They might also blame themselves for your decision. If it’s possible, you and your partner should talk to them together, so they know that the divorce does not change your love for them.

Divorce is a delicate matter, especially if your family is going through it for the first time. It might mean that the family will be broken, but it can also be that one final time that everyone comes together as one.

Where is the Love? Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Divorce lawyer talking to her clientsConflicts involving partnerships and relations among family members can be difficult to resolve. There are filial emotions involved and relationships to consider. When extreme misunderstandings arise, there is no choice but to seek legal relief from law firms like burnhamlaw.com.

Domestic Affairs, Denver Style

Denver is one place where specific laws and statutes govern family and domestic affairs. If you find yourself involved in a family legal dispute, a good Denver family attorney could be your only chance of sorting out the domestic issues in your favor.

Family attorneys help clients seek legal relief from problems involving marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships. Aside from divorce, annulment and legal separation, they handle related issues such as prenuptial agreements, child custody and support, guardianship, alimony or spousal support, paternity and elderly custody and care. In tough cases, they create protection orders. Aside from marriage-related cases, they also handle the family estate, wills and inheritance issues.

Choosing a Family Attorney

Your search for a family lawyer does not end in knowing the areas of expertise that would solve your legal woes. Family cases require compassion, and you should look for this quality in your attorney. These are three questions to consider:

  • Rates – If budget is a concern, can your lawyer make some allowances for you? Family cases take long to settle, and representation costs can escalate. Some lawyers charge a flat rate service fees while high-profile cases could charge you by the hour or per task.
  • Communication – Do you know your family attorney’s personal numbers? If you need your lawyer’s attention and time, ask them if they could give you a special number to contact them in an emergency or special need.
  • Client-Attorney Relations – Is your consultation and client time strictly on schedule? Ask if you can meet your lawyer casually, such as a lunch out or for an afternoon coffee.

Never settle for a family attorney that seems good enough. Always choose the one that demonstrates genuine compassion and commitment to your case.

Family Laws in Washington: Unusual Aspects You Should Know

Colorful child custody letters and a gavelThe laws surrounding and implemented for family rights and relationships, including marriages, domestic partnerships, and parent-child relationships, are almost the same for most states in the country. However, there are still some differences on how each of these states – The State of Washington included – enforce these laws.

One thing remains certain, though: when it comes to regulations and constitutions that affect you and your child (or children) directly, it’s important that you get the help of an experienced and reputable family lawyer in Marysville. This way, you’ll have the expert guidance you need to address the surprising aspects of the state’s family laws.

There are no “child custody” laws here

Most of the states now enforce laws that address the child’s best interests instead of the parents’. In other words, the courts base their decision of who the child should live with, the division of parenting responsibilities, and whether both parents can spend time with the child (and how long) on factors that directly affect the child’s well-being. For many, this may categorize as child custody. However, the state doesn’t; it implements what it calls parenting management instead.

At its core, this law ensures that all the physical, mental, and emotional needs of a child are met and that both parents (except in cases of proven abuse or neglect) have a share in these responsibilities.

From domestic partners to legally married

After the State of Washington legalized same-sex marriages in June 2014, it also “transferred” or converted all registered domestic couples into legally married couples. A few exceptions include relationships wherein one party was older than 62 years during that time, or for those who made a request to dissolve their domestic partnership before the scheduled cutoff date.

These are just some of the unusual areas of Washington’s family laws, but their existence can make a case more complex than it already is. As such, you should already understand how valuable a family lawyer is when filing a case falling under the state’s family laws.

What to Do If You’re a Victim of Domestic Violence

Man holding a bottle of liquor with woman and child crying in the backgroundBeing the victim of domestic abuse is never easy. Often, the perpetrator is someone you care for, and it can be emotionally wracking to have to go through the courts to resolve your situation.

However, defending your most basic rights as a person is key to living a happy, healthy life. Getting in touch with a family law attorney in Denver, Colorado should help you navigate the legal complexities of filing domestic violence charges.

Your lawyer will also be able to give you sound advice on what actions you need to do to ensure the success of your case.

  1. Call the police.

If you are the victim of domestic violence, contact 911 immediately. If you find it difficult to get in touch with the police, then come up with a safety plan. This should include methods of escape, who to turn to when you leave, extra money, clothing, and documents to bring.

  1. Stay away from the abuser.

File a protective order against the abuser to prevent them from doing certain things, such as coming within a certain distance of you or your children or contacting you. In many cases, a judge will approve a protective order even without hearing from the abuser first.

  1. Document all evidence.

Collect all proof of the abuse as much as you can. This may include pictures of bruises, wounds, or bodily marks indicating physical violence, broken objects, and weapons used by the abuser, as well as police and hospital records. You may also want to keep a daily diary documenting everything that happens.

  1. Contact witnesses of the abuse.

Witnesses are essential to a domestic violence case, especially strangers or police officers, as they are considered impartial to the outcome of the case. If you know anybody who has witnessed the abuser acting out on you, even if it is close family or friends, get in touch immediately to see if they are willing to testify for you.

Getting out a domestic violence situation is never a walk in the park. If you are in one right now, contact the police immediately and find a family law attorney who can help you deal with your situation.

4 Cases Where You Might Need a Family Law Lawyer

Family Law Attorney in Colorado Springs

Family Law Attorney in Colorado SpringsIssues and problems involving the family are always the most difficult to deal with. When personalities clash or when unforeseen circumstances happen, you may need to go to court to fight for your rights, even if it’s your relative you’re in a conflict with. You will most likely need to hire a lawyer specializing in family law to help you present your case and yourself in court well.

Here are some cases you might need the help of a lawyer:


Divorce is one of the most common cases that family law attorneys in Colorado Springs handle. Couples are full of love, hope, and commitment when they get married, but there are times when divorce becomes the only way for them to live their lives moving forward. When you are going through a divorce, you must get a trustworthy lawyer to help defend you in court and fight for your rights.

Juvenile Matters

Family law lawyers help in juvenile matters. This includes allegations of child neglect, child abuse, and illegal behaviors involving kids who are not yet of legal age. This is a pretty sensitive matter, so you need the assistance of a lawyer to make sure of your every move before making them.

Emancipation and Underage Marriages

For people under 18 who wish to be emancipated (being legally free from their parents’ control) or married, they need the assistance of a lawyer to make it happen. The case will be stronger if the applicant can prove that he or she can already live without the support of the parents or guardian.

Domestic Violence

If you are a victim of domestic violence, don’t hesitate to run to a credible lawyer. Your lawyer can help you find ways to be free from your abuser and file a protection to keep your abuser away.

These are only some of the cases that lawyers specializing in family law can handle. Make sure to look for a reputable lawyer if you are facing these kinds of situations.