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Sexy, Hot Body: Secrets of the World’s Fittest Celebrities

FitnessThese celebrities are proof that age is truly just a number and that being fit could happen at any age. Still, while there is no dearth of reasons to be fit, there is certainly one of motivation.

Personal trainers with certs 3 and 4 in fitness are the secret weapons of these celebrities. Don't take our word for it and see for yourselves below.

  1. Rachel Bilson

The former The OC and Hart of Dixie Star and wife to Anakin Skywalker, er, Hayden Christensen, has some of the most toned legs around. According to the actress, she’s not so fond of the gym — but credits tennis, yoga, and dancing for her toned body.

  1. Alex Morgan

The Olympic soccer player doesn’t just credit soccer for her body. She says that cardio is important, and thus, she never forgets to work out by means of doing yoga, running, and even swimming laps — habits that she actually picked up from school. 

  1. Jennifer Lopez

Once dubbed La Guitara for her famous beautiful butt, Jennifer Lopez is truly one of the most talented people in the world. Not only that, she’s one of the fittest, too — and it’s all because she has disciplined herself to try fitness routines such as reverse lunges, sumo squats, front kicks, and even single leg squats, among others.

  1. Madonna

At 57, the Queen of Pop still looks great, gorgeous, and fit as ever! Madonna’s toned body is said to be the result of her hydraulic yoga regimens — and constant cardio training.

  1. Gwen Stefani

Gwen is still looking fresh and firm as ever — and that’s all because she says that she likes to dance during concerts, and even rehearsals, keeping her metabolic rate fast.She also works out while making sure that she eats only what’s right for her — which means that you don’t really have to starve yourself just to get fit.

People always put off getting fit for some reason or another. But with a personal trainer, you can make sure that your nagging voice isn't just at the back of the head, but someone who can actually help you reach your fitness goals.

Top 3 Reasons You Want to Be Part of the Fitness Industry

Fitness TrainingThe Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports that almost two in every three Australians suffer from weight issues, with 63 per cent of them being overweight or obese. As these problems greatly increase a person’s risk for different health concerns, the need for fitness and personal training has surged dramatically.

This means potential trainers will have no problems securing a stable career. With most Australians not having time to study health and fitness for their own needs, many of them turn to personal trainers (PTs) for assistance and counselling.

Here are three reasons you should consider pursuing a career in this area:

A promising job outlook

Do an online enquiry about the number of job openings for personal trainers and fitness instructors, and you will find numerous postings in this department. To top it off, statistics point to the high likelihood of its further increase.

Experts also report a strong growth for job opportunities from 2016 to 2017. As the fitness industry boasts of a large network and covers different health aspects, this trend will continue to rise.


The salary of personal trainers is enough to make you want to complete PT courses, as fitnessu.com.au notes. According to PayScale, Sydney PTs with at least five years of experience make about $57,500.00 to $87,000 annually.

Long-lasting, satisfying career

Unlike many other industries, health and fitness is evergreen. People will always have the need to stay healthy and fit. As long as there are people, the need for fitness professionals will remain.

This demand creates a multitude of opportunities for fitness experts who aim to enjoy a long-lasting, satisfying career. As long as they keep themselves up to date with improvements and innovations in the health sector, they can expect to see more clients lining up for their services and guidance.

Staying Fit Without Going to the Gym


FitnessThere’s no shortcut to getting in shape. No magic diet pill or secret fat burning exercise will give you results in days. Nothing but consistent exercise and a good diet will get you the fitness level you desire. That said, you don’t need to go to a gym. Here are some simple things you can do from home.

1. Yoga

Yoga can be practised at home without much fuss. All you need is a mat to help keep you steady, regardless of what surface you practise on. Yoga increases your body’s flexibility and strengthens your cardiovascular system. It can also help clear your mind and relax you.

2. Pilates

Pilates movements are similar to yoga poses. The difference between the two is that Pilates may need some extra materials (towels or weights) or actual exercise equipment.

3. Weights

Choose between barbells or kettlebells if you want to work with weights. Kettlebells will stimulate a different set of muscles, since they have an asymmetric weight.

4. Cycling

Stationary bikes are a favourite way for most at-home exercisers because it allows you to exercise while watching TV, keeping you from getting bored. This helps you stick to your exercise for the recommended minimum, which is thirty minutes.

5. Treadmill

On a similar vein, a treadmill will allow you to follow either a comfortable walking pace or running without having to leave the house.

Before getting into the routine

Particularly for yoga and Pilates, it’s best to attend classes before practising at home to avoid injuries from incorrect poses and movements. Qldkettlebells.com.au says a good kettlebell training program will teach you the proper handling of the equipment, and the same is true with using barbells. Purchasing larger equipment can be expensive, but this can also allow you to continue exercising even when the weather isn’t ideal.

Ultimately, the goal is to remain healthy or work your way towards it. Set small, achievable goals for each day and work your way up from there.