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Expats in Singapore Have Another Reason to Eat Comfort Food

Whisking Butter in a PanThere may have been a time that you felt homesick after living in Singapore for quite some time, but eating comfort food could somehow ease that.

Jennifer Berg, New York University director of graduate food studies, said that people could stay connected with their culture and feel close to their family and friends, especially if they live far away.

Melting Pot

Fortunately for expatriates and other foreigners, many late-night restaurants in Singapore offer comfort food that originated from other countries. The traditional macaroni and cheese, for instance, is a staple of comfort food from the U.S., aside from cheeseburgers.

It is easy to find a diner that opens until past midnight and can even serve you until 3 a.m. on some days. The late schedule is the result of Singapore becoming a melting pot of different cultures, with many foreigners now staying in the Lion City either due to business or for pleasure.

Still, eating comfort food does not only apply when you feel homesick, as science provides a clearer explanation.

The Science Behind Cravings

A 2015 study showed that people tend to eat a certain type food when it connects to a significant person in their life. While the delicious taste of mac and cheese is a bonus, it could be a happy memory of your mother cooking it that makes you want to reach for a bowl.

Our sense of smell is largely responsible for evoking this type of memories. Another study claimed that it is all in the mind, since eating comfort food does not significantly improve our mood any more than eating other dishes.


Whether or not you eat comfort food for its taste or take a trip down memory lane, giving in to your cravings once in a while can be a good way to ease homesickness. What is your favourite comfort food?

Personal Perks: Inexpensive Yet Practical Ways to Reward Yourself

Food Reward in Janesville

Food Reward in JanesvilleWe all need to feel appreciated so why not perk yourself up with a little prize that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The good news is, these practical but affordable rewards can be done alone or can include your partner or even your posse. Go ahead and choose one. You deserve it.

Food Fest – Get yourself into the groove by visiting your favorite restaurant or any eatery that serves your favored food. Pizzeria Vecchia says that you can enjoy yourself at a pizza place or at a local pub near your home. If you want company, call your friends over and share your reward with them. Who knows, they might just buy you a “prize” to add to what you’re already eating.

Spa Treatment – Get yourself a spa package that can both pamper and relax you. If you can find an all-in-one service that includes massage, nails, hair and even sauna treatment with discounts, then go ahead. You deserve it. It’s even better if you can find a spa that could personalize your package. If you want to get a group or tandem discount, convince your best friend or partner to join you as you find that happy relaxed state.

Movie/Cuddle Time – Bring your partner along and watch the matinee show at a local movie house for a possible discount. If public display of affection (PDA) is not your thing, even in the dark, arrange the living room or den for a comfortable cuddle time while watching a movie on your DVD projector. Make sure you add drinks and popcorn to complete the cinema feel.

These are not simply rewards, but possible memorable experiences that can keep your mind refreshed for the next few weeks. That in itself is its own reward.

Food and Drinks: The Biggest Enemies of Your Teeth

Guys Eating and DrinkingYou likely know the saying “you are what you eat.” The same applies for your overall oral health. You may satisfy your appetite every time you feast on starch-packed foods and highly-sweetened drinks, but you also nourish the bacteria that produces teeth- and gum-damaging acids in your mouth.

When you consume too much of the following, you can expect your teeth’s and gums’ health to degrade, which will cause you not only pain but also more expensive and difficult-to-deal-with problems.

  1. Sugary and hard candies.

When you really crave something sweet, try your best to steer clear from those that linger in the mouth, such as hard candies, caramels, jelly beans, sour candies, and lollipops. According to Gentle Dentist, these food stick in the mouth for a long time, making it hard for your saliva to wash their sugar content down.

  1. Sweet snacks.

The same goes true for snacks rich in sugar, such as cakes, pastries, and cookies. All these can hasten the process of acid production caused by the bacteria present in your mouth. When you cannot stop yourself from eating them, limit your consumption, and make sure you brush, floss, and orally rinse after consuming them.

  1. Foods high in starch and refined carbs.

Pasta, crackers, rice, chips, and bread have the same harmful effects to your oral health as sweets and sugary snacks have. Simple carb-based foods, such as those made from white flour, have a staying effect in the mouth just as these sugary foods have. In other words, they have the same damaging impact.

  1. Carbonated drinks.

Whether you drink regular or diet soda, both types of carbonated beverages still contain high levels of sugar, as well as carbonation and phosphorous. Together, they attack the teeth’s enamel, not only causing staining, but also breakage. Energy drinks, iced teas, and alcoholic beverages also have the same effect.

Prevention is always better than cure. However, when you already have a problem involving a crack, chip or fracture on one (or more) tooth, seek the help of a dentist specializing in dental crowns right away.

For Your Comfort, Comfort Food Can Also be Healthy

Comfort FoodIndulging in your comfort foods has a two-fold effect: you feel less stressed, but there is also a sense of guilt because of all the carbs you consumed. So, instead of just eating your childhood favorites, you trade it for a salad, suppressing your frustrated cravings.

Fortunately, not all of your favorite dishes are unhealthy. Nutritionists reveal that a number of comfort foods contain high levels of carbohydrates, which are helpful in promoting a positive mood. If you’re looking for melt-in-the-mouth treats without too much guilt, consider the following:

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes have long been one of the country’s favorite comfort foods. In fact, CustomCulinary.com and various other food experts recommend adding gravy for an A+ combination. Still, some people hesitate in indulging because of the ‘lack of nutritional value.’

Contrary to popular belief, mashed potato is low in fat. A good helping of mashed potato also guarantees a small percentage of calories that keep you full.

Keep your mash healthy by using skimmed milk instead of full-cream. Also, olive oil is a better alternative to butter.


Yes, it is true: chocolate is actually good for you. Compared to other saturates, a bar of chocolate contains stearic acid, which does not raise cholesterol levels. Chocolate is also a good source of iron needed for the production of red blood cells.

But what makes chocolate so fascinating is the high levels of polyphenosis, which serve as antioxidants that protect your body from cancer. In fact, some researchers believe that chocolate has higher concentrations of these compounds compared to other plant-based foods.


Fried or roasted, chicken has always been a staple comfort food. Some could even live on eating chicken for a whole week or devour everything all at once. Fortunately, chicken is full of essential nutrients your body needs. Make your comfort food healthier by using a boneless and skinless breast for an excellent low-fat food option.

Give yourself the comfort you deserve; don’t deprive yourself. Go forth and eat all of your favorite treats in moderation.

Does Healthy Have to be Bland? Why Flavor Indicates Nutrition Content

Health Nutrition

Health NutritionFor decades, Americans have been searching for the secret ingredient that makes them overweight and obese. The hunt singled out fat itself, then carbs, salt and sugar; companies, grocers and restaurants jumped on the bandwagon and offered more salad, certain ingredient-free food and others. Diet fads and all sorts of exercise programs touting they are the latest to finally whip you into shape.

Hippocrates once quoted that “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. It still rings true today, what people eat will affect their bodies. Custom Culinary suggests that many eat processed and synthesized food, making them sick and tricking the body into thinking it is getting the nutrition it needs.

From Natural to Synthetic: How Flavor is an indicator of Nutrition

Natural flavors are what make strawberries, strawberries, it is their essence, it is their sweetness that makes them unique. Transfer that to a drink, yogurt or use it as an artificial flavoring, it becomes something less of itself. Although it keeps its taste, it loses its nutritional value, making people fatter in the process because of the high sugar content.

Through the years, food has its flavor slowly, it became blander as companies look to mass-produce and make a profit at the lowest possible cost. This led to the growing trend of diets that aim to undo the faults of the past. However, food does not have to be bland to be healthy, flavor is the body’s way of determining vital nutrients and remembering which food, they come from.

Scientists Harry Klee and Stephen Goff revealed that the 20 most vital flavor compounds found in a tomato synthesized from nutrients like essential amino acids and omega-3 fats. This means that what made tomatoes nutritious also made them delicious.

Lifestyle Changes for Better Living

The key to a healthier life is to change a lifestyle, food is a big part of it, but it is only a piece of the puzzle. Exercise, hanging out with friends, traveling and being with family are also important pieces to living longer and better. A holistic approach gives you balance and enables you to live a fuller life.