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Garage Door Materials to Choose From

Garage doorHaving a garage door not only protects your vehicle; it also keeps your home secure. That said, it pays to invest in the right garage door for your home. One of the ways to make sure you choose the best door without busting your budget is by knowing the different types of materials available.

Garage doors installers in the Newcastle area can help you with the specifications and installation. But as a homeowner, you must educate yourself to get the best deal on the market.

Here are the most popular types of materials for garage doors:


Wooden garage doors are often considered a classic. They are easily customisable, and they add a degree of aesthetics to your home’s overall appearance. This type has been around for years because it is durable, but it comes with a price and may require more maintenance.


This is the most common garage door material because it is reasonably priced, is durable, basically requires little to no maintenance, and can easily be painted with the colour of your liking. It is no wonder most of your neighbours invested on a steel garage door.


The unique selling point of aluminium doors is that it is lightweight and rustproof. Over the years, there has been a debate about its durability, but newer versions are changing that view and manufacturers are making aluminium garage doors as dent proof as possible.


This type of garage door is not so popular because of its price and poor insulation properties. But if you are living in the coastal areas, a fibreglass garage door is a good option because it is resistant to saltwater corrosion.


Vinyl garage doors are child-proof because of their durability and inability to dent easily. But unlike other door types, these do not come in wide array of customised styles and designs, giving homeowners limited options when it comes to aesthetics.

Which garage door material do you think is best for your home? Consult with your contractor and see what you can do to ensure the safety of your car and other belongings.

Spruce Up Your Home with these Garage Door Ideas

Garage DoorA garage door can have an impact on the curb appeal of your home, particularly when it’s facing the road. During the rainy months and cold winters in Salt Lake City, your charming garage door can serve as the centerpiece. After you’ve had your garage door repair, check out these methods to renovate your garage door.

Get Rid of Window Inserts

Weather can make plastic more brittle, so your garage door window inserts will tend to fade and crack. Fortunately, you can easily remove and replace them by simply loosening the screws. Do remember that the new window insert you buy wouldn’t initially fit. This is why you would have to get a hammer and wood block to insert the corners diagonally into the window frame one at a time.

Add DIY Windows

By adding windows, you can give your traditional looking garage a makeover. This appealing enhancement only requires painters tape, carriage door hardware and black gloss spray paint. Just get the top part of your garage door and frame each square using the painters tape. Ensure that in the middle, you place a cross of tape before spray painting the area and removing the tape. By now, the square will look like a window. You can now add the carriage door hardware under the top part and on the side.

Make Faux Wood

Paint your fiberglass doors to resemble wood. This means that you’ll still get to use a more weather conscious material and save cash at the same time. Fiberglass doors won’t rot or rust because it’s not susceptible to water or heat. This is an ideal option for residents who want to improve their house on a budget.

You can turn your garage door into the main investment in your home. They are the least costly and smartest investment you can make. Your garage door is one of the first features of your home that your guests will notice. Upgrading it will enhance the curb appeal and value of your home.

Why is My Garage Door Not Working?

Automatic Garage DoorYour garage door is probably the largest machinery in your entire house, and it could be extremely inconvenient if it suddenly starts malfunctioning. For your garage door to start functioning properly once again, you need to know what’s wrong with it first. That said, below are some of the most common reasons a garage door malfunctions.

Before assuming that you have a broken garage door, ensure that your transmitters or remotes have batteries in them. You’d be surprised how many homeowners forget about replenishing their batteries.

If you hear a rubbing sound when your garage door reaches a certain spot upon closing or opening, it might be inaccurately aligned on the track. If this is the case, see if you could spot bending in the rail or gaps between the rail and rollers because this indicates a serious issue that requires professional attention ASAP.

If your door doesn’t close when you use your remote but can open correctly, the photo eye sensors might be misaligned or dirty. Take note that these sensors are positioned in place so that when something crosses its invisible beam upon closing, it would instantly stop closing and open again. This ensures that your door won’t accidentally close on you, your child, or your pet.

If you find your garage door starting to close but suddenly halts and open again, check if something’s blocking its descent such as something on the door track, a trash can, or a toy. If you don’t find anything blocking the door, see if the track has accumulated dust or dirt and then clean it.

You might have broken springs if your garage door doesn’t lift at all. The springs are crucial components because they’re responsible for all the heavy lifting, AKA, the closing and opening. The springs might have accumulated rust and require replacement, says an experienced garage door repair specialist in Philadelphia like O’Brien Garage Doors.

Your garage door could be malfunctioning for other reasons, but these are the most common ones to watch out for. Do note however that the only way to confirm what’s wrong with your garage door is to have a professional look at it to minimize further damage and increase its lifespan.

What Kind of Garage Door is Ideal for You?

Garage Door

Garage DoorGarage doors come in many different styles. The options vary that it can make buying an overwhelming experience. To make shopping less daunting, make sure you have an idea of what you want.

4 Types of Garage Doors

There are four types of garage doors. These can either swing up or swing out, if not slide to the side or roll up. Factors like your Perth home design, especially your main doors, will determine your choice, including the material used.

For instance, a contemporary home with glass and wood walls will have a sliding or roller garage door made of wood. It will have horizontal lines, just like the rest of the home. A framed glass garage door is a good option for a house with the same style for its main door. The same works for arched main doors – this style can be replicated for garage doors so it incorporates the same materials used in the main door.

To insulate or not to insulate?

A garage door may or may not be insulated depending on its location and purpose. A garage that is detached from the main house and used as a shed may not need insulation. On the other hand, Gryphon Garage Doors says insulated doors may be considered when it is attached to the main house and used as a workshop.

Non-insulated doors are cheaper than insulated types. The former is a good choice if you live in warmer climates or the items in your garage are not climate-sensitive. If you do need insulation for your garage workshop, think about the R-value. The higher the R-value, the more it can provide warmth in places with colder climates.

Insulated doors also make less noise, a feature that you’ll want if the garage is located underneath a bedroom or next to the living room. These are also more durable.

Ultimately, the type of garage door you go with is the one that reflects your home style. Choose your ideal door type based on durability and other benefits.

Lessons You Need to Learn about Designer Garage Doors before Installation

Garage Door

Garage DoorFor a secure home compound, you need to erect a sturdy wall and complete with a firm-lockable gate to keep off potential intruders. Despite keeping your in an enclosed residential environment, you need to protect the vehicle from possible destruction by falling tree branches and objects from the vicinity.

If you are living in a modern gated community, you are likely to share the main entrance with hundreds of residents denying you the privacy that you need. There’s an array of customized designer garage doors in Perth that suit the dimensions of your yard. Here’s a guide of things to do immediately after installing your Garage Doors.

Tighten the loose hardware

After successful installation of a custom made garage door, you need to know whether it is in good working condition before commissioning. With most technicians working to beat the project deadline, they are likely to leave the inferior hardware loose and hanging. Such instances are not only dangerous to your safety but accelerate wear and tear through friction increasing the cost of maintenance and repairs. For this reason, you need to inspect all the hardware with the technician to ensure high-quality work.

Test the door balance

A garage door balance determines the ease with which the door moves up and down. If the door is not installed correctly, the springs and the rollers are likely to be strained making it difficult to open and close the gate. The installation technician should test the door balance at different stages of construction to enhance smooth opening and closing. When in proper working condition, there are minimum cases of friction that tears the moving parts.

Grease the moving parts

Every day, you need to get your car out in the morning and in the evening after work. If the garage serves as a store for other hardware, the frequency of the movements are likely to get higher than just for the vehicle storage. After the installation, your technician needs to show you all the moving joints that require regular lubrication to reduce friction. The first lubrication should be immediately after installation with subsequent greasing at determined intervals.

Improve the lifespan of your garage door through preventive maintenance.