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Auckland Homeowners Use Glass Balustrades to Create Elegant Spaces

Balcony With Glass BalustradeThe use of glass is in high demand today in creating elegant interiors. You can never go wrong with glass. It gives you a contemporary look while still providing privacy in your work and living spaces.

But, who said you should use glass only in interior design? Would you not like to have an exterior that is sleek and attractive? Your staircase railings don't have to be boring. Many homeowners in Auckland are using glass balustrades. Join the bandwagon.

Glass balustrades…since when?

Originally, balustrades were steel, iron and aluminium, or wood. But with advanced architectural developments, balustrade manufacturers and installation professionals realised they could use glass as staircase railings to cleverly demarcate spaces, and as an elegant way to a fence around balconies, terraces and pools. But, they had to use tempered or toughened glass for safety and durability.

Are they safe?

Yes. It is understandable you still fear that the glass panes can fall on you, and ask how sheets of glass stand on their own. Well, of course, for any structure to stand firm, there has to be some support, and it still applies on balustrades made of glass. The support components for this kind of balustrades include horizontal and vertical glass, Perspex or plastic panels, metal rails, panel clips, and base mouldings.

Glass balustrades and building codes

Although most balustrades are pre-made products, you can request a manufacturer or balustrading service provider to customise the size, thickness, and design to suit your specifications. It is, however, important you check with local building codes in Auckland on using glass balustrades before you place your order.

Whether you are on a new construction project or planning to remodel your property, glass balustrading is an excellent choice to add a modern look to both your interior and exterior spaces. Moreover, glass is also easy to clean, and more cost-effective as compared to materials such as wood and metal.

Natural Lighting: Achieving a Classy and Sophisticated Home

Glass Balustrades in AucklandWaking up surrounded by the beauty of nature is a great way to kick start your morning. Trees, flowers, the morning light and the aroma of coffee greeting you every morning is enough to revitalise your soul. Modern architecture gives you an even better experience of the greatness of nature while inside the comfort of your glass home.

With the use of different hues and shades of glass, architects can design your homes to achieve that modern and sophisticated look you want.

Glass balustrades can be used anywhere

If you don’t like the idea of your whole house constructed of glass, you can limit it in certain areas of your home. For example, instead of glass walls, you can instead make use of large glass windows to allow more light to pass through. Auckland Glass Ltd noted that this elegant effect can likewise be achieved with glass balustrades in your staircases, balconies and even pool fencing.

Glass staircases give a floating impression, creating a mysterious effect for your home. Due to its transparency, making use of glass in your balconies can give an unobstructed view of the horizon and your surroundings.

From the floor to the walls and up to the ceiling

Glass floors, walls and ceilings are the major design in a glass house. The glass allows natural light to enter, creating a stunning crystal like effect to your home. Not only that, the entrance of light allows you to conserve energy for artificial lighting. As glass is not a good conductor of heat, glass houses usually use up less electricity for air conditioning.

Make your furniture classy and sparkling

To complement your theme, don’t forget glass furniture to give your home that sophisticated look. Many fixings and furniture are available for you to choose from and the great part is, you can get a pure glass or in a combination of metal, steel or wood.

Make your home your own personal space and haven. Choose materials that will complement your personality and style. A home with glass fixings creates a wide and open impression making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Turning Your Stairs into a Star: Three Staircase Makeover Ideas You Should Try

glass balustrades

glass balustradesStaircases are always left behind when it comes to home remodelling. Perhaps this is due to the fact there is not so many options in changing its look. It’s not like a living room that you can easily spice up by just placing new furniture or a bathroom that you can upgrade by altering the lighting.

Not everybody knows that a stairwell is a major design element that can be turned into a focal point in the house. Here are a few tips and ideas from ActiveMetal.com.au on having a staircase makeover.

Painted Stairs

If you want your staircase to pop and easily catch the attention of your visitors, paint the risers and the steps with bright colours. This will surely make a statement in a fun and happy home. While it always helps to come up with a colour palette or to stick to a theme, it’s not bad to play with colours. The more unexpected your choice of colours, the more vibrant and interesting your stairs will be.

Glass Balustrades

You will never go wrong with glass balustrades if you want a modern contemporary look for your staircase. Have your old railings replaced with semi-framed or frameless glass panels. This will instantly give a clean, sleek appeal without compromising safety in the area. The panels are made from thick, tempered glass that is highly durable and stable, not to mention easy to clean and maintain.

Timber Balustrades

Go for wooden balustrades if you want to achieve a rustic and traditional appeal. This is a good choice if you want to match the charm of your hardwood steps. Keep in mind, however, that timber staircase treatments may need a regular coating to keep them looking good.

There are many other ways to instantly and effectively improve the look and feel of your stairs. All you need to do is explore the available design options and be creative. When all else fails, you can consult staircase design specialists to succeed in your stair makeover project.