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The 3 Popular Kinds of Exterior Paints

Man painting a wall

Man painting a wallThe first thing people notice about your property is its condition. One of the ways to uplift the appearance of your property and hide its imperfections is by painting it – and painting it well. Your choice of exterior paint and its application has a significant impact on the look you wish to achieve.

Leaving the task to Wellington painters is the only way to guarantee an expert and reliable application. When looking for the best paint, there are various kinds that you will come across on the market. Here are some of the best types designed for exterior surfaces.

Oil-Based Enamel Paints

These paints contain a resin, solvent thinner and pigment. They are renowned for their high adhesion quality making them the ideal choice for exterior metal surfaces prone to rust making them chip. Compared to acrylic paints, oil-based enamel paints take a longer time to apply and dry. They should also not be applied to surfaces that have been painted with acrylic paint previously.

Acrylic/Water-Based Paints

These paints have quick dying times, easy application and come in a broad colour range. Some acrylic paints also come with protection against UV rays, mould, stains and dirt, enhancing their durability in external applications. They are also breathable and expand when exposed to moisture. This ensures the humidity does not get trapped in the paint that can lead to cracking and peeling.

Lime Paint

Lime paint is made of natural pigments, minerals and clay. It has a broad colour range that blends beautifully with nature. Lime paint also contains no chemicals and has natural anti-fungal properties, which protects your painted surface from mould. Like acrylic paint, lime paint is breathable, and thus will not crack or peel over time.

Now that you know the best types of exterior paint, it is time to embark on your project. Apart from the uplifted look it creates, the paint will enhance your home’s structural integrity. This is because paint protects your building material from weather elements and pests.

Longer Lasting Pipes: A Plumbing Maintenance Checklist You Need

Worker laying water pipe

Worker laying water pipeSome of the most common plumbing problems faced by property owners are clogged drains. Others include cracked pipes, tree roots growing into the intake and sewer drain, and low water pressure. Though there are specific products that may help, which you can find in supermarkets, it’s best to avoid using them and calling a professional instead.

There are good plumbers in Salt Lake City who can help fix any major plumbing problem you may face. If you live in a cold state, winterizing your pipes and home is essential.

Preventing clogging

Clogs put extra pressure on the plumbing system and stress pipes, which leads to back-ups and burst pipes. Avoid this by watching what’s dumped down the drain. Keep food scraps and grease out of kitchen sinks. Make sure that only toilet paper goes down the drain.

Lowered water pressure

Buy a hose bib gauge and check the water pressure. Normal water pressure should be between 35-85 psi. Anything higher than this range will require the services of a licensed plumber to install a pressure reducer device.

Water softener

Many cities and states supply hard water to homes and businesses. One sign of hard water is a build-up on faucets and showers. Getting a water softener system installed will help cut down the mineral buildup and lower corrosion on pipes.

Cleaning up septic tanks and sewer lines

If you have large trees on your property, it’s important to hire a plumber to check your sewer lines and septic tank for potential problems. Removing tree roots early and getting the septic tank cleaned up every five years will help tremendously.

Adding insulation to pipes

Winterizing the house and pipes are important. Pipes do burst when temperatures dip and water freezes. The results are not only disastrous, but also expensive to fix. Pipes that are outside the house and not insulated should be wrapped. In case of severely low temperatures, letting the water run will keep the pipes from freezing.

There are a few other ways to avoid plumbing trouble. If you’re traveling in the winter, turn off the main intake valve to avoid leaks. Drain toilet tanks and unhook garden hoses from spigots outside the house, so that the pipes don’t crack. Even though there are quite a few qualified plumbers in the city, following a sensible checklist prevents severe damage.

Three Costly Plumbing Myths You Should Demystify, Advise Utah Plumbers

Image of a toilet cistern

Image of a toilet cisternMany new homeowners in Utah are well conversant with the ins and outs of home maintenance, that includes plumbing, woodworking and joinery, tile work, basic roofing, and chimney sweeping. But, sometimes you forget that there are particular repair and replacement operations you should not do without the expert help of licensed plumbers.

Most of these tasks that you should not DIY are under plumbing, which is plagued with crazy myths that you should demystify. It will cost you more in fixing the mess that you will have created, advises Utah plumbers. Top among these myths include:

Myth #1: You Can Flush Anything Down Your Toilet

You should only flush human waste with toilet paper down your toilet. Anything else, including expired prescriptions, feminine products, and wipes, has the potential to clog your sewage system.

Myth #2: It Is Not Necessary That You Fix Simple Leaks

Statistics have it that it can cost a typical household up to 10,000 gallons of water annually in minor leaks. Should you notice your faucets dripping, turning them off does not help. Call in a plumber to check, and fix the problem soonest possible.

Myth #3: You Can Ignore Minor Fixtures

Never neglect even the simplest of obstructions, especially in your toilet or sink, as they can cause sewage and wastewater to regurgitate and leak foul smells into your house. It is also advisable you schedule plumbing maintenance occasionally to keep your plumbing system in top shape.

You might never know how inconveniencing and costly it is to rely on a plumbing myth until you face the heat of your ignorance. Usually, that could end up being to the tune of twice the much it would have cost you by just hiring a licensed plumber to fix the plumbing issue. By engaging reputable plumbers, you can rest assured that even emergency plumbing issues will always be in safe hands.

Demystify the above plumbing myths to save yourself and loved ones from buckling under the stress of a plumbing problem that has spun out of your control. That can be more costly than you thought possible.