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A Checklist to Keep the Home Safe

CCTV CameraA school, where hundreds of students spend most of their day in, seem to pay no mind to the importance of testing for dangerous chemicals. How much worse is it for residential areas, where there are just a handful of adults to worry about what they consider a remote risk?

You may think everything is in order in the house, but there might be some dangers you don’t see. Do the following to be safe:

Have the House Tested

For old homes, radon testing is a must. Regardless of the house’s age, radon testing services are necessary. The long-term effects of these chemicals may compromise your family’s health, and in Utah, that means spending tons of money on medication and healthcare. Don’t think you’re safe just because your house is in a wealthy neighborhood. Anyone who does not act soon may be a victim.

Inspect for Fire Hazards

One common problem in old homes is the electric circuit. There could be something amiss, and you wouldn’t know until you plug all the appliances in. Unless you intend to live without electricity permanently, you’ll want to have your electrical system checked for problems. This is an important task for homeowners who are buying an old house. Even newly built homes have to be inspected, in case the developer decided to save a couple of bucks instead of using quality materials.

Install CCTV

Burglars are becoming more skillful and cunning. Just because you don’t see anything missing doesn’t mean you’re off their radar. They might have been eyeing your property for a long time, waiting for a chance to strike. Install security cameras near exits around the house, so you’ll know what happens while you’re asleep or away.

Who doesn’t want to feel safe at home? Pay attention to these unseen problems to keep your sanctuary safe and secure.

Making Your Home a Safe Place to Live In: 4 Simple Yet Effective Steps to Do It

door passcode

door passcodeProtect your family and home from any type of criminal activity. With all the available security options in the market, however, the task of finding a suitable method or tool can be overwhelming to handle. That’s why to make this job easier to digest, here are some quick, easy, and cost-effective solutions you can consider:

Changing Your Security Passcode

Make it a habit to change the locks on your home once or twice a month. Avoid giving your passcode even to your closest friends unless necessary. If you’re using a key and lock system, make sure you secure your keys properly. In case of lost or misplaced keys, the best way to handle the situation is to change them completely with a new set of locks.

Installing an Alarm System

Alarm systems are the best type of security technology at this age. It has the ability to detect unauthorised activities and report it to the police. What’s more is this feature is also available in most security doors in Melbourne. Thanks to today’s technology, doors now possess a special ability to deter unwanted entry. This technology is definitely a must-have to every Australian home.

Cover Up Windows & Glass Doors

A majority of burglars gain entry through windows and unguarded entryway. To make these areas less attractive, block them off. Use thick draperies or blinds to cover them. Along with that, keep the basement, garage and back doors locked. For your windows, keep them hooked tightly, especially during night time or whenever you’re not at home.

Keep Valuables Hidden

Jewellery, high-end home appliances, and cash that are out-in-the-open must be kept hidden in a safe and secure place. If you have a vault or a safe box, it must be somewhere that can’t be easily seen or reached. As much as possible, keep these treasures secret from anyone.

Boost up your home’s security by following these simple and easy steps. When it comes to your family’s and own safety, there’s no such thing as overdoing it.


Simple Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Security Guard

Security GuardSecurity is a primary concern for most people. Everyone wants to be well protected. Homeowners want to ensure that their families are always safe. To ensure that this is achieved, you need to choose your security guard properly.

RAM Training Services cautions you to watch out for these common mistakes.

Unethical Guards

There are different reasons for training security providers. A security guard training in Gold Coast that focuses only on providing employment for the trainees is not appropriate. Find out the motivation behind the guard’s choice of work. Do not hire a guard who landed in this profession due to lack of a better alternative. Passion is important in all lines of works including security. It is important to find a guard whose desire is to protect others since he will make his job a priority.

Lack of Licenses

There are certain jobs that a person cannot qualify to do without the right documentation. Just like CPR experts are allowed to practice with licensing, do not risk hiring a security guard that is not licensed. It is advisable to go through a recruiting agency. A licensed guard is well trained and protected. The insurance cover that is required before licensing will come in handy in case anything happens to the guard in the line of duty. You are likely to feel safer when you know you are dealing with a professional.

Without Proper Equipment

hire a security guard that is not equipped. Burglars and intruders always come with the intention to harm you and your family. It is important for your guard to have the necessary gadgets to counter an attack before he gets to you. Inspect before hiring to be sure that you are getting the best. You cannot compromise on this

Even though there may be numerous security solutions available, not all can suit your needs. Take time to hire a professional. Do not gamble with your life’s safety.