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What a Conveyancing Lawyer Can Do For You

House for sale that has been soldBuying real estate property is one of the biggest investments you can make, so it makes sense that you want the transaction to be as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Many things can go wrong during the process, including those that arise from the validity of the transfer of property ownership.

This is why you should hire the services of a highly qualified and experienced conveyancing lawyer in Townsville. With such a professional on your team, you can have all the complex legalities sorted out for you, including the following:

Title search

A title search is essential in the conveyancing process, as it allows your lawyer to ensure that the real estate you’ll invest in doesn’t have property claims, known as ‘liens’, made on it, or that no other party has a claim or a legal right on it. Ensuring that the title is ‘clean’ is key to a valid transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer.

Verify no disputes on property boundaries or restrictions exist

A common mistake many property buyers commit is assuming that what they are buying is equivalent to what they thought is the entire property. There are situations wherein boundary- or restriction-related disputes can arise. A conveyancing lawyer will verify that no disputes exist, so you can buy a property in Australia with peace of mind.

Ensure complete transfer of valid and recorded deed

Of course, a conveyancing lawyer ensures that everything about the deed is in order, from its lawful recording and validity to its final transfer to your name. This is crucial, as you do not want problems contesting your claim or hold on the property arising in the future.

A conveyancing lawyer plays major roles in protecting you and your assets during the real estate acquisition process, so be smart and hire one to guide you throughout your purchase.

Three Questions to Ask Before Finalizing a Mortgage

Mortgage loan agreement application with house shaped keyringYou’re ready to purchase a house. You’ve got the down payment covered. You’re itching to sign on the dotted line. Before you do, however, check some details about the mortgage, to make sure it’s favorable to you for the entirety of the loan duration.

Ask these questions before signing the mortgage:

Is a Fixed-Rate or Adjustable-Rate Mortgage More Favorable?

The repayment amounts will mostly depend on whether you have a fixed-rate home mortgage or an adjustable-rate mortgage. When you have a fixed-rate mortgage, you won’t have to worry about the interest rate continually changing. You are locked into a certain rate, which is favorable if the adjustable rates get higher. Conversely, if you have an adjustable-rate mortgage, you’ll benefit if the current rates are lower and you pay accordingly.

Are There Refinancing Fees?

Refinancing seems like a great idea if you find a rate that works for you. However, you will only be able to take advantage of the savings if your present mortgage has favorable terms. Some lenders allow for refinancing without requiring you to pay for adjustment fees, while others may do this in a completely different way. Talk to your lender about the possibility of refinancing and if you’ll need to pay to have the old mortgage closed.

Is the Area Expecting Major Changes?

This isn’t about the interest rate; this is about the value of the property. If there are any major developments to be completed anytime soon and they will affect the value of properties in the area, you need to ask yourself if the property is worth it. If the development is something that enriches the local community, it could improve the property’s value; if it’s detrimental to the community and a setback for many residents, however, you could be in for a sale that will only have you paying for more than what the house is worth.

Granny Flats: Your Affordable New Home

Granny Flat It has been increasingly difficult to find ways to cope with the burden of expensive housing in Australia these days. That’s why people have been coming up with the most convenient ways to maximize the potential of existing real estate, without having to shell out more than necessary from their savings.

Granny flats and cabin kits

Cabin kits and granny flats have become the answer for many of Australia’s housing issues. One wouldn’t have to look beyond their own backyard when they want to invest in additional housing for added comfort or supplementary income.

Not just for grandma

Many people think that granny flats are meant only for that. However, with their customization and the availability of choices for design, they can serve their intended purpose whether as a retreat, studio, or home office.

The options

This may be the perfect alternative for young adults who want to move out but are limited financially. If you want to use these cabins as a way to enhance your income, you could rent them out to students and retirees who want to have a cheaper yet attractive accommodation.

Building one for your home

It is important to make sure that you choose reputable builders who could help build these cabins in a relatively short span of time but with the skill and expertise you expect. Contact the right builders with plans for cabin kits that would fit your needs. Always consult them on the size and materials that would best fit your plans for your extension.

Make that extension cabin as comfortable as your home. Whatever your plans for your cabin, always make sure that you’re hiring the right people who could help you build the most delightful cabin for your needs.

Where to Build Your House: Lot Buying Tips

Houses Along A BoulevardResidential lots are widely varied. There are different sets of specifications that may appeal to one but not to the others. If you are in the market for a piece of land where you can build your first home, you must take note of the following guidelines. They are very helpful making an informed decision afterward.

Your Lifestyle and the Community

One of the biggest considerations you must take note of is the kind of community in the subdivision where the residential lot is located. The surroundings must suit your very own lifestyle so you will not feel like you are less of a perfect fit. Do you want it to be near schools or at the heart of a commercial area? Do you want a serene neighborhood? Is living in a crowded street good enough for you?

The Property’s Condition

Another thing that you must look into is how the land development project is managed. The developer has so much to do at how well the property is maintained, if it’s a wetland or if several environmental concerns are properly addressed.

Infrastructure and Amenities

Infrastructure projects in the community must have been carefully completed before the neighborhood starts building. Road systems, water systems, sewer systems, and the likes must be in place and are efficient to facilitate comfortable living.

Site Limitations

You must also review the site limitations to know if it matches the kind of home that you want to build. Environmental conditions in the area, as well as the existing restrictive guidelines, will have an impact on the amount of liberty you can enjoy designing the kind of home that you want for your family.

Deciding whether a given residential lot is perfect for the dream home you want to give to your family or not takes serious considerations. Make sure that you work with a real estate professional who could lead you in the right direction.

4 Things You Need to Know About a VA Home Loan

Getting a Mortgage for a houseAs of 2014, data shows that the U.S. armed forces had around 21.8 million veterans. Despite the numbers, many U.S. veterans are still renting properties, instead of owning them. This is where VA Home Loans come in. This type of home loan give veterans and even active military members the chances to become homeowners. Here are some things you need to know about this kind of mortgage.

What does VA Home Loans mean?

The “VA” in VA Home Loan stands for Veterans Affairs. This type of loan, which is available to active and veteran military members, are sometimes called Veterans Affairs mortgages.

What are the advantages of VA Home Loans?

VA Home Loans can be used not only to buy a property but also to make major repairs and upgrades. What’s good about this home loan is that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs guarantees it. It also doesn’t require applicants to pay a down payment. Applicants also don’t need to reach a required minimum credit score to avail it. And because it doesn’t require a down payment, it’s easier to get it compared to standard home loans. While VA Home Loan costs are usually lower, qualified applicants still need to pay a single upfront fee for the funding. VA Home Loans also don’t carry prepayment penalties or fees for early exits.

Who are eligible for VA Home Loans?

Any active or veteran military member can apply for a VA Home Loan. Reservists and members of the National Guard are also eligible. Surviving spouses of military personnel can also apply for a VA Home Loan if the former member died on active duty or through service-related disability.

For active members who wish to apply for a VA Home Loan, they need to be at least in service for six months. National Guard members need to wait six years before they can avail of this home loan type, the same goes for reservists. However, in cases when they are called into active service during the 6-year waiting time, they can qualify immediately after 181 days in service.

Where can I apply for VA Home Loans?

While VA Home Loans are guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, this federal agency is not the direct lender. A VA Loan in Ogden, for instance, is made available through private lending companies.

Get a VA Home Loan Today!

VA Home Loans are great options qualified applicants should take advantage of. However, this type of home loan is mainly designed to buy or renovate properties that are ready for moving in, such as condominiums, single homes, multi-unit properties and modular houses. They are not designed for purchasing farms or any commercial properties.

Goodbye, PH Traffic: Why Living Near Your Workplace is a Smart Choice

daily commuteImagine spending eight or nine hours of stressful work in the office, and then waiting for the time you can finally head home. The idea should be comforting—until you remember that you need to take a two-hour commute from the office to your house.

That’s two precious hours you could spend with your family instead. Two hours of watching your favorite teleseryes or series. Two hours of reading a book. Two extra hours of rest and relaxation.

There seems to be no end to the traffic problem in the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila. Whether you use the UV Express, MRT, or private car, you face daily perils that will inevitably drain your time, energy, and money.

The solution is, of course, to find work that’s close to you, or find a place that’s closer to the office.

You Can Walk, Which is Healthier

Hop in your car and you’re just watching life evaporate, sitting and getting irritated at the poor driving habits of people around you. Imagine instead walking for about 30 minutes a day from your home to family-friendly communities like Downtown Lancaster. Imagine what it can do to your health.

If you live just a few blocks away from your workplace, you can give up public transportation and walk to work instead. This is a great way to get some exercise, and it’s certainly favorable than squeezing into a crammed LRT train or bus.

You Gain Work-Life Balance

By living near your work, you have less time to commute. Less time for commute means more time to allocate for personal pursuits. According to Dr. Kevin Eschleman’s study, setting aside some time for your hobbies or passions will make you more productive in the workplace.

Apart from that, living near your workplace also means you don’t have to worry about being late. Being punctual at work means you have more time to do your tasks, too.

You Can Save Money—and Save the Planet

Walking to work can certainly save you loads of fare money. If you’re a regular LRT/MRT commuter, you have noticed that the fare has increased by roughly 100% compared to the fare in 2014. If you live near your office, you can also drop by at home for lunch instead of eating out every day. Giving up the car means giving the environment a huge favor, too.

You’re already spending most of your time slaving away at the office. You deserve to take a nice break after work. By living closer to your workplace, you’re doing yourself a huge favor in so many ways.