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Talent and Skills: Get it Right With Competent Recruitment Agencies

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In a 2017 research, UK companies were losing approximately up to £15,000 because of bad hiring decisions. The recruitment process is an expensive undertaking that costs most UK companies around £5,000 for each recruit.

The costs get higher if the recruitment process settled on the wrong candidate, with increased staff turnover, financial loss, decreased productivity and low morale being the unavoidable consequences.

Emerging Trends

The emergence of professional recruitment agencies in the UK has reduced the exposure to bad recruitment. The agencies pursue a screening strategy that seeks to tap the best talent from around the globe to match and uplift company standards regarding productivity, job satisfaction and employee branding.

From new graduates to CFO’s, clerks to human resource directors, and receptionists to operations directors, these agencies will get you the perfect match.

Cost Per Hire

Many UK firms spend between £5000 and £20,000 during a recruitment process. Recruitment agencies have helped lessen this burden to less than £5,000, as they maintain a great pool of talent. Since they are actively looking for the best talent, they always have a few professionals fit for your needs.

Investing for the Future

Filling a vacancy is not the most important thing. Recruitment agencies help you invest for the future by focusing on candidates with skills and expertise to usher your company to the next generation.

Whereas finance recruiting focuses on financial skills, a recruitment agency will go for a candidate with excellent computer and multi-lingual skills to meet future demands.

Recruitment agencies are the new frontier to getting top-notch hires. The agencies employ big data analysis, skills assessment tools and integrated application tracking systems to sift the best talent from the pool.

Further, they have gone an extra step to use job boards to reach out to more talent and expand their talent list.

Avoid Recruitment Pitfalls: Hire a Financial Recruitment Agency

HR manager interviewing young man in officeRecruitment is a crucial process in every organisation. It can be quite tedious if not well handled and also very costly if you do not get the right resource for the vacant position. Consequently, companies now seek the services of recruitment agencies due to the intensity required in the recruitment process.

Some roles and positions require technical knowledge, and a professional handling the hiring process such as those positions in the financial services and accounting would be best. Financial recruitment agencies can do this for you.

Prioritising Client’s Needs

You want to engage a service provider that has your interests at heart. The client’s needs ought to be a priority in any recruiting process. You want to consider an agency that understands your needs as a client and goes out of its way to get the best candidate to fill in the position.

By comparing your needs to candidates’ profiles, a financial recruiting agency will adequately offer you excellent matches to fill vacant positions. A reputable recruiting firm should, therefore, ensure it does it right the first time.

Holistic Vetting Process

A team of recruiters can identify the best talent in a pool of candidates. Identifying the best talent needs rigorous interviews from three or more recruiters. They would recognise the qualities that the candidate has that matches with the client’s needs.


Specialisation is key when conducting recruitments. Caution needs to be exercised to ensure only that proficient candidates are hired. Experience, professionalism, and skill should be what any hiring staff should know.

Technological Inclusion

You similarly want to consider a firm that embraces technology in its hiring process. Information Technology (IT) systems such as web-based psychological tests embrace modern hiring regimens that are more accurate, consistent and swift.


A recruiting approach that achieves high levels of efficiency guarantees a smooth transition without disrupting the day to day operations of an organisation. You need to ensure the recruiting firm fills your vacancy with a candidate promptly without affecting your operations.

Staffing should no longer be a bother to you. With a Financial Recruitment firm that has efficient staff, an efficient online recruitment system, and a holistic vetting process that prioritises your needs, you are guaranteed of finding the right candidate for you.

Choosing the Best Candidate for your Company

Recruitment in Salt Lake CityHiring the right applicant is not an easy task. Keep in mind that this is a crucial decision for the success and growth of the company. Other than work experience and skills, you should also evaluate the behavior and work ethic. With so many potential candidates, it can be really challenging to choose the right one for the company.

Learn the key points that perelson.com uses when conducting a thorough screening process.

  • Follow the hiring criteria.

The best way to gauge the applicants is through the criteria you established from the start. For example, finance staffing firms in Salt Lake City are very particular when it comes to the evaluation process. They usually have a set of exams to rate their candidates.

Note, though, that you may need to adjust the qualifications as the company system changes. This is why you need to coordinate with the department heads to set clear objectives.

  • Avoid hasty decisions.

No matter how urgent, you shouldn’t skip any process. Hiring someone who is not really your best choice can only make things worse. This means the company needs to pay someone who doesn’t really deserve the position. If you really need someone to take the role, the best thing you can do is find a temporary replacement to maintain work productivity and efficiency.

  • Make a background check.

As an employer, it is your obligation to check all the information and verify the details mentioned to you by the applicants. Keep in touch with their previous employer to verify everything.

You can also take this opportunity to be more familiar with your potential candidates. Do they have issues regarding their attendance? Were there any minor or major cases against them? In addition, consider the length of their service from their past jobs. This should tell you how committed they are with their responsibilities.

These are just some of the key factors when looking for the best candidate for your company. Again, never rush your decisions.