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Tips for Planning a Great Melbourne Adventure

Couple tourist with map

Couple tourist with mapTravelling to Melbourne for the first time could be overwhelming. There are just too many things to see and do in Australia’s cultural capital that deciding which ones to prioritise could be a real challenge. But planning could help you pull it off. Find more tips below.

Time your Trip Around a Festival

If you are not sure what to do in Melbourne first, you must realise what this city represents. As the cultural capital, it surely is a haven for some of the most amazing festivals and visiting for any of them would give you an experience like no other. It depends on what your interests are, but you can choose from among the many amazing festivals happening at different times, including White Night Festival, Jazz Festival, Fashion Festival, and the Melbourne Fringe among others.

Travel When the Weather is Good for a Walking Tour

Don’t be afraid to experience Melbourne on foot, especially since it is the best way to experience the city and enjoy its precious gems. But of course, you need the weather to cooperate with your plan. Spring and Autumn, which happens from September to November and March to May respectively, are the best times to visit Melbourne if you are after the outdoors. If good weather permits, you can indulge not just on a walking tour but also on having picnics, biking around the city, and enjoying barbecues.

Pack Accordingly

What you bring with you are crucial to make or break your Melbourne experience. It is very important that you plan what you pack, based on the attractions that you booked, the weather conditions, and the adventures you want to enjoy.

Make the most of your Melbourne experience by simply planning your trip carefully. This includes not just what to see and do but also where to stay and how to get to several places. It would help if you are aided with an experienced agency that could put together a fool-proof itinerary and book you the best travel deals.

Going on a Trip to Switzerland with an Adventure-Filled Itinerary

a view of natureZurich, Geneva, and Bern are very accessible. You can go to Switzerland by train from any of the key cities in Europe when the ski bug hits you. If you want to get onto the road less traveled and get away from the big cities, then you are still choosing the best country for adventure anywhere in Europe.

There are bigger adventures to engage in aside from skiing on the slopes of the Matterhorn. Are you interested to learn about some popular Swiss adventures? Alpenwild.com has some tips and recommendations for you.

Paragliding and Skydiving

If you are ready for an adventure, prepare to paraglide over Lac Léman, the largest lake in the country. There is no need to battle it out alone because you may go on tandem flights in the area. If paragliding is not risky enough for you, book a skydiving adventure on the Death Wall, the north face of the Eiger.

Another option awaits a movie fan. If you want to experience the Contra Dam, which was featured in the James Bond films, then head out for the thrill of your life. After all, a jump from Contra Dam is the highest bungee jump in the world.

Canyoning and Toboggan Run

The Swiss Alps is a popular ski destination, but there is more you can do aside from skiing and snowboarding. You can take on more extreme activities during your holiday. Canyoning in the Alps is just as great. The glacial water is quite accessible to tourists. All you need to do is book in advance. Afterward, you might want to experience another adventure on the water. Oeschinen Lake offers a high-octane toboggan run.

Once you have gotten your share of adventure and you’re ready to spend some quiet time, head out to the resort town of Interlaken in Central Switzerland. The Bernese Oberland region is famous for Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Spending quiet time at Interlaken with its forests, emerald waters, and green meadows is all you need to energize for the next adventure of your life.

How to Make Travelling with Children Easier

Madrid tourists using tablet travel app guidebook ebook on Plaza Mayor by statue of King Philip III. Tourist couple sightseeing visiting tourism landmarks and attractions in Spain. Young woman and manTravelling is fun, especially when you do it with the family. However, it is hard to say it is easy or convenient all the time, especially if there are children or toddlers.

The good news is there are some ways on how you can make that trip to Sydney a lot more enjoyable for everyone and less stressful for the parents.

Here are some of them.

Hire a Bus

Instead of hailing a cab or using public transportation, travelling would be a lot more convenient if you would hire a bus here in Sydney to take you anywhere you need to go within city limits.

This means you do not need to worry about the heat, snow or rain and having difficulty commuting since you already have your own ride.

Pack Healthy Food

The food you eat can have a significant impact on your mood, and the same goes with children. Make sure to pack healthy food for snacking on-the-go. Although it is okay to have some treats, ensure that it is not all you are consuming.

Keep in mind that too much sugar will not be such a good idea when travelling with children.

Bring Toys and Surprises

If you are in for a long flight, chances are your little ones will get bored. Take their favourite toys or gadgets, and if they have a preferred blanket or pillow, try to bring them too. Making them comfortable during the flight should be on your list of priorities.

Surprise toys and treats can also help keep them occupied

It may take a lot more time to make sure you have everything you need for your travels when taking your children with you, but get it done right and travelling would be a breeze. A good night’s rest before the day of the trip can also do wonders for everyone, so do not skip on anything as you try to get everything ready.

A Generation of Jetsetters: Millennials have no more Excuse Not to Travel

TravelingGone are the days when travelling was only for the rich and famous. Going places has never been easier for people, and there is no more excuse not to explore the world out there.

Travelling is easier these days

Travelling is easier nowadays for many wonderful reasons. Fare rates which used to be favourable only to the wealthy are now more affordable. Book flights after planes have already filled up their freight allowances and covered their expenses. Advances in technology, and the increase in the number of trips and airlines offering flights have significantly decreased ticket prices. This made travelling an achievable task in one’s yearly bucket list. Fewer travel restrictions and waiving or easier travel visa applications also make planning a holiday anywhere in the world faster and more convenient.

It is also easier to stay connected. You can go online or buy an international sim card that allows you to make phone calls and send international text messages for a minimal amount. For example, UKprepaidsimcard.com.au mentions travelling in Italy will not be a problem even if you have work left back in Australia as long as you have an international sim card that lets you monitor your tasks even during your holiday. In this way, you can relax knowing that you are reachable if something urgent does come up.

Why you should travel

Unlike older generations, most of whom seem to have only travelled out of necessity – to find better jobs or start new lives – more travellers go abroad just for leisure and experience. An increasing number of millennials go on annual holidays overseas as a break from school or work. Especially now when it is no longer an expectation for young people to get married or find a job immediately, there is more time to spend on literally discovering the world.

The rewards are enormous. Aside from the many people you meet, photos you take and memories you make, the experience of learning about different cultures is priceless. The opportunity to know more about yourself and the world is one trip away.

Important Accessories to Have Before Going on a Road Trip

Road Trip

Road Trip in ArkansasOne of the best ways to spend the holidays, when every member of the family is usually free for a few days or weeks, is by going on a road trip together. With an extended weekend or a full week, you can even visit a number of states! There’s no vehicle better than an RV if you’re doing this. To make the most of your adventure, here are some important accessories to have along with you.

Maintenance Accessories

Whether you bought a brand new or used RV for sale in Arkansas, maintenance accessories are some of the first items you should buy with it. This way, you can keep your vehicle in its current condition, avoid possible problems, and be ready for any emergencies.

The most important tools are hydraulic jack and tire pressure gauge to fix flat tire problems. Bubble levels are necessary if you need to even out your camper.

Electrical Accessories

Surge protectors and power adaptors of different amps are essential to always have electricity as you travel. Don’t forget car chargers, extensions, and portable generators, which can come in handy during emergencies. For eco-friendly owners, solar panels are useful as an electricity backup system. Don’t forget your gadgets, to keep everyone entertained.

Kitchen Accessories

Although stopping over to dine in a restaurant is always an option, it can also be enjoyable to prepare some quick dishes inside your RV. You need utensils, plates, cookware, and cooking supplies so you can prepare what you want when you want it, even in the middle of the road. Don’t forget a drying rack so you can clean up after.

These are just some of the tools you may want to buy to complete your RV experience and have everything you need for emergency situations. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy with your family no matter where your destination is.

Fun Does Not Stop in Sentosa: Kid-friendly Attractions You Should Visit

Vacation in Sentosa

Vacation in SentosaTake your family to an exciting trip to Sentosa Island. This coastal destination is popular for its child-friendly sights and activities, making it perfect for family holidays.

You can find pools and fountains for kids. There is also a show called Animal & Bird Encounters that features different species of animals. Of course, children can bring their toys, so that they can play beside the beach.

Many more beach attractions, recreational spots, and activities for children await the adventurous travellers. To make your holidays extra fun, here are some of the child-friendly destinations you should also include in your itinerary:

  • KidZania

The KidZania is a popular attraction that is design for the learning and entertainment of young travellers. This family entertainment centre allows kids to enjoy a range of activities like that of grown-ups while still having fun. This gives children the opportunity to experience being an adult in the coolest way possible.

  • Siloso Point

Siloso Point is home to several educational and entertainment-based attractions, allowing kids to learn and get to know more about the history of Singapore in an engaging way. The 11-storey Fort Siloso Skywalk offers a scenic trail and a historical tour of the area.

  • Imbiah Lookout

The Imbiah Lookout is located near Mount Imbiah in Sentosa. This consists of 11 attractions that are great for nature lovers, adventure seekers and history enthusiast. This is the most exhilarating way to nurture your kids with new and exciting activities.

Everything you need to make your holidays fun and memorable is in Sentosa. Get your travel bags ready and prepare your little ones for an adventure that they can only experience in this part of the world.

Visiting Perth: 6 Ways to an Enjoyable Stay


perthMake sure to get comfortable accommodations in Perth ready when planning to explore the region’s great offers. From intriguing historical landmarks and beautiful family attractions down to the smallest hip bars, the region is sure not to disappoint. Here are six great ways to enjoy your visit in Perth.

  1. Explore magnificent views

Get around Kings Park, which Matador Network cites as one of the world’s largest city parks, to capture scenic views of Perth’s skyline and stunning rivers. Enjoy beautiful bushland trails as you admire lovely nature sceneries before savouring tasty breads and pies at one of the area cafeterias. You can also travel to famous Rottnest Island by air or water, and capture pictures of adorable quokkas.

  1. Travel back in time

Check an array of intriguing artefacts and displays in Maritime Museum, or perhaps explore colonial remnants such as Old Courthouse when you wander around Seaside Port of Fremantle.

  1. Enjoy the sun and the beach

Accommodations providers like Cottesloe Beach House Stays recommend  you stay at one of the lovely beaches in Perth such as North Beach to work on your tan. Families feel free to level up fun at Cottesloe Beach as they enjoy both the waves and the picnic grounds.

  1. Go bar hopping with friends

Meet new friends as you enjoy your favourite cocktails and wines at one of the countless bars around Perth city centre. Groove to your choice of music as you enjoy the upbeat vibe at The Aviary and 399 Bar.

  1. Go adventurous for a change

Try adventure activities like rally-driving and aerobic flights. When craving for more, head to Barbagallo Raceway for some high-speed rush.

  1. Encounter wildlife

See an array of rare animal species when exploring Perth Zoo. Capture pictures of penguins and koala bears, feed the elephants or wait for the daily surprise experience before grabbing cute souvenirs at the gift shop.

Visiting Perth is one cool way to spend your vacation with family, friends or special someone. Its pristine beaches, impressive colonial architecture, great nightlife, beautiful greeneries and so much more can’t help but impress all ages.