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When Two Worlds Collide: Love Affair of Social Media and Web Design

Web Designer Team in Johnson City, TNSocial media is an aspect of the digital world you can never escape. It’s everywhere and has such a massive influence in how people across the globe live their day to day lives.

The impact of social media is evident from every angle, and engaging in it is essential if you would like to succeed on the Internet.

The same applies to web design. Since it’s a big part of the digital revolution, social media integration is now also an important aspect of web design.

Social Media’s Touch

According to web developer Net360 Digital Media Agency, most brands want better social media presence. And what better way to make your Facebook or Instagram known than through your homepage?

Almost all websites have icons of different social media sites on their page. This way, if users want to learn more through their social networks, all it takes is just a click to get where they need to go. Adding easy access to your social media accounts through your site is something you can no longer disregard these days.

Design Always Matters

Surviving online marketing with a number of competitors is a challenge for any brand. With social media becoming an essential element of it all, the marketplace has become livelier and more competitive.

Apart from designing an attractive website, it is also necessary to shift your focus on improving your social media presence. To do so, figure out the perfect design that best represents your brand. How can your product make waves on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

Your current profiles on social media sites should have an attention-grabbing design, especially if you want audiences to notice immediately.

Interactivity Helps

Social media is a great way to spread interactive and interesting content. This want for better content emphasizes the important role of web design. Today’s designers shape sites (and social media profiles) in a way that catches eyes immediately.

The importance of web design and social media is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. With so many different aspects of running a business going digital, you can expect that these platforms will only continue to grow in significance.

Which is Better? Flat Vs. Skeuomorphic Design

Web Design in DenverThe desire for uncluttered, polished, and sophisticated web design gave rise to the popularity of flat design, one defining a characteristic of minimalism. It drives away from skeuomorphism, as it doesn’t make use of any shadows, gradients, highlights, and other textures that will make the interface elements look three-dimensional.

If you’re wondering which style is the best option for your website, it is best to examine the pros and cons of flat and skeuomorphic design.

Flat Design

This design, for the most part, is a minimalist strategy that focuses on usability. It is known for being simple, clean, and colorful. Microsoft was the first companies to use this design style, as seen in Windows 8 platform. Web designers from Denver Data Web note that it has a 2-D interface design, and is a great option for a minimal content requirement.

While it has plenty of advantages, also present some challenges in keeping the design simple and individual at the same time. The absence of shadows and highlights could confuse visitors to which elements are clickable and which are static. The design choices are also limited, which is why the use of shapes and colors are vital to its efficiency.

Skeuomorphic Design

Also called realism design, skeuomorphism imitates the physical world to make design elements look like real objects. It offers familiarity within the website and easily conveys a certain atmosphere and theme of a website. This makes it easy for users to understand the purpose of the app or the icon immediately. It is also a safe and familiar approach for both designers and viewers.

Some, however, thinks that skeuomorphism seems outdated, as web designs and style change. The use of textural images can also look cluttered, and inappropriate use of drop shadows can mislead users. Additional illustrations can also cause delays in design and development.

These two user interface designs have different features and serve different requirements. Flat design is commonly used in technology or consumer product companies. Skeuomorphism, on the hand, is popular in apps and lifestyle websites. It is best to understand the purpose or goal of your site to choose the most appropriate design.