Types of Pager Systems for Restaurants

happy cafe ownerIf you have been to any restaurant during busy hours, chances are a waiter or waitress has handed you a coaster with led lights after making an order. The coaster vibrates, and the led flashes when your order is ready, and there is an available table.

Such a coaster is a type of paging systems for restaurants whose purpose is to improve your restaurant experience and operations.

The paging system has a transmitter in a specific location and communicates to different pagers. There are different types of pager systems for restaurants. These applications include:

Kitchen-to-Server Communication

This kind of paging system works when a kitchen staff pages when a food order is ready. The waiters get a notification and can serve the customers on time. Customer satisfaction increases when customers enjoy food at the proper temperature.

Customer-to-Staff Communication

These pager systems are on guest tables for the customers to alert the waiters when they are in need of a service. These kinds of systems are useful for restaurants that have a limited workforce and want to keep their customers satisfied with their service.

Host-to-Staff Communication

In the past, restaurants have used overhead PAs to notify customers of the available tables and when the meals are ready. In such a scenario, the systems distract the guests who are already in the restaurant. Paging systems come to replace these public address systems.

The customers can then wait outside and chat with friends as they wait for table availability. Furthermore, guests do not have to get discouraged when they see a long queue and get tired while waiting for service.

A restaurant pager system is an effective tool in improving restaurant operations, motivating the staff, and serving the customers better. Choose a pager system for your restaurant depending on the applications you need and see a boost in your restaurant business.