Versatile, Efficient, and Space-Saving Cavity Sliding Doors for Your Consideration

sliding doorSpace-saving strategies maximise the available space in any property. Living space is now an expensive commodity in key metropolitan centres anywhere in the world.

If you live in Australia and you are currently planning a home renovation, you must consider interior sliding glass doors. That is if you wish to make the most of every square metre of space in your property.

The door that allows you to regain floor space

Conventional hinged doors are becoming less attractive and less cost-effective. Contemporary hotels, offices, and homes cannot afford the unobstructed arc of 1.6 square metres required by a traditional hinged door. That is usable space for decorating or storage. A door that slides into the wall smoothly and effortlessly is more cost-effective.

By striking out ‘hinged doors’ on the list and writing ‘cavity sliding doors’ instead, you are already regaining floor space and making the room bigger. You are taking an important step in the right direction towards optimal use of space on either side of the entryway.

Versatility and function where space is a premium

There are three components to a sliding door system—the door itself, the cavity frame and the track. The space gained with the configuration allows for greater mobility in busy areas such as bathrooms, walk-in closets, and laundry areas.

Yet, because cavity doors are becoming more versatile, you may even use the said design for bigger entryways that require heavier doors. Manufacturers may offer as an added feature a door system that incorporates technology to soften the opening and closing motion, making the door as quiet at a whisper.

Whilst the reliability and efficiency of cavity entryways are ensured, you must think about safety as well. Sliding doors made from glass are inviting to burglars. Intrinsic security is questionable if a door is sliding on tracks on the floor. To protect your property, you must consider burglar barriers, such as glass protection films, as well as locks and alarm systems specific to sliding entryways.